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Episode 27 · 1 year ago

2020 Gaming Roundup || Episode 27


As the end of 2020 approaches, the team discuss what gaming has been like during the pandemic and round up the gaming highs and lows that have been experienced in the gaming world this year.

On this episode: @Ponz_o @Chrinkster and @tudzdotexe

So hello and welcome back to anotherepisode of for as academia. Today I am joined by upon May Oi,guys and Chris. Christmas, what's that? What's that? Merry Christmas, andit's very Christmas everyone hit you enjoyed your Christmas and you're eating and drinkingand all that good stuff. So for our last episode of the year we'regoing to do around up of our gaming highs and lows. But before that, just one piece of news to catch up with. Did you guys hearabout the KFC console the spot? By that I can't lie. KC partlyit was. They said it before and I don't know really, for itwas serious and then, you know, they came out, didn't? NewsI've got D like here from her east, says KFC is fully serious about itsnew gaming KFC playoff console, KFC. It's KFC console here, and thesudding is it has a built in chicken chamber warmer. So what startedout as a joke is not reality at KFC. Having teased the console sinceJune two thousand and twenty, KFC have officially announced that they will in factbe launching a game and console with a built in chicken warmer called the KAFKFC console. Oh, or however you call it, it's taking a shape, sending that of a KFC bucket. The console busts K and t fortyfs. KFC has teamed up with Cooler Master and houses a cod on.Hold on what? Yes, yeah, it's got K and it's up totier to for you. FS. Yea. The master. N See one hundredchasses as well as the Intel, and you see nine extreme compete elementto drive performance. are still keeping space for your chicken? Yeah, what'syeah, so that's been the chicken, chicken, woman Mugin. You justplay games, you know, play games, play a part, call game inthat she. You know, you put your chicken in there. Atleast you know when you want to take a break for let out, havesome Justis of the repeat this, Mr Chris, I think probably is itto a bit more, but the actually essentially, essentially is a pea thingwith a yeah, it's trying to understand why. I got strong. Okay, yeah, said, yeah, it's K processor. We already ray tracing. Yeah, it's got right, yeah, we already ray reason terribut SSD Barracuda. Okay, yeah, WOW's murder it. Chris. However, theheat thing is just not going to work. I don't just like, yeah,I'm a bit weird. That wants me. He is not going towork. Put in putting free products. Yeah, that's a bit that's abit mad. You know, exhaust yeah, I got what my guess is.It's probably going to be about. I don't know what graphics card theyput in it, what you for? You they put it, but it'sprobably going to cost close to a grand. Yeah, let's see all it does. But she's five. Yes, so this is just who might be? Might be the one for you to excuse me. Oh, yeah,probably you want it. So it's true. You better than what I'm using atthe moment, to be honest, when I did warm my chicken.It's fine it. But yeah, that's the oame piece of news that wehave today. We're going to go straight into our main topic. So thisis going to be like a free from discussion, I think, just everythinggaming that we have indulged in this year. So does anyone have any like highlightson this year? They just want to jump in and go ahead andtalk about fair because of Covid I was just I've been since I've been athome with stuff. I've had been so much time gaming a few of myfavorite games. This year's like persona five, real all right, really enjoyed thatgame. I think four hundred and seventy hours into it to get that. Yeah, that game. It was amazing. I think it's already us. Is One of my favorite Jil beach's ever, and now it's just fromplaying that, because I don't really play persona five. I don't know whyI should have really, but persona, but I gave up a chance,one good percent of five row and I got hooked into that game so quickly. The whole stots. No, I haven't. That was my first ASNAP, so if I was my first persona, and now I'm looking forward to thenext. And what's the one that's coming to the which one comes tothe switch soon? Yes, Mt Five, yes, and man, I'm goingto be trying that as well,...

...because I know some part of thesame time and putting a remaster of sent t three. Yeah, I'm goingto be trying those games out now as more Greens games of all time.You can from that. I'm definitely going to be playing. I'm living toget it, but yeah, I really enjoyed persona fiver or and also ifthe final fancy seven remakers. Well, put a lot of hours into adidn't put a huge monk compared to persona five real but yeah, the finefancies remakers. It is a very good game. I still recommend this ifit's still on. So I think it's like self fay quid or something now. So if any wants to get that they haven't played it, I'd sayplayer. Yeah, I don't know. The Games I've had to yeah,like I said, I've been lot of games this year. Were looking throughon my side the games I have animal crossing. That took up up,break up three hundred hours and I'm a crossing, you know. I thinkI'm to find that, to be honest. Yeah, even more if I didn'tlike board after terror. For me, hundred, yeah, over three hundred. I'm still playing. We didn't know I've played it all. Butyeah, I think it just adds up because at this it was for months. I'll played daily, like every day. I'll play like maybe, I thinkit may be something like that, up to an hour. So justdoing stop like daily tasks and stuff and keep my island in order. Andthis was going on from my march consecutively till like maybe Exceptember, October.The hours just added up for Animal Cross and you don't fully realize. Iknow you got you just don't play still a ten, because it's still theten is the first, not to speak. There's maybe the reversal. You're actuallyjust a game collect well, I mean NAS cards. Maybe what yousee people just no game is Christ because you know what, like my switchplaytime this Shar has been a bear's more. Twenty, twenty four hours. Yeah, so I don't know how it's so low. I think there's gotto be some sort of mistake there. What really twenty four hours? Yeah, yeah, so you showed us that four because I have played a bitof smash and I did play quite a bit of Religi's mentioned kind of wasnot the longest. Again, I thought you played a little bit as well. Yeah, I played bits on a blade as well. I'm not thatfar anything into it, but I played quit a bit. Yeah, andconsidering that we streamed smash burrows not even that long ago, that last week, it was only for like three hours, quite weird. So where we gottwenty four hours? But in terms of games that I've right like thisyear and played the share obviously Cooloduy war zone, which came out in March, has taken all my time and I think I probably raped up about thirtydays. Oh well, the third mods as well. I shoot, I'mI think I got thirty set, about thirty days safe one day's playtime onmy on coolog modern warfare, which includes all Zime. But then I've alsobeen playing I mean we played a lot of FIFA turn the peak of onthe start of lockdown, played a lot of else that. I Play Streetfighter and up playing a lot of street fire, which is strange because it'snot a new game, but ended up playing a lot of that and thenjust random little indie games here and there, a bit of Nintendo online. Butin terms of the Games that I've I thought were pretty well being orpretty big this yeah, the highlights. I think final fantas see has tobe up there. Yeah, I fun making yeah, we were come outthis year. We may come out this Yo. It's weirdly this year,so weird like. Yeah, I've got to mention that. Come out lastyear, this year March. She was Marster this year. That was thewhole thing, because you would all obsessively day. That's what we all got. Now by someone. That's exactly what did. Said I got burn out. I did, but I just felt like cult actually doing I'm not justgiving up playing it. Maybe one says off. Having said that, day, I think you, Pete, the automn update was giving update all yourChristmas one. So I didn't really I looked him once and then I justyeah, I didn't such like get the furnitise and I saw I was actuallygoing on. I was like, I'm not that, but I'm not thefirst. Actually. Yeah, I've really played out that game, even thoughI'm just gonna Bake on was get out as well, Chris. Yeah,all right, top of a hundred hours...

...and that one as well. Thatgame. Yeah, there's been some good, good games this year. Anyway.I was actually watching a video of games with the longest playtime on theswitch and gonna bladed chronicles to I believe, was up. Yeah, yeah,I'm not surprised. Oh, to loads of hours to complete hundred percent. I think the highest, the highest one, I'm the longest one wasonce on. Yeah, that goes about saying three hundred hours to one hundredpercent, a hundred percent, without just doing another hundred percent. THAT MOSon. I'm like one hundred on that game, on the must right andgenerations on that. Yeah, I'm a hundred percent. I don't mean getevery single thing, but it's like he's like Gett I know it's getting onthe last to see. Yeah, seen everything. There is a see thatgenerations they have something where you have a look book anyway, shows before thedifferent areas, regions that you can go a hundred percent. You get likebadges or medals. It's basically co filling up all the medals and includes gettingold gold crowns as well, and it also includes some of the most hardestquest in that modsnic games as well. But I'm might even gone to finishand all of that. So I feel be able to be bothered. I'llpay too much world anyway. It was on the words that game. Thatgame consumed me. I think my highlights of the year the Games that cameout this year, because I think a lot of the games I played thinkcome out this year. But yeah, this year that I played a lotof. Obviously, animal crossing, which was like my saving grace from Marchtill June until I kind of just like I did everything there was to doand think after I terriphy in my island, which actually all my plans are started, really finished, but once I unlocked out, for me it kindof just like it was like a steady decline after that, which is weirdbecause I think of like new leaf and how I could just send on myvids again today and just playing unique for like a few hours. A bitdown, but like something different with new horizons. somethings it feel like you'vedone everything, so there's a need to play anymore. It's weird describe it. It was something you feel with new horizons. I sorr. It's notsomething you feel with them new league now, because even up in the lead upto new horizons I'll still playing new leaf that here and they're not likeback of new horizons. I play it and it'd be like a marathon ateach time I play it. Look six hours. I pick this game forboth newly this lost. So one hour run around, say I to myvillages, unplut the weeds, shopping, I can set it down, Ican keep coming, coming back to it. I don't know what it is.I think this maybe because everyone is online as well, sharing their progressand anything they're doing. It really have that way. You leave there's morelike an online community that's a lot more active. Is All locked up,maybe? And what else? I play streets of rage, for which ismy first streets of rage. I knew off streets of rage, obviously,but I'd never actually played it before until, for I had a lot of formy dad. Within a lockdown. I play through story mode with whichcharacter? With it, of course already the CYBOB looking character, I think, is his names. I Walk, you can be some remembers the richfor character. You's a new character. Oh sure, that guy dried see'slike a side walk. I don't know if his name but yeah, Okaye, she's a rage. She's very Fu okay, this is very sure.Yeah, okayzyst, I read that one. That was fun. I got percentof five royal. But when I want to talk about that, becauseI'm still see this pilot, it's so I got really cut my on that. But then I think when am I giving highlights and I feel like itwas robbed at the game awards. But we all know how the game awardsis going to turn out. I could not forget goes to Sushima. Iwas really free to say go to Sushimare. You never said we are complete.Forgot about that and I'm still playing that game as well. Come back, we'll come back together. It goes. You are like branting and raping aboutit. Oh yeah, I should be. Yeah, Haydes it shouldhave at least one something in the game awards, even though we knew thelast us he was going to sweep. Is Hayley's only on switch, bythe way, switch PC. Is it on, please for Discom as well? Actually, I'm pretty sure story on the cell. So, Chris,and I don't think I'm going to get I think I'm going to get itas well as on. It's on the twinty, I think. Yeah,maybe even less. Also of the switch show. So yeah, someone whodoesn't even like Roglis, so those dungeon quality games, which just wasn't sue, turned off. But I think eventually all the positive reviews got to me, and not so like Gameplay of it, and I cut scenes and stuff Itoally interesting and like I started playing it and like in a game likethat you do expect much in the ways of a plot, but that actuallyis one to be fund and to get the full story you kind of haveto play through several times, which I found really cool. The sound designis really cool. It's like completely disc complete. was acting that the gamewould the psy characters, main characters.

It's just really nice to look at. It just really fun to play. It's got that kind of addictive kindof gameplay where you can play once and then you have to go back andpower up, get this weapon, do this, try anyway, and it'sjust really like addictive kind of gameplay styles. We it feels like a really solidgame, like an all France usually Gameplay, story, audio, everythingso like, so like it's Christmas. Actually, I was gonna ask,are there any games that you haven't had the time to play that you're thinkingof playing now? You've got a bit of time. So if I've oilcide, and that is, like I said, it's I just want I want youto get onto that third semester. Keep talking about I need to seewhat it's about. Yes, fantastics or some of the best music of thegame as well like that. Yeah, and you'll see when you see whothe villains as. All that spending mind. Okay, but I'm lucky to haveavoid spoilers this far. So, yeah, you don't get to voice. I'm not going to spoil it for you. To find out for yourselfwe get to it. How are you per hmm, just trying to think. Now there's a game that I'm not really I've got up. He startedplayed a bit more now. That be mean to horizons there are. Don'tactually a use. I'll be playing that a little bit. I know it'sI've been because I've been turning for ages to play and I now I've juststarted it because I've heard I had too much good things. I know it'slike a three year old game now, but it still looks amazing. It'sbasically yeah, I figured the time when it came up because I saw justbreath of the world as well. So let me let me see what.I just had to see what horizons are all doing the say, because it'sbasically the same. It's basis and open world game, exploring it, killingmechanical dinosaurs and stuff. But now, so far I'm really enjoying it andI'm just going to try and I'll get around Tim for is. There's gota lot of funten in it as well, because I've got that and it's gotthe DALC's as well, so I got to try and get through that. But yeah, it's going to be. Horizons are a door for me.About your Chris, I've been deliverating. There's a couple games I've been interestedin playing. I think it's going to be between playing this guy wouldsword again. Okay, yeah, so playing sky with sword and the switchand obviously, as you know, the only barrier is to switch on thewing anyway. So right now, anyway, I was gonna yeah, I waseven going to be I'm scoured sword on the way and obviously the biggestbarrier to that is just setting up a wii is just a long especially whenit's something you use, you routine me just put away when you're not usingit's not like a main console. So there was that. The other oneswere octopath traveler. Oh my God, I never even Gammer. I Dunndid it. Yeah, so it's about traveler. Surprisingly, it's rice now. Yeah, yes, that's twenty something quid. Yes, if I would. Okay, cool. That was a post. Traveler is one of thosegames where I actually played quite a bit when it first came out, butsomething else came out around the time. I'll SUPPI Cham traveler came out andI kind of lost my way with a game a bit becausin board game.I thought he was honest. It may have been. It was two thousandand eighteen, October, so I think I's around the time smash came out. My head was already with well before around that time, my head wasalready swaying towards smash. Chris Smash Him in December, I think about twelvehim out in October. Yeah, thanks, I'm not too short als over November. But yeah, it was actually really good. The problem I foundwas I tried to go back to it right and you kind of it's oneof those games where if you don't know what you were doing prior to stopping, it's quite difficult to get your get your bearings back. I feel that, and so it kind of just put me off on another I never reallybothered playing again and the final game, Death Stranding, oh my gosh,I was this years. That's standing. Was the end in the last years. Remember. Yeah, yeah, end of last year. But yeah,I really wanted to play it. I started it, but I think itcame out around the time, as same time as in come around the sametime, the end of last year. No, no, end of lastyear. Sorry, what was that's it's twenty nine. Is Two thousand andnineteen. Can came out last year. Yeah, so was the end oflast year. We've been looking at like... shop. Yes, it wasNovember. It was. It was November twenty. No, wait, letme Google this. It was November two thousand and nineteen. November, membertween. Hang on, hang on, I'm really confused, love. Yeah, that's truly nineteen. It must have been November two thousand and nineteen.Yeah, yeah, well, the game came out that time. POKEMON,YEA sooking came up. So the Shit, Carol, I'll sucker Rol. Yeah, I've got about as well. You play it? Yeah, Idon't really. I haven't played it either, but I'm still playing. I'm playing, play and demon souls. Yeah, played a little bit the things withmy ass man. The problem with demon selves is I got to aplace where it was like, you know what, you're in front of thedoor before the final boss. Yeah, Edge, and then you stop becauseyou have to do something whatever, you got to leave and you don't playit for a long time. So back because when you yeah, you hadall the muscle, memory or the practice, everything muscle under problem. You needto complete keeple I want to do that. Most memories long. SoI'm right in front of the buses door and it's like, don't do Ihaven't even attempted it yet. About it is so I don't even know whatto expect or how to play it. Well, these get back into demonSIS. I don't think for a little bit. I want to play abit more. I've got that. Yeah, that's although the fine linen stay threehouses. Oh Yeah, I've got that. To your community. Justget I think I'm on the golden their route, just like their second describeas like the neutral root of the game, and I'm like on the penultimate chapter. But then I stopped because I was just like, Oh, letme play something else. I've been playing this game for like two weeks straight. I got like ninety hours. So I was doing a grinding on thesign as well. And how do all these like plans for how its goingto customize the classes for each characters? I'm going to switch them to thisclass so they can level open source for someone. I such them back tosword master. They have both. I was doing that for like my wholeunit. It was really like I was really like in the rhythm a bit, but not for want to go back there. So some characters on alevel lot. I don't remember what I was doing and how long it isgoing to take, but I think I just need to like get it overwith. I've really seen a few squares for the other roots and I justwant to like play to them. It's everybody game down. So yeah,I think this Christmas all finish off three houses as well. Ye Know,how do you think lockdown has effect in the way you play games? SneakGames to like work a little bit, depending on the game. That's definitelywhat happened with animal crossing, I'm request started to feel like work exactly thatanimal crossing for me, is some games felt like a sure I think it'sjust like the time as well, because I'm not good because I'm working fromhome and stuff as well, and I can just play pretty much have alot more time for games. Just feels sometimes. I got a lot ofthe Games too and a backlock there that I just I just sometimes I leavethem alners go to the game that I just be I'm usedly used to playit sometimes. But yeah, it's a bit of is it? It justgot the options and now I've got the options and the time, but Ijust met. It's feels a bit sometimes feels overwhelming. Nothing hard got.I got backward to get through. I've got all this time and I justcan't up to get through and I just put off sometimes. But yeah,it's still let me from like, buying more games. Are Yeah, that'sthe thing. Doesn't stop me from B More Games as well. If youcan see what I've got, like, like I said, I've got somegames to go through. I've got, I board another three as well,because I got with the bill and sells. Well, I've got, like Iwent then my cry by, a special edition, which I played alittle bit of, like I said, even souls. I played a littlebit of what the Games horisones are done, which I'm commedy playing. I've gotthose of must which it let me know over talk about which games Ihave. People married or Garby King asked me where I have like games andthe People Mary. I'm sort the beginning. I've actually got Super Mario and theanniversary. Oh Yeah, I've got that. I've got the I havenot even opened with package. Yeah, I got Super Free Deal Stars andI've only got like I got eight stars in my sea. Touched on theteeth, five stars, Amer sixty four, got one start once. I'm sorryingto spread. Sorry in so short I've even touch galaxy yet. Thething with me is that because I've finished galaxy already, I've played Super Mariosonsfor countless time, start to finish. The only one I really wanted toplay with sunshine, and as that because I have paid sunshine a little bitwhen I was young, I don't really have that push to play the gamelike I do with other games. I... want to. I do wantto get around to playing galaxy one more time, definitely, and I wantto finish Super Mario Sunshine for the first time. Yeah, I living wassupero Santizz I really like the soundtrack when I was plaza and everything. Butyeah, yeah, hopefully I get around so it's a playing at least once. Yeah, Maris Sunshine as well. I should I played it a completeit, but I didn't get hundred twenty stars, so I was the onlyreason I want to go back is to get one hundred and twenty. Iactually only missed one star. When I first played it. Now it's calledthe Blue Coois. I couldn't be booked. I'd like seven many blue quids withseven left a fine or something like that. I'm a bit of time. I just did do it in the air. I remember growing up anda lot of people didn't like Super Mario Sunshine. I remember I like,yeah, a little. People it was it's a bit devisive it type.Yeah, yeah, well, I liked it a lot the game on.I had so much. People didn't like flood. People didn't like I knowI get white people, but I like blood personally anyway. I like thewhole mechanic. Could as also Super Mario Galaxy. Best marry Sumergaty, too, is the best Freedo Marrio game. See, using to buy the collectionbecause I barely play sunshine as a kid and played my sex to four asan adult. I haven't play Galaxy and I still still taking my seat timewith it. Yeah, yeah, he was amazing. Gala, see,had the fantastic soundtrack as well. I've heard this absolutely fantastic lunch. Yeah, yeah, Galic a big played every three D Marrio game. Actually,I thought. Yeah, I was talking to a friend actually, and wasjust talking about how, back when we were younger, we play games fromstart to finish. And, yeah, you almost wouldn't play any other gameuntil you were done with about that one. Yeah, and that game. Andit's just now, I don't know, it's because we have a bit moremoney than we didn't back then. Every money. Yeah, thanks tolike WIFI attention. Yeah, and that Phono will get you like knowing thateveryone's got that. I definitely bought Super Mario the facial anniversary. Yeah,because I went up to a low stuff that led it to the being aticket Chuma. Yeah, I remember looking at I remember having it in myAmazon basket and it was fifty quid and I was thinking it doesn't make sense, and I canceled it and actually canceled it, and then I saw everyonewith their with their copies, and I was just like, Oh what Gosh, and I went to our Gossamer. Just be the minute. This isall. No stocks are running out of that. I'M NOT gonna get caughtlike you by my like maybe five hours. Think I'll even played five hours.It's definitely under that for meas before. So, yeah, that's a thing. I actually I actually developed the new pastime during lockdown, where Ilook at the price of rare in Sendo Games. Past time. It's afast time. I'll just go an Ebay and see how much these games cameand it rattles me because some of these games I've owned and it's like itcosts so much. Like I saw sealed copy of opering of time, theone the gold cartridge. Yeah, Oh, yeah, that one rand. What'srand? Yeah, ground, one, Jesus is Lord fire, ember themon gang cube regulator rating do with? Like? Yeah, reading dawn,I saw going for about three, three, four hundred pounds one.Oh my God, I can understand set of time because it's been put it'sno, I can understand half of radiance because I think it's a imported nythinglike that. Oh, no, those it was. It was a powerversion. No, system, oh, we right, right, right,yeah, okay, reading and all that stuff. I think, like Iget the gold call true show because it was a pretty yes, collect it'slike a limited edition. Yeah, it was, because it's like these gamesare just normal games that you could just buying a shot once upon a time, and now they're going for this much like if you look at the BlackLabel Super Sash brothers, melee going for loads. Yeah, you know,there's the payers choice and then there's a regular one. Okay, okay,the regular ones down for quite a lot. I saw skies Arcadia are going fora grand. How much? Earth bound is crazy. You've not gota port remake. We must and nothing, I think sometimes. I think aboutit. Like some of the Games that we buy, I know thatthey'll be worth quite a bit in a couple years time. That even agame like octopath traveler. Yeah, for...

...sure, because I don't know ifyou can still get visible physical thicket. Did you? I can get physicalcopies anymore, and I bought. I just bought a physical copy just Iwasn't thinking about it. I just wanted the game. I just want aphysical copy. But then I heard that there was no more physical copies.I like, it was still sort sold out on was like, what theHell? Yeah, notice, it's pretty interesting. I don't think we'll getthat many games like that going forward because of how mass marketed. So manythings are part from limited additions like, for example, Smash Bros, youknow, the big, big one with the bigger yeah, maybe that,and some still books wether than that. If you're going to get much fromthese days. Okay, so we've discussed the highlights. Now some of whatof the low points of gaming, or two to twenty? You know myas a good bagner. Start with the the one that's most recent, theCYBERPUNK. So we've already given like our initial impressions on the game. Thinkon really speak in video, which will be in the description box if you'rewatching on the tube, or the description of just what a fierstode as well. So you can watch that and I think there's much to expand on basedon our initial impressions. Yeah, it's it's just we could go we couldtalk about what the bad for work, because it's still still would a newsnow even the investors are some final class action laws against the four different nowfirms. So, yeah, saying Miss Leading on how the game was exceptfor a year. That's sames very sustave. Is just crazy to think that thisreally has been so catastrophic it could lead to the end of CDPR asa company with these little seas is really yeah, it's greatly. That's madeplenty of great time. That was in the past, by the way.Yeah, the game call of it is a good game at the core.But yeah, they should not have released it like this soon. It justwasn't a finished game. It wasn't the last of it. The lack ofPolish, it is just kind of is. Is Right, absolutely Friday and it'snot. The thing is so terrible and last don consoles. But thegame is actually still a last doing game. It's not lucky. was made forstray of a new generals last JEN yeah, okay, it's been ait's that's been a complete haphazard from the delays. Fine and fine, fine, but the fact that they said it was golden ready to just have toget all right now, a couple of things, but as we see thisnot it was not ready. It was still not ready. Yeah, andthey're still gonna have to do like two major patches, one in genuay thanone in February, to hopefully fixed the rest of it. But my it'sbeen a mess, complete and on this boy, I'm sorry, go forit to mature as the same. I think it will still come good thegame, but it's just not so much damage now the way they this beenhandled. Yeah, but you go for it is I was playing on theoriginal Persfour and there were a few like moments where experience like lag or thingsare aloading properly. The time I got stuck on the lading screen, butnothing in the way of like the bugs like we saw posted on tech oranything like that. But I think I haven't said that. I think timewas staying on psfive and he crashed like a dozen Nimes and got to finishthe main story and again just crashed so often and like if everything going on. I think once I completed the prolog with the highest Nading, I didn'treally have a real incentive to carry on playing because itting the other Nason hadplaying, I had don't like the Backburn as well as I could just beplaying dings instead. I so after I the die stuff, I well,I tried different again. So side say first man, I'm one of,well, I was going to say show, but a lot of people who aren'tgoing to trade the game in or get their money back for the game, and I do feel like the issues will be ironed out and it's agame that of us you have been expecting for, you know, like eightyears now. Yeah, Hey, but almost eight years now. And,as Puny said, the collar game is very good. I'm willing to getthem time to iron out the kinks and hopefully sometime next year, when it'sall fixed and all the gretches and all the patches are putting into place,we can get a good game in the... that we expected to have inthe first place. Might have a bit of a comeback story where it's similarto no man's guys. Guy, that's very true. So who knows?Yeah, I'm not saying the Gaming Eva. I'll just not really have the realto play it, probably because it issues. I've had a few bockson the game, like weapons. Slowly in the year, dead bodies,like limbs, floating up and up. Yeah, against Christ a couple oftimes. We've just not really I didn't motivation to play it, but I'mnot treating it in I'm still keeping it here and then, yeah, Iwill play it. Once they burned out the issues and stuff, I'll probablyget back into playing that and I think it will. It will not good. This just is unfortunate how the things have turned out for it. Yeah, I don't Sim in the mind I will wait for them to actually finishedthe game and I'll get in this shoal next year because actually said, itis a good game at as cool, and I just felt like, forthe sake of the Devis and everyone who was working on it on the ground, that he were at the mercy of whatever investors said to finish this game. Now another thing was even but I think it's also management. I thinkayeah, well, be a manageable at the top dictating everything, and that'show it yeah, I think it was management that kind of messed it alllot. Man, they just wanted it because I don't think, I don'tknow the investors proper pressure them like that, because they it. The rest isthat that's with the lawsuit or saying that they didn't pressure them to sayit. They just said, you know, the really left it as them,trusted them all stuff. So I think in management just really made upcomplete cock up of it also. Yeah, and it also leads as well,because that a couple of another try to think of a triple a gamesat this she had not been that great and it makes you think about thestay of some triple a games. Are Trying to get them out. Yeah, avengers, as always. Actually voice. How could I forget where I camefrom? Sure, came out this year. Came up in September.Yeah, came up September. That Games play base tank that game even sovengers as well the many boxes like cyberpunk. But that game is cause more reallythat great. So it's had his own issues as well. It willactually know it was buggy as well, with buggy nots bet a sign frombuggy. Still, I never really played it. I didn't even I playedthe demo barely a little bit. Prime he played and he just get justliving a week. He stop playing. He said that Games donk. Sowill I remember to see people talk about the Games that? They said thegame very reprittave repetitive is for a luke game. You don't even see theloot on you. So yeah, that's the thing. If you're supposed tobe one of these, you know, Live Action Service Luke Games, youwould actually see the loot that you get. You know, change in the pearanceand stuff. You don't actually see it will really it's just minimal changesand stuff like that. Is just but I know the player base dropped itwithin a month or two, like Nivas and something like that. So thatgames tank to it completely kind because it deserves to. Yeah, deserves too. I think the end've they've lost our money, square. And what's thedeps that made it again? Crystal Dynamics. HMM. Yeah, they've lost that. They've might recuperated the marketing costics, Ceter now, hopefully they're in theirlisten, yeah, hopefully. Yeah, yeah, that game is just,yes, not just not good. No, not a game, butto the gaming something that has it disappointed is, unfortunately, Nintendo. Yeah, a company, as there's a complic some police this companies, but yousee, yeah, it's crazy because we're all bignans and the found we allgrowing up with an attended consoles. Wow, all of us know how bad they'veacted in so many respects. Yep, recently, and not even just recently, but there's also stuff that has come out, I happened in thepast, for example with despying on the hacker, the three Ds Hacker,yeah, which is unacceptable for a company that's going to be as inclusive andfamily friendly is Nintendo. Is just goes to show at the end of theday, business is business. Companies. What there's there's so many decisions thathave been made that they're just really, really puzzling. From smash to fromsmash to the hacking from the Attica Joy, con joy, come boys, Yecharity. It's just really confusing. I don't know why I've done allthis. I don't mean what. It's just they really moved super overprotected insidepiece. I think it's bad. They should. They should be more flexible. I think it seems almost like an up see more in for a companyto be so I'm taken serious, like yeah, but tender had the contitularand more about also the copyright music is...

...huge choice to music on Youtube.It's gonna give us some having ass last year. It's been ongoing. He'slike never everything. Yeah, but I'm expecting they're going to take the restbecause all he's appearance or just screaming into the void. Basically, who knows. It's as if Nintendo's providing an alternative and like Oh, we're really seeingthis rhinal or do soundtrack with all the whatever you can buy here. LikeI know I would buy it if it's a Sundtrack I really liked, butthere's literally know the alternative. They just want to take away any avenue toexperience with your game music, and I even with the whole thing. Withthat, why smash ultimate? Does I have a story? Mode like brawl, because people are uploading the cutscenstube and they didn't like that. So isit cris story mode in ultimate? There's other business, yeah, being thisclaim. You know, you don't we talking about stuff of this year we'vebeen talking to me. Even forgot to mention about we've had two major games, console releases actually as well. Yeah, we should really talk about ourselves.Are going to remind you, guys, but you guys. So, yeah, this year's well, you know, we had it last month, thereleased of the xbox series, s and x, and the playstation fiveand playstation five digital. Yeah, so we've had we got a new consolegeneration and there's even these with this new releases. There's been issues before.It doesn't feel like it doesn't feel like it does it, but the reasonmost people quite as image. Yeah, to be first, probably that becauseit's not really much games out there yet. Okay, well, the Games onplaying most of the time are not mixed Gen Games, the piersful games. Yeah, I'm supplaining Wall Games when we have the only true next GenTitle I've played, I'd say, is the immedial souls. Yeah, callof duty. Fair enough. It's appears five title, but it's still peacefulgame an the end of the day. Yeah. Also forgot assassin's creed.Watched all so disappointment, I so irrelevant. Also got I found that game excruciatinglyboring. What if you don't have if you don't have high tolerance forfor running around and doing a lot of nothing, you're gonna hate it.It's a lot of traveling, needless traveling, in my opinion, a lot ofgo and find this and it's hard to find. A lot of glitchesand I don't know, I just can't see myself going back to it anytimesoon. We're at all to be honest, you guys. Maybe books, maybelike ten minutes of it. Yeah, felt like assassin's created the future.Not as bad, but I think I will try and give that.Want to go just to see what it looks like on psfive, but Iwasn't really the biggest fan. I want something new and exciting. That's whyI really want the announcement of a god of war. And you got awater howl. Yeah, I am getting thing for any one, luckily.Yeah, I'm interested in in devil may cry five. Yeah, it's good. Actually, he's really good. I've been interpecial edition. I've been injopa tried virtu yet, but yeah, it's been fun so far. Irecommend anyways. Only it's but is it like? We don't think he's likeFay good? Yeah, so, yeah, it's not expensive, but I've toldmyself before I get another game, I need to finish one. Findany more games. I don't think I'm buying any more games. There's nothingreally major coming out, is there? No, not really a but nextyear, I'm February, we will have to get supermario with d well,by the way, let's maybe get it. It's more pil. It's on thatmulti player. Yes, February on my multiplayer. Oh, you'll befun to stream. You can all do it's the game is actually so muchfun playing mold people. That sounds good and it's really good. It's actuallyfantastic game as a multiplayer game as well. I used to play you, butI don't know we you and when I was a NI o the timemakes not off like we just play it together. It was so jokes playingus for just it's. It gets so hilarious, man. Fun to streamit as well. Round the corner, yes, only around the corner aswell. So, yeah, a lot bind me games. Ye Know,we shill do and play it together. So it's fun. Also, Iwas going to say, as well, we have with their new consert generationas well. There has been the issues, as you see, the pre orthe issues at the bark with free orders. Both Sony and mics havehad the issue free orders. And then...

...the scalpers. Yeah, the scaleof post release where apparently she'd Scalps of made twenty over twenty million. OhGod, I think I can't. That's it. Even more. I thinkit's May being close to forty something like that. It was some stupid figurebecause it would like scalp dumb. I think they're going off Ebay listings becauseyou could see even an America the consoles getting sold anything like up to that. To grant to you, Granddad. Yes, five was going for toland. Yeah, ps fives are going up to anything upwards are too grandps five, they embarrassed. And xbox series x is going like it's overa grand around just so. Yeah, the scalpers have been making bank.Has Been Crazy. I know there's been UK, there was USU, evenUK. I think some MP's are put a notion to do something against scalpers. That it make it. You know how they've done with tickets. Soas you can't re sell tickets significantly higher than the RRP, they want todo that. So emotions me farther than this been gathering. You know heat. Well, I think a lot of them piece a greements. For me, it may be a case of eventually then it may become to UK Lordthat you can't sell like electronics, will gaming consoles significantly higher? Guy sory. I hope it goes through as well. I'm really hope I read, though, because it's actually ridiculous some of these things I'm seeing. Even hadsome of these scalpers, like there's one big UK one what they called tryingto be name. Even got branding. Yeah, they got brandon. I'mtrying to remember the name of them as well, because they will trying today. was come up to some bulgus nonsense stuff about saying that at leastI'll will be getting someone there ps five Christmas for their kids in this andthat. Well, because you bought it and you're selling it for stupid themselves. If he didn't buy, I think it's confreated. Something is Christy I'mtrying to remember the name of them, but yeah, they will. Theydid gather some storm and summer touris storm because of they were. They're veryoutspoken about here. The scalpe of needs to be stopped. They really needto be stopped. It's actually a despicable they just using bots and just buyout the whole thing for people can get them and then sell them from extortionateprices. Even cx are seen in psbys, eight hundred and fifty pounds. SeeAct, you know, they're cut big company that sex of a hundredfifty pounds and its sad because if people are going to buy them, arewhat the people want to buy. It for their kids, for prison.Yeah, yeah, and yes, some portion it really it's unfortunate. It'sreally unfortunate. Yes, often needs to be done anyway about that. Don'tstop all these boats. Buy them this stop scalf for the man, becausesome fair one. So Fair Are you? Guys? Begin this week I'm justthanking game, game that's prioritize person a five royal, because I keepgoing back to Haities, but I need to like. How F are You, Don Peno, for overall. I'm the last time I streamed it.I was like, okay, we'll be in come of see today and likeI played for two hours and I still up. But Ryan thended it.I was just I think I have to clear like one other area before Ican findly still his heart. I think after this, after this dungeon,it's going to be a lot quicker for me because the Mayans the whor.It's taking me so long. It's just I don't like Cam Cheeses. Dungeoncall so as it done even in the original game. If it's very muchjust as the tutorials. Yeah, again, even the really done it. I'mso oh my God, and it's just longer than the others. Ithink once I've done this the actual story kicks in. Nothing I'll meet thenew characters that are introduced in war and anything like that. So be alot more the sailing from here on now. But yeah, I'm going to paratistsin five oil, a few more runs on Haiti's maybe get back tomy six before and then thins the golden dairy. Some basically at the endabout too much actors for finmling three houses. I was just think, as youwere discussing all highlights no one mentioned among us. That's definitely how Ohyes, oh my gosh, you're right, guys. And then there's a amongthis has done, guys, is among us, guys when I cameand went quickly, but among us. The funny thing among us as well, this been. It came out to thousand and eighteen, didn't it?And then it really picked up. Yeah, this year we picked up Steve duringthis lockdown and Quarantine. Among us is so fun. But after commendthem. They've done so much team by them. This really pip you knowwhat? It just makes me realize that games, you know, that,that Mafia type game. Yeah, in whatever context, it always goes around. Well, no matter how complicated or simple it is, it just seemsto do well. Yeah, just trying to guess who the corporate is andand clues, and it was very well,... does, it doesn't, andit gets people's emotions out for as well. That's the mere but,clay, with no voice, you always contribute to the game yourself because,yeah, between playing online at randoms and playing online in discourse with your friendswho you know, so you can try to like pick up on their towelsthat. This is one of the last time. When you are the impost, you're doing it again. Just put them out play, yeah, meaning, yes, what means? It's the same game each time, but it'sdifferent each time because, yeah, yeah, really, that's my gaming highlight,I think, the years. And Yeah, yeah, something higher forme as well. Lockdown. Oh yeah, and I should have shot up before. Goes Sushima, one of the Games that they played this year.I love. I know I should mentioned it before as well, because it'sa Shima fantastic. This is this game is a game made by West developerand I can't belete they really did will. And it's funny because dark soilder isa western developer making an eastern game. And Yeah, those is ASTA developer. Yeah, from from, from, from Japanese, a rock. Yeah, yeah, from so the Japanese. So it's funny. Yeah, theydone. But yeah, it goes to Shima's on. Fantastic Games.Got A great deep story, amazing combat, amazing open world. I'M gonna doa new game pass on it as eventually Bob being playing up when Icome back to being playing, because they did a few months ago add afree multiplayer mode and was even pick them have to pay for it. wasjust and it's a lot of content from them. Only player mode, whichis quite surprising, is room for free with free update. That's really good. Yes, it is. Yeah, it's really good. Aslike it's yougot your typical loot system, you know, where they use key instead of power, so you know you got better loot. Your key goes up astuff, and then they got any added raids as well. I've not evengot to the Radia because I still need to get my key up, butit's a lot of contents. Got Like nnes story missions you do put whencaught, and then you've got like survival mode as well, up to fourpeople. It's a crazy gets tact it, but it's a huge amount of fun. I'll recommend that. I'll recommend the games. He get a lotfor your money for that, getting goos and nothings only to fake quit aswell right now. So yeah, I recommend its hugely recommend it. Cool. Well, if you gonna round up on a light a note, wetalked about Super Mario whod world in Fab are the any other like game releaseswe're looking forward to in two thousand and twenty one? I'm must on oureyes, of course, I'm looking forward to long want some time. Actuallypicked that one because it's coming on the switch. So yeah, maybe breakof the world to Oh my God, yes, but I was coming onnext year because it really we haven't really stayed right now. It comes downnext year. I'm just looking forward to that as well. Of course,a long time since I've looked forward to a single play game. Yeah,honestly, yeah, the only games when it is Zelda, always look forwardto and now I'm also looking forward to next. You've got a always comingout, the next got to walk game, so I'm really looking forward to that. Yeah, it's the one that everyone else said. That's right,he's it's what is only know? It's only three of psfive pispers collections.We get it for free. Did that all purpose. I real that consoleorry. I'm thinking, Oh, yeah, I will, you will play.Is mazing, man, just im I've started, did play. I'mgoing to get back to eventually as well. I did start a new new gameplus and I'm doing on give me God of war mode. So I'mgonna get go where you go go. Yeah, I'm doing give I'm doingthe hardest difficulty. So I'm going to get back to and see how thatgoes. I need to remember to pay the green the hardest difficulty in allthese games. Is this real training to get good again? Yeah, absolutely, I know. But the thing is that I get, I know,more I get through that game. There's only there's going to be things aregoing to absolutely piss off. And as the VALKYRIES, I don't even knowif I have to, if I have the head for the see at aboutthem. Yeah, well, let me tell you, like hide, yesfor me, he I don't e didn't finish them. He just said no, I'm not doing this. He just didn't want to do the no more. I've managed to do all of them, but boy, the the last one, the Valkyrie Queen, the rage I went through and the the amountof almost reach quitting. Is that part of the main storyline? It's not. It's Nice, the optional. So base. Yes, it's. Yeah, they all optional, basically. Okay, yeah, she's the hardest boss inthe game to a butt, but way she's. Yeah, that onebasically has all the moves a would the uptight valkyrie. So and as astupid amount of health. I remembered amount of t times I went. Iwent. I kept Los until I came close to being and I just evenwith a Reviv I kept buying, but...

I don't I managed to finally doabout buying what and I was so happy to find a get out of theway because my head was steaming it took me so long to be a butyeah, nice, it's a lot of fun and God of war and aHollway for right then we don't know we're going to call the next one.Is it put will regnar rock? I think that's something. It is calledGod Rule Regnar Rock. Yeah, that's gonna be amazing. So I gotyes, that'sinicly. Yeah, still north, because they basically the God of war. Two Thousand and eighteen. It did have a cliff Fang like thatjust made you know it's another sequelce coming. So yeah, it's a Matt.It's a mad cliffhanger as well, like Im. So if you guysplay, you'll see it's gonna look unreal. And Pierson, I look on.It's true, because we all God have already looks amazing. So whenI see this new the new God was going to lose, absolutely fantastic,cool, cool it from us. There's our two thousand and twenty gaming highsand lows. And, yeah, I think it's being pola and Chris.Yo, you have a happy new year. Will see you in two thousand andtwenty one pace like I guess,.

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