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Episode 35 · 9 months ago

Behind Her Eyes - Netflix Series Review


Psychological thriller fans! Gather round and listen, as the cast reviews the popular Netflix series 'Behind Her Eyes'! This SPOILER FILLED episode discusses the series' key moments, plot devices and clues, and the cast shares their overall impressions and favourite themes of the series.

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0:58 - 500GB no longer suitable for COD games

4:59 - Animators in Japan earning as little as $200 a month

Main topic 

7:26 – Overall impressions 

16:06 – Characters and their interactions 

22:22 – Unexplained plot devices 

28:21 – Key clues & observations, what can be spotted? 

32:26 – Can we talk about that wig? 

37:11 – Astral projection? Yup, that's witchcraft

39:45 – Envy, discernment and other key themes

53:55 – Do we need a season 2?  

Everyone welcome back you're, listeningto ool watching episode, thirty five of the fries Acadena podcast. I am yourhost still and today, I'mjoyed by Abbey Hello, I'm prime. So so I hope you guys enjoy listening toour last episode, which which we were celebrating wit, thirteen fifthanniversity or Zelda. So, as you probably tell the title,today's epitodes a a little bit different, so we arethe be talkingabout the newest, a actually quite popair NEX IC series cord behind hereyes, which was good, which is why we're all here to have a chack about itand kind of just till into some different things, while overal thougtswere of this sychological villa as we usually do every single week wet o totouch briefly on some of the latest mews topics. We've got an article here from Euro.Gamer is alk about act, division who have worn Bhat a tatof five hundred GBPiss for me; no longer fit Cald of Dut Walso, black clups, Cold War and modernwork warfare. So I don't know what this really means inthe game a world but prime our resident actually got Reto. The game is here:Please, let me know IIIs Gonto be anshe. Well, there was the latest update theovher day for Cology, and I had to delete a game and like hello, stufffrom my camera, just to download it, and it wasn't even worth it like, I'mstill playing it, but I don't know why is it so? Why is it so big like whay like wha ies, it Takup, O big poor, sirgussplease IAVE had filoquote for poses. Wos Is yes during our stream. Idon't need anymore, please you know, I don't get it like. This islikee second time ie, pate, delite stuff I deled apex. I say I was likewhat Ti idily Atelly Day fectplase in felamend fo Aday, I eerose the opexfans frote PIC fanserust. I just don't want that. SMO Man Aiv Y, already gotit once for that ANIMETAC, I'm not doing it. AGAINB CM Hado, he heatd of it, but you knowepex. I can see why it's fine. If you have a group of people that Yo playwith but yeah I don't get it. I don't understandgaming or you know, understand how cons was working off tounderstand why I have to keep the leat inshit just to play cord like I don'tget it, I really don't. I can see why people don't pay anymore thats. That'sa good specific issue like like literally that's a cod pific issue. I understand why Actiam said that,firstly, like each cod game, takes: U Arly a hundred a hundred fifty gigabats.So if yoy're telling me the average Gamer has three to four games: DRASTOARD, the hard drive thirty to forty Gig you're, looking at one an fiftyplus what Fourto five Itrat n o foury, which is what two hundred of fom someof that. So that's what three fifty you got, fifty gig or sothing spe. Just Irun THI softder, which means you got a hundred gig lifts to do what you wantto do so, like I'm, not Shoctan, my likeactivision cod or dem man, but thisust kind. F, like a like a weird kind ofpros. I, like you, don't have to install every single aspect of cod forit to on. I think theyre rea at the game is fucking massive, so they re AL,just kind of Lik, break down story mode or not have battle. Ro whats good wasin and or like the specop thing. So you can just have literally little bits. Ifyou wanted to aten alone is huge because that's all I have ut, I haveanything else. I just have xy so Waos Likeno Long, a hundred gigs. I thinkI've only got two other games now on my maybe three and I've got one terrebyt.So one time bit ye s, ask me to delete games a I delet apex before that Ideleted bloodborn yeah before that Gleeblockborn I deleted so many videos or whatever or my my thing and yeah. I don't get it like.I've got one TV and still is telling me to deleve all othat. Well, basically,Tho's Gott Start Selling People Mon, the fucking, exdonald hard drive andsaying right. You Buy Cod Hasnin Stenn Hunde for sartas people like seventyearld quid I mean I wuld buy it because I mean Idon't know he warwas free. So I wasn't plying anything se. They can take thatgame. I just got hat. Obviously that t does, if that's H, complete concern isthat it's going to be taken up le the hard I if you've got to giveson analternative like Buyinin, yew hardom or just make the game maller yeah canHenyou got worst game play so which on do you want wors Gong play o SommallterGame Yyeao, just choosing the preferencebotcoul choose. You know illUST Feltin. I don't maw related news.

The New York Times e recently puts in aup posted an article soy in regards to the Anima Community and and how it'sbreaming, but how also h animators are suffering as well, so the Tel is animabooming. So, while animator living and poverty, the workers you make theJapanese shows the world is been o watching an an litter as two hundreddollars a month. Many wonder how much longer they can enjoy it. This isn't anew issue. We hear about this kind of popping up time and every now and again,actually Gatsto how how badly paid Togo aimatirs are and particulaas were animefans. We watch the Animat ions time time again, you get to kind ofappreciate o the Hindo product and work wenter hear these kind of stories Ipark about how be whort that we actually seeing a fin of products isnot reflecting the pay that animators deserve yeve away hold on Firstyou. Can we say twohundred pounds is at like thatstolars a month dollars which pobb like uned andsixty soennd numeryes, the average daynight Fori be so just turn that outther. This is ridiculous. Mygodthis is R mygyimagine. What Nick Onin the monthI be spends on one outin mean to have a discussion. Gonna kill you I'Axtin, going to killyou. Okay, that's fine! So he brought on he tros valace. Today I thought Thir's going to be a peaceful violence. HES VIOLENCE, Hoday! That's fine,primas Fin! Okay, Youkno! I don't get it! I don't. I TOUH L! I just wonerhave that unions out there o Tis at not o Ting in Japan, because that is littlework. What you think about it! I magine Animagan, PTO hundre pounds tune Doa amonth here, no like riot. Pec of people do butoojude some people do. I think whatpeople can kind of continue to do by suport in, as you know, watching thoseanimies on like official platforms and stuff and yeah ot at dreaming, TlatEric and then man stop streaming and Myreco and Hes Ma, okay,Eno sneakin HOS at bue yeah by all anime Contentso. That's itfor obrief news topics. So, as I NCITEA start they're going to be here to kindof disect and talk about behind our eyes, which is a that Fik series, Ithought what might be help wot us to star. Is I fel just a quick summary of wseries weeall Saytto say we get intoit let', let's SA Disclaim Ma. This is a spoiler. I was just about to say this as spoiler filled, yes episode. SoClick on the button at your owner, ISK, Ro Shget, once you get to this pointhere in the Ojo or the visual wherever you Mut, get to this point, anythingthat you hear about the show beyon. This point is not done my business, soI mean Ir's. None of I I will say I will shout who died right now, threeseconds, I'm tnot, SOM, pariodpht, usboth, headabb and rime. You have beenwarned so so by her eye is netpit drama, which follows the story of the divorceLondon mother named Louis, who has an afetoby psychiatric boss Davids, so thestus is put into six episodes and the first episode detail the Inner Ins andouts of her affair with David and also her secets, O friendship with his wife,Adele, also kind of detailing some of the issues that she experiences of herdreams and her day today, life going about work and looking after her son.So to start off. If what I would, I think, what would be really great tokind of know is what we are overall thoughts of the series and did it kindof Mak Yot expectations of it as being a psychological thriller. Can I give mysummary First Yeah this? This is like inception meets Gonga Yeah, where youhave a crazy wife with a bob and a husband that you quatesympathized with yeah, because I did not sympatize with David Ididn't. Ididn't either and and then there's just a bunch of dreams that people aretravelling through. So if you might Gat, I like that inception, Gongo yeahinception meet Gongo. That is, that is the summary Tuyis, the O. I don't care, I don't care, I'm notgonna, I'm not gontale the NSEARCHAN pit, lad B. I no Suton. Why not tellEri Oo, Nola Nevel Thrila at all inje...

...the CONTOF, the themes on concept I besaid: I do a be in this- show Weo Gast Women Right now. We both agreewith each others. Leave it be okay. I DIS ISETON bout because not likethey're traveling, through dreams and like a dreams in dream. I mean it'sjust actual projection which is in and in my opinion, that's the worsttheme in the show, but we' move yeah. You know WHA okay, Wel we'll get to it.We'll get to that because ' got some questions yeah it would Li t be it. Itwas a bit, but I mean it was a sugrobarner at the end. I guess it did. I guess again, I guess, when you fightfigure out the plot or like that, you see the pot wist it does when you thinkback on it. Yeah is a pretty decent tachological thriller. It could havebeen a bit more fast paced. I I first, I thought it could have been a movie,but I guess it being drawn out did kind of add to the whole suspense of it soyeah it. It meant my expectations only at the end yeah drow up pornough Il agreewith thatI feel like there's thrillers that I watch Im like. Oh, my God, what happenstax? What happens next? What happens ex? What happens next? I didn't feel likethis throughut. The whole of the show hit me Bouk, the last, maybe twoepisdes about right. I've watche these together not to be that rig. I've goton my just deserves oin it just disert Tet's Qot, just isense over. I think it's all right, I feel like I enjoyedItt let'. Let me take it it's good. I recommend people that ligkt thrillers,especially psycological foter. It's a good watch. I would ever like detractthat and is British as well. You know how lat the Brich people now or goodthrill, like I i'uld, give that one thing I know Butish tvis good for Lilik.I throw Lis W, give me some content there in it. Tho ln polichos that therro bro the body guards a linof duty. Yeah no Ecanthey cal do a good goodbrothing. The bricts will get right. They haveyo supporting the police,Ehali uder percent. GET THAT LISA! No, let me know we almosts liress te good, but no yeah show was good. I feel likesome, I fhel like the actin across the ses as a bit patchy. I wasn't like completely sold onanyone's individual character. Maybe what's the MIS? What's the wirfts name,the crazy woman yeah we yeah, maybe a doe was probably the in my Pon, thestrongest ectras ill give Ou Diu. I don't think I sorm enough to believeyeah igme and I think David did well in certain aspects. Doi mean I donver. Idon't fe like there was death to him, but I got that he was generally worriedfor quite a bit of the serious German, but I roi I enjoyed it like. I wouldprobably tell people to watch it. Deafha recommendation from my part. I cat lie prime, you primad ill seeNotte Tikin. What is this show he's talking about. I wasall right and wejust just go GE o et picks of like thes couple shows that once I'veeen to that Aro, I got to tell people just just peep, just just a little bitand you know head of the curve and Y Yalg people are enjoying this a littlebit jo mean it's nothing like looper loopiwas at Al Great, but okay, Yithink Lupin was kindof like it wasn't like. Oh my God why this isgreat. It Jo loops any good, because I had a black guy black lead. That was itthat's. I was thinking so I didn't watch it. So I like to on Ipoaly justRoni show I was like all right. CRAT nectix rats, its it's ECAUSE. I stillwants to be speaking. LEF Onsen by get language a Ou Asay, you have quite afew good French shows therar. There are no Igot Dick Foyou got dick for them,though yeah I think I've star suggesting it to me, because I've beenwatching Themso, thet Algorit, I got you butbet be weebbut. Yeah O there are. There are a lot ofgood foreign shows. That's one thing that foiksis good good way: Foreign TVshows and documentaries. Ther Yeah. I think foreign thrillers Netflix HaBeatin on many kind of streaman sat so yeah. Absolutely butykind of this. It'skind of I enjoyed it would recommend. I think it does. The ending is a sinctenough ting to lait. I don't need another season. I don't know any millbe on the story. Reale. I feel like wrapped up really well in the sixepisodes, though, that fifty minutes of long conteint you like Mi at Os an hourlong, you maybe got biue firt, eight minutes o forty two minutes. This isfifty minutes of Solid Clinton as over yeah yeah. I agree both of you, I griewith both of you. One thing that hadn't considered beforewas a pasting of it, but I think six episodes was enough. We didn't needtwelve ten. It was enough. I did. I do agree, it wasn't Esen to learner. Ithink I think so. I think it was just...

...right. I'm like y life itwas just right.What? How long did you guys have them? Did it take you guys to watch it? Didyou watch ayats a thing for me? It took me once a week because I e I watched. Iwas so excited to iit for this, because I saw tha the trailer and I saw the Synopsis Waybefore it came out. So I saved it and then it told me when it came out andthen I started watching it and it was a bit slow. The first episode I was hatand it took me a while to watch that then the next day I watched a secondepisode and then after that was just a bit whatever. Then I saw people talkingabout it mainly prime then I was logoing to megive another try. Let me Otry, so I watch episode three. I still. I wasoh it was only appen to episodefour that I was Oh okay. This is, this could be, Tis could be good and thenthe next day I watched five and six and one go that's when it really picked up-and I was like Fabin exactly- I was go mad, but yeah that was hae me. Thepiecing was A. I think it was just right Yeahso. I think they needed tobuild enough of the word for you to be ininvolved in those final, two episodeswhere you deed to Ti were so iwoull give them they balanced that. Well, sothat's why I'm that six episode was kind of cool. As we said at start, this is Babeaspirdit on episode, so I'm Jut till got shat out with it. Louise Dies and Poil Adam my babes. What idomFuckig that Kidhdqun, who are your cnnme one of your favorite charactersand the worst like which one do you which one we like ride? If we like you,are like Im, like he bied N, which one ere we just like? No, I did that cantlie, I didn't like any of them. I couldn't a I didn't like any of them,like, even I usually like the crazy one as well and adolt was like here andthere like. Sometimes I liked this eause Iwas like you're, weird, like I know, you're crazy, but you're. Weird,like you know, so I could. I didn't actually like Ihate e David W, not like him when he starte tofrigten her job. I was like listen Ome, fuit, ight thelike it for theminute he saw her. She saw him like when they bombed Intru OAS, Oh gods,and then I was like he's just too. I don't know like I don't know, he's bad bibs. I didn't Idon't like from the beginning, you fol e bad by Bsit. He was no BNO. Sorry Oforget it yeah. Let me tell you why the way he treats adolt yeah, I know she'scrazy, but come on she's, a human being like the way he treat her like itwasn't. He's G do mine for eighteen years you said that Ya se for ten yearslets B for ten years. So let's say that shejust said: Hes put the spoilers Outo Fir. First Gysman was married to robmore than he was married to adult yeah. So the thing is it's just like he stuckin that he stayed in that relationship. For whatever reason I have no idea, butyou stayd in that relationship. Ind like why, because like fee to tree yourwife like shit like she's crazy, but if you leave her or you treat her somekind of dignity like at least, but he didn't do any of that, he came. Hehad affairs. I just just leave her Bir, like she's, crazy, just neba, okay, wedon't know whatas going on in that house to hold on fo Behin you scenesyou know Ag. There was not multiple affairs. It was one of one was the ladythat e yeah, nor whatever thet, was even a fat. He just OK to her Estoyouhad one of, and that's the current one that you was Havin. What E as Jodia, whatever Broyou know?What I don't know Whar! I is it's n, it's like literally. Why I compared itto Gongo is the same reason. I couldn't sympathize with whoever a husband and gonge bed aflicplayed whoever it was. He was just he was going through itlike he was. He was the victim there, but I could not you just hake man, I mean Oud, you h, maybe all right.Maybe that is the reason, but I also think he's just a not alickablecharacter. Athole like ther, just something about him. The ow I differerso for him was a bit towards the end when Ho had to stay with rob after that,after all of that Mon couldn't escape. I be Your Lo sp n reup, the Ru Eve neten years of rob so io, I'm gonna Divert, but your howyour say he as with rob the duing the flashback thereas that one moment,therwas cooking in the kitchen, had that. Had that connection, that lookthat look E. I was oitwas rub before that yeah. Butat that point you know it had me thinking. I was like David, you raggedyBitch, you Vinno Ein. You you've been you. It was rob this whole time. Isomthinges telling me deep down David... as from yeah. The don't hus didn'thave to explain it. He just didn't know how Peope as Yodi saying like he wasbecause of psychiatritic and SI yeah. I guess I don he justcouldn't, and you know what makes me think that yeah is. You know how inthis time like in the present, he wanted to go and help crackheads. I waslike you're still thinking about rub. You somehow think rub is here with you,IO, okay, Firstlybuti'm Hav. To disagree. You slightly on this theoryis, I don't necessarily think you need. It was rob in particular. I think youjust nee it wasn't a dee or some o yeah yeah. I can agree with that. I don'tthink you knew because ofsom of that's the only glance you shared with rob.That's the only glass you shared and hit's never been they've, never builtan a Arto OAS to when he got ou e car at the dinner, the dinner anded don thecar and the kitchen. No, no listen they had they had moments. Yeah Prim Os morethan one contact momen. I first actually thought they fucked a laug,the Gona showus, a scene where they fucked that's what I wt asn't when ewas in the bar first, a I fowen, you know in she walked in yeah and Iwasegose bout to see some shit. I fully thought they fought. I was likethey did the deed. That's why he's obsessed it him, but no Rogi, UST,crazy, but somethings telling me that David Definitely Knew Rob Lackamabsolutely GE. Onwant to do is your hcanthing, but it's just likesomethide's telling me that he just knew like. I just feel likesomething inside of him knew something was 'n right with a doll, but more sothan just someone being crazy. I think she it wasn't. I think he knew was anadult anymore after that incident, because it's not like it was a slowchange. She changed immediately from time when David, when she told Davidthat rob died and she just didn't care like enough. You know and Ados a verycaring person, a d I actually, the only person I did like was adult before shewas robbed. I really liked her. She was a really sweet girl, like you know, dothink. I don't think we got to see much of her to kind of Wa sor Mi Lov for Ol,like what sort I liked like. I liked her. I like Oshe, was very nive lik thewhole bit around asking David to sining over, like all her parrents or statesand affairs jus over Murry o this man ha hat fire bout. I don't know what Idon't K, ow H, anyone says yeah and okay, so th there's certainthings that they just did not conclude. That really pissed me off thatget intothat. That's one that one really annoyed me is because I so il like thetiming of everything like even the refire like the new flators, why thathappened at the end. I even think so that I trying to talk. I Tin O imply tome that was robe again or were like. Where do we go of this? Because fire isjust seems to be a two point: MEFHOD and both times some shits happened. Ifeel like the fire. They use it as a weird device like they've Givteng itfor us at their end, don't they give it to ust lat, the whol und of the rebirth,Baca Cycle Twe, trying to cuol like a phoenix trying, tell Manis a phoenix oyou'r Talkig much pety Muchgito me Gona p into Adam next time. Liei'm wait foryou, Broiwayhe liteally. Like next thing, you know he's going to be Davidhimself like he literally wants to live inside him at this. You do M Yeahk, that's what it absolute!The you have to very specific: What okay, okay, a be pis GNOT, going onthis path, weare going to stop that thee anyway, but now I feel, like the fightwould dus s as I could device and it wasn't concluded. So I wasn't reallysure they're trying to tell me with it not like. Maybe I'm Amore on maybe weremaybe it was rebirand, that's what th in the instance, but the first timehappened. It was prerump Ju I mean so the sex of o David Wat. I don't knowthis, I'm saying like I'm, so I'm not sure that that he give us enough. Thereto even kind of happily lay a blame on anybody. It was David just happened tobe there, so he just happened to be Superman and she just happened to beout of her body. Do Ds like tie that bit up and then Ti Yoo. Yes sure Iagree, I you know what thes with it's like it was. It was so weird to seethat that they didn't actually touch on everything, because a lot of the Timeson I watching a Western fillar like it kind of spoon, feeds you theinformation so that you can connect with Ou yourself and then everything isalways explained at the end. Yeah and I'm watching foreign TV shows that'snot the case. There are so many questions that you have at the end ofit. Why is it foreign, but mainly Karean, let's Jus say because I cant haa Ha to say western and then everything s for, let me say Korean specifically, becauseI watch a lot of Korean thrllers like they don't speed, feed you anything asin you onlven at the end, you might know a few things, but you won't knoweverything. Just like in this in this thriller, you didn't understand thatWHO did the fie? You know who calls the Fi was I an accident? Was It rob? WASIT Adele herself? You know? Was it...

...ias Ho moment so Rica Wy? That you said Yes fim? I agree theifirst fire. There was no explanation as to who was responsible. What was theoutcome of it, but it did trigger all the following: evects that came fromthat that first fire kind of triggered the whole the tricket, the first astralprojection switch. So did the second. So I think that was a catatus wait. Whodid she switch with the first time? whatd you mean first time wes. I shouldreally ike. She didn't knowise the firs cause. He was out of her body, Shis,you mean switches and she just left her wondy yeah. So, oh, like the switchingand Asthal projection type activities have always kinof come about around afire. Yeah be so the RB Wich didn't happen,Roun the fire. So the fire happened. Then she met Rob Yeah H, I'm trying to say se Tautrob the Wich Proetin yeah and then that'swhen they first wet. That's when she first Ed it because Rob Moijus, TaugAdele how to switch. She just knows Ha Ashall projecte, so ro Dodoo Al Ob howto project and then rob suggested they switch. And that's why M Yeah? Oh maybewe should do this and that's one te kind of OT. Oh Shit, that's when youget funny of the Oh, my God Itokay Welli'm, Jus, okay! Well, you when youcame out was like Dan. This gir really had of the game. I talking yes, I wasPropua as soon as I saw the heron. I was at this bitch aint Adelt. That isrob. I don't kcore H, t anyone says no at's funny. That was such a clue and Iskap I skipped straight past. It SIC. It was Li. As soon as I sawe heroine. Iwas a ero because I remember seeing a doll. I was like Oh wow she'scompletely different here, like she's, proper wearing flowy dresses likefloral the hairs long, obviously, which is wherever people cut their hair. Shewas really sweet and like proper in love with David and David was in lovewith her I Wasi. This is a cute couple. What the fuck happened and I sowt ofcrack ous that dawn. Maybe that was it the box or me gave it away the box yeahit was. It was that I was like heroin. I WASO RO books. It was Robers box thatit does gi him mabut tha. The thing is, I didn't know that it was robers box atthat point, because I didn't see that a dol gave it to him. That happenedepisode six or something, but I just I just thougt it okay, so it wasa hod drap by a coll. I wasn't convinced it was just a hunch, but thenI was like, but this is a therline everyones like, oh, my God, so maybethat's what everyone was being on my godover and then I SAR see morepatterns. I startd see the way. Adel was just the way it Dole just was,and then an then I saw rob flashback and hat was. I was absolutely convinced.The first time Ho saw David. He was in love with him, then I saw that he saidhe was lonely and he just didn't have anyone you know to talk to, and he justdidn't like his life and then well that I see I saw he was cooking alot and in this show he cooks a lot. I don't know that was that was a thotwswn Ron, but but I did. I did notice that as well. He doed he love, cooking,Keik, whe, put them Netravin a mial and then David never even bothered to eatheas, just like yeah, you coot and then a o and then and then yeah exactly andthen I was just like, and then I knew that rob was gay, so he was in lovewith thinging and yeah after that was just convinced, o no could tell medifferent and then it was just you know, and then the wepot twist happened, but to belist. Something was reallyweird from the very beginning. You know when I first saw the first episode Iwatched DM and then there was a six scene that sexy was one of the most awkwardscenes I've ever watched, because it literally felt like I thought I waslike of these o siblings- that why, ar why are they oh Dheoh, my godwh turn over and thenthat's Wen hat'? What Y in ETI was Likthis? I H did youn w e just hadsexoer. Why didn't you just not have sexified your so disgusted by theAdeesex, but maybe he's trying to love her? Maybe s like La yes and I'm sorry,but he was not trying he's. You know why who stay staye? He was scared, he'sa coward! That's why I stayed. He was scaredgne. He he didn' Sa Because Aa Degree of love, I'm trying to stoploveopepleomen ae sick I'mgoin to back to man in this one. So you think Davidloved adull that he stayd Tha's, not Thesi, think David's. True love forAdoll was so much that he couldn't fathom that idea and rationalized thatideas to himself of what he generally believed base Thoris yeahbecause wr.Coming he's a man Aiimean, what I didn't say, GIN wrong part here: MNHE ched, MN, yeah, EA IE, exceptthatbut. I still believe that he's love.

It was so much for the the eight yearadole that the ten year changing and the madness that shely did in Brighton.He was like this is a bit to Mage, like your nave, no way how the hell yeah,you don't know. What love is. Excuse me. Excuse me, I think Yo tol meabout anyways. Yo Love Mo, listen, Lislove, everyone, love peace, love,live Lawhat, I'm saying is no. I really don't believe it was outoflove. I think he was just scared that I think it was a sense of duty he's apsychologist. I think he feels like he was responsible for her. Something wentwrong. Bat Murdhim, OI thinkit was backboabecause. I thought I rob Jeiethought Jennyne wanted to kind of make David Full in love with her, like. Ithink I think he I think rub thought David could actually love him. Even Imeat. I really think he was black Ame, because I was Wa Ptiklaa episode, whereAdell and David ar talking and IAS Sen. He I think he or she must have saidsomething along the lines of too much has happened between us and I know toomuch yeah. I fe Ik lackobcause a very easy cominto that which is made what IDoni think I thin I thinkaso just thought. Let me just you know it'sbetter to keep her knee than to Ke yeah. I don't think it was. I don't thinkit's like black MOS in. I will do this her. I think it's one of those impliedthings I sike, I'm threatening you in a very, like you know non training waylack. You know I know things, but I really don't think rob adule was evergoing to grass on David. I think I think he loved David too much for that,but yeah. It's true. I think I think, combined with the fact that he thoughthe killed rob and the fact that adult was a crazy bitch. I could kill anyonethat spoke to him. Think that's why you Staye, I don't think, is Iu love at all.I don't think he cared about her like that anymore and yeah. Like did man even sheck tearsor she died or when he thought she died. He did at Offscran off scream aped of so much happendhe Diedan,suddenly he's married a Ik Adam. Wasn't any old, suddenly she'sdead, suddenly to days Louis I agetn new week, so clea M Shit Wik for the whole. I was sa Abe earlier. I was tin, I feellike. Obviously we know how produption is I they don't always havethe black team to look after the black cast to make sure they look omperptly.You know Kadot how they could look their best as black people. I feel likethe messyness of the WIG was a metaphor to kind of convey the Messoess of herlife. I promise this statement sounds antiblack fromthe jump E. IT's the styist for I ore wetk about this before about tha,the infamous hair band that goes over shit hair that it seems to me sonomouswith a lack of a black stylis. Anse Tasit was a witesileslet. Let's noteven get tested, because I had O shor a wife, Tines IM beautiful hair. She hasbeautiful anmor life, I've seen it I've seen a biit's amazing, and then theystart they did all of that. Putapony slip back a Poniton and it was evenslipped. They put a fucking dryas wig on top oop of all of that amazingness o Ho guys. Guys were aware of thelikely that there wasn't a black SIS onsets. If had it been intentional tohave whol wig like that, would odo that it was a metaphor to kind of equatejust the messeess of that with Hart She's a Ma. My Life Ouou know wiiagree a little bitithroughout the whole time that she was Louise. She just looked a mess. Shebarly too care of herself that, from the first episode hi catch up on hershirt, firt catch up, nshe had swet pits sweatingback Likis, Wasa matter where she went to was wearing loundwer to wor. What you know you iispua is is foshaving.Listen, I mean you can make primemark look good, but this made prime oup looklike primark yeah like Sh, was a mess yeah. I understand youer single motherthat barely sleeps. I understand that, but there is no excusing. That is jo,suffers from Ta h, Woh God, like I mean you, can make anything too good. Listenyou make anything O if you tried, but sister was not trying. She was there.He and her sausage roll like on her chest like this. What did syou thinkwas going TA happen. You ring a White...

Shit, you didn put Thin Bor. NOCKKINIUTINK to you, know, eat with the table pink a OT, some shit. No, you said, letme just eat it mu. Let me put to shoot him put the Sadwich on top. Why not butyeah I ost ofher Jes, so different yeah and she was when she was Adele Wen. Shewas rob sorry, that's when she was like dress Lop, Oh Noha, some heels on. Youknow: Okay Fir Li. Her hair was still Dra, but there was a bit of think. Youknow that olive oil shesing you non. She had tit was, I can't believe, rb a white man tookcare of your har better than you didtthat's, wmy discussn. That's whygoon point is now a rub. Is obviously black? U The D Nigga Freeme Bo Bisae, an SA crocked that lives on the estatehe's GST be enwod. Every day like theon Tim Os thenod was when he was Adel,because I can't imagine that, though saying Theanon Wesie S, Olook Athsi, you think o was likemaking sure that Lik Louis as still creine on that as well. Okay, okay, cryingbecause, rub as Louise is thefunniest thing, keep a typin fors like he was an. He tries to remove theWAG and he's like no just keep it on Cyou Ethiyou, guys. RMEYBUTI do thinkthat could have been a METOCO, but I think yeah there was just wasn't ablack Silus Onsetcan, I be very honest yeah. I was GOINGNA mention this in a different point, but I think hesaw adult in Louise, which is why he didn't do anything, and I was going tosay like at first. I was that I wonder why it's only them three that that canactually project BU think has to do with the night terrors, which is theonly reason why Loulis actall adult actually gave the book yeah and I feellike that's the way so some kind of spell. You know what yeah when I firstsaw the actural projection. It wasn't explain that was actual projection hem,so I think astal projection. Do you guys thinkit's real? I mean if you are wich yeah, you know what h Waswahave you guysnobut. I was going to say that you know how she her great great grandmother wasa witch yeah and then she said that she spelt as she used a sparl to stop herhusband's heart. That's Ho fot wait. Did they just been ridcecraft up inthis shit like and that's that's where I almost tuned out. Wcftthis Shit is ridiculous. Now IFMExtno, quick, Equi Fam, because where did the hell where the hell did thiscome from and then and then it said, asual projection. I was still a bitlike okay, fine, but I was like, I think, the reason why they can do it isbecause they have night terrors and there's Jus some thing so consciousgoing on there. That kind of that kind of helps the actualprojection happend. I guess, but I was thinking, have you guys ever had adream where you know what's going on in your room? Oh No! Okay! Well I have I've Ha eewhat's going on in my room, Iay, yousee your Boddy Theno, see my body. I see I see my as if to say my eyes areopen and I could bar and I can move my head, but I'm sleeping I'm not movinglike Bu. I can see that things are going on in my room life, someone walksin N. I can see it. I can see the rel telling us tha, you actually beenactual projectind. Just tell us tha, okay, so thething is, I don't know easI'mot saying that I can see my body because ige behind thee, satin behind actual projection. I just thinkit's some kind of, like my mind just opens. I guess- and my third eye opens-and I can just somehow see everything- that's going in the room, but I don'tknow I don't know, but I feel like I feel like that happened to me before,but no actral production because then realy, maybe I don't knoware there. Anythemes, thate kind of struck, outto that you enjoyed, that you can bo kindof really picked up on an you enjoyed watching that's a my kind of favoritetheme. You know even more than the whole thing of o infidelity and betrayOnd even fate, because there's a lot of...

...quessunes around whether adole metLemens by fit, which we later alone was not. It was all planand orchestrated. Ithink another key ting that struck out the most of me was the theme ofdiscernent and which was cleally, something that Louiswas iggnoring that wasn't you know the sins Er ther business make her bestmake Tene of her mind. Our own business hes, repeatedly told by David stay outof it, but still the mind wanted to interject tat for what turned up dead. Nlet me be very seriousright now, David was wat. Scotsh Aso it id you know, tak didn't do shit in. Hewas not that Nice. If he was not that someone said she does have that friendsand it's true like her her best friend, was that BronyliLik Yor Coloris, like I yonow, you are not one of us. You are not acting right, like H, w even a noal person like a regularregular person, Rodlarber Lo reging aget, regular degular person nat, youknow, doesn't have a son at home, she's, notsingle mom, just just a regular person right, bat doesn't have things that shecould lose and Nihe if she, because, if she died now, I dos by himself right,like you, don't have that kind of like need to protect him, but you know whawhen I realized that Louise was tripping yeah and when I realize thatshe probably doesn't give the shit o lost, feel like we have to give a shit.She said Fuck them kids, this ad, this, this senior was when David after Davidfired her after she saw a doll's foul David, comes to her house right and tocollect the long yeah to get the far so at this point, David seems unstable.Like my man went from, I love you Louis or in whatever squach a turn tat bitch,you better leave us alone, quit right now yeah. So I was like couly this guystapped. Why the hell are you still entertaining him? So she opens the door,leaves the room and starts talking to him like Seon. How could you put output ot a gun Ja? I was that onside, the CCHIN Abaessan stick up yeah, like we done in the Wad. Have you never seen? Have you neverseen Nesyounback, but Seiousyo now David could have finished her. He couldhave finished her and Adam would have just been in his room. Like sleepingthinking, my mom's, you know in an Oth Aitterror I help meout. He could havebeen in France of his pops and his new steps or brother. We what you couldhave been a France of his pops and hi step brother. You know what you had a weird theory: Iwar Poan that Lisa was Adele like I thought I, no I'm not Gona Lie to youut then Eten the time I think my top of it don't reise this, because I thoughtI don't knowjust something like some the way. The way we've never seen it that we've neverseen Misa yeah, I was like ID adult somehow go behind. Emy Vent is revengeright. I take your. I take you tick, my man, I take your so I take your baby.Boa Pot was time ago that was even before she even met. He Yeah. That's the thing that was that'sWhynin, the time a didn't, matcine the fact that she went to front and we sawa do an I was like yeah this make sense, but yeah no, I don't feell that Louisisa mess, because you didn't even think to put your song first, like you putyour son and yourself in danger, O hos pase tos PN over her son. This is why this is se, and the problemis women. No Rob was in Adl. He was the reasoneverything fucked up so menothe source of women's PA men drivewit, me crazy. Then women drive men, crazy and then there's a just a viciouscycle yeah. I think what also show me as Oul is thot only was the louise haveno spirit of Dhecermin, of just judging the weaber just not not to give alot ofpeople's business which, as Wor Tan a PTV and thereas, also, obviously theother team which I think later became clear a lot later on so t e whole teamof envy, Wer Weon thit, we were able to see for the flashbacks that rob enviedadule's life. He ad me the fact that David inadoll loved each other ND. Hewanted that because it was touch on this when we looked att, Ande were kindof just seeing the kind of situation an kind of life, but WOB was going to go back to yeah. IAgree Wan, I someone else's life and he was what to do almost anything to just get what hewanted and clearly he willed to continue on that that dream of living,happily with with David and he's a Jill to do that, and she was a Fooh gostuent. She was just staying her in he house, Buk yea agree. I agree, thasothedesperation, an he couldn't even be like. Oh you know. Can I can I beinside of you sometimes ca. Can we...

...switch boddies, sometimes Thek a Likhim? Can we switch when he's pamming Younyou know what idotee Shewas so nicethat she would have ay him yeahnot? You know I love you both like why not, butlike it, man just went straight from I'm going to take a bod an and I'mgoing to kill you inside of my body. He Dot. He didn't give his share byanything. He killed himself, pretty moral than you in Co. Him doing that. Iwas a sign that he hadn't really been killed from whatever mental illness orhe was GOIG through. He was a drug adding. So what like Thas wa Ha onfirst, he was, he was in the Psychotri Wal, Sucking Dick for ABITF FORBIV. You know like Aso this he's ill, like that's that he's illpure Pu, my priod Lik Abi. He came out. He was never cured. Denni gwas on thecrece cract crack Bro. It was more than just a crack. That was his problem. Hewas, he was tapped, yeah ro, but there was there. As one thing I was kind oflike they never really explained. What thing is Louis is not terrois wat aboutor even robs like he ris, not terrorist. You can kind of. I guess you can kindof V, guess that am a o Talki about her mom. I think I on kiled ourself,because as soon as I think it was it when adull sent hermessage, I think she started having a flashback ubout her mom like in thenyou can see the pills falling. I don't know. If that's the same time, Ihappened. I Har I mean E S, remembering okay, so here's my thing is thatthesese on, I things that they never really kind of like they say it, butthe I'm sate enough of the way for me to kime about start building antheories around theyre, not spoofeeding us, but they're, not giving us enougheither y Likei mean you'll. Give you half is there's a bit of there's a bit ofGapo'e n ING Ikyou're, not you're, not ridging the gap properly, but for sure, like I was like, I guessI could guess that her mon killed herself- and I don't know what had theword that has to do hat even in Louise's frushbacks Hur, her house isburnt like what what is it with fire like? What is this thing with fire thather house is completely ban? That is trume like what' forn every singlescene is first seems like it's just very symbolic, like its fir even ruinthis world like what's going on. His is somebolicbecause it's yea en you pick up on that in her night terrers there was fireyeahless. I think I me first one the very first one that we see she'srunning like again her night as like. Okay, so Wasi told me that that's notlike Ol, my could Bein a junior witch like. Is that we're going to tell melike what? What is the the told me? Oh Yeah? If you're ow, not you have nightterrs. This is what the purpose think I think it's like. Maybe this whole thing is like thedream aspect of it is very like wishy Washin yeah, as in as te plot deviceyeah. Maybe they try to do this whole thing where it's like well in yourdreams. You can't really make sense of everything. So maybe inthis how you' not going to make sense of everything evil you know and go any vus aalysis one he's dreaming about zombies. Maybehis TAT terrrors were kind of. Like I mean from time, actual projection is Ol.Maybe foreshadowing in his own dreams is rol to where he's being haunted bythe dead like Adoll is dead, he's been wanted by the dead, which is why he alothought Abbe like that. Maybe that's the case, but I guess that would meanthat he knew that he was going to kill it Olt. But you know man probablycaught bodies before mamaybe killed the Guy That tried to stol his crackChoners Heis maby. Maybe he 's responsibe for what he's in the mentalhospital where he was at and again, if that WOASD Hav e case te would have lethim out so then t that theory doesn't match up yeah. No, but like I feel likethe whole night, Terrori thing we didn't actually know Wedin', Evenook,Ota, dols Nihtte didn't have Ni terrors butbut, but then they made it seems. Ifthat was. That was like. Oh F, you have those. Then you coand do this. I meanlike the Mas Opost went handin hand. We adult was just a normal lady thatseemed like she was in e reher before we don't know wher her addiction was itwasn't Aditia just her fire, the file that happened, but she an Ma just beenTauma Yo cul actuall project before that Shshe was in there for the traumathat she suffered because of the Fane Thas a then. But then, but they makeicuse if that's Rehab, not psychetric wood, yeah, yeah yeah. So then what I'm loking atis ever Har because it ACTU. Maybe it has a REHAV centers. Well, we have anreabilitation center e h. They just wantthere are lot of things that theyjust left very UNON yeah and that's my problem. It it like its from a book, sothe Adapto Book, which Wyou had all the SORTE AC nothe book, probably explainedaway Bout Knonow ITSF. If you're going to give me sexceptivs, maybe stetchAfbe ten and can be four episodes with these kind of final details, and I canbe like it doesn't even have to be explained.Just just give us the things that we can put together ourselves, a irelaeyeh thatis, a mystery that they weren't, even they weren't evenintending to pas o like fully understand what the fire is about. What the tonight ter was about. Theydidn't even really explain the whole...

...act, which is why I'm comparing it to alot of the careens rullers. I watch right, wheres Sike, let us say, trainto person right. I love that movie and it was amazing, but like a lot of thezombi apocalyptic movies, I watch in the Westen watwlike. The Western onesalways usually tell us why there's a Zombie breakout. They explain thereason why people turn into Zombes. They tried to find a kill, forandeverything Bun Drak to Pison. No one even talked about the fact that theZonbie's exist like how it happened. They just SOM BES anywayand. You doanwatwe're trying to follow the lives of like how everyone how it affectseveryone's well. So it's like I do like it. I do like it in certain ways, butit has to be done properly where it's Lik. I won't have questions at the AIND.I won't care about enough to have questions. I care bact that this is aregular world, but there's actual projection. I care that somehow youcould s e. You could just do one to three for five and you can actuallproject. How does that Haden Dead Ho Isa Man? So just remember, just ifyou've been there before, you can go there Adell's never been to Joe d'syard. Jody he's jody. I said Jo Duat, that's the woman's name Louihee. No, she did. She did. Don't youremember She d Ahouse her house and she was go through everything really reallystlonly. Don't you remember she was in ask on remember when I went to eepisode where go Wa e o UN Yhyeah came in yeah wewas. That was way after thus,after her and rob had. Stort am not rob pe and David,so yeah, no Butj the ony time she saw the first I saw Louis, an David wasprobably in David's office and and then they were having those moments together.Don't you remember yeah, and you know what Yeah Tisen when I was watchingthis all of a sudden after I starte plocking what was going on? I wus Iwent back to media DCC's CC media yeah. I was looking at camera angles lighting.I was like what's going on and even the camera angles, if you notice after wefigure out what actual projection, is the camera and was always differentlike nowadays, you notice it more n when we know that there's actualprojection, but if, if werewatched it now, we would weuld pick up way morethings, and I feel like this so camer as pusas Pusho the float. You want easdrifting yeah. So those angles were here. I knew that's what they'retalking about there. If you see, if you remember, there's acasene where wefigured out that Louis was actual projecting and then it gave you a flashof all the things that she saw, and he coal see that she saw the sixteen whenshe went when when Louise and rob brought up David first had sex in her house, not yeah. First, I se YeahEcause, I star pes them tellng Mo that Al Li like this is probably how theEdnomo O, whatever name is. That's rery sow adont Yeah Al sorry. Adult saw thatshe saw when they were talking in his office,like you could see from the camera angles. Wen adults. President, so if wewatched it back now- and we looked at certain camer angles- I thinkspecifically the ones from the top whereis a little bit of a like a topondre yeah thacy. Then then you can kind of thinkthat that's when Adele was present. That's when adull slashrob could seeeverything that was going on so yeah. It is just as a lot of thingsthat I wish was explained Aboue, but yeah I enjoyed it, for it was, I guess, Illjsiv I'll still give I like a sixseven ot of ten, like IITI Wouldti, would 't thinki like a perfect fo. Iwouldn't cat like a like girl on the train, or it did whay. I had to do yeahlike as a series I was. I was interested Inough Toi mean like okay,look, a good thrill. I like I like. I can recommend it like. I can talk aboutit. BLUC, Oh my God, plot to t I mean and the fact that if you weren't, ifyou're an average reore not like a proper, like you know an abbeing likeit's going to analyze everything that plotfist would have fuck. You have Yoenat what the fuck, which it was for most people tat an. I think I do gre with prime I'd,give it six seen out of ten, and I fell lat in ut, faxes, coming ut or somereally interesting doing, Ot that everylone ever now again we'll get asserios like behind our eyes. I eait a so Wasnan enjoyable watch and I'm surethe I've seen tose of theorioes ontitte like people asking for a partty. Thatwould be fine to watch, but I don't think we need Lin. I don't think,there's enough their food to give me a second tolack series, I don't fee likeless it's a completeydifferent story, something COS IIT like the HauntsonoPill House and Black House jet, I mean like if they went on that route werelike in Amocnor story was like all right: each season, the Standalandstead of stuff, accept that yeah agreat. I don't want to see Louise everagain. I sorry don't Beyeah Te Sne Ino the Edfla Inc, your friendstetf people's business. Yes, that's the true one pay the business that minds.You stay at home, ea our rice, SIS, your PRICIS bunning at home, athefinishe cool, so that was it thank Hsguis, Forto neers episode. Thirtyfive do tweet, along with us, weve...

...great, to hear your thoughts on the sad.If you've watched it dud, don't you get to interactwith us as well and as youas we always let you guys know, make sure wou're following us on Thassocials at for as Ecademal on most of the things and make sure you Tuden toill weekly twitch lives. T at we have on Weekan bases a make suly let missout on that and thanks again Etunein for episode. Thirty six. This was astill abbey and friing and a Ekay B, and this is acosttis episode. I Yeah.

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