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Episode 10 · 2 years ago

Netflix's Highscore Docuseries & Gaming Memories || Episode 10


Netflix's 'High Score' docuseries explores the history of gaming from the 80s to early 90s, educating viewers on the production of video games through insights provided by game developers and innovators. 

The 4 Eyes cast share their views on the docuseries and take a trip down memory lane as they discuss gaming memories and quiz each other on Nintendo facts!

This episode's cast: @chrinkster @tudzdotexe @oluwaponz

Hi and welcome back to another episode of the fours accade in your podcast. I'm your host for this episode two and I'm joined by Chris Yell and today's episode we're talking about the high score documentary on Netflix, but before that we're going to check him on what everyone's been again watching and playing and get into some recent news. So I'll start with Chris. What have you been up to this first week again and play quality duty. That doesn't change nothing really that interesting about it. But there was the cool duty championships that are on over the weekend, which is quite good. I didn't quite get to see to see who won it, but like the skill level, it's just makingness. I was playing a placeball guys for the first time. Didn't think it get me frustrated. It did. What else did I play? And I played Zeno Blade again, but a little break articles most. And then, in terms of watching, I actually watched the last four episodes of Samurai Shampoo again. So Watch that yesterday and wonder is, how does it? How does it your first watch or some amply with fresh eye, it helds up really, really well, like how I felt the first time. I pretty much felt the same the second time like it is. I mean there's a reasons it's so popular and so highly rated by most people. So I watched that. I watched. Sorry, I read one punch man. I don't know what's going on my manger at but it's really delayed. A lot of it's not a being a lot of Manga chapters, but I managed to really bit of that and I read some something ragnarok. Whoever, it's called warm Ragnarok. What's a new? Ms Ani Manga basically just puts like the most, want to say, iconic humans in history versus the gods. Essentially. I heard about that. Is it Korean or definitely it is Japanese. It sounds very Korean. Yeah, they're like stuff like that. Cool, funny. What have you been up to really this week? Played a little bit full, guys. I've really playing. Goes to sushime with a managed to finally beat the game and platinum the game for you. It really enjoyed. It has been a great game. A little bit what's on here and there as well, and I did place actually smash the first time in a while this week. Actually, it just don't seem to I don't even verse the Stream of good. They give me. Forgive me, but yeah, I just had a little bit of fun and jump from place on smash earlier this week. So yeah, I will to trump play a bit more often now. I actually a lot of rusty. Let's get good again. You nearly embarrassed us for me, please Lee, see things a little oh yeah, O boys coming in. He's going to kill all your guys and please you. Yeah, that's a slow stars. He's myself in. Might have to add smash to our sportune Saturdays. Yeah, I think so. As for me, I've been reading one piece. I'm not reading anything else because I'll I'll be behind on one piece forever, if not suddenly reading that. I've been playing the tune because of the news, platfast, which ends today, and animal crossing as well, and haven't really been watching anything. It's Missy, just being one piece and spitting for the past like three weeks. For me, yeah, that's been pretty much it. I supported news. The first item we have on our list is three apologize is for sharing sexist article listing games that women enjoy. I think we all saw the tweet and there are idea. Yeah, Yikes, Yikes. My favorite part of that article, where the Games included near the top of the list, such classics such as Sudoku, followed by Kim Kardashian Hollywood adventure, Sola, Tail Tet tras. What on was the George Classic Tools? Also, he was a woman,... the way, listed with the line diamonds are a girl's best friend, I might write. Lady. We see also included over watch on the list, writing that women like it since it has a lot of female heroes, heroes and quotation marks for some reason to portray given them the chance to hold their own amidst the boys and for its fantasy element. From top to Bot rules are mess I think, pastic. I think about it was that it was from ethree suspicious personal needs makes me feel like it was all done on purpose just to get like traffic or something that I feel like does equally traffic that badly. I don't know, but yeah, what are your thoughts? I'd like to hear a guy's perspective on this. It's just really, really cringe. It's like I don't know how little social awareness the these people have to really just put something out that, put something out like that without actually fact check and fact check in it it's weird because I'm sure there's at least a decent amount of female journalists and developers that attend efree every year, Yep, and to not be able to reach out to one and just kind of ask for an opinion end, because I can't see anyone in any female in the video game industry seeing that list and being like, Oh, yeah, that's fine, that's completely okay, this is what females play, this is what we like to do, this what girls play. Sorry, yeah, I think my issue with it wasn't the games necessarily that were listed, because, in my opinion anyway, a bigger games of video game right, because people like it's credit the fact that all over half of Gamers are women. They like to discredit it by saying that all Mobile Games didn't count, but to me a games a game, right. I think it wasn't really the Games on the list as much as it was reinforcing the idea that these are games that women should like. So many I think you're asual. He wants to get more deeper into games, or here's a list for games you can get into. You it's like it's so limiting. It's like like the fact that's all games. The whole idea of a game of list of games for women in itself is problematic to me because it's just like just just play a game if you want to eat. Mean I mean like likely of any gender, what people play within that gender is going to be very diverse. There's plenty of, you know, guys who don't play any of the Games I play or hate the Games I play. Yeah, and it's just kind of box or females into one group, not not even saying, Oh, this is what these are the games that female puzzle fans are playing or female RPG fans or anything like that, just females as a whole, because you'll play the same games, apparently. I think. I think the biggest disappointment in itself comes from the fact that it's e three. Yeah, it's it was posted from, you know, or formerly a formally reputable gaming source, probably the biggest, biggest source of gaming information during the two thousands, and to like just not have any awareness of what what is actually going on, it's a bit worrying. Yeah, who like, maybe they thought the fact that it was a female journalist at rood article take the edge off, but if anything, they maybe even more except the word to me. They've obviously since they needed it and apologize, but you had a fun with it. Always up. The next point in list is California lawsuit takes aim at fee for loot boxes. No, something we've covered buy a bit and I like previous news round ups, just like the ethics of loot boxes and like how young children can take advantage of their parents credit cards and just like spend those in theos of money and how it just accepts children in and all that stuff. But we're up too much of still a little bit. I think it's the same people that also took apple to court regard the loop boxes. I think, yeah, how the case came to well, to close. But yeah, yeah, little cell still always going to be, you know, a big topic and I can see them eventually, he's here, this compy like Ya may not be able to profit from them soon. This future is like they he used to enjoy, because I think even the AI made, was it I think in lot was it? In the course, they made a billion billion dollars. Just at the billion pounds in one fiscal quarter from new boxes alone. So I know, yeah, you're going to give a conti you fighting to keep them going. But think it's just a started to catch up with you now. This particularly. See it says was brought forward...

...on behalf of more than one hundred people, and you're seeking five million dollars in damages, which to me seems like quite a small fever, and comparison to just how much rearingues generated from loot boxes, I think it's more. It's the principle of it as well. The feat has been acknowledged as gambling want of bothers, and that'swas Gothen Knight's Game For two thousand and twenty one. Now I personally my comic books. Knowledge is self this level. So that's friends, games and everything else. But did anyone watch the trailer? They had an opinions on it. Are you going to buy it day one? Yeah, what's the trailer? Actually intrigued by this game to fair. I like a lot of these DC games. I know it's not from steady move talk about look rocks of these games, surely after this one, but yeah, I loo. What's your trailers all? Actually, I'm quite in true, I probably will get myself. I do like a little beetle once save as such, but yeah, I do like those kind of style game is. So I think I'm looking to get. I'll see where they bring up more informations they go along. They did show a bit of Game Bay trailer with I think was it wobbing back girl. So you just showed them an action for a little bit and yeah, it looks good to me anyway, for me, Lupon I and many it does look good. I'm not like to I'm not the biggest comic Book Fan, but I do like the Batman Franchise, especially when it's, you know, a bit dark and a bit grittier and and I did like the visuals and the way it looked. Yeah, look forward to it. Probably probably won't get it at launch, but we'll see as more information comes out. Definitely definitely looks better than the avengers game for me, so we'll see how that goes it coups, it look really good because I think if they're gets to me enough when it does come out, and my cop by the moment I'm just going to observed. On a side note, did you see the Batman trailer? I movie? I didn't. I saw everyone freaking out, but again it's be all my comic book knowledge is Secondhand. HMM. Happy for you guys. I love that for you, but I didn't watch it, but I probably will end up watching the movie related to that. There's suicide squad killed. The Justice League game has been stated for release in two thousand and twenty two on PC, playstation five and xbox series. X. You guys think, after watching the trailer, money to see we see more gameplay from it? I think it's going to be set in the same it's not our converse. So that's what that one's but steady. So rocks, did you have got a good track for records with the as said, with the Arkham Games, sub played our cohame night. I love that game. So I've got this. Looks Good. It was just like a little cinemastic kind of trailer. So we haven't really seen game players of yet. It seems like Superman's going to be like the main building. He looks like he's just got yeah, he's been controlled by something, but it looks good. The tray, the trader, did look good. I want to see more gameplay, though, and then that will probably help me to stay it as while get about. I think I have faith in rock because it's rock steady. So I'm looking forward to see what. Yeah, obviously much, but I mean looks okay and I think it's in good hand. So only tillable tell. This episode has the resident Nintendo Fan boys angle the moving swiftly on on that later into recent Nintendo related news. So apparently the data minor and covers support for switch sdk in for guys game files on steam and the publisher and media, tonic, said they would love to bring it to other platforms. So a lot of people have been saying that it would be done not to bring for guys to switch, but I just wanted to hear everyone else's thoughts. Firstly, have you been paying for guys on Psfour and to what difference with it coming to switch you guys? Personally, I think it's better on switch. I feel like it's a kind of game that would work better and switch because the fact that it's it's user base, it's m target audience is, you know, more skewed towards the switch than playstation four. And secondly, just been able to play it on handheld devices and party up together? I don't know, maybe maybe outdoors with Wi fi connection makes it a bit. There's there's more incentive to play together while you're around each other. I find that party games, for me personally, always work better on the switch. Whether it's, you know, your monopolies or whether it's your Mario parties or whatever. I find...

...that they always work a lot better on the switch. Along with the party game element of it, also the fact that is a game, even if you're just playing solo just to try and get the crowns, when you clowns as possible, you pick up and I put down. I think it always like works well for switch just because you can take your switch with you. I mean I think it's it has to come out. It would make sense not to. It was. It's kind of like the fall at that the sorry, the fortnight situation. Oh Yeah, when it was just so obvious it just needed to be on the switch. Same with Minecraft, same thing. I agree. That's well. YEA, it does. Is a game that seems far for the switch as the way we know, switch is a lot you could promote, as you know, bring people to give her such feople playing with modul people. So it does seem like a perfect fit for the switch and definitely be looking forward to get on there. The second piece of tender related news I got is actually quite funny. I had this Article Open on from Ninten Daylifecom and when I did actually see the article earlier this morning, it was all like, oh, there's a strong possibility of an intended broadcast next week, suggest industry insider. And literally at four PM I just refreshed to refresh the page before me started recording, and it says update. Please turn down the expectations. And so it says. Jeff we persine and heard all the excitement online, including our own story here at Nintendo Life, and has asked everyone to please turn down the expectations. So, yeah, I mean just for the sake of you, don't you don't need to tell me to sell down my expectations when it comes to Nintendo conferences and brought class or but just for the sake of it, not to sound or oh yeah, new epsod, you were game as my brand. So does if there was a new mint in the direct what news would you guys like to hear? You know, I feel like zero. I feel like a broken record. I feel like a broken record. It's just the same thing every single time. We all want the same things. Literally, not mean we want mother three, we want F zero we won me sure, my prime, I mean needs of mega times. It's kind of like being a bomb to my wound. That three. So I think just any new crumb of content from the ASS and tea then turn remake and magazine fires. I think that would be I'm simple in that. I have heard rumors of a twilight princess being ported over to the we we over to the switch God. But yeah, I mean I'd probably buy it again. I've been looking for an excuse to play again. I mean, I would definitely cut because, and these are the game between we and we are I kind of like skipped, and you call yourself as out of fun. Amen, I just didn't have my living situation. Then let me play anything. I wasn't handheld at the time. They's go that way, but I was skipped. Twilight princess and sky would sword. But yeah, if those two get portage, for sure I'll play them. Only two leads other games that I haven't played yet. Getting into the main topic, we all watch the High School Docu series on Netflix, and so this, basically this documentary was just a six part Docu sees on video games and their history and the developers and the writers and the programs behind it and narrated by Charles Martin Ai, who is the voice actor for Mario, which I thought was a really lovely touch. What did we all think of it? What did you like about it? I did like how was discovering through was going. So it started off, I think the first episode was starting off like the arcade, the boom of the arcades, PAC man and space invaders. So it's just I think it just went through a little time and of all the different events. So went through that, went through the video game crash, the surgeons, why Nintendo, to Nintendo's dominance and then say good the new challenger, and then even talked about violence. Video Games will combat and the fighting game and esports as well. It's talk about. So it was just all the different aspects. I'm like, what give me has come from? I did really and I did enjoyed documentary. It was very interesting watching him from what from different developers even all we even talked about foosaple, like the lawsuit that intendo had against well, universal studios had against Nintendo trying to s yeah, when they try to say that Nintendo was infringing on their King Kong coffer. Yeah, yeah, you remember,...

...and then an internal was defended by John Kirby and won the case and then they honored John Come by by name, by naming him my naming curve character Kurby. Well, that's other story goes. That's all the story. Yeah, they that's all they actually kind of said it was. It's that John Koby was actually talk I'm talked to on this as well. I think they must have film. Well, you passed away, but I remember I said I think that I'm Kirby was named after the brand of whovers Kirby the curb. Yeah, I saw that for years and so I had about the plow sales lawsuit. I like little gems like that. They were like throughout the docky series, I think, as the one he likes games. It was just a so like it was like a nice trip down memory lane. Even though a lot of the things you're talking about was like before my time. Is still feels like it brought back memories from my childhood. Almost sorry, like the kind of like nostalgic element to it, if you think. It was quite surface level, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It just kind of gave you like a it is skim lever, like the Golden Age of like the U Game History and stuff go free casuals. Yeah, well, yeah, I like the featuring. I like to day picted like the future interviews and stuff, and I think I really like the note to Jerry Lawson's legacy. So the black engineer that invented the interchangeable cartridge is and like revolutionize industry and contribution to like that aspect of being of the industry was kind of except under the rugas that overlooked kind of. So like that they introduced the game magazine or like segment there the little bit about Kirby being named after the defense attorney. Whatever was he gonna tell you? Yeah, he was. He will see. Did he was defense turn your thing for I think he's done of a big of a big case. I can't remembers. Will which ones does that bear him, cabby being named after him from to another question for me. Did you guys feel like you received any new infro from the documentary, because I feel like, as people have been gaming since childhood, a lot of these things or things when you are ready. What was there any like new and very received from watching the documentary that you fall actually that's quite interesting. I didn't know that. A lot the stuff I just knew from reason over the years and the Rundo things. So I can't really think. I'm trying to think of some of that comes to my back. Can't think of anything right now that comes to mind really. I knew, for example, will combat led to the you know, the rains established, because I gave it that's a stablished read rates for video like they did for films, just because the violence. So that so I thinks like that. I did know beforehand, but I'm just trying to think. I can't figure of anything I didn't know before. It was in the first episode. How it's got war. Sure, he was a developer for and obviously, yeah, like widely regarded as one of the worsts games of all time. That that led to the video game crash. Yeah, going to like the background of how that game was the boots, and I've held my found myself feeling really sorry for the guy. Yeah, yeah, that as it was town constraints, wasn't it? Yeah, they wouldn't five weeks, I remember. Yeah, yeah, it was in Steven scool burns offer say hey, man, I don't want to just make it knock called for PAC man. This is a great story. Have here this and that and the other, and you had five weeks to make this game and it just bombed so hard that it nearly meant the end of the video game industry, and I think that would have been I think that's an opportunity for the documentary to maybe give like a modern parallel, because I thought they might do that more, since they touched on esports and they could maybe just talk about like time crunch and stuff in the video game industry, which makes me feel like maybe the documentary is more just like, I don't know, a commercial kind of I'm not necessarily like, Oh, a deep dive into the industry like that was like a very obvious opening to like give that powder into present day industry practices or male practices. I've managed to finish it, but from what I gathered, I mean it was I mean I says she saw a bit of the first episode and it's more about the construction of the episode. Of It was quite good. It reflected well on the video game industry. Yeah, and I feel like it was definitely meant to kind of introduce people to the video game industry, because to most people. All they see is maybe people sitting in the room, if that, and just developing games and then the games come out. They don't really see the creative processes, the problems that can arise and lawsuits. It's quite interesting in my respect. One thing I did like the documentary for was it kind of acknowledging the artistry that goes into a video..., Uni in terms of just like the coding, because you wouldn't think of coding as an outsider. This documentary really like try to like justify that and not in the way that other kind of like of positive representation of Billy Games, kind of like documentaries tried to do in like Oh, you know, the video game industry to and you rates more revenue in Hollywood and the music industry. But it's just like he's over your games. This is how it's mate, these are that villions are made, the people that are behind it and it's just like back in love little almost. I think it did talk about all suff think the emergence of was all the different genres like fs, some Wolfin Stein and doom went through the back store of those. Oh yeah, and they also went through what's the name, you know, for the Super Nintendo when they developed the s fix hip balls, it could for the free deep affects led to the big which led to star folks. Yeah, made there's nice to see about it, because I didn't know, as she do's thing, I didn't really know. I didn't know the full story about that. You know, was like an it was a nineteen new kid. You got flow up to Japan. They're not making a shown how you could work. I'm really can work on the Super Nintendo because they did the hack on it, didn't they originally, and I thought instead of en they thought of when to get a law suit from Nintendo or something coming. But nintender were intrigued instead and then through the March Japan, I imagine, intended doing anything like that now. Yeah, yeah, because usually you think anyone that doesn't even into the brothers, you know it's going to be like a straight laws or something. But that one, to hear the the find out that one, it was just intender way instead intrigued, and that flew them out and which led to, like I said, that ship being designed for the Superintendo and the staff for six time and STARF, STARF for coming out as well. M Yeah, it was that was nice. Not, actually, that's we're under the topic of charted nostalgia and going down memory lane. What Games have you wanted to play for ages but you've never had the opportunity to do so? Obviously, with the news of the mega ten three, not ten remake and mega ten five coming out on switch eventually, it's made me a bit more optimistic about the order games getting ported to new or consoles. HMM, even in the persona that spinoff series, personally three was my entry into the Persona Games, but persona one percent of two. It is very hard to come by. I think personal too, innocence and was released in two parts and the first part was released English but not the second part. and Personal One, I didn't know how I get to play that or it is would be mine. Just trying to think what games are because, for example, I didn't really as young, I didn't really have a playstation, so I played a few playstation games up cousins of friends and stuff. I didn't real things. Apple played the early Little Mel Gasel Games. So yeah, I knew how much people of them ever really actually played them. So that's probably one thing that absolutely I thought if they really aged well to be on this so I can really comment. But I show you they have. How they have of theay, hey have, yeah, okay. So, yeah, I would love to maybe go back and try, maybe some of these, but maybe try the origin, the original series. So, yeah, that's only an as I don't know if I want to because I'm such a big MOS like I don't know I'd have in the way when it's actually played. The first two games of the series, the first two gem's, so I came into months on or the virgin most almost try. So let me go back to try see how it was the light the first what's on the game and what's on Freedom Nights Gym? Yeah, really, how many games do you think you currently own in total? I cheated a bit because I should took the time to count, as myself is behind me and I can make up a rough estimate. That the games I have downloaded onto my consoles as well, and it's around forty eight or so in total. In total everything, everything included, like I gots games, five physical fistful games, downloaded, six games, twelve games and download it. Yeah, roughly forty second it's not bad. I also because I didn't even play I play the same three games over and over, so I'm surprised it's even that much. But yeah, that's about currently. Yeah, this so bad.

What do include anything on steam? Okay, never mind, you got include steam like in the SDN boil boy. I'm looking at my my parlor games right now and I'll be taking them out of the packaging. You're asking too many questions. But all my word, just thinking of, thinking about how many games actually give me anxiety because it's just it's a bit ridiculous. But then again, this is a tally of everything I've had since the game cuber, pretty pretty much from the game cuber. So I don't have any of my sixty four games anymore. So got man thinks before though, but if I was to take a rough estimate, I've probably got about seventy hundred and eighty physical games, maybe a bit more. I for I include my psone games hidden way downloaded. My word was the same. Many games I got downloaded. Probably about another fifty games, games across steam, PSN switch and if I'm to include that my WII Games almost on my system, probably another fifteen games. I think all in all, fast they have a rough estimate of how many games I currently have own? Probably looking about a hundred and hundred eighty games. What probably about a hundred eighty games. Okay, so mine, well, Games, I'm just trying to think, cause I'm Pikay. So psfour from about forty old games in digital and physical switch. I've got like twelve, thirteen. I got my we use somewhere. I'll still got a few digital games on there. Plus offer so ten. I think I'm going to is to me if games of current and I still got in is in sixty four game pickings around as well, and the couple PS two games. I'll see, probably like in this eighty region. Maybe that's the get currently out with me old by we as well. We somewhere the house. And what if you get up there fect. I think it's just what I'm a hundred and this is I think. I think even when I when I compile my numbers, that's not that's not even in including like the pirated Games and Oh yeah, I guess let's not talk about roles in the yeah, I am my aw for the ones I still have. You know, I mean it's just not smam. It's so funny for me because Bryan not are for really kind of cemented the fact that I needed to pay for these games a lot of the time to enjoy them, because when I had access to any, any eds game at I'd like, it just wasn't as fun. Like I felt like I just wanted to get rid of DRUP Games really quickly and move on to the next one when I got a little bit bored. And I've been playing like twenty games at one period of time. You just don't get invested into a game like you when you when you purchase one. I think it's partly reason why I did number of games, like obviously sixty or nothing compared to you guys, because I had any of my old consoles anymore. That all this console I still have as my psg, but I think I for Oh yeah, maybe I have like twenty or thirty games and didn't. It was double that, because I'm still playing. I'm playing the same five or so games over and over. So I think that's why I just want to like hold off I'm buying new games, unless the ones I've been like anticipating for years, like the new Shimmy Gum, we tend to a game. I don't really new ones, especially since my poison. No Choice, or g LPG's and those are like the average on is like a hundred hours. Like I don't need to be stock piling Geo begs at all. That's a good thing. And next question is, have you ever had a game stolen? I actually haven't, but I've had games shipped to Nigeria's basically the same thing. What were they? Games that you liked? There are games I like, bombs like I don't see you playing anymore. Someone would decided to have it in Nigeria, but it's like it's my game ps one somewhere in you boddle, in someone's house. Yeah, my copy of honestly, point blank, quite a game. Yea, literally, I...

...think anyone knows that game, but that was my shit they had. I still have the poldoble the games by that my playstation one. So it's like robbing salt into the wound, I mean, I think for me. So someone actually stole my Pokemon Ruby right and played the game for my safe file and they killed Kyoga. Oh No, no, what's the rest ones game? What's the red was ground on ground, or ground or ground on ground? Don't o Kayoga Gud literally I think almost had a heart attack when I got my game back, because I'm managed to get it back and I stole two of his games. So I stole Jackie Chan Adventures and Gan key. I think it was called or get Kido, sorry, get Kida Gig. It's called Gekido advance. Actually just been released again on switch, so it's in the switch store now, but I remember, I remember seeing that. I gave it back to him in the end because I got my game back, but I was always traumatized. The second one which probably affected me for the longest was Tony Hawks underground. It like it didn't get stolen, stolen, but I let it someone and when it was time to give me the game back, it's just excuses upon excuse upon excuses. What was happening was that he was leaving. He was leaving. The school goes his last day and everything. I'm stupidly, this guy's told me that he's a left burnout. He bought burn out from a from a store, and he bore. He bought another game. I can't book every game. Was We will burn out another game, and then I thought to myself, there is no way I'm gonna let you leave without getting something back. So the last day, I remember, I went through his bag last lesson. I've seen there's a a game boy in there, there's burnout and there's another, another game, and I've just taken all three out of his bag, left too on a random table and just put the way burn out to replace my my Tony Hawk underground. But I was always really upset because that was like a really, really important game to me. I really, really like that game again. So yeah, me, I've had get YEA, I've had game stolen like a sick from school. I think that because these guys are thought were meets in that they were around mine. Carr I was just a feeling to go get some of my room. I realized a few days later that, like mass, they felt it was sonic heroes. At the time I was annoyable. Then I'm realize, you know, looking back, as only something cars that stuff, it was sonic Herros A. See, know, I think they took the from Joe as well. That one annoyed me. I did getting back in the end, but man, that was anod game stolen. And I also had ruby. I wasn't stolen Al in it, but then I've just not going back ever since. But yeah, those are the main games. Are Really had stolen for me and I was just like, I'm getting these Games back. Where did you buy an intended D S Roun? So mine intended s actually got as a Christmas gift because I was begging my mom hearing it for my uncle with the third day and he got for me no way before then. What did yous I got were like from my dad? There's no one. was just like a game console. You are your cousins house of the time and you have everything, but I wouldn't mine. But yeah, so I think my Dars was the first one I owned. That was a bought for me, my playstation. Every else was like handed down for my dad. What Games did you get with it? You Remember? I got the sins. Okay, I was eleven. Those your first I was your first game. First Dyes Game, hold on, you were eleven. Went okay, I makes sense, scary. That's what I played it for two hours. I was like, Damn, I really I wasted my shot. Set to go back and beg and I have fandom. That was because I've seen people. I've seen people in to say things like Oh, when I was a year to go ads or birthday thedes light from a birthday. Yeah, mine was a dyslight. I think it it o G. Oh, I read the urge. I thought you. I got you Ogi. It was pink. I have both. Oh, yeah, when I got Moji, I remember when I got that. I got a launched Ogi one, like I cuz I didn't, you know, real to it.

It was nowhere, but that's the way I did it. Yet it didn't need to be getting ground it, though, because I took I used Mace, because I veriss for life. FIVEPO like here and there and in the count like one those I's. It cash accounts, really I had. And then I got hold of the card and I took like I need the the DS is coming out. I was like a hundred pound. So I took money out of that I'm card and then I looked all over the place trying to find the DS. All over I managed to finding a Dixon's, actually that they'll selling one on the on the day, because most places were sold out of them Mans. You get it, and I got it with they didn't have Super Mario Sixty four DS, and so I had to go to another place to get that and I want to put the game there. And then, yeah, I had that metu prime hunters that came with it. But then my parents, well, I got got hold of the card and took money and they grounded me here. Do I still get it? Got To keep my ds anyway. So I remember she had them. So initially I was in America, Chris, during New Year's Christmas and years to two thousand and forty thousand and five, and this was when the DS just launched, all right around period. It just came out and I was every really wanted one. When everywhere, literally everywhere, sold out, sold out. Went all the shops, everywhere. Can find it anywhere. We went to New York. We found one shop that did have it and they're selling it for like double the price. Man, I was Guid but I managed to get one when it came out here. I can't remember. I feels already out here, but I've got it when I got back, no longer after I got back, and I got it from more worves. And I can't actually remember what games I had. I know I had the mentroi prime hunter's demo. I think that's all I had initially. Actually, I think that's all I had. I think I had that. And then what other Games launch around the same time? I think I had Super Mario Sixty four DS as well. Then those are the only two games I had initially. And then, yeah, and I'd like and I lost that. I lost that DS on the trains. Yeah, yeah, I lost that Ds and you know, obviously everyone keeps their ds with a carrying case. So I lost all my games. So I lost I lost my animal crossing, I lost my Mario car, lost my sonic rush man, I lost loads of Project Rub, tons of games, and the funny thing is I still have the cases to those games now. Literally, I was on the train to edgewhere. Yeah, yeah, exactly, and I lost it there. I've always hate that area just for that always, but I was going. But eventually I ended up buying ads light layer on off a friend and I'm nice to rebuild my my labrary of games. Would you name your child after a video game character? You first off the top? No, that's because I can't think of her a name that I think I like enough. I can't picture it. I mean they will have my favorite games. I think a lot of them have like Japanese names, like you I'm not doing that exactly, unless I want to call my daughter's older blank. Yeah, I can't think of anything, any name actually, you know, I'm just trying to think the video game characters. I can't really think of a name I'll actually give my kids. Yeah, I think we're enough. We're not enough of weeds. Yeah, we doing that. Why did this question to do? Like the rest of the host movie? Yeah, I just give my kid a year by name. Cook, like your name. Does it Nice, younger of my name, like like giving what Alla told me. Sing your seemits, your this shit is magical. Give it this good. It gave a gave her the name at your seems. Was Supposed Chris has been quiet. I wouldn't. I wouldn't. I mean, if you ask me when I was like eleven, my son's name would have been like she gave us something crazy, I mean link, but they just isn't. I don't think...

...there's a there's a game. Video. CAN GARAT video game characters. Name. I like enough tending my offspring after than like Mario, I mean I mean MC name my kid bowser. You know, it's sold name. I think. The only one I'd name after this maybe morth and even that this marth, yes, moth, maybe vvrey really is voiced. Voice, a normal name. There is a normal day. Yeah, even some of the couplings. I'm trying to figure they got no, yes, something to do. Larry, you got Larry, got ricky, he got Morton, Larry, I'm really the name it Larry, lanery, baby, levery, God, just Si's a normal names. My is what game could nobody beat you up? GROWING UP? I think I spoke about this in a previous episode about Repro Games, but I was banging out to nightty seven, making no other and I was really good at it. And I despise sports games now. So I didn't know what it was about p ninety seven. I was so addictive, but that was my game. Was it with me? Yes, Smash. Problem still wasn't melee. That was it during the school, during secondary school, as melee. Everyone, all my friends, you know, will play do one of the ones. I was always winning. I was beating everyone like game. So it was definitely that for me that no one could beat me. Yet it was fun, though. I'll just get my main VALCON. I'll just you know everyone was catching hands for me. So and even my friends that use a took up before we even play the game the same. Now they'll beat me in and will come down to it, I'll still beat them. Like we had Christmas Pars on my school. Some some of the kids. Sometimes you's have gaming stools. I would have like time split set up smash problems, melee. I put our card double. Yeah, and then I'll just come through, you know, a certain my dominance and smash Bros that everyone know what's it, what's good. He's the king in tound it. And then, yeah, it was definitely smash for me. I'm see fair Mary, same double dishes, one maracle double dashes or I said every batter everyone of that game and then I got another. Now I can't play that game that will anymore. said. Hmm Down, I think. I think for me it was a my probably Mary Cart Ds when I was in college. But if I want, if ill to go get earlier than that, it probably be time split us to a really, really good game. Right. You've got, you've got to play. It was like literally I used. The thing is, I didn't know anyone else knew about it. I just liked it for what it was. It wasn't so I got older that I realize that it had such a good reputation in the gaming community, because when you're when you're younger, you kind of just play what's there for the most part. You don't have the ability to just buy games you like, and reviews weren't as easy to see. I'M gonna be so use like a little bit of time school to go on like certain websites and see what was new. Game spot was one ign there's another website game game rankingscom used to go on those websites. Just have a look at new trailers with a website that I went on every single day when I went when I got to what I got to like year nine. Yeah, your nine was smash Brocom say literally literally on it every single day up until the release of rule and even a bit past it as well. Just looking at the character announcements, the moves that the characters were getting. It's a shame that they haven't kept. You can't access I mean, I'm Ye, May, yeah, maybe waited at machine had maybe they change it, because I know they used that. They used to do mean the same domainful smash. We use less reds. Yeah, social. So, yeah, a question. Actually wanted to ask you guys off of Pun. This point was, did you guys like have a gaming community at school, like Secondary School?...

In school I had like different friendship groups. I think that kind of linked actually, like because I had a friend and I bought above me who I used to game with a lot. I lived up the road from me and then he had friends, including his who had a brother in my yearl school as well. So it's like kind of a mixture. So I won't say a game comm us as such, but had similar friend my friends that similar interesting gaming as me. So, you know, go over to someone's house, you'd play like tire splits, Halo, etc. Even playing. I said smash, yeah it. I wouldn't. So I would say you had game can use such like. Maybe actually you could say it's just done. A lot of few like my like minded people love the similar games as such. Maybe you could. Maybe you can lorn. Yeah, I want. Okay, maybe I'd say a little community, a little community going on? Yes, a bit. I'm just a bit here and they're thinking of every would you say it's a communter such a maybe you could surprisely say that. That's not surprising, cause if you guys, I mean like in terms of my my secondary school. Well, growing up in primary school, first of all, we had, you know, bring out your games in there and everyone would bring in their games consoles, that their or portable game consoles, their Gba's and what you bears? I think, yeah, GBA's, and I'll never forget I was the first time I saw a game gear us again, care I think I was the first time I saw one of those in secondary school, however, so I went to to secondary schools. I went to one secondary school for a little bit and then I spent the majority of my time in another. My first secondary school there was actually a Techn club where they had a pstwo set up and people take turns playing against the winner of Teken. I remember you'd spend your whole lunch thing and you probably only get like one game where you'd get like perfected twice, but it was still fun to be able to be there and just watch people play video games that were really good. At my second secondary school, we had a battlefield club, so we had a computer room where all the all the PCS was self in the land connection, because those by eighteen where we will all playing battlefield nine hundred and forty two together. That was quite a fun experience that it was every lunch time used to play and that's probably what got me into first person shoot at Games, just that experience, you know, having having people I know all playing the same game locally and being able to actually compete for who was the best. And this was obviously during a period where, you know, Wi fi connections weren't readily available, so you can always play with your mates. I think that one day, if my patchasing games was influenced by the fact that I didn't have people in your life to play with until I was like already growing my I did when I was like over at my cousins other all the time, but when it was just like me, I think. Secondly, school. Yeah, I mean for me it's always been a bit like bewildering when people say they don't like competitive games or multi multiplayer games, because I've always grown up with people playing video games around me and there's always been an element bit of competition. But there's some people who've never had that, people I know who've always been playing on their own and they're like really fond of like single play games at age of empires, playing against CPU Games, of a narrative and the story. It's always been really interesting for me, seen as we got tuned intender Fans Hare to suppos supposed Nintendo fans here. Oh, okay, all right, I won't challenge your Nintendo Card, but just a few questions here, just to see who is the big UN into me from, obviously, because this decides your fate of who the biggest setender. Pan Is a couple questions I just pulled out nowhere. or I'm going to flip a coin. Right, you guys pick heads or tails. All right, so it's picked head tales, police, right, your rone head. Yeah, yeah, Father's Cook and flip this cory. It's heads. Polay answers first. Okay, so parley going to ask... this question and then I asked her the same question. Okay, what year did the GBA release? Sorry, in in this country? Yep, too long. It's your your ten answer. Oh, I didn't know. All right, I'll open it up. Do you want to take a guess? Dba? Yeah, just have to guess the year. One, polly, two thousand and one. You're both wrong. Actually, two thousand. It was two thousand. He doesn't do yeah, it wasn't too, Damn. So. Yeah, yeah, it was before the gamekeeper. I didn't realize it was that right, M Nintendo fans allow, allow, allow a lot. Anyway, right off by one year. All right, all right, cool. The last Zelda game released on the Gamecube was to it's you know, it's this one, the last of the game in recent day. Yeah, also, again, technically, it was twilight, probably. Yeah, was twilight princess. Yeah, you're both rights. Twilight Princess. Yeah, because they made it both as a swan song for the game pepe slash, the launch trial for the Wei own this question. What's the difference? Was the main difference between the two ASUANS? Isn't it mirrored? I'm sure. Yeah, graphic married. Yeah, they married them. Yeah, it pulls. Got It right. Yeah, but they mirrored like thee. They married the whole game play, everything. That's Mirrid, the entire man. And the major thing is, I think the major thing at the time was that the we version of twilight princess was the first time that link was ever right handed. Yeah, so, yeah, yeah. Next question. How old is ness in mother three? Twelve, mother three. This wasn't in that. Oh not ness. I found a phone. Okay, I'm gonna see twelve. I didn't. I feel lucky. Was Ten, but don't know. I can't remember. To be on this. I'm over turn. It will go from yeah, we'll see. Also, twelve. Damn it, it's twelve. At the answer. I give you that fir. Okay. So how many, N Sixty four games are there in total arstance fire? You only have to guess. Whoever gets closer gets it. How many in sixty full games are there in existence? Yeah, you got five seconds. Probaly, I'll say two hundred and fifty. Other at fifty Ted's three five. The correct answer is three. Damn hundred eighty eight. Okay, yes, it is closer. I really under I'd really went look. Damn, it's quite a lot. It's quite a few. I mean there's quite a lot of region locked as well. Yeah, wait, hold one. Was the ass full region free? No, I wasn't remember. I had like the other power you had and and ten CESC was us as I think. Yeah, we say that, but so did the Gba, and the GBA was reagion free. That's true. Yeah, true, actually, Gba was. I'm not sure. I think they Ken. I think the home consoles weren't the region lot but the the yeah, handhelds. Region free. I know hundred and a hundred percent. The gang cubers not region free. Is Definitely region locked. I remember I had the NTSC version of Ikaruga. It just did not work. So next question. It is an interesting one. What is the button combination for Zelda's leader by? Oh my gosh, yeah, I don't know. I'm gonna try and guess this. This offer it. I'm just gonna guess. Is I'M gonna go. Let's see.

I see right. See, let's see up. See. You right seat? I don't know. Yeah, what's correct? I'M NOT gonna give it sets Anna get yeah, right, my days. Okay, to remember it. It's a kid. I pinched it in my head. Wasn't sure, but you know, let me just say, yeah, okay, I remember then right, another age, another age question. How old is young link in a queen of time, you should be able to get this right. Yeah, he's ten. Yeah, he's ten, I think, and then the Times get seven, goes to guys. No, no, you should wait. Both wrong. I don't think it's not older. Appalled, wait, because I don't like I don't Lincoln Sixteen yeays. Ah, he's nine in the nine year's nine. He's nine years old. I wasn't s yeah, it's nine. Gonna tell me how you didn't get that. It's all turning my heart. He's not ten, he's nine. One year. Okay, kill me. Then I thought, but bous question, bonus question. What game console is in the player's room? POKEMON, Ruby, game cubeby it's a gamecubing it. Guess it's the game. I'M gonna for Game Cube and sixty four crystal. I think, Oh, yeah, yeah, I think it's good. Yeah, it's Game Cube. It's the game cube. Yeah, yeah, I remember route. I'm crystal had in sixty four. Yeah, Jennifer at Gamecube, Jen for love, Game People's will. Or did I? We maybe? I think, yeah, I think Jim for will and Gen five. We maybe as well JEN's. I think Jean's ever had we you and then you know Jenny's got the switch. But yeah, at let red and roads and black and crystal. So you did play him time? Yeah, and a rude the game he was. Well, yeah, Oh, bonus bonus question. Bonus bonus question. What what Pokemon? What non legendary Pokemon was integral to obtain in the Reggie's our real I can I can't pronize. That's yeah, I remember the know. That's maybe. You say this name right. I know it's poke on. It is this the Rock and water, pokmon, this the it's something cats. It really can't, for I'm pronounce it properly. This is not because, no, I can picture it my head. Yeah, it's really confin it. I'm all right, it's not. Yeah, you're right. What's the said? This is what's the second one? There's two. Those two are Umbert really come second one. I remember the whole thing as well. I don't. Can't remember what was the second pokem when I could just remember, really come it's well, Lord, that was it. Oh my God, I forget. Yeah, you're right. Well, Lord, since you beat Emerald, right, yeah, I did. Did you do the reaction? The Reggie's fair enough. Oh my God, I remember. I remember printing out out. Well, you have to Pronoun Up Brook. I printed out to you. Yeah, yeah, it's all right. Yeah, right, and Brail, and then it had to translate it. I remember. I literally, I literally I downloaded Braill, as you call it, translator. I'm printed it and I literally wrote it by hand. I still have it. I still literally have it in my house where I had written out the code and converted it. It was so weird when you think about it, I guess. On that note, Oh, winner is nobody? Both terrible. Oh Wow, that link question as Rut with me, please. People like what rattled, because I was any one year off right fair and I guess I guess the Round Up. Give give the viewers one random fact about Nintendo that you know. Okay, I'll do one. Its tender used to have dude... and love hotels. Oh and I know that one. Yeah, bucking. Was it done? It was early twenty century, I think, because they were, you know, they did a load of different business, ide this, because they sat up as kind of food of Cors Inn, thentender. So they did. Oh, sorry to it. So if my bad, I'll be quite long. A food. That's that. The did to Merrick Day. One training of an intend employees tends to Jane Hannah. Who Care? This is the opinion intended. I'm just a quiz master. We are all intend their fans. That this has been a discussion on high school and are, I guess, Early Video Game Memories. Yeah, yeah, and you final thoughts on the doctor series itself. I'll watch it and so did you. Yeah, I think it's definitely worth a watch. Is Very Nice. The production is excellent. I loved the authors are animations is part of like the storytelling and the interviews with industry insiders and stuff like that. And Yeah, it's a nice surface level chripp down and meaning. That would be my final verdict. Yeah, I would recommend anyone that you know isn't a love s video games give it. Watch it. It is a nice insight to some history of the how games have come to where it is not today, like talking like it does about early Ikd iterations to the crash to the video game boom. Yeah, it's a great watch. Should I recommend? Yeah, I definitely recommend people should should watch it, especially because I feel I feel like a lot of our listeners are primarily anime mangle facts. It's kind of a interesting segue to something a bit different. I definitely recommend if you don't play video games, at least give them a go. I feel like there's always going to be one that you like, all the genre you like, and I feel like this, this docy series, will give you a little bit of an inside into an insightence of the industry and active ste everywhere. On Mine, State Ris, I have been your quiz master, court Chris. My name is not as Chris. You can find me on everything, at crinks to pretty much. Yep. So my instance, well, Mynster's pawns, on schools, which you can find me, all of our ponds and, yeah, you know, for what you know? Keep this into a podcast, keep supporting for eyes. I couldama. Yeah. So you can find us on twitter at for eyes academia. That's number for is academia, and on Instagram, act for eyes quod. See you next week. By everyone but boy, but write.

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