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Episode 32 · 8 months ago

Animation Studios || Episode 32


The 4 Eyes Academia team is back this week to discuss our favourite anime studios and the amazing series that they brought to life. 

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0:57 - Gamestop - what's happening in the world of stocks?

7:00 - Jamie Fox makes history at Pixar

12:10 - Studio Ghibli's first CG feature

Main topic

14:32 - Quick animation studio quiz

17:57 - Cast share their favourite animation studios

26:42 - Have older animation studios managed to keep up with the times?

43:26 - Are Toei and Pierot respected because they produced the Big 3 anime?

48:06 - Which series could've been produed by different studios?

Everyone and welcome back to episodethirty two of the fries ICADEN air podcast. Thank you for joining us,really hope. We enjoye last week's episode which we shared our worthanimals. So if we given SL, there's a not oftension Ev said that yone, but you know Iswhy, I cu. Do A podcast now family o squashdes an goods,but hopefully you guys interacte, diverse and shared your feedback andyour thoughts on worst enemies. So that was quite fin, but today we're back todiscuss anima studios it just all those animase studios ar favorites and justsome of the really great animaes thave produce from an list of the studens that we've got,but as we usually do we're going to just get straight into it and talkabout the latest news. The stock world is Agot Mad. I don'tunderstand stocks, but LES PEOPLE UPSET WITH GAME stops. I know our resident,you know research, a Tuds had done abiisearch on this. I so love, I don'tunderstand. Stonks either sofowhere the stongs actually come from, because it'sbeen confusing me for ages. Yeah, it's an old meat n we're going to put like apicture of it when this is edited. It's a ow men, but I can show you reayquickly. Many it's just a now like shitposting meansso basically game stop has been trending throughout this week. I'm gota headline by the Associated Press. I'mgoingto be through that he also going to read through the EXPAN. I Om fiveversion of what's going on because I sorly didn't even understand hat washappening. ofter Eing me Neid, Tha, explanation as well. It's still kind ofshaky for me, but think I have like a vague idea now what's happening, butokay, the headline guys. It's a Wall Street David Vessis, Ge Life Saga andDavid one small investors, radly done read it to support striging Vijo gamemetailer game. Stop the result was big losses for wealthy investors who werecounting on the company Stock Pise to plunge. So what I kind of understoodwas basically game. Stop is like on the bedge of like bankruptcy or whatever you call it andI'm not an economist. I don't know anything about the market, but they 'reabout to, like you know, fail and so a bunch of Bos on read it. He fom the Horse, they got together andthey bought nosof stocks, so basically holding wol the game, stop stocks andthat kind of drove up the value, but they were refusing to sell so a thewerfing investors were panicking because Ey' Wanno lose thes some moneybecause they ere acounting on game stock, failing to get the money orsomething like that, but anyway, I've got this ax Meo here says so, basically, recently game stopye work. Their company, a bit which led to an increase in their share pricegamestop, has long been seen as a company. That's going to fail sooner orlater e big hedge funds, places where which people put their money and letsmart people play with it, for them decided to take advantage of the riseand short the stock. This means that they sort of learn, shares and theassumption that the stockfice would fall back down again and whatever thedifference was, they would be paid. If the stoppaces went up, however, theywould have to pay a difference instead and lose money. So some guys ArWalsheet Bet said: let's so by and hold game stop stocks to pump the price upby increasing demind and reducing supply for stocks. The hedgeones cannotbeal ouk their shortsearly, and so there were Henridge money, paying thedifference as the prise goes up. What everyone who buys in gets to ride thatmassive waveup as high as it will go when the hedge funs literally need somuch money that they will collapse its class warfare, ordinary people, justDrinkin, the rich Monis by beaing them a diin game, it's kind of beautiful ina way EAHT wasreally excited like Obain S, losinge money and crying on the news.I was like yeah and I bu they did just epposed. I think Alf of that is justexposed. You know the Wol Street is rigged. You know thon' the rich riketanyway, because they stopped wasn't it like trading pat from like freedoms towone, to robinhood they all stock to from buying stocks in game, stop Eccetaand then, and now people for the class action ousy against Robbin Hood. Forthis, which is you know, they can't be doing that I they're not allowed toactually at all it's just as you see they trying to keep the rich rich El. This RSIS that moneyis just amoney's, a social concept like like race like it, doesn't exist but exist,but it's not real, like yeah, unless we ave been saying eathe rich, like on thesocials on yeah, it's like, I feel, like the excitements, like short, livebecause, like I think we're seying earlier before we went life that thethe stocks in the Walsreet is all essentially gambling. Isn't it when youstrip, back wit, the lidrs at gambling and what haves of gambling is the housealways wins? So all these, like quick winds, that the laymen are gettingeventually, the billionaires- are still going to come out of this unscathed,because they're going to change all the rules to savor the house, but it wasfunny when it lasted, I mean when the...

...class wor we DI, get spopping. You knowinecos to get a glimpse. You know, but if you guys, if IIF we or like we,if you guys were the rich ones, would you not like? Would you for the same way? If I was amillionaire, maybe like almy network is like two million Ablon, I'm gonna gobroke, but the guy crying on the news is well to SA. Much wit, you will neverrun ove a river yeah crmethat's. How wealthy this guy was is Thak. You wereworth like how many hundred illion you're not going to run out wof moneybecause of some guys on ready, just hat. They make their money a he ay off theAns Kepo the mother surgery and then Nyso Billionanif four millionaireshould be like yeah, because s like okay, you can still lose that kind ofmoney Pi easily. If you'R Milliona, if you're a Billionaieyo, on' nose thatmoney, the only way you'll lose that money is,if we actually have a cross war maybougm, then you want to be cryingGooukhai Foi feel like thiss, something that happens in your psyche. Hend youget so much money that you just have to hold it because fo you to be a billionaire andcrying over this. It's just like an addiction in it is still going to bereally rich. Like wow, it's I think something happens when Syeu get meach Othat instage of wealth, something happens and it'st just like you have toAword the money. I didn't get it, but let me put the Hammeis a cool away. Well, thanks to UTS, you know so! Wellyou stop people out der. You know that was a for as ECADEMIA aatosis.This coblindly given out informationssjusnext oftin yews. We have some JM Fox appreciation to share A. It. Wasreasonaly announced that he ad made history as the first black lead in apixel film ever for the movie soul, which is now the most streem an onepoint: seven billion streams and there's some of you guys oot think anyof Tyou guys have watched ha movie, but definitely should it's really cutemovie e seen it we all lave a bit of animated stuff. You know because haveenema, so I sul would definitely be able to appreciate this work. Yeah likethis guys, just so talented. So it's not surprised that he continues to. Youknow make these strides and just all these accomplishments, the guys sotellin to Doo directact singyraps is scary, Ou, tileniters, thats, thetin, sages. Well, like that's the thingsomeone we need to give his flowers what he cun still smolin, because, likety were at the age where all the legers you got with Ar like dying off or byine. I just feel like yeah O ay. It yeah, but you never know. What'sgoingto happen, Yo Kno, I think j foxneed to just like realize that yeahyeah, I think because he makes it seem so easy as well. We just kind of like it sometimes but N he's insane. I always keep ageting US e mezn. I Ays!Well, you know, keep Gan he's got so he's got some bangers s s wth twister, so Jema II use o love that o Slpseni Wasu. I hated it because theyused to bang out so muchs the Oder IGO Yo appreciate in it yeh es Otats, like it XS like Msical Careerjustminde of Pyowes before everything happens, Gdtimeah Yeahis, that the yeah and juston the it topic, O topic that you just not top it. But just that point yourRaye tods about just a like the legends just slowly, even that leaving yeah the eartheemselfleaving us, and do you guys think that we, you know Woll the stars and justsome of for Thoms we've gone up with. Do you whatever have legends like them again? Yeah, yes, ill just be different for them, thantis for US yeah. I Prett Sur. If you ask eoe thatfifty years older than so four years, older, Han us and also Byu the legend,they had to probably have a different perception of what Allegen insto them.Ind Compares to what we think Copersation Alegionand story. Havinsaid that Therimean when MJ passed, I...

...mean I wa Seond Jus Cinnjpas and whenMahammedali passed tha. These are people like it transcends generations like people,my age, my grandparents age and we all felt the loss Yeh. So I think in thatregard I don't know if somee who's just like prominent now I can that I can think of will havethat Sim likrippling effect Peyonto. Oh Yeahyeaho, R, Venike JS as well Tink,there's a few rappers, actually Yourei, hyeah m caaps that wil have thatffet for Drake Yeah Yeah. I think so. Yeah yea yeah, I'mtrying to think whatothers Bueayea Ely, PASD SMF, dom yeahyeah. A lot of peoplefelt that one we didn't yeah. I feel it definitely drit wild, be forReaon. I even if you Wenet, like a fan, you'd be like okay, that guy made inimpact, you know, celebrate your legend. This is the message. 'Mnivewach I've got you ritch rich yeah, I'm Richard Frich,yeah, yes, Yeny for wait Di. We have another directebit King Nono, ru, yeah I'll, give Muchavegotaoun towath I but sounds like a it's a fantastic film, so prop o Jamie Fo, I'mJamye Fox again yeah an oe was under the belt next up in news or from the Aleman NewsNetwork is g kids, what SOS hot to spend it ut to kids releases jibly'sfirst g feature EAWIG and the witch on bd on eight for six, so but digitallyon March. Twenty. Third, so, essentially is the studios. First CGfeature Whas, it called. I saw the trailer and the pictures not too confident about it. Wwhats Tewod Ir we going the witch, I think. Maybe it's a studio trying to likefeature proof. It's a future proof yeah, because obviously everyone knows Jibyfor the kind of like whoms e Col in the stargic, like td animation, but maybethey're, trying to like think ahead, like Sooo, a big stain the post, yeahjustthatsus talking, then maybe they're trying to appor to the nexplanation,but that Jibb egasy is just so strong that it's like they don't need to dothis. I haven't seen that Trale. I just seem stills of it and FROMI'M I'm not reallyimpressed. I'm not. I wouldn't be eager to go, watch or be excited for it, butagain the CON. The content of Suder giblefing films generally really good.It's not just the animation that the actual quality of of the films arereally good. So I would expect it to be a really good story. YEA, so I could pobabl probably still beenjoyable just unfortunately, we won't get that that same type of animationthat we do get we find is Tiye. Give Ye films have no comn Thii just thought s ther,trying something yew inded trying to gain eception and received, and if itgoes well, O'l keep doing it. If it doesn't then yeah, which I definitelylyshould like, I feel like thes shouldn't, always, I think, when terms of art andjust producing work, I think it's always great to try new things, butjust that one look at that still, I said I heri'm not gonna like that one justbes in the way it looks, but as mony soach sometimes you know, Studo didthese known for producing great stories, but I think, as we know, just thevisuals of that kind of stuff can take away from the story as well. s willhave to see when cthely comes out and if any of us that she dod go ahead and watch it to feet, Thak wor,the rest of Foresso. That was it for the news and Jus ready to go ahead ofour next topic. So today's episode, as I mention all about analys to years andto start off the main discussion point, we are going to do alittle quiz by money and it just test how well weknow Anima Studios and animes that theyv produced so ov it to money. Sure,okay, there's a few anima studios that...

...have in front of me, so I'm going topick a Feda afeiry popular so madhouse, studio, wit, Mapar, Toye, animation and P Purett puret O my Pupiiz C be wrong: Pur Pur Fif for Anima Five aimations Toyou, I'mgoing NA name random enemies, hat I've been produced by least one of them, andthen I want Tou guys to guess which one it is: okay, first definat which enemystudio produced tephnow. I watch that name. Oh Yeah Boo. You know the foues are rea delicioustoday, as well. That' Yunseso, I feel like same Pierra,but I know it's fron deep down in my heart. I don't think it's all right. Studio wit, the correct anser was madhouse at least e Good Feit, that Liisystudy for theTestyeathativona direntvsion for very recent enemy, which studio produce Jo citsachism. I touttbut, I think it's MyPa, is it. ITusas my Pto MAPM ginrinted, that is the CRRITONSO. I'm gonna Watch Ou, actually Bob soreading Thi Qictgood, I like it, which studio produced Salemin, oh to O, its toy yeah, which studio produced black clover. I cant like that that I'v None of you watch blackover.Oh, why? Okay? Is this its the same studios in Erito, Pierri Yeah? Yes, yes, it is and which Studio Produce Cabinari. Oh, oh, that's man, House Tat's wit, its wit nos wit. It's wit. I because iis the same as I Ican titen RMEERTATYEAH those a those are some of these studios that I fede some of people's favoriteenemies. Wei didn't Suy had enough E. I haw thispunlayesterday was definitely I didn't know Yas. I caatual, now, faln one I just remember toy just did all them old schoolns likecar, capitors and dbz yeah. It's always a list of Toris donethe Ol and you yeaht DDONDRAGONBL Eutoy Lam Donk, I remembere Cabaniri. Fromthat time wand I wokin ATTACAN Titan. I rememberd because I remember the rigidfirs three seasons. I think when cabinery came out was like from thesame shoudo as a Tachoti. Remember that so I just wn of that ones that that man islisted. You guys have favorites studios, Tudo yeah, my Cailikemyfopnchman. I like the animation. They did wal h the first season of onePA e. We they did the FIRSTC Seasono one punch, manv Ben Thi, one pustmenfich studios, but yeah Manosi wee as well. I liked Witford what they bon.Witentacka Titn, actually to me. The first tree on, I wit, then Vansaga l, agreat, pretender yeah. I think TAT will probably be tohisfavorite because it's got Qite a Piod ID blechas. Well, it it yeahBprwitho, don't onpice got Tomention to does one piece:Yeah todoesn', one piece it does messed up. Jusyeah di would have s abefunnyone BCAUS. He mss up a few,because I remember draggn super they messed up a lot or di. We give e o sometemination was a travesty, ate e O fixinags. Just too much Ireever just see I lauging it was actaly terrible. They did fix up Monn yeah, asdone a few of my favorites at did...

Banana Fish Seran ice theyrdoing jkright now the did dor Hedora, so yeah weby good adaptations. I Tal about the animation style to as afan of those animaes Dok. They J think maca Studos did the ede adaptations,justice, or I remember I mean you- use an anime Ori unx as 'n anime originalfor dor her door and been on te fish, especially because I read the mango aswell is very faithful adaptation, like I remember when Banana Fish wasannounced, and if you saw it was any lake, twenty oid episodes and thinkofabout like how much how many things happened in the mangas kind of worriedabout pacing but no got theaitation was Villian now they're doing the final season,Bark Ontackon, Tinn so far, the final season, Bein amazing, so yeah I canready Fot Tedo. You think the final season has been what animation has beenas good as wits version HMTHAT's, a good question. You know because there'sbeen like loads of outrage from people in Regos, thiit has ike N T. I thinkthey've done a good job, but I'm just trying to thinkof th. I don't knowthey've done a better job than wit. I think they've done a good job, butmaybe not as good but whits whone. I think back then. I just because that's really got meinto the Mane in the first place, watching the tackantiine first of all,remember the first season watching it and I was like the whole, the music,the animation Oll, the Fren, the dread I felt from and all the fromit thefacial expression scene from the like right there. When we fought they weredonin humans left an aon and stuff. It really sold to me that I'm the SecondTien, so I thought we've done a fantastic job. I've C, I don't see yousaid the some place about the biggest issue. With with what MaprI doing is Ta Cgi and that's what band ithin. I think st much g yeas esto Mu and again- and I get the complaints Ba a bit unfair, how theytargeting the actual producers an and the anime, is to me complaints abouthim and to be fair. The reason why with didn't do the last season ofAttaonterin, because they didn't think the timing was realistic of becausethey they want to finish the enemy around the same time. Temenga Mangaends with Basey YEA. A D Wi basically said, like T, it's almost impossiblefor us to do so, the decline to take on for the final season and they even wentattec ontern and even went to different different studios and a lot of thestugers basically said. No, the can do it and the issue is now. Is that sousually when people ct create stuff, you have different fonts, either lookfor quality done Maof Times it takes or the presce of it, and usually you haveto sacrifice one of the free and in this case the the sacrifice, some ofthe quality for the pace of it and to get a Forbai. So I get I get people'sFrustrat into fusttragon towards it because I feel like Collyg, dropped abit, but not enough for it to be madical, Alans, yeah yeah. I hear that. Actually we has doneabout o, but then again the TIO considerin. The time constrains thatMAPE have to do this in. I don't think they've done a bad job yeah. When youput that way with the ANCO Tras, I don't theyv Don a badger but alglt. Tobe honest, I think animations still quite good, not as good as wits, butit's still quite good in my opinion, but I've done the best in the you couldsay a bad situation trying to keep to that time. Constrait when, where theywere the higher ups, want h the anime tofinish around the same time as Amanga. So I can't really. I can't complain-and I think it's good tht- they were able to say you know this time. I wasunrealistic because who knows what what revel quality one ten episode poduce,how they just said: Yeah, let's Tryand, do the best. We can and then end upwith not having the best finishe poduct that they could have made an said. Youknow what we're not going to do it, which I think, which I think is good,because we know how Criti, how an know, if is gon, really could teat theirfavorite shows. So you know don't want anymore Mai.Imagine like a whole couple episodes of like toe type mistakes in in that onethat would have been awful, yeah, rea, getingdeafit Cuyo. Imagine I thinkthat's threats. Mus Creat ot a lot of the producers or enemyos. What whateverthe jobt is mistake: Pobyoer Foin a rung and I don'g get again differentsonlone, it's like it's quite a severe literally every Sunday is it's a bit perfect to be for isntihavethe wn sense of identity outside of whatever frandom theyre in itbecomes personal when things aren't up... standard or their standard, and it'sjust like ne to take a step back. I realize it's. Just anemy go sine.People are blugd to Mecmaon in DIFFERENC UNES MUC. Like I remember, I try to be a bit more sympatheticabout it because I remember how upset everyone was aut for the last season ofgame with thrones buts. Like I didn't sign any petitions, I wasn't at NDND. Iwas just like oh well, that was a fucking let down, but it wasn't like Bot. You understoodtheir pain Han. I was't offended undersn Utiy, the final Seaso, so thisis y Soi entench mylf. If I really like a series or game whatever Lik judghmyself in to fend hem, because he just some positive parts of it, like theFanar and like Tanfictur and just like the communityaspect of it, I will never understand getting really angry. I takinthinpersonal when a certain addectation doesn't go your way or yeah sit, Bein, disappointed, of course, butnot like angry. I ot downboardim has adited this aswell. Maybe a H Woudntyeah, but to be doing, but the way people go over thetop of these things. Man, it's like you said, is mort o the world. I know youmay not be happy with how your series, your favorite series, endid wnoeverelse, but to be sending the producers, creates a Sich, a Defini,frits and stuff tast. That's perfect, O, not wat. The fangers do and IPING UPAwer document and write your own endingio. So I have a question for you guys andit's based on the list of Animae studios from my nes list. So not sho.You guys have it open, but I have it open. We can see that toay here, which TOs O foty eight yeah n Houndnine ItasGreat and followed by Studio Dean in terms of Tye Creation, studio, Din andthen, if I just go back up here, shotodein and Piero, so they're some ofthe oldest animi studios on the list. What I want to ask you guys is you know how well do you think theseanow these studiots, just based on the animas that I listed there? How old doyou think they've continue to adapt and kind of create use enemies, today's Today's world or today's time,because I knew that and I sa to Itho thterry's a funny one, because Ey asa lot of their quality can be theirqualty can be very hit. Missvery Hitmiss, we seen like we said, dol, zooor the, but too fair and thes. Even one piecelike just Sosa. Wasn't that good from emen, but then they've done very goodwit ne Ano out N yeahonchrispy. This is why I say thehit mis they can hitthey can be a misso bad, but then they can hit like Wi. Oneof Ou looks SOM fantastic. So the thing I will say about jres also, is thatit's not necessarily the animation style that well for me personally thathad lie eit. Was it that how long the Ark was? It was yeah S, it was the pacein it was ligeal. I thinki think the animation was fine,but I for the pacings of Ip lorable. Can you elaborate on the pacing,because isn't it like the longest arcintene chapters? Yes onits, one of yeah, nothing, I think, is d long, DESAecause, like around hundred chapters and hat whon O, definitely be longer,but I don't think longer than Jus Oso in one pen, so yeahso so, yes is. It is long in the mango, but he can read for it and it's fine,but with the enemy you obviously have. Even even I watchd an episode of onepiece today in Mornor, and they have a lot of stuff, not a lot thegot quitebit of stuff in it. That's not in the Manga and that's just mostly thetalking and the exaggeration and the bit of a performance. You can say- andyou get that in just rolls up, but you get that a bit too much of it, ratherthan being on specific scenes you can, especially instead of being inLik today in today's oneas episode, it was important for that to be seenseeing the mostion of a particular caracter be exaggeratin what happen tothe mangod in intress rol. So you get exaggeration and and more talking, then you need,because you still get you ot across witheut, adding those features and Ifeel like Hou, get a lot of dangers. Olso and that's the issue that I hadwithit like Lik, yeah yeah and I be fair because I was I was. I was goingback and forth from the Manga and the enemy at that point, then I just end upstoppe watching the enemy and just carred on emmango yeah. That was Beyto, be fair as well.I think a I was watching Vessoso Abi and just Tok, let's TotWhatchnbasthemnan, anime too close to each other in terms of being releasedas that, why you think Theye parded it Outi'm, not sure that could be apossibility that could, if it in does...

...make senses. That was the case, but ever way you still that still theproduct that we've been given and it's not as good as it could have been caus. I think so. You Cou probablycouldn't continue on because theyve seem to have been it now for what how m?How many years is 't thos sixty fust years over sixts about itysixty threefrorely, Lo yeah is about sixty three years:they've been going and they're still kindf oof even the Times. Aren't theyso et'say, depenyeah, yeah, Hey, is es. AIMATION was you know it was itstarted bad and then, to far by the end of the super it was animation was quitevery good, actually e ousar as bad. I thought it was fine until Thaut,halfway through Genb the tournament it just Wan, it ut the it's ibe when thychat, I think I say bad is when I first watching Thehav to re Redo those someof the some of those beginning episodes again, because even because you weretalking about you, so it the means across the timeline but supersanimation.I think, by to an powers very good, actually quite liked it. I think they even do. I don't even knowwho did the I. I think they did the on the super film as well. It did Yeahhey D, film yeah. They actuallyYthey, have the right so for animation to drunkbll, Tede Wofrani, so yeahsuper as a ot Te degl super ruddy film as very good as well Aso Watch. I stillwatch it a couple of times, ityeahp Wu, I lke yeahwoboth, English and Japanese yeah.I quite like the animation for Rea an enemy film and I was a Tmeithatproay,so I think toe can probably still keep up with the time as well Wen Tho. Theywill continue to that. You said I a Perat people, I've notseen black clovers. I can't realy to look Butti've, seen really oealya fom. What I've seen thet. I don't knowif Peope ind it picking, but it looks like we had thefor the same issues thatSemnta desens did or really I didn't. I was, I didn't know, cause Nie good examples, but again noyoutedon Yotheydidn't. I feel thats areally good enemy, but but I woill never forgive them for any mean kingdom. The way that it did.I don't even cleam it. It's a real Anima, Oh yeah, p Yeah persobot, your exn when I se I've watched the firstlike the first ten minutes of the first episode like four five different times,because I want to like it, but con is absolutely horrible. Horrible looks like Ia, that's Baandon your enemies. What theanimies that come, tomind that thiy have right now is Brual and Black Loi'm wn. To See. Iwant to see to see what they do. If, because I may watch this when they dobleached your fals, an new war yeah, which is, I want o Fou to be releasedthis year, yeah a I'm excited for that. I don't lot of people complat about thelast season, which also go oo. Fuck Ary, yeah IGAI. I wasn't that good, but it'sbleache like we. I just read anywayjus red yeah yeah, so fs it anyyt Wa. You know I'm going to watch it anyway.I know I'm not gonna complain about that. PAROK anyway, UST complaining,there's a waste of time. Yourgona wiwe WATC Om from a studio that that's nevermaaume. We e an Examti, give it a go. What's Exen to have laugh every side and we've been having a laugh, dyt a support, grouptheyea the inegasos question and yeah. I think I mean I guess parents dont go strong.Theydsnt seem to be adapte to the time. Still Twe go NI, go te Ron, they're the ones that made seven eLisin. That was bad ie. I remember the I een watched seven of this teisens,but the musis enough for just OS...

...cracking OUP. I said what is the showthat why are you guys suffering to watch this T, this alimation ipeopl erestill watching and reading seven? I didn't ous. I just read the man GnFinish: themani'm, not watching Thatyeah finishise. They finallyfinished it Yeah Asa Maner that you done. I think you guys say anything about. Ithat's O. WASN'T GI ened up, dropping it like. I don't know what chape I lefton, but I ended up dropping it because it's not Jo boter to where were you?What do you remember where you? So? What do you remember from that n? Can I remember I was aft. I was after oEbeef, the ten commonments Okay Yeah Tik Yeah Itus Dragd man. Ithat really did drag that last bit of the Mangeman, but they finally finishedit, and I anit was just man to me. I can't Liugh,I didn't it was. I can't really say nothing about it and it's not. Itwasn't thisentia spectaclor but yeah, I'm from seeing peef TA beansfor the Animy, I'm just like this Juno. I thinking w. She Ti did this becausethis is a Veva massinyou. Wldn so that N, you know next Yelakyo when I wasyounger. That was the first going to hey a onhos anice yeahyeah yeah, but wereember, because I was Hella Young. When I watched the year, I was soconfine I was like. How can I go to Littl a boy sosoit had e changs e o sure looked amy parents like this doesn't make any sense. Wellyo now, at's Ma, you guys, know whis Youdoattempted to animate besirk. Do you guys know we canthe travesty? That wasthe I don't know. I want to find out. I see if it's onthei list, because Jrug a little bit six nonon Sixne TN ixteenixteen that wasstudio, Hey i'v Got Jambar. Lo No pensy, leaden films, Leadin is the one that did teo fo MOS turrformasce. They tea, waitfo rnus mees'toy wrong. Again, I'm jus did they. Dotheydid tformers and N no D, it says is thistef thisproduction cooperation with leading films. We've got more pensy Oko, okay ecause, I was say they did bothterrorformers AMBASC. They would get dragged to high heavens because thatsecond season of Terri Furness is absolutely pants. That animation was Oh guys, this Gember studion. I workedin biice two thousand and sixteen it just doesn't Ottqot ta Bensiheon WiApuja, since that, despite a decade of experience with DDCG, the seriousreceived Hash criticism towards a CD animation from viewers and critics arlike yeah the Tru, Soga, JEM bar and mopensanimated Pisec, two thousand and sixteen reduction was leading films regardless the whole collaboration was,as ponly said, pats because as la what yeah Iti was injm, remember may wasprovoting ys provotinmus it not not poserk. So I'm confusing to Animaes myknow for kingdom many promoted that sels like nice to agery kingdom andthen I fa wo Enma is like Ritis, don't antend me. I was going to take sneapy at ou in I.What is this? Why it like? I'm not GOINETI, run mieperience of kingdom,because it's too good and BU was disappointed. Yeah this is EI didnt actualy watchthii saw the clips is like Yep. I'm not doing this. I'm definitely not doingthis. I have better time than Tobe wisted and Rubbishireo me: U, O forMixo. EXOP is going to end up beingACPASSICI'm. Calling te for nowneto...

...adapt the Ghotstories from formula forevery anime flop, because Gho stories was a flock, but when they gave it tothe Western stude theyre like hey the voice actors, you guys can do whateverthe fuck you want and it's just it just B created. This is Pur. Firstmasterpiece toget, an English tob of Exon, the English don of the PSIC twothousand, and sixteen just do whatever they want to salvage the mess. Just a quick note on Enimies a shingstudio because you met, we mentioned a Teaforma, seven deny sins who bothswitched to Udios for the worst. The same thing happened with one punchman when it went from e Td yeah, when Iwent from Madhouse to JC staff and enemasonfoonce, one patmen season tojust doesn't hold up the same as the as the previous one, which is a probem ofa same. I don't know why this wit Toyeah. I agree with that one itdoesn't. I did. I didn't really finish. One punchmant season to- I think Imaybe it was a bit of the animation that may be kind of full ofit that because the first season, I lovethe animation for the remember, the the fine episode as well loved all of itbut yeah. I think the second season I did. I just Ben off and Hiy Thot, bePartito to the TDOS crange as well. I think that animas kind of fell up forme because it was, I don't know when it first came out. Everyone was tolg aboutone point. Tomorrow it was new. The concext was a bit different, go makecharacter that can just be on everyone. He doesn't lose and offors I was justlike. Where is this? Goinna go yeah detinitely where's this going NA? Gothat also me, and I just did'T. I wasn't convinced enough well had towant to just follow thes second season. One Punch man is one side project and Ithink that shows especially if you watched our red ubside, so we' pating,something just to underside fho collect practice. That's why I's very much justlike this boot thing is just like a gage day format. DIVISIONL WEB COMICCAS just a Gangi Day, format, Tein e strip, so that ind of thing doesn'trealy have like something you could do for two three: Four five seasons. It'sjust like. I I, the first season, an its an cu, is tid en, like the Po goanywhere. I don't think the Manga has updated in months because it's not hislike NA focus. Wabsicy was so, I think, with the first season as well. Thevosinin point was the animation because it was just such high quality. So ifyou take that away, it's like, why are people even getting excited to watchmore cachan anymore? Exactly ISO plot of story to keep it going is Becauseojus fine. I show Iyou that away. Then whye. We watching one Finchman, O Gois,like one of the funniest enemy of whatch. Have you have you read theoriginal Mangon, not the one that got adapted by Himomberhis name, but you mad Itlega,Muse, yeah, see whave, you seen the original onedo One mad ipickd it yetthe broad hoby or him he tried with mob Syce Yeah.He did try one sec Yu could lak. He was serious of mobsycl because you put inmore effort, but one Pitmentis, just like here's, your Ju Yn Yfreeego to mobsyc. If you want a plotand a story and some decent art, this is just my Olbe is my side project, butyeah Welfome, no heint CAS Websak is amazing. Yeah is yeahthe. Next questionI want to ask you guys is: Do you think that Tola Animation Studio and SujoPiero, or some of them more known and more kindof popular respect to studios because they produced the big three or do youthink that carries all kind of equates to the way that it was at Bstudoperoo?Tell me because of that, or do you think their work kind of speaks foritself or some of the other projects? I think it's a bit of both because YeahForda Tok onte big free, the were fedy known, Animation Studios. They had along stand, ING history in enemy and if it, if had like enemies before that,was really good. Let for example, Siou to Youa Sailor, moon and a Jagon bullso that they've been about an before, but obviously with them not doing thebig free elevates them to a certain standard that as Cepttin Wanling for anNextra ten fifteen years, a D- And you never know because right now you gotstudios like Madhouse, Mapa wit and- and there is no big free right now andeach and all the different studios. I've taken up great animies in the own lane at the moment and they might eventuallytake over. But because does those enemy studios that youmentioned had the big free they werethey were able to remain at instandard for that long. So, let's Te find another n other enemies that thatgreat, then I don't know w at what might happen. Utiagree money probablyis a bit of both. The BIG FRIG is definitely helped withtheir standing, but yeah they've been Ar Ofisodan. They been around a blockfor...

...a lot longer than a LO. These offerOuju, so they've been Thevworki can say, probably do speak for suffas like I, Itol Yo has got some ofthe big named part from you know. Having one piece wesaid: Devu draglewas living part of be freebays. The big you know the ane biganima beginnining me has been also like is Wat Salor Moon as well. This doneIsthrough those times was it S. I think drungabull was back, inthe ease and Ithink Salermoan was e, Niese, so yeah, and even did you DIDG Mon, as Myn Yugo,is on some of those. Even these are before one piece actually need to befair, Ft. bt Ud, I say you just met: Oh Yeah Yeah, let mee Ibecause, one piece cameone thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and a lot of these were probablybefore then Didgo man. Adventure was UGO, probably was before one pieceactually as well. Salns Dragon Ball, SOS a ES fister Los Star as Wellasaeast as well ha exact, yeah, drung itone. Maybe so it wasLarry Ladis from early EIS. To like ninety six. It was ninety six foot Ithink nasing as DT, maybe but yeah. Oh, we don't. We don't recognize DT ITHINK to yeah. I think it's a bit ofboth, I think, maybe more so bit of both a Pirot. so He's, probably more sothey've donthey been around a block and done a lot of these ones before evenone piece so yeah yeah, because it would be a pro pirebefore they yeah has chaneen, be mixed today, yeah evenbefore they did eacend and and Ereal the DEDIDDID. You ACAHO, you yuucould you, okay, Gotou, TT, tatyeah, you GOAP, so yeah they've had enemy for for a while that the'v be very popular S, Vdeo t and Hese prenunciation as an opinon on anything. We just wantto reply to whetertwee he made with that blecause Vorgin Welia yeah lnguag to much okay. So, lastly, before we go, I wantid toask you guys or thet any Anima series that you would have ben that youwulprefer would have been animated of other studios or are there and also, ifyou Lettin, at a search Tudios, where you would have been interested to seewhat the animation syld have been like for particular anime. For me, I think Iwould have been really interested to see how what Theruto do look like ifmad has't animated it that's good un, that's a good one. I would beinterestend. I think, AD Ma a is one of my favorite animals te years, as alsothat would have been interesting to see. I think I was even going to se onepiece. My then again, yeah Watoun, expensive, il Yo Gongta, see one piece myself, butyeah it'll be yeah, sorr, Gos thiis. One point in one piece that always mademe wish that I wish you got animy by different studio is when he punches acelessital dragon. Yes, that part in during the slave owner whats isn't afishman, not FIS man. No, it wasn't S. Yeah whati O said what Suld said I canpeois onth PRONOUNC IUONEPIECEIM geyeahit was den. I remberhatremembethat punch as well. That was up. I woul love. I wouldn love to see that Ma,howmy house annimate it. I think, because I love that animation.The Way migt Hase do thet animation, yeah it jus Lok cite sharp. I don'tknow H W to Describebti get what you meanf with you. I think what I've seenfrom Maasn, what they've done. I just love this styrit animation, so yeah,Wouldav, love to see one piece under thear belt would have been interestingto see what they would have done. Definitely, a lot of my favorites hivegotten decent adoptations ve complace with dor he dor oting. Can we anon afish elooking at myself? What I missed...

...the WERD, the house Hasbeen is comingout this year, I've forgotten, which two years go onaex on Het Flix, but Ianticipate that that would be decent. I think, but if I'm thinking of like what I hope would get adapted, if Icould choose a studio, I guess Vagabon kind of. I think we saw thatarticles awas getting down to about ther being like a kind of sowhat of like a conclusion to thestory, just like a one of chapter, so I think Vagabond annimated by by Mappa a he m yeah, because Mape's done your some ofyour favorite. Yes, favos Ti Anamead thattation forthem, so, okay, David productions, buth anone that comes to mind as Jugsso. IDon have anything else to base that off of, but they yeah they done five forcesell, but I don't Real Watch II read I readin Pierfos, but I've not reallywatched it. So I can recommeon the animation forfive fors buct yeah. Okay. I think I've had to pick a already made enemy to a differentstudio B. Kingdom, of course, of course, and I moving to Wich Studio, mainlybecause it done attack onten in Villain Sago and which, as e Contin, is prettymuch just a a war enemy, and so I saw his kingdom and Venesago has it's fairly similar to kindom g yeah soand because theye done those two really really well, then I will open thatstudio to go kingdom. My House is probl a favorite studio by the Ha of but you'thinking of in similar kind of Genas. Yea Yeaeingmyou know saying that, as Ithink Bser, maybe we could do a good job, Yeh sthat's. Why, when you weretalking about Eli, IG Bzrcaus wacould be a shot that could have done probablybetter than whal. It was done with the CGI Futn, but yeah need to watch.EXAMONL Youawa look back fondly on visit, two thousand and sixty mon. Let me join you Lotno Watch Oeoka, but yeah NOG. I hear Yo on f those ones.My like I said my fivorite Uyes as mad ouse pot. You could probably see otherstudios for different Ma depind on the animy or the mango what they could do,depending on what kind of style it was going on for Yeah wit's, a quite a goodone. Anyway, I think wit is up there for me as well just for the Tackatianbut ey. Don't we even Cavaneri? I don't. I didn't Really Watch Cavaner, I wasn'treally FEELII into, but animation was good. That is why it was a waste. Laimation was great. The story was just Cabari, think of the final scene of thefirst episode and just how amazing it was, and everyone was yeah and then it just as we now that Ouet down it as onm. That was it. I Lo ofriends, happy WHENEYHR, thisbut,sorry Cavierias, tat, CR. It wasn't so before before you say you Wen Pon, Jostart to your point, an Besic earler because remember they had they had aenemy in the nihs that was Faiy Odid Ta Cav Loo complains about that one, and Irealized the same Tegios spokem on mmmats, okay, Olm ink, so o ink Samso, I'm looking through the weakpage to see if there's any enemies that are recent, that we will know of, andthe only thing I can see is pokem on. They have like a so. I think thet'sbeen all the resources on Wolkomon because have so many different POCUONanimations. Okay, I didn't know that. Okay, that'svery interesting! That makes ono becuse ohow Many Seon, O twentythreetwenty four seasons. I don't think is all be in the same stre as if I oone no ecauses ones, animation sound its weird yeah. They change thes change,animation, Stoll ithink is the same studio. Oh really, Ithink Sabecause, I'm looking at it now and theyhave apokima movie that came out last month which they did and an inlistyear that the have o fate. Yes and the list hear that t e haveover far one fhia one hundred episodes on pokeon. So I'm assuming that's watlthe difen wile. Then I couldn't bes. Yes, Ni'm seen the STUETLOOKM. I thinkit's just under them, you're right, but it had different teams. Do it ds YeTeam Olto a Teamyeahnyeah? What's going... be your enemy pony? I already said Ithink I want to see you. I feel I wonto see what one piece Doith Mada Mad House,ocok, okay yeah, we're talking about the scene, wit the Punch getnst, theSolicio Dragon. I think B Ye Mad. That look so amazing. I M not. I did likehow it was done. Ll Think Ma that yeah t would have be not bt. It could Hav bebetter and I think Maaa don amazing with it so yeah. My House on te seewhat they could do. Ao Just animate that Seno Ju that episode just ulay onYeah. Well, that's it from us, like you guys,listening to episode, Thir two, we havt even doe the discussion about AdinationStudios, our favorites best productions so do for free to us. Let et us knowwhat your thoughts areo as well and as to mentione. Do you join our discord,so you can do that watch along any of the enemies that we generally tend to? What's it to Strean, to watch or to putfor the discord, I don't know what the Turm is: Whatois, Fo Wat, that's theterm! I was looking for whatfight, so yeah so yeah. So today was joined byTods, Polay and MANL. I did we even introduced ourselves so y did we Nowo Olittlun, okay, Tyeah, but condays right, youguys ould know US pitow, youour voices, yes, O that that was us thanks. What'sagain for listening and if he're not already folling us on on our socials,it is for US academia everywhere. I say everywhere, but you know the mainsocial media sites ver and if you're also listening and you want to see ourbeautiful faces- headovr it til you, you channel, where you will see thevisual episode of today this as far as I culd Domia and stay Tus te nextepisode, Bye, Bu! U.

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