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Episode 60 · 4 months ago

Console Wars: Microsoft vs Sony || Episode 60


The 4 Eyes team are back from the new year break with a brand new episode. In this episode they discuss a variety of topics namely the acquisition battle between Microsoft and Sony.

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Yeah, a cool welcome to an episode of Four. As a KADEMIA, we don't keep tracking arms anymore. We'll keep it on the admin side of things. Why should see the episode? You kind of open and you'll see. But yeah, it's been a while. Actually, what I's been all since I've been here. I'll come back prime. Who He is? Can you reintroduce us? See if you know who. What do you mean? I'M NOT PRETTY LA plack one and I'll show El, showington. That's it now. It's been a while, but yeah, like it's good to be back in the cast, like it's I miss you, guys, man, I've part an emerges all damn things there. Yeah, you could chat the good chat. Probably should jump straight into it. Yeah, I think the most interesting thing of reason is youtube, anime. Technically it's not, let's start with it anyway. Oh, something. Most interesting thing all the acquisitions. Okay, that's where yeah, because we could get that. But no, no, you're gonna, you're gonna learns quite busy. You'RE gonna have to learn that one. Go learn the day SIS. But no, I think the Youtube one is relatively big boy news, because boy like that could affect up pretty much, but that's us. Anyone video and Bro, that's it. That's all. Trying to put your old reliad from not. I think it's okay. For those who don't know. Let's it's gonna like. Let's let's introduce a little bit again. Correct me if I'm wrong. Crisp, I'm pretty sure. No good for it. So from what I understand is that a lot of these anime companies or like the people that hold the rights to within different regions. I basically started scouring for Youtube and banning any kind of use of a sound by any flight, screenshot of lacker, of a panel and just saying white and just eradicating and claiming their copyrights on the content. So it's kind of like a shit situation across the board, because if you are anime content, great, if you are a some form comes guether that requires reviewing or even like leaning on any other bit of content. That's not necessarily as. That copyright strike thing is crazy, bro. Yeah, because don't you tube operate a thing where if you've got freak op right strikes and that's your channel done. Yeah, yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, you know what is yeah, I understand that companies or try and protect their intellectual problem, because you don't want people making money off of something great or something you own, which is fair. Yeah, I mean, yeah, like in however, we turn, yeah, yeah, and business. You're like, for example, we don't an example where my great our podcast and people. So someone's literally we uploading off hood class and monetize and that's something you don't want. Well, we gotta lawyer. We could. We got somebody. I don't know who. We got somebody away. We know no couple as attorneys out here. But yeah, what it is is right now it's really, really extreme. These companies, typically Japanese companies, toy, the Nintendo. Yeah, tell, you don't totally been on it, bro So, but it's especially toy whatever. With regards the anime, they literally just trying to strike everything and anything, and sometimes I've even heard of drawings and fun not being copyright strike consent straight off and channels just radicating just like that. going. What's that? was that one that these guys was posting that animate chat again, this humbers name and he does like bear one piece videos. Oh yeah, and they basically just ruined his whole account. Like nearly twenty plus videos just blacklisted on copyrighted, gone, gone, and he's literally had to like go to big, big YouTube and say this isn't right. That ad like I might even sound buy in like a whole fifteen second class. He's do like very minimal that, as we do that, we have to be careful. Yeah, exactly, discussing exactly that. It isn't yeah. Yeah, and I think the worst bit about it is that a lot of the strikes on legal. What they're doing is abusing the system, the you tube system. Yeah, by getting a strike out, they're making a copyright claim, taking down like taking down these videos. Obviously the people who only channels have right to appeal, but it takes so long, that process is so tedious that it's technically not even worth. A lot of the time you do don't even care. Like they're pretty much like cart throws. Mostly. We don't have anyone to unless you're like a big, big youtuber. You don't. You don't have anyone to contact, just speaking to robots essentially. Yeah, so trying to get a robot to give you your content back. But the ma any black and white. There's no middle ground...

...for them exactly. So it's really interesting. I thought that's a big, big shit show in the community right now. So it's essentially what it is is these big corporations are exploiting the system, using their power to make these coppy right claims and then the content goes and they know that legally, the content you can get back because it's, you know, I remember the legal terms. But yeah, it's under fair use. All fairy suppose here and there, and a lot of the time that you know, they're taking the adding value to the content. Yeah, The Times they're not monetizing, they're not monetize and all the content and they still just want the stuff taken away. And here's my thing is I like, obviously people can gross money from you too, but you got one to be a relative, relatively massive channel and to you got to have relatively massive amount of viewers. So that, yeah, they've changed it. They've changed it after like, obviously you've been exploited various times because this monetization stuff. People doing some crazy stuff out there. That's not our business. But not I think it's such a such a weird situation, especially, and my thing is we talked about as a fans of obviously these these bits of arts, especially anime and funny. We talk what Nintendo quite a bit, like everyone's got a joke about Oh my God, it's like Nintendo going to come and like send the FBI at your door. May, especially more recent, remember that the pokemon mode that came up with a guy was like shooting pokemon and as I are like, you know, don't worry, give it five minutes in turndal going to come and knock on your door. Roll it's a it was a joke, but it wasn't a joke. It wasn't. It's because it's true, like not. We watch the Matrix. You see Mr Smith, the guy that just I lose, the guys the glasses, brothers him. That's that's Nintendo. They're just they're welcome, Mr Anderson, and the kind of lock off every single channel like this is ridiculous. Know, the problem is I liked into this so much grow up and it with Nintendo. I still play their games and sorts. I still try and defend them as much as I can, but add man, when it comes to this stuff, like recently the big one has been with the music. Yeah, so that's crazy. They've basically the whole Music Library of fortnute mate. So people go out of their way right to not even monetize in this stuff. Go Out Their Way to upload songs from the INTENDO Games because there's nowhere else you can find them. You know, I mean, I us. You're going to buy Super Mario Galaxy to deluxe, especially this addition disc on we that came out. You know what? Twelve, fifteen years, I think, is the price of these games anyway. That once they become rare and like properly like look like, what's it? Zelda, twilight Princess's not like retelling at like a hundred thanky version? Yeah, I know, twenty pounds. Wi Time. I spend hundred twenty power. Just listen to rhythms, and so there's no real way of listening to this music. If you want to listen to it. I mean there's nothing you can do. Just put a streaming service. They literally, you know they want us to do. They want you to go to that stage in that game. Yeah, on your Nintendo sixty four and leave it playing all I that. Back in the day we used to like put your phone to record up to that exactly. Brown that legal if you got on your phone's and the only other thing you can do is walk around if you're switching your pocket right and have super prosen this is best. Bron, listen to the music player and smash Bros. Yeah, that, I'm the funny thing that we're smash Bros. I they have like the music kind of like section of it. We can just listen to music alone. Right. I had one thing. Is that this spotify, there's Amazon music, there's that apple music. Not on any of them. That a dog don't use his dees. Are there's all these streamer service and not put your content on any of those student platforms. And then you get angry. I don't think so. There we stay in their ways, like we don't. We don't want to turn them in this what and any twenty years, no saying ways when it comes to there's so many examples of it and I just doing ridiculous things. Yeah, it's Nintendo, is that, it's it's the game. We couldn't sen intend. Honestly, even like if you go back to like like the way for examples having this discussion, the WII came out at a time where HDTV's were like the big thing. I mean to an ATP. They've decided no, we don't want you don't want to go hd, we don't want an EP. We're going to keep US side of demotion. Most people like have standard definition TV, so we're going to do standard lock it for the next six years of that game cycle. So, rather than have hd on the WII, which I'm sure would have been so possible to do, they've decided against it. They decided also, Oh, everyone has a DVD player anyway, so we don't need to put a DVD inside the we we can literally run DVD's. They've taken the software out. So you can't play DVD. Wait, now you can't watch DVD's on the wilines racewood. Yeah, see, see, that's that's that's that's an interest. That's it. And...

I don't know what I just shows. Yeah, you've actually used your game console for to watch DVD's. I mean like you pushing much toward that can fam not even plays, as in free came, but Blue Ren. No one was really watching blue ay DVD's. I don't think anyone ever really did, to know, but it's nice to have. I mean some days I might get a Free Blue Ray and upon a comic card, Be Blue Ray and then you look at the switch. Now the switch could have had for K, or at least a k version. He's running a switch program really start. Let just a brand screen it. It's just a new screen, they said same think, biggest screen, shiny, a different people been town in a switch pro switch, pros coming such pro for k. This this that this is the same thing. Oky. Imagine there's re so the same way. So stuck in a way. Yeah, that's the problem. This, this man right here, this man right head, some part of the problem? No, but he's part of the problem because he was a part of the problem. Maybe childhood sessions, remember last year? Oh Yeah, very py session for a game. IS THEY DIFFERENT? I'm well aware of the problem. I'm well aware and took about this. I know. I don't want to do anything you and intend of this. This is this is things, and things have changed. A bit of heart. Lie Like I'm not buying games that I would never really would have just bought out thinking. I mean that's I'm not buying the choice, even with responsibilities and even knowing the fact I wasn't going to play these games a something. It's under guys if I got to haven't played, I mean our list them. I'm this is was my favorite parts of every single episode we talk about is how many games have you not completed recently? What's catching us? What's catching us? Your asking out Pokemon Sword and showed the original version. How many hours you clocked on that? Maybe thirty minutes. How long was that game? Maybe back cross it. He's still living in the ten's a basic twelve hours leaving at ten. I was a fishing of luxury. L's your times. He sometimes it takes events like that to realize that times of changed back in the day, like I remember. If you see how many hours put in some that Pokemon, for example, it was ridiculous. They hear some amount of hours in animal cross in the world world on the DS had God knows how many hours on that game, giving them at tracking hours back then. Bro. Yeah, yeah, those hours. You can talk see him, so you can see you get the game. Showed you I was is it? Yeah, yeah, it's crazy. The pokemon definitely did. Oh yeah, no, pokem will tell you. Yea, this is spent three days playing this game, basically. So tell you how many hours. Yeah, and anytime you wanted to save but kills him. And Yeah, you grow up a bit and then it's a bit you can't. You don't have time to just its like you that rug rats its at all grown up and they kind of like in college and Secondary School and out other stuff. Yeah, it's good. Show Up. Remember Angelica and Chuck. You were oldest in it, so they might have been a bit higher than like Secondary School Times. So I think they might have been first. J is older. Yeah, Susie, yeah, and good ah, that's easie, man, she was. She was a feisty black God. That show. I loved it, man, that's representation I needed. Did a voice. Someone favors that a voice. So I have a quick google. Give us a second, lads, will find out. I'll find out, but now to go back. Some more guns. Yeah, anyways, it's all my intend of being ridiculous. I don't know how things are going to change. I feel like they need to be, especially on Youtube, some sort of unfortunately, it needs to be some sort of divide between us and Europe and Japan, maybe, because that's the that's the crux of it. So obviously Polo joined us now and it res a Nintendo expert. We've just been discussed and obviously the Nintendo stuff and the Terry strikes on Youtube just's. Can I give us a brief little what's your what's your what's your general thoughts on it? I wasn't see Nintendo's just I think they're very arcaic with their ways. Yeah, then, I think that's a lot of Japanese company in Yeah, you can see it. Yes, I think it a comere. It's very cultural, definitely, but do you reckon, say, Gore, on that same sort of ish? I think they can maybe a little different cult I've seen, example, they've had funds make more. I think, example, a few funds may have heard this. Yeah, that's say, good, bring on models and stuff. Something Mani was made through. Yeah, funs. Yeah, so it's got some funds and then they let them make the let them make games. You Go. They're a little bit more liberal and more liberal, but I've always felt like him saying, okay, yeah, it's so not gonna drug. It is, says, always had a good relationship with the Western world. Yeah, okay, arcade machine, sort of. Yeah, that's so. Nic was really big in America. Yeah, sonic was. Sonic...

...was really, really big in America. Okay. And so number two, sonic. Yeah, so sonic is big in the west and I feel like the problem is with with a lot of the other ones is it's just a complete pers it you like me say nothink. A lot of them like I don't know. I don't know if you know about the the Dragon Dragon quest issue or we're basically it's like the composer was like copyright in one corporated some of the music from it and then he gave the west different songs, sounds, oh, and then also made it pretty much almost unattainable to listen to the original versions of school. That's why they're coming. That's why, ef you look at Drugon quest ten, I think it is, that the one of the new luminary. There's the Western one and there's obviously Japanese rund then there's deadlocks vasure, which now has the original orchestra piece. Are you taking the exactly charge me just to add music in exactly? And they almost don't want to make it accessible to anyone the orchestra versions. So we usually get the MIDI ones. Sometimes there's been times where Japan's got the Medi versions of the game. I can in a seven it's ridiculous, but best in maybe we shouldn't criticize Japanese companies too much. I mean the obviously you waking live it off it, for I fucking different. But yeah, is what it is, I guess is but the issue is, well, with some of these is you got with concert conservation as well, like pune concern. Some of these, that's it, tracks, etceter but he got he got into it doesn't work. But there's spotify, but there's not. Fingers couldn't up in tracks at least, wouldn't it be? Like they could just put these. Only want to put some classic video game soundtracks on my spotify and apple music, etc. But they don't. Nintendo don't turn. Don't it just take everything off. That I'm say. Could do what they ten don't. That's a shout. It holds well. Human are happy with that joke. Level of dis the color of joke with me. It's real. It's real dress, a road back from the night. That's a promotion a Nintendo Right, two thousand and twenty. That's what Joe. I'll put it in a snippet teas. Yeah, those say good, right, fine, fine, final accepted. ME, Alexe manysnaddy even till today. Spotify to this. Go on, go on, say, go, go, say, there's account. They got almost everything there. Swear, yeah, comes up spotify. Just look at SONA, for example. They got the Oh, yeah, capping. Yeah, they've got all. They got all the sonic, many of them. Right enough, my shower. Say Go. Yeah. Well, I'm saying is final thoughts on this one. Like quick one line internally to do better, get with the Times that stuff. Yeah, I agree, I think it's yeah, yeah, just just move the time, bro It's like spotify is there. They could just maeritious music. Maybe. Yeah, it's so, say, I. E. I'm more interesting off the spelling. Yeah, speaking speaking of gaming companies, I guess you Mus all talk about the opposition acquisitions, yeah, or the media. Both really can talk about yeah, cool. Let's let's start with the stuff of Microsoft. So acquired Zenimax last year. Okay, and that was for I'm not sure how many billion. Seven billion. Well, that about seven, okay, but seven billion some, which is a very, very big acquisition. If you don't know who Seni Max is, there an umbrella company that own. There's the Oh loads of I just thought was befos out. They're quite the parent Colli, parent company. Oh yeah, that's a big Dick Swing right there. Brou that use when I first came out. That was us that you can be work, that should be game, but essentially, but obviously, if you don't know, be first. There's responsible for games, like for Louder Scrolls, fall out house. What else is it? It's not not but by shock. Yes, I think they might buy a shot. Hold on the act. This is tells God, my head's going manly for all the scrolls and, as we said, doom, all out, doom. Yes, sorry, doom. How can? Yeah, Dude, Morphenstein, yeah, Wolfenstein. Yeah, so, yeah, loose loads of really good games that. Oh yeah, that sky rim praying from Stein. Dishonored yet rage, I think that. Yah, blow, no, no, the up blows blizzard. Yeah, but Oh yeah, that's coming up.

That's what happened. Yeah, we come back for that one anyway. So, yeah, they've acquired. They've acquired the xenomax. Everyone's thinking that's really good and it's decent. They've obviously agreed. We're not gonna make any games exclusive at this point in time, which is good news for playstation from or anything, though they have said they made me, I think, possibly eldest. They did at first. Then they not say stuffed, but I'm making it start for I mean stuff has been then they know. They didn't they they didn't say anything about exclusivity when they first acquired it. They said, I didn't know it. Didn't it when they first yeah, but I think they did say later on stock and maybe these. So afterwards things got a bit shaky. Then what happened was, let see, couple weeks back they required activision blizzard bro and that they inquire that in the midst of turn on my choice. That's buying at the bottom right there. Yeah, that is they bought. They didn't know. I think activision blizzard went through a situation where it was like another we have to say it so still understands at because she's our truest game at the moment, activision blizzard. We're going through several lawsuits because of I think it was like sexual wrestling in the workplace. Discrimination, scrimination, like they last year. Yeah, they've had they beat. The last few years I've had controversy of the controversy from the art stone, which tongue all sorts there's been there's been arounsours, but basically Microsoft, I mean feels it. Feel Spencer, the first day I did anything going to do about that? They'RE gonna do they're gonna they're gonna look into the situation a little while afterward, not knowing that looked to situations. Bring your fishay table. Situations resolved to Microsoft, the choir, activision blizzard or seven hundred sixty us, like seventy meal, Seventy Bill, sorry, semy billion and the beasts. Yeah, because if you can argue that, probably activision blizzard has a wider port. Fairly, I think argues definitely, and I think you can see activision blizzard are the biggest independent game company bar yeah, yeah, I thought of it. So activision blizzard are responsible for full of duty, world of craft, spider man. Yeah, blow, crash, bandicoot, candy, Crush Sandy Cross as well, crush brandy Q, over watch. Over Watch, really really big library, said, obviously said what a walk up right. Yeah's a really really big and diverse library of games. Yeah, and all sorts. So naturally that's a threat to Sony. That's natural spreads. So yeah, cause no, mamely, there's no way and and just just to remind people that the acquisition is still in progress. It's it's nothing, it's emotions, emotion. It will be posed by like the say, June, when you win free of this lot of several aspects. But obviously, yes, that's that's the thing which obviously touch on. Yeah, so the CEO, the discription, they discrace CEO of active. We shall but essentially that you can nay, bobby quit that guy. That guy observe no fucking whatever, podcast for him anyway. But you getting a nice paid but you know, no, but they still need to look into the case. Yeah, there's still possibility that the financial authorities might deem it as anti competitive. Yes, so when things are anti competitive in pretty much everything I know, Microsoft have been fluence so many times. It's just where you own so much of the market that you're making it unfair for the fare every for everyone else. Yeah, it just because it's that is that is why they're avoid monopolis and star stuff like the grocery supermarkets and stuff like that, because it was the point in having one person that owns every single brand, because then they can then they control everything. The murder that they stopped as the ring. Yeah, that's been times, because that was and even to look at phones as well, there was an emergent of stock between all. Remember, it was very a phone and thing. So the margin road too was yeah. So the facts the most that the measures that they've stopped being quite a funny much so. It's basically just for like equal equality for the consumer, like consumers need to have should be. Yeah, yeah, without the choice, and I think that's what obviously these financial people are gonna get involved with this, because this acquisition is massive, massive, like compared to the thirsty, which is fine, like they exact division plizzard is mix up. What's put things bluntly, call of duty being only on the xbox would be a major reason why the xbox would be more successful playstation guaranteed.

Yep, it's that popular game, you know. Yeah, I think, yeah, that's got to do with the last Jen as well, because xbox are marks of basically fucked up. A lot of it, a little bit is formal. So if all my friends are getting, if all my friends are getting, I'm gonna get Piss yes, literally past my boy dad. That's the thing. I've been there. I've been there. This is the thing. I've been there. I hadn't expos I had any. It was okay for a little bit. When you have a bunch of people playing there, like a small close net of people moved on your like, but then some of them stop playing and when you've only got like eight people on your on your exports, that you really interact with on a regular basis, and off of them disappear, it's like puts you off plane altogether. Anderson, yeah, hunt, but moving on from that anyway, it's not about me. Is VI Sony over this past week recently announced the acquisition bungy second so so, no, this is so first acquisition. I mean it's a first major acquis. Yeah, first, because because both of them have acquired small studios in the past, but this is the first major acquisition of an established studios. So what's happened is they've quite bungee. Bungee, if you don't know, created the initial Halo Games. You Know Halo, Rightlo Michael Green, the green guy with the guns. So they acquired, they quit, but they quite. So they own their responsible for halo. They don't own halo, obviously, but they also are responsible for destiny to the second biggest I ever heard of destiny, but it's a very, very we're gonna told you that. I see you're get we're getting eyes slowly joining us. Welcome, welcome. So now, yeah, but that's only one destiny's one. That at the second biggest. MMMA, I think it will be sup is it? It might be Stephilis the top five for let me see, tons of as a franchise. Hundred percent might be a yeah, it aggressive, you know, tons of change, but it's, if it's to be honest, it's paid its way already, like I stand absolutely fucking corrected. Oh, it's not even close, and I that's my bile games. Oh wait, if so, if you include mobile games, and that's whole different doesn't forget it, because because dock hand battle and rob blocks, as robots were, blows, a whole different year. It's not even let's not even get into that. But yeah, so Sony, Sony and bunging. Now what's happening is people are now comparing both acquisitions of the cut, the company's acquisitions, Microsoft acquisitions, and Sony's acquisitions. On paper doesn't even like like a candle to what Microsoft they said that they want to they said that they're gonna announce more acquisition soon and there will be more positions. Like a however, like a video games of race. However, this is now like the car, like a mystery, trying to figure out who's next. WHO's next? WHO'S gonna go? Feel that they're gonna field. You think so more? I like my I like. They have still like con give, but they have to. They have to. They could, they could always lease out things on consoles. They don't deem to be direct competitors. Still makes the money, but they're the main rivalry is obviously going to be between Microsoft and Sony. Yeah, and it's what I mean by the intender. Like incident. Is it of an intendal to start making proper acquisitions? They just stay arrest and intend as a main character in any world. Oh Bro, they killed me at that. They're literally no. Well, reading something like this week, I think they will ask about these positions and there and for yeah, that's they they pasture ums. I look, that's that's what's. What is it they concentrating on? What another? What is it? Dudu, Dudu, I don't get it. Like, well, where's a zero? was bound the things? Yeah, they let me know even talk about this.

Anyway, she's they have their own intellectual properties, that they're not doing anything happened. My head gets hot thinking about like yeah, you go off, Brob go off. Let me stop because my head get yeah, anyway, I think essentially what we, what Sony, need to do to be competitive is to acquire another big studio, Capcom, because have my thing is, and this this is obviously some speculate speculation, I don't think they can AC quite Ya. Don Never Ma think. I think yeah, but most realistic ones probably cut corm, maybe square. So I think square would make the most sense because of the direct act, purely believe, because of the playstation media they do of a meadum out comes based. So they're bigger than gaming, basically. So have sorts of different things where corobably, but just for me it'd have to be the CALCOM, Konami, Konomikonomi's there as well, Canomi, I can't like that, and dynamic. I don't think they ad too big. I think. I don't think it could have. I mean that's Carey Timko, who Koree Timko, who they do a lot of the dinosaurs franchises, Krytem Co, like there. They own Ninja that part. Then Nincha, guiden studio. I think here they out of here. We're almost serious studio. But yeah, yeah, I think there's let's take because I think cannobie would they would do. But put I was having this discussion like what has what have can on economic got really enjoually really just the same. What Knomi game would you play right now? Oh No, Canobie's being in the DUT. That's why they make. They got good ips are just in the D you do? You do Knomi. I was last castle of any again on my way. That's why your question was games make those blows Cyber Chum soft who see to connect? Oh yeah, no, but which ones? So the first Ninja storm ones not going to my Ninja Storm? Yeah, one of them, which will console? Remember Passions Ninja, I really place. Yeah, so Ninja canding, just st wasn't one? PST? Yes, the extent, and Nintendo those cash. It was Casham Ninja. Ninda. Was it xpos one that came out fro six? We had just been annou to get do the as a gun, and that was a different one as well. Yeah, they both had one for was also the first Ninja storm did come out on Adam was pis? Two shots, three. Yeah, I'm sure through might be wrong. I don't know. Me, I don't know. I never really played then. The top ten games, man, they were there. Well, quality games. Yeah, I'm never really we're looking at some. I get back to you, back to all the sy but we've come on. LE's the one. That was Banda an uncle. Yes, it was Bunda. Yeah, ultimate Ninja. That was Bandai, UMCO as well. It was Bangkok. So they've had them all. Then a body. No, sorry, Bandai and I. That's what it would it. Yeah, another one now could imed like mel guests all lint like that. Yeah, yeah, and yes, yeah, so they so can I be have like milky solid? I've got some Sald Hill Castlevania for revolution. So essentially they've got no good games. They don't really know. Since since Cojima they had the full out of Kojima, they've just gone sir. So, yeah, so basically, let's Clare. That's quickly. But that so are we saying that Koji Mar is Konomy? He wasn't coming on me, but he was on the major so he was. He was KNAMI's brainch out however, however, could you, because you man now has his own studio. Yeah, it's so only could easily just acquire that. I don't think I would take any that. He has a good working relationship with Sony as it is. Yeah, the only reason I said kind of maybe they could just take im out of my but then they came and you do care, but can only just care about there. And Was it? Yeah, Commissie, how you be say it should Pachinko, Chinko Puchnko. I was pins that's what they care about now, slower shops that they run that up the IPE's into the dirty rum, metal gear into the door, that metal geart survive? That game actually get released? Yes, it did. Oh my God, man, was it free to play game? More deep into it? I don't know. Never played it, I just saw it. Just was like some some be Zombie survival game. But side this games are two back at as. It was literally was. It was a disgrace of the metal gear series. Okay, in honesty, I think it. Well, maybe it's probably Capcom is probably the ideal, if... can say s. You know, so you could buy a cat come up, even even with Capcom, even with Capcom. Capcom does not, cannot chat to yet none of these good acquisition. There's no more anyone. I could read. He's probably only one does. Yeah, and that's it. If I keeping a roll, like in terms of pound for pound heavyweight fighters, it's only ea because it ain't. Here's the thing, and this is a bit I seven, in terms of acquisitions, the reason why you want to acquire a company? Did you want to acquire the current asset? What they did in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five? Don't fucking guys. No, nobody really cares. You know. I mean, I'm sorry, but nobody. Nobody cares. That, like crash bandicoot, has been a quiet knows. Be honest, everyone really can't. Was the last crash Bandy Cooo game you guys played? Probably Crash thanky. Actually, I played the trilogy recently because it was free, wasn't i? Yes, for impressed. Dad, know I didn't play it. Are we go? But then again, it isn't a real release anyway. Yeah, there was. I'm talking about the rerelease one. That is a re release. So Takin played a little bit. But the last, the last crash game, Cross F banding, Played Up last crush game I properly played was crashbash on ps one dead. I think my world been crashed to insanity. The one that was like, I think, was spiral and crash bandicoots crossover. That was I can like gay lost Biros had before before I played the rerelease of the yeah, she lost. I think. I've never played any of the other crash games, but from whooped after I played, like crash was good. I played I'm free warped, and then I played crash, Bash, crash. Have you plaid any crushes in? Which ones? Okay, I got yeah, so ill spirals. That's again both and owned by, yeah, by Microsoft. Wait, act division. On the twenty Hook, I enjoyed it. Do as well. Yeah, Tony Hook, as well as dinner. That isn't dast that remake of the twenty hoole Games. That was good. So, yeah, yeah, they're back to you. Still, what's three games would make you biles sims was yeah, that was a BA was elite. I really like the Oh yeah, that, yeah, yeah, we always do. Back in those days we don't have you tube to reviews. A terrible story about a terrible story. My bloody wrong. So let's put it this way. So, Super Mario Land, your she's island. Yeah's getting released on the gamekeeper must have been like two thousand and four and I'd seen the adverse. I was set on buying it as like this game, I'm gonna get good game. Everyone say it's good. Got To big W which will tell you how long ago this was hell's big W W. No, no, they had a, they had a had a larger version of a store. Could big. Don't fast. If I see I'm not young, but that is not me. For six I was. I was to student from the pack. Double, yeah, but yes, I went there, had my funny pounds, pounds, good times, times, fake pounds to go buy this game, boy, advance game. I got there. I've seen two games side by side. One was she's island. There we go, the second one game and watch a gallery at once. Christ I said now good, no, so good. No, no, but will you don't understand. You got what you going to let me tell you to cover right. Yeah, cover up. It must have said like six games in one. There was person. It was all sorts of all these different games. Have Marion Luigi, I know, Marian Luigi, I know. Don't keeping and you know what like. But then fake pounds is like that's my whole birthday, Jomma. That's what I'm not going to be able to buy a game for a long time. So you try and make your money go as far as you possibly can. Sixty one. So I've seen six of one and I've seen one game, which is good, but it's one game. And so I've bought game watch guided month till this day, to this day, top three worst decisions. Yeah, gaming I've ever made. That sounds that meeting. I watch out the HNDEL. How do I puts...

...on? Talk, talk down on that, and I'M gonna lum. That's something I'm gonna run. I'M NOT gonna laugh. I'M NOT gonna run. There's no way it can be as bad as what I did, because when you see the we see the two games. Yeah, Yo, she's island. Okay. That, whenever you see game will watch gather advance, is essentially like a remake of the old watch. You know, you know, the old game watch games. Yeah, think about you know, I just think that everyone had a hundred and twenty eight games in one yes, I think I had my things that you're speaking that. Yeah, it really pisses me off when I see, like, obviously parents that aren't really too Garrett gaming by their children games, and amongst their game collection is that sixty classic games. It's like checkers and like backgammon's. That's who the fuck play the back Gavin du Christmas, I think when I wanted draws moss and I got boots. They go racings that rate. Look at the dressing instead of the major's musk. I wanted, I really wanted to draw as well. Hu made that decision? Who? Who? Because that's the give. Really wanted to draws mosque. I wanted it so much. Who made that decision? Who made this? Don't want to do it, and then he made the decisions. They just got me DIS instead. Imagine I gat you this this way. You say that our people start surrounding the Paris at that point. If you did it, I understand it. Understanding. What's the worst game? You guys are Bot? I don't know. Oh, kind of shoe are where? I stop right there. Christmas is ry just be games on the Diet, which everyone had great training, Laton refers later. Oh yeah, then the doctor kind of Shia. Well first, which, yeah, she to my brand and done the one the blue that carverts like the head shake. Compared it to plan professor from it's like a still professor, late and still I come mind. Yeah, can remember. Yeah, understand him. It wasn't really Dr Dr Kawasaki or some Shit. Damn racism, you just crazy. That's okay. It's daughter Kima Christ's rather, isn't tend to expert alongside. You know, pointly. Totally get defferent the Lima Dr Kaoshima's brain training. You do all right, all right, that game was top tier. Speaking of that, that Errand game. In yet it wasn't really a game. It was about this, a game man training. It was blinkings I had to do. Yeah, that's why, sorry, that's why I learnt how to do Sudoku, that that game might dare be my mind, almost playing to do coup. He had to do it every single day. Yeah, I'm playing in that that before, Bro, no one's doing his brain training. And you know what's so funny? Yeah, now we gotten. Now we got word, which you think about, it is very similar. Yeah, making you play do I played one I've never done again. It makes you do that one brain teas at a day and encourage courages you to do that. Yeah, but it is like that. There's a love APP that I use different when everyone's doing it. That's, yeah, part of the fact. Yeah, didn't get put over a million, but I'm talking about that. Yeah, that was very little. It is low, but imagine they said very million gift straight away. Yep, but my things, I much took some. Took me a million. I'd make this game from first. If you slap eight bags in front of me, I think it is seven million in my account right now. Fuck the shares. He's million. Favorite of you don't enough. It's only seven little support patch of seven meals. Purchase was seven meal. Yahn doesn't make it make a different. The one million, oh no, no, was happy to blow out. And even if my girlfriends one minute, let me check the million dollars. They don't listen. House is going to be a favor. Be Able to afford the gas. The New York Times is one word, one one million bullions. Yeah, so who try to say that to pound style about nine hundred and seventy seven eight hundred. Maybe it's not much into for the saying New York Times buyas puzzle game for low seven figures low. They...

...fleeted by bees, as they just why? One Minute in amount it cost to buy a house here. This is this is, this is why the USA got paid tough with twin. You See, if you create anything, whether it's content or software, wherever on the CELIN, go and speak to someone that's in that field and go and have their value what you have, because anyone would have talk. We said Faymale and I was like it was probably about face, as it is about fair for thirty meal out. You know, this game is this game is a cultural phenomenal. Yeah, it's been so like there's been so many fakes made because of that's how big it is. Remember flappy but I was just gonna say that's that flappy bird, that that thing was trave how much you sold it for? But stop making it. I think they basically back beat him up because people get so frustrated at the game. Yeah, that was that, but to time anyway. You're so about your second game. Yeah, sorry. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna like thank but got Buda and Catchi. Yeah, funny, because I didn't appears too for long, right, I didn't even I didn't know him here for long. I had one and then I gave it to my cousin. So I never I'm a nint understand that was me as well. I do. I had a playstation one and I didn't tell anybody because I was in his and that it was serious back in the day. But when we said you, when we said you're part of the problem, you are part of the problem. Yeah, I know, I can't find but I played Buddha cut and Kaichi. Had the guys think you too through that's the game that we but I know, but I can't think. I she was like and that game was so fun. Yeah, but I mean look, controversial opinion, Deca. I three was better about that's not controversial. That's that's the norm. Every three guy, guy for the best. No, no, but I free, but I freely even in wed I free. Being the best one is I heard General power, top ten. All right, question, but gust you two. To me it's very, very strong, only because that's the one I spend the most time with, a fair spent the most time. I caught you two as well because I literally of my friend. I think I hunt his fee from my friends. Then I could think I like you too. I remember spend a whole sum just like game top ten. Again, amazing soundtry like amazing sound. Truck. I was number three. What's number three? Go and tell me first. Try, try, say say about you know, I've actually seen that game. I've seen the box of that game. I've played it. Don't know, but I say it says anime. We don't know that. You're big FINAS. Yes, I know, and I never finish it because the TV just breaking and had just one levels. The last level the tolve house, could be the last night. I just couldn't do the last I was it was a what they start signs in it. So as consolations. Okay, I just couldn't be so. If, if all of Those Cup games have one company. All right, what's the most you pay for a console? Wa, wait, as a nothing new and invented console them. Yeah, what's the most you you've paid? For example, play station five currently retail out four hundred and fifty. Five hundred. Could similar with the famous hot same switch is what? Two hundred, two ten to think, depends on which one both the end of two, one, two, five, nines on like that. Like three hundred a dread a fleecing niggas. I'm not paying to switch. You didn't play off switch, Bro, give me that. I'm much switch launch to eighty on launch e Oh you, that's what you start. That's why, yes, free turn for the old Jesus Christ fet me more than the friends were got money. Yeah, yes, like a rope. There's about free term for okay, well, nine of the current spat on the Games of the game of market style. But anyway, what's the what's the emotional spent? I guess we three girls. Funny, Nice, she's thinking. I don't even like games. Basically as bad. Yes, I forget. It is a classic on somewhere. specause little about Fredys. Know that not chat room functionality that they had. What Peter shot brother that picture. Let me tell you, I was pretty hard to seek my cousin Picto. Chat was the joint. Will just be really changed. Every mating was lick. I remember one time. Yeah, I was on the original. Yes, and you know, you never see anyone in there. Sometimes you just skippaboard. Yeah, Games, right, I am literally I was in the chat. I was in the chat room. You knows that... ABC and yeah, and I see someone else pop up. I was so excited. Wow, and we take that for grinding. Next scrab our phone. Just message anyone at yeah, and join discord, for example. Yeah, yeah, I remember. I remember having to play, probably the as well. The Mario quite es came out. Yeah, Tender Wifa Collection First. That's launched under this miracle. Going to Mac don notes, right, play online. Yeah, go into much donalds to play online. Literally, obviously about Donald's name mine. Yeah, I used gold nine chips. But wherever, saying there we playing because member back then, wife I wasn't ready available. Where could it go? But if you go outside you're going to find Wi. Find Nowhere, two thousand and six, because when I wouldn't a ski tripping or six. Sorry, Jesus Christ. Literally I had my tears to try to find somewhere that little Wifi hospitting we will staying. So finice sleeping before Wi. Finn D S Ara was but what shocks me is I didn't know. I'm sorry, you have der in your garden. I can't allow scheme spot recommend yeah, I don't know if I could afford it. What I don't understand how we had the time. Suppose Games. You don't write. We have nothing else to do. Now we've got jobs. You know friends, but much of that just sitting there, just even when you're like off work. Speak for yourself. Our band game. I'm gonna get you. No, no, but like probably bank don't. It depends at the time. I was going on playst of hours on the switch. Recently he was clocking maybe three hundred hours on once Anna on average across these games. Maybe two hundred hours minimum. You know what, maybe five minimum games. I'm like, this guy's mad. What came up? PULAYS that. I'll go my oath, my search. Yeah, he's tell him my switch, and then I got my friends. Well, isn't lane? Then I go on my playation, whatever the month, and I said to you, I feel like he's playing two games. Also kills me. Is that like? Because sometimes I can't guarantee is actually on playing stuff. He might just be sleeping. And that's one of the funniest things because I learned quickly on piers through that my pulleys are sleep long the time on it. You Be Chili his sorry, Bro. Well, I got the party chat. I child you. Yeah, go to bed, guys. Oh my God, we're talking about worst games, right. Yeah, but what it was yours worst game? I can't think like shadow. This shower head truck might be a shower, but I really enjoyed that game. So it is a bad good game. That has to be a game that you regret. Man Grit bying a very returned game. You can't say anthem. I got to come back to me rying to think. I actually I've put you so many games in my life that I'm I think that's a lot. I think for me probably be legends wrestling. What is that? I heard all that game. Yeah, no, no, it is yours. Yeah, you know, I think the game I bought was what's this one? Was that all that? The like good Zilla and King and car page, MPACH, rampage, hate, that game destroy a humans. Oh, no, good, terrible came out and we as well think humans. Yeah, game was it destroy humans? Yeah, the alien. Yeah, it's row humans and show humans too. came out maybe a couple years ago, or the remake of number two came out recently. Terrible game, but yeah, it was horrible. It is wrestling. No, no, the worst game I bought cracked down to horrible game. Horrible game. I could never get into. Cracked down because it just reminded me to say it's running thing like that either. Well, these are was topped our man. What's gonna? I'm not having this. Bro It has in this. I just found it too slapstick and to comedic. Yeah, we could end run. Wasn't for me. Imagine you're jumping through the front shield. A man's cut and dust in the him out the chair as crazy like that King TMTA. He sees undone, he's done undone, his belt buckle, he's open don't and pulled out the come on. That's unreleased. That's so hilarious to me. I've you much. I love saying sir, I wrote one of my articles. I know I'm my first blog persons ago, I remember, but you can be a man of a Dodo and he bounces. Unreal, real, I gave us those sense. There's nothing, there's nothing in my mind that that prepared with that. Oh nois leaving the same. Oh No, dude, dud, Dud, destructural stars, remper's room. Okay, we now return from technical...

...difficulties. I'm leaving this sin. Yeah, I'm said, we now returned from our technical difficulties. Back to them. Yeah, because I'm STI's gonna like a proper like you know, like not. Finally I got the cutaways return. We now return from technical difficulties as well discussing worst game purchases. I should crack down to and Chris was there. Disgress, there's residence and I don't see what it was bad this game to me. So we'll basically imagine. Imagine like a wrestling game, terrible graphics, with wrestlers you've never heard of, oh, never heard of leaving like we know, like to play, but I don't mean like have like whole Hogan's era. I think. Yeah, like hundred the giant, like. I don't mean like attitude era, whole Coogan, I mean like that whole in his prime. Yeah, like for the night is probably like Nice. I'm doing semi's brow. Then it was. It was just remember, it was just bad. is so bad. Everything was clunky. Me, I've still got it. I remember I board it. Couldn't shift it. Whom? I'M gonna say it to you? I think I forgot. Offered it to one of them shots at the time game station, but against. That's a classic right there. They offered me that to quid. was like, yeah, fuck off's fuck a sweetster. Frida was a key who mark of inflation. It's completely adjacent to that. Anything before eyes. But Freda is a keyhome mark in inflation that we should calculate taxes in Fredos so can understand how much inflation works, because Freda is no longer ten fifteen PD, she's at fairy p now TP brot in today's economy. So what some people to my inflation and what does other stuff like? Who have really heard it recently today? I Oh my God, what there any energy capies raising? Yeah, count that and Fredos. Count down and Freders, because doesn't make sense to me. Ten P to Thirty P. Oh yeah, Yo, an indicator. It's could be what it's gonna be. A pound for our one for a pound ting. I'm telling you number. That was what I was planting. Price Index PPI. We need that. We need to I agree with how's much Donald's doing? Is this? I don't know, cheeseburgers and Oh, I mean it's yes, that one hundred and twenty nine Lis. I said it used to be one pound, but fatty P's on rm and that's not be where. That's not be look what I have. Four eyes. BROA works in world. Of course that's what you look speaking this year. So I'm following this page on Tick Tock recently where a guy like says in that references maybe creatures and Games. It's like good way to cook and eat them. So it's out side UK. Yeah, I've seen from pokemon Jesus Christ the exactly that he could cook it. I's that. I'll do with a demond. That's go duck side's exactly that. Sad. I can make a great like duck country, you know, you pull out the legs. Stuff is become at this man is it is a real chef. He's a real share and what? No, there's something really disturbing about the vouring Pokemon, like it's really disturbing. Where has my my thing? If you put to that world, live into you beat. Do we ever see them eat in the POKEMON? They just don't yet. They don't see the meat. We just need the meat there. Yeah, it's yeah, some point eat berries and no more humans, humans like you that write some curry. We don't know what the mean is. It could just it could not be quiz becavery, isn't me or something. You never know. That have my feet. Grand People Taste Nice. Yeah, I mean Pikachu, slades I'm telling you, everyone likes dark. You guys are not. Okay, a little bit of side me, a little dark let crazies does a lot. Okay, by if you come on, milk, milkshake, come on, you're taking the PISS. Come on us as a rolling pin. Your calm, you're absolutely you enjoy. Do you mean? When then? POKEMON? Yeah, against Pokemon? Yeah, come on, don't you vocmon. That's capping. I'm sure up in the POKEM will be eating. I'm just trying to she's round. If he's see, I'll be like that as moddy didn't to come and stop me. Good Bro, when that cubone comes after you killed his mum, cousin Barbecue is charison whatever, that's probable. That maybe like a maybe, like a Wouno, like a young bitter Lam. See, I mean jobs will... definitely flames, you know, getting them pop. Your hundred percent fully hydra age. I mean you're great. You're getting some times to sangle. Think about this, because there's no way they could fit that. You die like that, make you Vegan. We'll tell well, tendally thus prout, fine, truly, about the gross they got back hair out here like a bell sprout bell peppers weep in bell joking a bleed? Tough question. Magic kind of planting? They bleed. That's crazy. It's like it's I know, you to work like like witchcraft and man turning Dans and they touch the touch money. The is witch craft, isn't it? They get bruises a day, so they must bleed sometimes. Some yourts smoked time, magical sea food. Yeah, go for it, Magicop Sushi, although magic harp is very bony. They say. Well, your thoughts on this is though. Hey, I'm just saying, like you can hundred percent have like a s nice and she me Gary Dos. Sure, but I can see it. Gary Dose. Yeah, how much meat? That thing is blonkers, bro it might be a hustle to get. You'll be asked to get. Yeah, absolutly good, because this was religious or me and it flies and did sums. You're you're fucked. You can't do you one the other. So taste nice to some either. One like the human no, these, are you anything? No, no, I thought you missed the mind. Yeah, Huh, you're gonna eat those. Is that why I eat all? You know, you know everything. Yeah, I know, I'm I'm pretty meals for you. That okay. Would you eat if it turned into a human, because then you could try human me. Jesus, Jesus, Gary O, come on a picture recently and like the Ditto transformed into a human and it's still had Ditto's eyes. It's just a black dust freak the fuck. Like. No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't part taking the eat of a Ditto turned to human, human looking boom. Fair enough. I don't know how we got here. I mean the days that standard dog. Yes, that's yeah. What's the voice game you for? She wasn't always it was Kamashima. The Kawashima is another game which is most awful game every receeen remembers. Never touched it. It was just racing plutun to. She took his shit out for the teeth and everybody. Are you let by the way side, that my clock. My needs clocked up one tho and ten hours on split tuned to having this discussion on. Okay now, so it's called the Colin Mac Rae rally. This one to you see, Colm Cra was one. You would we supposed to do? Yeah, no, how you do, because con crade, I played Co created and I remember the Advert Coin Create Dirt Get Dad. I was like this is a shit game with Shat. Shame. No, I didn't even still do that. That's what's the exist that racing, dirt track riding. Its like again, the rally games. So they go over like long distances and they would have someone on the side basically giving them an outline of what the terrain is like and what the I mean. People just play force and I was batually no. I'm even talking not the game but the actual actual special sport. Probably, I mean maybe does. That's why I don't Bikini bottom. That game was tough. I'm not gonnad is difficult. It was difficult. I struggled on that game at this is back when I was obviously but a young blood, you know. I mean, well, there's something that some of these kids games are difficult, like Scooby Dooo. That a really tough game as well. I think the game behind kids games, JIMMY NEUTRON ON I had on game boy. That was hard. I think it's hard because the game is shit. Yeahs terrible, terrible platform mechanics. I didn't finish it. Oh, sorry, fair enough. There's a lot of get. There's a lot of like those kids games that I played. I just struggle to im like the Scooby Doo's, the Spongebob's. There were roight. I could have played them. Played The liking game. Okay, so had my things. I'm sure we've discussed this before, but that Lion King game might be on the hardest games ever made. Yes, because it does not. There's a bit. We have a platform and jump. I think. Yeah, is that platform in part? That? Look, everyone, I didn't. I didn't even finish that. There's no truce points in games at crazy rage moments and I'm sure that was really remember that, but in the game that was mainly on that level and going tod was ridiculous. Well, let me know. You game name Games. I've never heard of. I don't I remember. Try to remake it instead, bring it back. Is One of the most notable games I've got. They've got one of the battle toads in them and restinct. Yeah, yeah, let's because it's rare in its so enough. Yeah, no, bots. Wonder that. What is about? What is explained to me? I'm I'm a play. It tones a battle essentially. Yeah,...'s like it's a side scrolling is it beam? I wouldn't completely say sad schoen someone parts are started from some on, but yeah, it's it's as going to be on my head that different elements where it's like yeah, it's a fat. Yeah, there's that, a cord to bits, probably the most of tourist. Let me fair enough the little tough stuff out there. I'm trying my worst. Games are you really can probably just put the worst was the first one I come to the head. That's probably true. I think it's a shadowed her jewels. Thank you, man. So be I got sorry for still it still kills me at the game shouting he took a gun. That's they gave the black head choker gun. Well, it says, maybe I don't be a race. Well, how did we get there? Yeah, racing. Damn, sir, I don't think is race. Jesusn't cry. I charls matter. I mean yeah, because it was the guns that time we to get the game in the first place. It was a good kid. It was a good game, my good game. What's the one line from that's that's iconic? Something about Bob all remember, and I remember someone of whole videos we did before. Shh. Yeah, so you shout Bob. Yeah, you shall bother. That's it. They kept saying that. Yeah, if you shop Bob's platform, was Bob? That? There's there's been a few couple, don't? We spoke quite a lot on this episode, actually, a few clangers, man. Yeah, it's that. What you're gonna start reading, Mander again. I'm exposing you, M dead. I'm finished. She said one. Yeah, wasn't it? Every well, every shows I love recently. Yeah, money, okay, kind who kick me? One? Even animals past that. I know, I know you mean it's but what at the time? The time, he's going to be have? You gone up? That works a Manga. But see, we are to a piracy on this fucking podcast. I just said, yeah, have you got the shop up? I just said it. That works. I didn't mention anything evil. Yeah, it's true. Yeah, yeah, what's what's your friend name again, Eric? Yeah, it's just a lot of time has passed and just laughs. Yeah, Miss Freedom of peace at both I didn't buy a couple of dames. I could just read it physically my hand to force between right, right, right, I'll get through that ancy way. And Yeah, it's good idea, because one piece is definitely worth it. Yeah, right now it's that, but all my favorite angers and all the words meeting at well, it really gonna move forever, then, forever. Currently, I mean that's probably the best choice. Of thousand episodes. custle my t yeah, fuck money man, that guy, that guy's a snake man. And one time you compend it. Spoil something for me and I said I'm on. Spoil one piece from now. Seemed to very recently. Are Not an't if I can do these one piece spoilers anymore. Did as like, yeah, fuck you, Bro, I hope they got you real good. Afric me so mad. Love him really, but still fuck him. But speaking is just one anime and could have read animal. Yeah, jjk movie. Yeah. Well, I'll just be our wrapping up point. Yeah, yeah, JK movie zero. I'll be looking forward to it, or I'm absolutely looking forward to it. So now, whatever which in toy is, it is gonna be Midweek. They need to do more. Yeah, Akay, reason always gotta be midweek. You member? Use Onda? No, no, I don't want to. I'll go from work so home, home, to Jim, Jim to home, and that's what I want to do mid week. That's a personal problem, then, because I'm dead ass watching that Shit. And and the thing is that the timing is usually weird. Te Seven PM must decent. Just Fuck Jim for one night. No, Tossa growing up. Yeah, fair enough. Good, AL cinemas just well, we don't know that normally, sir. No, the kind of get a decent selection. I think it's so good, though. Yeah, Williams zero, go what fast e j JK, which you don't really read. You should read. That is just watch it. Just what if I just watch it, is just watch a couple of so, yeah, it's obviously start reading again, because I don't know. I got up to sixteen. Now. I'm right enough, but I'm chap, cover your mouth, man. This whole episode is Atta TFl is Skidam after the attack on Polo. Yeah, yeah, that's a...

...good ass, a good time. Look at that. It is. But not JJK. I'm on chapter night. You know so. But I can't be both this, Kip are you know I should yet. You know I should be. Yeah, yeah, she's so much about should be so, should be Ark. But yeah, I'M gonna get us. Still makes you watch it. I've heard. I'm much about yeah, I agree. JJK Kaysen. Yes, we are, and we didn't get me. I mean I'm saying is I'm like, what's up? Okay. Well, first, when you get there, give me an example. I feel that. No, first start, give me an example. First, I still speak. And firstly, I think you are a contrarian, because there's a lot of st people like that. You just dislike and I'm not here for it. Please tell us. That's US an example and new and yeah, I didn't an anime example or anyway that was hyped. She can tell me. Former IPING's brotherhood. I know. Give me an example. One it is not good. Example. My Memory Bank. Well, you know, between Nael, unusually, maybe NP just to log into this thing, and justles online service. Yeah, holiday every two weeks. It's what she's pressure. Had Nine MBS blue for all right here, don't you don't talk different. You know different. You want to you know different. You're different. Don't try, says with the Apple Watch. Well, okay, guys, different. But yeah, I agree, and this is for everyone else, like watch Chans you guys. Yeah, what you just kind as an anime, but also watch the movie and says I please. And if you are hunter, it's us a fan. That's maybe start catching. I'm trying to catch off on if you're to a sounds of really is filling your he's hunters, hunter style thoughts. Okay, then you like, do you know this? Nice the Manda. It starts to go us like what you like this? It's not as it's not as it's not worth it has intense in the whole essay. That from them chapters a little. That was that was most recent. I like the text. Mon Can just see a bat because, brother, I'm trying to prose hunt, hunt to come out and it's building up with I log to some of bigging happened, but we just have to saying is like it's guaranteed to come back. Something big might happen, because it's gonna Happen. And yeah, my Umma, a fucking happen, real happening. Okay. Well, you say when's heading, when he until it comes out. That's happening. Another Zerogo. Well, what one the two? Wherever? So which it's like there's like whereever comes first, the rapture, the next haunt. We don't know. It'll be, Stephanie, something to watch anyway. Yeah, I still say, and that's why we should end it. You watched a jok, you guys. We've also got to watch. We're going to watch Chedo, won't we? Yes, are you watching it? You was here, Jo. Do you have any recommendations for us? Any recommendations? I'm not like the girls. I like the Gores. What do you girls like? Was You like? I like the this is spense, crime one. They won't all. That's thrillers. Yeah, yeah, I can do it through. That's kind of something. Like a woman like that action. So they want someone sleeping and flat ten hours. I mean, we'll watch it. Yeah, I mean, yeah, to come on to the podcast and chat shit about. Yeah, clearly. So. Yeah, probably it's because next podcast something we have some segments ready to talk about and why we hate you and essay, why we hate. Yeah, okay, the girls make off watch this. I'm not gonna go with me. I'm not going to go in Hays, Huh. I'M NOT gonna go in Hey, and I am. I'M gonna try to go into it already.

Yes, I'm gonna be like, this is suspense, the plot twist. Oh my God, they could. Maybe you guy should watch one low one and one actually one. You can't the contrast of your yeah, I've watched career movies that trying to bouse an and them things. Then, so don't you want it? came out with that changed to there's a Zombie one. Listen, I've heard that. I started. I started it and it's so funny because anyway, it's so obvious. How did they not see it? And if I start, if I start, if I saw speaking that, I'll say it's a high value podcast. You can say these words too much. I'm in trouble, just like I don't give me money. I was like the boy. The way I mean. I I just want to ask you, and that has the men podcasting been writing and like rubbish about the high body? Yeah, that I would never get wrong. To this stuff like for as I can see. Yeah, because we do are. The stuff isughing. Would you be right with it? Someone says stick to Anime, Broy to talk about some other serious man brought to animate. You're talking about playstation brook, some girl, because that's you start about plays, you will talking about a game. It's when I say that that Little Ting to but it looks a little bit. A little didn't. But you know, I love this. I mean remember people hate footballers at a time. So the PODCAST is a new footballers and entertailers low level. I mean, I look, man, isn't that classest? That thing is you can't up, if you can't knock someone's Hustle Broys, it's not fast. You much could not that person, because a big value understanding. That what they're gonna be out. Yeah, I'm this time with someone's talking isshe on me. What do you do? There's no room for growth. That's social wed. You said you can't grow. It's grows. Nobody wants you to go. Just do your own thing and enjoy yourself. Fam that's not right there. It's gonna be our ending. Yeah, yeah, episode question Bo. Yeah, it's been episode something, something. I've been here with you know. I'm going to take a guess. It will take guesses. whis still well, probably got sixty eight. So I'm just sixty eight. I'M gonna go seventy three, three, I'm gonna God more than sixty, though. I feel that we've done six hundred and fifty five. I'm checking. Actually, if I'm sure, say fifty was it. I just realized. I think going to be door fifty and then know I just caught it. Then the start to think. No, yeah, you're not well, guys, that's it. We now on this episode, six year special episode of the return of the prime, the return of the prime once again. Well, no, no, this one's this one's attack on P my. This one's appolutely find something funny. Is Attack on Funday. Just the fee talking did it. I would have put the music in the background, but the hills about the youtube tricks. So I guess I'll just order clip like honey and then come back. You have to do that. A remix in big boxing. You imagine that got struck as I speaking. worsting on next, you know, you probably one of the tackle tie and clips on my head and one of the titles. That one. Don't give me ideas. I can't photoshop. That was we can use Foa, because Gannendorf is still running grey Gan Gannondorf, gon on lay. That's the one I was looking for. That will you in trouble? Oh God, I should have I was going for I was going for the the group chat videos the other day and I saw the toads hotel me blew me apart. Cool. Well, that's it. Cool, well done. Well, yeah, that's IT press pressed up. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're gonna like, I'm gonna exit it properly.

Would you can black? Yes, it's done. That's my fade out. Yeah,.

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