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Behind Her Eyes - Netflix Series Review


Psychological thriller fans! Gather round and listen, as the cast reviews the popular Netflix series 'Behind Her Eyes'! This SPOILER FILLED episode discusses the series' key moments, plot devices and clues, and the cast shares their overall impressions and favourite themes of the series.

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0:58 - 500GB no longer suitable for COD games

4:59 - Animators in Japan earning as little as $200 a month

Main topic 

7:26 – Overall impressions 

16:06 – Characters and their interactions 

22:22 – Unexplained plot devices 

28:21 – Key clues & observations, what can be spotted? 

32:26 – Can we talk about that wig? 

37:11 – Astral projection? Yup, that's witchcraft

39:45 – Envy, discernment and other key themes

53:55 – Do we need a season 2?  

Hey everyone, and welcome back. You're listening to all watching episode thirty five of the Fries Academia podcast. I am your host still and today I'm enjoyed by Abbey. Hello, I'm prime show so I hope you guys enjoy this thing. To our last episode, which in which we were celebrating the thirty fifth anniversary of Zelda. So, as we could probably tell, the title today's episodes a little bit different. So we are going to be talking about the newest and actually quite popular next six series called behind her eyes, which was good, which is why we're all here to have a chat about it, and kind of just stilled into some of different themes. What are over all thoughts? were of the psychological pillar. As we usually do every single week, we're going to touch briefly on some of the latest news topics. We've got an article here from Eurogamer. There's all about activision. who have worn that it started hipe hundred Gbpsfour may no longer fit kind of duty. Wall zone, black COPS, Cold War and modern work warfare. So I don't know what this really means in the game world, but prime, our resident actually's got a resident games here. Please let me know this is this is going to be an issue. Well, there was a lace update the other day for coldry and I had to delete a game and like Hella stuff from my camera just to download it, and it wasn't even worth it. Like I'm still playing it, but I don't know. Why is it so why is it so big that? Why, like, why is it he comes to big pause there, guys, please, I've had my field, my quo for pauses, pauses, yes, yeah, during our stream. I don't need anymore, please. You know, I don't get it. Like this is like the second time I've had to delete stuff. I delete apex. I say, I was like, what an idlete. I delete apex to the place in fairliminary paid for a day. I've raised the apex fans. For the apex fans there are different you don't just I just don't want that smoke man like if you already get it once for that anime take, I'm not doing it again. But you can handle the heat, really, I'm tired of it. But you know, if it's I can see why. It's fun if you have a group of people that you play with. But yeah, I don't get it. I don't understand gaming or, you know, understand how consoles working. OFF TO UNDERSTAND WHY I have to keep deleteing Shit just to play card. Like I don't get it. I really don't. I can see why people don't play anymore. That's that's a cold specific issue, like, like literally, that is a cod sperific issue. I understand why actually and said that. Firstly, like each cord game takes on early a hundred, two hundred fifty gigabytes. So if I're telling me that average GAMER has three to four games R stored their hard drive thirty to forty Gig you're looking at one hundred and fifty plus what forty to five it ration so for you, which is what two hundred of them like that. So that's what fifty. You've got fifty GIG or somethings. You just will run the software, which means you got a hundred gig left to do what you want to do. So, like, I'm not shock my like activision cod or den man, but there's kind of like a like a weird kind of Prot I like you don't have to install every single aspect of cod for it to on. I think the real was at the game is fucking massive. So they've I just came about breakdown story mode or not have battle royal, what was called wasn't and or like the Speck ox thing. So you can just have literally little bits if you wanted to. All was that alone is huge because that's all I have. I don't have anything else. I just have exactly. So ass would like huge, no longer a hundred gigs. I think I've only got two other games now on my maybe three, and I've got one terror byte, so one terabyt. Yeah, that's ask me to delete games. Some I delete apex. Before that I deleted blood born. Yeah, before that, Lee blog borne. I deleted so many videos or whatever on my my thing. And Yeah, I don't get it. Like I've got one TV and still is telling me to delete all of that. Oh, basically, there's got. I'll start selling people motherfucking external hard drives and saying right, you buy cut. It hasn't stone hard. If I starts people like seventy odd could. I mean I will buy it, because I mean I don'nloading what free, so I would be buying anything. They can take that game. I'll just go back obviously if that's if that's the complete I'm concerned is that it's going to be take it those in the hard drive. You've got to gifts on an alternative like binding you harder or just make the game smaller. Yeah, can then get worse game play. So which one do you want? Worst game player or some all the game? Yes, we just choosing. What the preference? They both. I could choose, you know. I'll just in animal related news.

The New York Times recently puts an up posted an article. Sorry, in regards to the anime community and and help screaming. But and how? Also, the animes are suffering as well. So the towel is an amazed booming. So why are animated living in poverty? The workers you make the Japanese shows the world is being watching can earn as later as two hundred dollars a month. Many wonder how much longer they can endure it. This isn't a new issue. We hear about this kind of popping up time and every now again. Actually got to how how badly paid studio animators are and particularly as we're anime fans. We watch the anime shows time time again, you get to kind of appreciate some final products and work. Want to hear these kind of stories pop up about how the work that we're actually seeing a kind of products, does not reflecting the pay like animors deserve. You have a way. Hold on. First you can we say at two hundred pounds, is at like that's what's dollars a month, dollars which probably like one hundred and sixty seven past, take a random number. That's the average date night for I be so just throwing that out there. This is ridiculous. God, I will you. This is ridiculously Oh my God, I imagine what Niggas and in the month I'd be spends on one out in been to have a discussion. I gonna kill you, I think going to kill you. Okay, that's fine. So he brought on, he chose vallence today. I thought this is going to be a peaceful violence. Is Violence Today? That's fine, primes, fine, okay, you know, I don't get it. I don't. I still don't know a little. I just wander, do I have that unions out there or there's that lot of thing in Japan, because that is little work when you think about it. Imagine I'm again two hundred pounds, two UNDRED dollars a month here they would like riot. Some people do. Look, don't judge for some people. I think what people can kind of continue to do by sport in is, you know, watching those animes on like official platforms and staff and yes, Actually Eric and then man stop streaming and my Ericas a r and he's mate. Okay, want to sneaking has it, but okay, yeah, by Your anime content. So that's it for the a brief news topics. So, as I would say, let's start. We're going to be here to kind of dissect and talk about behind our eyes, which is a Netflix series. I thought what might be help for us as far is I found just a quick summary of series where also to say we get into it. Let's open a disclaim. This is a spoiler. I was just about to say this. Yeah, as quite spoiler filled. Yes, episode. So Click on the button at your own risk please. Gets much you get to this point in the old joe or the visual whatever, you're going to get to this point. Anything that you hear about the show beyond this point is none of our business. Mean it's none of it. I will say I will shout who died right now. Three seconds and that's some period boo. I will show you please, as just I'm just both heard I'd be in prime. You have been warned. So so behind our eyes is fortics drama which follows the story of the divorce London mother named Louise, who has in a fair first psychiatric boss David's. So the studio just spit into six episodpisodes and the first episode detail the Inner Ins and outs of her affair with David and also her secret, your friendship with his wife Adele, also kind of detailing some of the issues that she experiences, her dreams and her day to day life going about work and looking after her son. So to start off with, what I would I think what would be really great to kind of know, is what we are overall thoughts of the series and did it kind of meet your out to expectations of it as being a psychological thriller? Can I give my summary? First Year, this this is like inception meets gone girl. Yeah, where you have a crazy wife with a bob and a husband that you can't sympathize with. Yeah, because I did not sympathize with David. I didn't. I didn't either. And and then there's just a bunch of dreams that people are traveling through. So, if you might that kind that inception gone girl. Yeah, inception meets gone girl. That is that is a summary. That is the I don't care. I don't care. I'M NOT gonna I'm not going to let the inception pits lade, because why not such and why not tell us it's, I thought, it's not, knowlan level thrill... all. I'm just saying the concept of themes, of concept. I'd be said, I do, I be in this show. We're not raw gainst women right now. We don't agree with each other. It's well, leave it be. Okay, fuck, I just agree something about because not like they're traveling through dreams like a dreams in drees. I mean it's just astral projection, which isn't an in my opinion, that's the worst theme in the show. But we've moved yeah, you know. Oh, okay, we'll get to that. We'll get to that. Got Some questions. Yeah, well, might be a bit. It was a bit, but I mean it was a slow burner at the end. I guess it did. I guess. Yeah, I guess. When you fight figure out the plot all like that, you see the plot twist it does. When you think back on it. Yea, is a pretty decent tychological thriller. It could have been a bit more fast paced. I first I thought it could have been a movie, but I guess it being drawn out did kind of add to the whole suspense of it. So, yeah, it it meant my expectations only at the end. That's it. Yeah, Joe Up, fair enough. I'll agree with that. I feel like there's thrillers that I watch the Mike. Oh my God, it happens next? What happens next? What happens next? What happen? Isn't it? I didn't feel like this throughout the whole of the show. Hit me like that last maybe two episodes. Right, right, I've watched these together. Not to be that right. I've got on my just deserved he in it. Just as that. Let's go justice. That over, I think it's all right. I feel like I enjoyed it. Let's let me not take it. It's good. I recommend people that like thrillers, especially psychology of fellows, just a good watch. I would never like to try that. And is British as well. You know, how that the British people now sire, good to really, I'm I'll give that one thing. I know British TV's good for like a thrillers. Give me some content there, and it's thrilling police shows that they're throw bro the bodyguards the land of duty. Yeah, I know they could. They could do a good, good bro. The Brits will get right. Do you support in the police a whole life? Pet that listen, not, let me know. We almost. It was like rest again. But now, yeah, show was good. I feel like some I thought the acting across the series is a bit patchy. I wasn't like completely sold on anyone's individual character. Maybe what's the Miss? What's the wife's name? The crazy woman? Yeah, we're, yeah, I'm maybe Adele was probably the, in my opinion, the strongest actress. I'll give you day. I don't think I saw him enough to believe. Yeah, and I think David did well in certain aspects. German, I don't. I don't think those death to him, but I got that he was generally worried for quite a bit of the series. T I mean. But over, I think I enjoyed it like I would probably tell people to watch it. Death. I recommendation from my part, I can't like Primi you promote. I'll see. On to USKI. What is this show he's talking about out and I was all right, and we just just gotta get on. Let Pixel like this couple shows that once I'm into all about. I got to tell people just just peep, just just a little bit and you know, ahead of the curve, and Y'all, people are enjoying this. A little bit of Jereman. Yea. It's nothing like loop, and looping was at all great. But okay, driving, I think loo people was kind of like. It wasn't like, Oh my God, why this is great, joloples, and good because I had a black guy, black lead. That was it. That's I was thinking. So I didn't watch it. So I like to know what I've only just round. So I was like, all right, fronts Netflix once. Okay, it's because a stills to be speaking leftrons and by get language to do. You have quite a few good French shows. There are there are effects. So I got a Dick for you. got a different though. Yeah, I think I've started suggesting it to me because I've been watching them. So the Algorithm, I got you, but they we blur, but but yeah, there are. There are a lot of good foreign shows. That's one thing. Netflix is good, good with foreign TV shows and documentaries. They're, I think, foreign thrillers. Netflix has eaten on many kind of streamers od. So yeah, absolutely, but kind of this, it's kind of I enjoyed it. Would recommend I think it does. The ending is a sinct enough to be like, I don't need another season. I don't know any will be on the store real I feel like wrapped up really well in the six episodes, though. That fifteen minutes of long content. That I was an hour long. You maybe like thirty eight minutes to forty two minutes. This is fifty minutes of solid content, as I will yeah, I agree both of you. I agree with both of you. One thing that had considered before was a pasting of it, but I think six episodes was enough. We didn't need twelve, ten. It was enough. I do agree. It was seven learner, I think. I think so. I think was just right. I'M gonna... It was just right. What how do did you guys have them to take you guys to watch it? Did you watch it days? Yeah, that's the thing. For me, took me one most a week because I watched I was so excited to do is it for this, because I saw the trailer and I saw the Synopsis Way before it came out, so I saved it and then it told me when it came out and then I started watching it and it was a bit slow. The first episode I was that and it took me a while to watch that. Then the next day I watched a second episode and then after that I was just a bit whatever. Then I saw people talking about it, mainly prime then I was going to give another try, leaving a try. So Watch episode three, I still I was all it was only up for two. Episode four that I was at, Oh, okay, this is yeah, this could be this could be good. And then the next day I watched five or six in one go. That's when it really picked up and I was like fathom exactly. I was going mad. But yeah, that was for me. The pacing was a I think it was just right. But yeah, I think they needed to build an off of the world for you to be involved in those final two episodes of where you need to like were. So I'll give him like the ballot. That's that. Well, so that's why I'm that six episode was kind of cool. As we said start, this is gonna be a spoiler for an episode, so I'm still gonna share out with it. Louise Dies and Paulo Adam, my Babes, caught Adam. Fuck that kid. Can you head question? Can You looky? Who are your Canadian? One of your favorite characters and the worst? Like? Which one you which one we like riding? If we're like you are, like him, like he vibe? Which one we just like? No, I did that. Can't lie. I didn't like any of them. I couldn't. I didn't like any of them, like even I usually like the crazy one as well, and Adele was like here and they're like sometimes I liked it when I was like you're weird, like I know you're crazy, but you're weird, like you know. So I couldn't. I didn't actually like. I hated David someone. I think I just like to not like him. When he starts to frighten her job, I was like, listen, brother, some fuck shit right there. I like it from the minute he saw she saw him, like when they bombed into each others old gods, and then I was like he's just too I don't know, like, I don't know. He's bad vibes. I didn't, I don't like from the beginning, from side vibes that he was. No, sorry, okay, forget it. Yeah, let me tell you why. The way he treats adult. Yeah, I know she's crazy, but come on, she's a human being. Like the way he treat her, like it was about he's got, don't mind. For eighteen years. He said that has seen you. Was Married Rob for ten years. Let's just say for ten years. So let's let's, let's say that. She just said. Let's put the spoilers are the first time that you guys go. Man was married to rob more than he was married to a dull. Yeah. So the thing is, it's just like he stuck in that. He stayed in that relationship for whatever reason. I have no idea how, but he'said in that relationship. I like why, because like for you to treat your wife like shit, like she's crazy, but either you leave her or you treat her with some kind of dignity, like at least. But he didn't do any of that. He came, he had affairs. I just just leave her bur like she's crazy. Just leave her okay, don't know what's going on in that house, though. Hold on. First, behind the scenes, you know nothing. There was not multiple affairs. It was one of fun with the lady that, Oh yeah, or whatever. That was even a fade. He just spoke to her. He really just spoke to like you had one off and that's the current one that he was having. What's that face, Jodia, whatever braws, you know what? I don't know what it is. It's like it's like literally why I compared it's a gone girl. Is the same reason I couldn't sympathize with whoever a husband and Gone Ben Affleck played, whoever it was. He was just so he was going through it like he was. He was the victim there, but I could not. You just hate man. I mean you maybe, all right, maybe that is the reason, but I also think he's just not a likable character at all, like they're just something about him. Then is our difference. So for him was a bit towards the end when he had to stay with rob after that, after all of that, man couldn't escape. I mean you're like pee, oh, man, react to the Rob Pat another another another ten years of Robin. So I'm gonna divert, but you know how you're saying he was with rob, that during the flashbacks, there was that one moment I was cooking in the kitchen. How that had that connection. That looks that looks this, that's from that field. That's what that's one. That's I knew it was. It was done and knew was. I only it was robbed before that. Yeah, but at that point, you know, it had me thinking. I was like, David, you raggedy bitch. You didn't know. You've been you, you've been new. It was robbed this whole time. I something he's telling me. Deep Down, David knew it was...

...rob yeah, they even I don't know. He just didn't have to explain it. He just didn't know how to saying like he was because it's psychiatrist, don't science. Yeah, I guess he downe. He just couldn't. And you know what makes me think that, yeah, is you know how, in this time and like in the present, he wanted to go and help crackheads. I was like, you're still thinking about rob you somehow think rob is here with you. I okay. Firstly, I'm to disagree with slightly on this. Theory really is that, I don't know, say thinking it was robbed in particular. I think you just knew it wasn't Adele or something. Yeah, I can agree that. I don't think you knew because of some Da'st only glance he shared with rob. That's the only glass you shared and there's never been. They've never built on it, those two when he got the car, the dinner, the dinner and the down, the car and the kitchen. No, no, listen, they had. They had moments. Yeah, probos, more than one. I contact moment. I first actually thought they fucked. I can't laugh. Or they were going to show us a scene where they fucked. That's what I wasn't what it was in the bar first. What I thought, which you know, she walked in. Yeah, and I was I was like, Oh, we good, she about to see some shit. I fully thought they fought. I was like they did the deed. That's why he's obsessed with him. But no, robs just crazy. But something telling me that David definitely knew rob liked him absolutely. People want mine to do it. Should you have to act on her anything, but it's just like something's telling me that he just knew like. I just feel like something inside of him knew something wasn't right with a dull but more so than just someone being crazy. I think she she it wasn't he. I think he knew it was an adult anymore after that incident, because it's not like it was a slow change. She changed immediately from time when David, when she told David that rob died and she just didn't care like enough, you know, and adults are very caring person like I actually she the only person I did like was adult. Before she was robbed. I really liked her. She was a really sweet girl, like you know. I don't think. I don't think we got to see much of her to kind of actually my life how I was. So I liked like. I liked her. I like socials very naive. But the whole bit around asking David to signing over, like all her parents are states and the first I'm just like, don't even married to this man, don't high that fire that I don't know what an Argo. Anyone says, yeah, and okay, so there's there's certain things that they just did not conclude. That really pissed me off. That into that. That's one. That one really annoyed me is because I so I like the timing of everything, like even the refire, like the new filates. Why that happened at the end. I even think so that are you trying to talk? Trying to imply to me that was rob again or what we're like, where do we go with this? Because fires just seems to be a two point method and both times some shits happened. I feel like the fire, they use it as a weird device, like they've getting it for us at their end and they give it to us out the whole round of the rebirth. There's a cycle we're trying to call like a phoenix. Try and tell manage a phoenix. So you're telling much pretty much like what is the Phoenix is not dying, like you're gonna tell me what was gonna dump into Adam next time. I like who I'm await for you, Bro I'm away. He literally like next thing you know, he's going to be David himself, like he literally wants to live inside him. At this time. You're not. Yeah, yeah, of my going into the skin. That's what I think. Absolutely you have to be very specific. Well, it's okay, okay, I be please you're not going on this path. We're going to stop that there anyway. But now I feel like the fire was use as as I could device or and it wasn't concluded. So I wasn't really short. They're trying to tell me with it, not like maybe I'm a moron. Maybe we'll maybe it was rebirth and that's what in the instance, but the first time happened it was pre rob Jele. Mean, so the sect up of David, well, I don't know that I'm saying like I'm so I'm not sure that they give us enough there to even kind of happily lay a blame on anybody. It was David just happened to be there, so he just happened to be superman and she's just happened to be out of her body. That's like tie that bit up and then tell me. Yes, true, I agree. I do know what those with it's like it was. It was so weird to see that that they didn't actually touched on everything, because a lot of the times I'm watching a western thriller like it kind of spoon feeds you the information so that you can connect theo to yourself and then everything is always explained at the end. Yeah, when I'm watching foreign TV shows that's not the case. There are so many questions that you have at the end of it. Why say, for in the mainly Korean, let's just say, because I can't hard to say Western and then everything for let me say Korean specifically because I watch a lot of Korean thrillers. Like they don't speed feed you anything, as in you only at the end. You might know a few things, but you won't know everything, just like in this in this thriller you didn't understand. Now who did the fire? You know who cause the fire? Was it an accident? Was It rob was it...

Adele herself? You know, was it at who moment? So Eureka, to same way that you said, yes, Frim, I agree. Their first fire there was no explanation as to who was responsible or the outcome of it, but it did trigger all the following evacts that came from. That's that first fire kind of triggered the whole the it checkered the first astral projection switch, so did the second. So I think that was a catalyst. Wait, who did she switch with the first time? What you mean first time? Read? I should really she didn't notice the fires because she was out of her body. She you mean, switches and she just left her body. Yeah. So, oh, like the switching and asture projection type activities have always come about around the fire. Yeah, but so the rob switch didn't happen around the fire. So the fire happened. Then she met rob. Yeah, and then, I'm trying to say, she taught rob the rich class routine. Yeah, and then that's when they first week. That's when she first did it, because rob, myster just taught Adele how to switch. She just knows that a project. Yeah, so rob, don't, don't, don't talk rob how to project. And then rob suggested they switch, and that's why I meant yeah, Oh, yeah, maybe we should do this. And that's when that Oh shit, that's when you get funny. Get there. Oh my God it yeah, okay, well, I'm just putting out that. Okay, well, you can. When you came out, I was like, damn, this girl really out of the game. I'm like, I was proper were soon as I saw the heroin I was that this bitch and adult, that is rob. I don't care what anyone says. So funny. That was such a clue and I skate. I skipped straight past it. SIS It was. I as soon as I saw the heroine, I was a heroin because I remember seeing Adele. I was at, Oh wow, she's completely different here, like she's proper, wearing flowy dresses, like floral hairs long, obviously, which is wherever people cut their hair. She was really sweet and like proper in love with David and David was in love with her. I was at this is a cute couple. What the fuck happened? And I saw the crack. I was that dawn. Maybe that was it. The box to me gave it away. The box. Yeah, it was a it was like I was like heroin. I was books it was rob's box, that I don't give him. Maybe that the thing is I didn't know that it was rob's box at that point because I didn't see that adule gave it to him. That happened episode six or something, but I just I just saw the okay, so it was a hunt driver's car. I wasn't convinced. It was just a hunch, but then I was like, but this is a thriller and everyone's a Oh my God, so maybe that's what everyone was being, Oh my God, over and then I started seeing more patterns. I started seeing the way Adele was just the way it Dole just was. And then, and then I saw rob flashback and I was I was absolutely convinced. The first time I saw David, he was a love of him. Then I saw that he said he was lonely and he just didn't have anyone, you know, to talk to and he just didn't like his life. And then, whilst that I see, I saw he was cooking a lot, and in this show he cooks a lot. I don't know that was, that was a that was, but but I did. I did notice as well, he does. He loved cooking. He kick we cook them extravlant meal. And then David never even bothered to eat. He was just like yeah, he cooks, and then and then, and then, yeah, exactly, and then it was just like and then I and I knew that rob was gay. So he was in love with thingy. And Yeah, after that I was just convinced. I'm no could tell me different. And then it was just, you know, and then the plot twist happened. But, to be honest, something was really weird from the very beginning. You know, when I first saw the first episode, I watched them and then there was a sex scene that sexy. Was One of the most awkward scenes I've ever watched, because it literally felt like I first I was like, all, these are siblings. That why are why are they? Oh, I'm between Adam and when dad, he's Oh my God, day when David too turns all over, and then that's when, that's when he finally gets his Li listen. Yeah, I was like, this is nicety. Why did you? I don't understand why you just had sex with her. Why didn't you just not have sex of her if you're so disgusted by the idea sex? But maybe he's trying to love her. Maybe it's right that. Yes, and I'm sorry, but he was not trying. He's you know why he stay? He stayed he was scared. He's a coward. That's why I stayed. He was scared. Hut He did the same, because he okay, the no shot, but that's a degree of love. I'm trying to stop love. People told you women are sick. I'm going to back the man in this one. So you think David Loved Adele, that he stayed? That is not there was. I think David's true love for Adele was so much that he couldn't fathom the idea and rationalize the ideas to himself of what he genuine believed by ses. Yeah, because that. Come on, he's a man. I mean, he said you're going about the Mandam and you said because the man. Yeah, I mean what I didn't say. What I didn't say cheating, wrong part. Here is she and he cheated. Mean, yeah, I g except that, but I...

...still believe that he's Love was so much for the eight year Adele that the ten year changes and the madness actually did in Brighton. He was like this is a bit too mud like your naive. No Way, how the hell? Yeah, you don't know what love is. Excuse me, excuse me. I think you don't about anyways your love, mom, listen, listen, love, everyone, love, peace, love, live, like. I mean. What I'm saying is, no, I really don't believe it was out of love. I think he was just scared that. I think it was a sense of duty. He's a psychology this. I think he feels that he was responsible for her. Something went wrong and Mac melt him. Keep I don't think it was black belt at all, because I thought I rob genuinely thought jenninely wanted to kind of make David Fall in love with her, like I think. I think he, I think Rob Thought David could actually love him, even though I be I really think he was black out, because I was a particular episode where Adele and David would talking and it was tending. He I think he or she must have said something along the lines of too much has happened between us and I know too much. Yeah, I feel like a very easy come into that which is made where I don't think. I think they just thought, let me just you know, it's better to keep honey then to keep yeah, I don't think it was. I don't think it's it's like black males, and I will do this here. I think it's one of those implied things that's like I'm threatening you in a very like, you know, non threatening way, like you know I know things. But I really don't think Rob Adele was ever gonna Grass on David. I think I think he loved David Too much for that. But yeah, it's true. I think. I think combined with the fact that he thought he killed rob and the fact that Adele was a crazy bitch. I could kill anyone that spoke to him. Then that's why he stayed. I don't think it's I would love at all. I don't think he cared about her like that anymore. And Yeah, like, did man even check tear or she died, or when he thought she died, he did all screen. Off Screen, happened, off somewhuch happened. He died and suddenly he's married. o Cool, like Adam wasn't any older. Suddenly she's dead. Suddenly, two days Louise didn't get a new WIG. So clearly that same shit wig fout the whole. I was happy earlier asking it. I feel like obviously we know how production is, as they don't always have the black team to look after the black cast to make sure they look improperctly. You know how they how they could look their best as black people, and I feel like the messiness of the WIG was a metaphor to kind of convey the messiness of her life. So it promised. This statement sounds anti black from the jump. It's the Stylus for this sounds sil do your hair was like, what styles about this? Before? We spoke about this before about that, the infamous hair band that goes over shit hair, that it seems to be sonymous with a lack of a black stylist on set. It was a white stylist. Let's let's not even get twisted, because I'm happy show us a white sinis. I'm crazy beautiful hair. She has beautiful her life. I've seen it. I've seen a big yeah, it is amazing. And then they stuck. They did all of that, put a pony to slip back, a pony towel and then wasn't even slipped. They put a fucking DRYASS WIG on top. Yeah, top of all of that amazingness. I know, guys, guys, we're aware of the like here, that there wasn't a black fires on sets. If hadn't been intentional to have her wig like that, wouldn't enjoy that. It was a metaphor to kind of a quate, just the messiness of that with heart not she's a man her life. I agree a little bit. Is Throughout the whole time that she was Louise, she just looked a mess. She barely to care of herself. That from the first episode. I catch up on her shirt first and catch up on her shot. She had sweet pits, sweat back like s it's where she went. She was wearing a lounge where to worry? What, Yo, you think is pull shaving, you NIGGAS, approcheming. This is this is poor shaving. Listen, I mean, you can make primark look good, but since made primark look like primark? Yeah, like she was a mess. Yeah, I understand, you're a single mother that barely sleeps. I understand that, but there is no excusing that is she suffers from that. That was that matter. Listen, Oh God, like, I mean, you can't make anything look good. Listen, you make anything look good if you try. But a sister was not trying. She was there, even her sausage role like on her chest like this. What did she think was gonna Happen? You're in a white shirt, you...

...put things to a Napkin. You think to you know, eat with the table up, your pinky out with some shit. No, you said, let me just eat, let me put it to sue him. Put the Sandwich on top. Why not? But yeah, the contrast of her different. Yeah, and she was when she was Adele and when she was robbed. Sorry, that's when she was like dressed up some heels on, you know. Okay, fast, that's that's her hair was still dry, but there was a bit of pink. You know, that's olive oil. She Jan closer. She had to. I can't believe, Rob, a white man took care of your hair better than you did. That's my discuss that's what goestion point is. Now Rob is obviously black. Do you record? Do you reckon? He'll say the word nigga freely. Broke by saying that and he's a crackhead that lives on the estate. He's got the end word every day time. People when he was all because I can't imagine a doll saying the n word. He's as Louise, say, Emmond, just gonna look at it. I do think bubbles, like making sure that it's like Louisa still creamed on it as well. Okay, okay, crying, because rob as Louise is the funniest thing. I first super typing force. Hear. Oh my God, imagine like he was used and he tries to remove the WIG and he's like no, let just keep it on now. You brief this shit. Oh, you guys have fishing me as but I do think that could have been a metaphor, but I think, yeah, there Wi just wasn't a black spinus on set, can I be very honest? Yeah, I was going to mention this comm in a different point, but I think he saw adult in Louise, which is why he didn't do anything. And I was gonna say, like at first I was out. I wonder why it's only them three that can actual project, but I think it has to do the night terrors, which is the only reason why Louise Actually and adult actually gave the book. Yeah, and I feel like that's the way, that some kind of spell. You know what. Yet when I first saw the actual projection, it wasn't explained that was actual projection in them. So I think at projection. Do you guys think it's real? I mean if you're a rich yeah, you know what? Yeah, I was always have you guys have no but I was going to say that you know how to say her great great grandmother was a witch. Yeah, and then she said that she spelled as she used a spar to stop her husband's heart. That's how I fought weight. They just been witchcraft up on this shit, like and that's that's where I almost choomed out witchcraft. This shit is ridiculous. Now this way, I'm out Netflix, from Netflix to knownewood real quick, real quick, fun because where did the hell, where the hell did this come from? And then, and then it said actual projection. I was still a bit like, okay, fine, but I was like, I think the reason why they can do it is because they have night terrors and there's just something subconscious of going on there that kind of that kind of helps. The actual projection happened, I guess, but I was thinking, have you guys ever had a dream where you know what's going on in your room? Oh No, okay, well, I have. I've heard I can literally see what's going on in my room, like, okay, you see your body, then I see my body. I see I see my like as if to say my eyes are open and I could buy, I can and I can move my head, but I'm sleeping. I'm not moving like but I can see that things are going on in my room life. Someone will see and I can see it. I could see the telling us that you're actually been actual projected. Just tell us. Okay. So for me is I don't know, because I I'm not saying that I can see my body, because then behind these Satan ye behind me, actual projection. I just think it's some kind of like my mind just opens, I guess at my third eye opens, and I can just somehow see everything that's going on the room. But I don't know, I don't know, but I feel like I feel like that's happened to me before, but not actual production, because then maybe I don't know. Are there only themes that kind of struck out to that you enjoyed, that you can be kind of really picked up on and you enjoyed watching? Got Say, my kind of favorite theme, you know, even more than the whole theme of our infidelity and betrayal and even fate, because there's a lot of questions around whether Adele met...

Louise by fate, which we later learned was not. It was all planned and orchestrated. I think another key thing that struck out the most to me was the theme of discernment and which was clearly something that Louise was ignoring, that she wasn't you know, the signs are there. Damn business, make best mate tell of her mind your own business because repeatedly told by David, stay out of it, but still the mine wanted to interject. I like that. For what turned up dead. It was not that less. Let me be very serious right now. David was not even a Scotish accent. It didn't you know, you didn't do shit. It was. He was not that nicest. He was not like someone said, she doesn't have black friends, and it's true, like it's her best friend. was that Bronian legs like your colorsis like, I'm you know what, you're not one of us. You are you're acting right, like even a normal person, like a regular, regular person, regular, Degla Regunna get regular, the guilt, a person that you know doesn't have a son at home. She's not a single mom, just just a regular person, right, that doesn't have things that she could lose and like, if she could, if she died now, Adams by himself. Right, that you don't have that kind of like need to protect him. But you know why? What? What? When I realized that Louise was tripping? Yeah, and when I realized that she probably doesn't even give a shit. So lost to live. We have a give a shit. She said, fuck them kids. This ad this this scene, or was when David after David fired her after she stole a dulls fouled David comes to her house right and to collect them all. Yeah, to get the file. So at this point David seems unstable. I man, went from I love you, Louise, or in whatever Scottish, and turn like Bitch, you bat, leave us alone, quit right now. Yeah, sounds like clearly this guy is tapped. Why the hell are you still entertaining him? So she opens the door, leaves the room and starts talking to him, like saying, my man, I could just put up, put out a gun, Belod I. He's that on site. But the couching about this and stick up. Yeah, like we get what in the what? What have you never seen? Have you never significandia, it goes like couching the this is a couch in the back. But seriously, know, David could have finished her. She could have finished her and I don't would have just been in his room like sleeping, thinking my mom's you know, in a number of a night terror have me out. He could have been in front of his pops and his new steps or brother. Well what, you could have been in France of his pops and his stepbrother. You know what you had a wid theory. I will point that Lisa was Adele, like I thought, I know, I'm not gonna lie to you, but then I then the time I didn't match up a bit. Don'ty means. I see. That's because I thought, I don't know, just something like some the way, the way we've never seen it, that we've never seen Lisa. Yeah, I was like, did adults somehow go behind? I mean, vet is revenge, right, I take your I take you, take my man, I take yours, or I take your baby. That was but I was time ago. That was even before she even met. Yeah, that's the thing. I was like, that's why, in the time I didn't match and the fact that she went to France and we saw a don I was like, yeah, this makes sense, but yeah, no, I don't fall out. Louise is a mess because you didn't even think to put your son first. Like you put your son and yourself in danger. Chose peace toes pain over her son. This is why this is see, the problem is women about that far I know rob was in adult. You was the reason everything fucked up. So men, all and fair, actually went to show men all the source of women was paying men drag with me crazy, then women drive men crazy and then there's a stress, a vicious cycle. Yeah, I think we also showed me as all is. Not only was the Luise, have no spirit of discernment, of Just Judging Webb, just not not to give of people's business, which is warn repeatedly, and there was also obviously the other theme which I think later became clear, a lot later on, the whole team of envy, where we under we were able to see for the flashbacks that rob envied Adele's life. He had me the fact that David and adult love each other and he wanted that, because it was touched on this when we looked at it and you were kind of just seeing the kind of situation and kind of life. That what was going to go back to. I agree. Yeah, when if someone else's life and he was want to do almost anything to just get what he wanted, and clearly he wanted to continue on that dream of living happily with with David and he's a Dole to do that. And she was a force. Goo Seen It, she was just saying at her and her house. But yeah, I agree. I agree. There's the desperation that he couldn't even be like, Oh, you know, can I can I be inside of you sometimes, a kin? Can we switch body sometimes? Can we switch when he's pamming you? Yeah, I want to...

...feel that sometimes. You know what, I don't seem that she was so nice that she would have let him. Yeah, you know, when I love you both flat, why not? But like it might just went straight from I'm going to take your body and I'm going to kill you inside of my body. He did. He didn't give a share by anything. He killed himself. Pretty much. Watching him doing that was a sign that he had it really been killed from whatever mental illness or he was going through. And it was a drug addict. So what? Like that's all hold on. Firstly, he was he was in the psychiatric was sucking Dick for a bit of, a bit of, you know, like that's its a bit. Yeah, so he's real. He's ill, like that's that. He's little pure per my period. Like then, I've been ill. He came out, he was never cured. Then he goes on the crack, the crack, crack, bro it was more than just the crack. That was this problem. He was he was tapped. Yeah, but there was there is one thing I was kind of like, I mean they never really explained what thing he's Louise's nights are as well about, or even rob's like Louise Nights. As you can kind of I guess you can kind of guess that her muscle talk about her mum. I think I'm killed herself, because as soon as I think he was it, when Adele sent her message, I think she started having a flashback about her mom, like and then you can see the pills falling. I don't know if that's the same time that happened at Hart. I May just remembering. Yeah, okay, so here's my thing is that those are the things that they never really kind of like they say it, but they didn't say it enough of way for me. Time about started building tangible theories around it. They're a spoon feeding us, but they're not giving US enough either. So yeah, like, I mean you'll give me half a there's a bit of a there's a bit of a gap, but you're not preaching like you're not. You're not bridging the gap properly, but for sure, like I was like, I guess I could guess that her mom killed herself and that I don't know what had the water has to do that. Even in Louise Flashbacks, her her house is burnt, like what it is it with fire, like what is this thing with fire? The House is completely burnt, like it's troung me, like what's fire beful for that? And every every single scene is fire from it just seems like it's just very symbolic, like it's fight even ruined as world, like what's going on? It's symbolic because it's yeah, you put up on that in the her night terrors there was fire. Yeah, I think it's a really very first one, the very first one that we see. She's running that again her night Jose, like okay, so it was. I tell me that that's not like whome. I could be in a junior which, like is that we're going to tell me, like what what is the tell me, Oh, yeah, if you're on you have night tours. This is what the purpose. Think. I think it's like maybe this whole thing is like the dream aspect of it is very like wishywashing. Yeah, as in as the plot device. And yeah, maybe they try to do this whole thing where it's like well, in your dreams you can't really make sense of everything. So maybe in this show you're going to make sense of everything evil, you know, and God that it is analysis one. He's dreaming about zombies. Maybe his night terrors were kind of like, I mean from time actual projections, role, maybe foreshadowing in his own dreams is role to where he's being haunted by the dead, like Adele is dead. He's been wanted by the dead, which is why he's led that abby. I like that. Maybe that's the case, but I guess that would mean that he knew that he was going to kill adult. But you know, mine probably caught bodies before, maybe killed the guy that tried to store his crack. Who knows? He maybe maybe he's responsored for bodies in the mental hospital where he was at. And again, if that would have been a case, they would have let him out. So then that that's theory. Doesn't matter. Yeah, no, but like I feel like the whole night terror thing, we didn't actually know, we didn't even look what a doll was. Like, I'm actually ill. Didn't have my terrors, but but then they made it seems if that was that was like, Oh, if you have those, then you could do this. So I mean like the basic those two went hand in hand. You did a doll. was just a normal lady. That seemed like she was in Rehab before. We don't know where addiction was. It wasn't addictional, just her fire, the fire that happened. But she am I. Just being trauma. We could actual projects before that. She was in there for the trauma that she suffered because of the fire. Then that's not then like but then that, but they make excuse if that's Rehab, not a psychiatric would yeah. Yeah, so then what we're looking at? Is it Rehab? Because if looks would maybe has a Rehab Center as well. We have a rehabilitation center. Yeah, they just weren't there are a lot of things that they just left very time. Yeah, and that's my problem with it. Like it's from a book. They're adaptive book, which we had all sorts ofst know the book. The book probably explained the way about. I know you know, you know how it is. Maybe if you're if you're going to give you six episodes, maybe stretched out for to be ten, I give you four episodes with these kind of final details and I can be like it doesn't even have to be explained, just just give us the things that we can put together ourselves. I really want these letters a mystery that they weren't even they weren't even intending to put us like fully understand what the fire is about, what the tonight terrors about. They didn't even really explain the whole act, which is why I'm...

...comparing it to a lot of the Korean thrillers I watch right West, like, let's just say trains to Person Right, I love that movie and it was amazing, but like a lot of the Zombie apocalyptic movies I watch in the western like the Western ones always usually tell us why there's a Zombie break out. They explain the reason why people turn into zombies, they try to find a cure for an everything. When tried to Pusson, no one even talked about the fact that the zombies exist, like how it happened. There's just zombies and and you do with anywhere, we're trying to follow the lives of like how everyone, how it affects everyone's world. So it's like I do like it, I do like it in certain ways, but it has to be done properly where it's like I won't have questions at the end. I won't care about enough to have questions. I care the fact that this is a regular world but there's actual projection. I care that somehow you can see. You could just do one, two, three, four five and you could actual project. How does that happen? Dead, how does that happen? Man Said, just remember. Just if you've been there before, you can go there. Adele's never been to Jodey's yard. Jody, he's jody. I said, Joe, do this. What's the face? That's the woman's name. Do we live there? Were Been? Yeah, get everyone's no, she did. She did. Don't remember. She didn't a house. Well, it's our house and she went was going through everything really, really slowly. Don't you remember? She was in our house? Don't remember when I went to the episode where there was they were from run and then, yeah, as she came in. Yeah, that was that was way after. That's after her and rob had start. I'm not robbed her and David's. Yeah, no, June. The only time she saw the first I saw Louise and David was probably in David's office and then they were having those moments together, don't you remember? Yeah, and you know what? Yeah, listen, when I was watching this all of a sudden, after I started clock of war was going on. I was I went back to media, DCC's GCC media. Yeah, I was looking at camera angles, lighting. I was like what's going on? And even the camera angles. If you notice, after we figure out what actual projection is, the camera angles always different, like nowaday. You notice it more when, when we know that there's actual protection. If you if we watched it now, we wouldn't. We would pick up way more things. And I feel like there's certain camera especial, specially the float you ones. It was drifting. Yes, those angles were hit. I knew that's what they're talking about there. If you see, if you remember, there's like a scene where we figured out that Louise was actual projecting and then it gave you a flash of all the things that she saw, and you can see that she saw the sex scene when she went, when Louise and rob rot up David first had sex in her house. Not, yeah, first upset. Yeah, because that's that's spased them telling you that I'll look like this is probably how them Ednamald or whatever her name is. That's very sod. Yeah, and I'll sorry. A doll saw that she saw when they were talking in his office, like you can see from the camera angles, went a Dul's present. So if we watched it back now and we looked at certain camera angles, I think specifically the ones from the top where it's a little bit of a like a laundre. Yeah, but I do right, like an fly in the water. So exactly, then then you can kind of think that that's when Adele was present, that's when a dull rob could see everything that was going on. So yeah, it is, just as a lot of things that I wish was explained are. But yeah, I enjoyed it for it was, I guess. Yeah, like, I'll give it. I'll still give it like a six, seven out of turn, like I said, I wouldn't. I would have think it's like a perfect for all. I wouldn't caut like a like a girl on the train. or it did what it had to do. Yeah, like it as a series, I was, I was interested enoughter, I mean like I okay, look, a good thriller like I liked. I can recommend, like I can talk about Black Oh my God, a plot to it, I mean, and the fact that if you weren't, if you're an average. We are not like a proper like, you know, and I be like, it's going to analyze everything. That plot to this would have fucked you up, even like what the fuck, which was for most people like me up. So I did enjoy that. Yeah, I think I do agree with prime. I'd give it six some them out of ten. I feel like Netflix is coming out for some really interesting doing like that every long. Every now again we'll get a serious like behind our eyes and that's it. And so wasn't enjoyable watch. And I'm sure there. I've seen those a theories on twitter, like people asking for our part too. That would be fine to watch, but I don't think we need one. Yeah, I don't think there's enough their food to give me a second to that series. I don't think that lets is a completely different story, something else. Yeah, I'm sorry, like like the haunting of pillhouse and bly house. Yet I mean, yeah, if they went down that route or like an American ror story, was like all right, each season the standalone set of stuff, and I can accept that. Yeah, agreed. I don't want to see that. We's over again. I'm sorry, don't be a yeah, but I think all the signs, starting with the red fly, since your friends stay out of people's business. Yes, that's that's the true one. Pay a business that minds you. Stay at home, eat your rice. Sis. Your rice is burning at home. Stay there. Finish cool. So that was it. Thanks, guys, for chilling into episode Thir if I due to along...

...with us, we've great to hear your thoughts on the series. If you've watched it, doude, don't get to interact with us as well and as you as we always let you, guys know, make sure you're following us on our socials, at for as Academa, on most of the things, and make sure you tune into our weekly twitch lives, and we have a weekly basis to make sure n't miss out on that. And thanks again the tune in for episode thirty six. This was a Stell, Abbey. I'm prying and look, I'll be boo and this is the cost this episode by Yeah,.

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