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Episode 18 · 1 year ago

Horror Games || Episode 18


Continuing on with the theme of Halloween, episode 18 is all about horror games. The cast discuss favourite horror games and the scariest moments in them!

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Hi Everyone, welcome back to another episode of for as academia, the PODCAST. Today we are joined by Punley, Chris and myself to see how I'm. Oh yeah, what's going on my handside? Okay, today's topic. Well, who's still the speaky season? So we're keeping in line with the themes. We're talking about horror games this time around. Last week it was horror movies, so today we're talking about everything horror games. But before we get into everything, just want to catch up with everyone. So what's everyone been reading, watching playing the past week? Me, I've just been baked. The book with DRC came up, but started playing that little bit from Tundra. So far is better than the first one. So but I've really not done watching it too much yet and I'll start ghosts SASHIMA legends as well finally, and that is been quite fun actually. So those are really two games I've been doing this week. I'm aging Monna last a little bit of Marika here and there this week. So yeah, well, actually is the pick my darc about this is really discoing explorations. Like it's like there's some new legendary that apparently called the king of harms. That's the lise it I'll say a bit cordy. But yeah, there's a new legendary but base. And there's also it's got it's up until like different. Basically, you come go with this explorer. Give you something, all these different legendaries to find around the map. So it's got the as said, the mascot legendary for this DLC. It's name is car rex. And then you've got the legendary birds, the you know our Cunos, that Dosmultrez. They've got new forms, glim form, so they will around. Last there's two new Reggie's as well, because back in poking be staff I had like very verge, Ye, rocket, still and still. Yeah, you've got now two new ones, which is right rate, Reggie Alec Lecky and Reggie draco. So they're the two new ones as well. Would you go find around the map. So yeah, it's just, yeah, to do a lot of finding legendaries and it's got some new kind of four player dynamit's adventures, kind of like after son of black. Compare it to because they get with this. What the new feature? There added. You go of a team of up to foot for you get to choose all get to choose rental pokemon and then you come it's kind of like a labyrinth where you go go choose one route, different pass I think there's like so each one to say you've got an electric pop on one side and what book you side to? Everyone chooses, you know, makes their choice. Most choices. You go to that side, the past branch or, and then it leads up to the end of where legendary Pokem B fight at the end and you get the chance to capture and you only can capture it once. Yeah, it's not bad. Actually, the fields's Fu it's better than out of moment to be first. So yeah, I only asked because obviously cast on twitch. You can also twitch you with the scene. Yeah, yeast where the Stream and even watching this team, I was just like what the fuck is going on? By yeah, it was just me and it was me imprime, just doing that dynamics adventures, which is just going go for the laby again and again, just capturing legendaries. Yeah, because I haven't played any pokemon seriously since pokemon black, so I don't know anything about that's fair. I bought Pokemon Moon, I played it for about four hours and then I never played it again. Really, same story with Bocomon X. I bought that, picked it up. It's COLLEC. Yeah, the Sun Rex. I think I've really great, but I played the hell out of it, but because I just for the comparted to side. But yeah, it's that great. I don't think cool. Chris, what you've been up to? Well, yes, that's que quite much comment. What else that I play? I played, played Mary Sixty Four. Okay, did you buy the yeah, aniversary edition? Yeah, and yes, it's okay, it's exactly how I remember it. He's a yeah, I do sometimes wish they incorporated bits of the DS remake into it, especially the character models. But yeah, I agree with you there as well. Actually, I would have liked if they did actually do those models on learning, but they just really kept as like a translated seem like. Yeah, it's a direct port, isn't it? Yeah, right, poor with like even the resolutions the exact same. Yeah, just some textures improved. That's it. Yeah, yeah, I've played a bit of that.

I played what else? I played something else this week. I don't usually play fire and blue, the houses, three houses. I used to finish that stuff. Listen, I'm pretty much out of the beginning. Really, yeah, really was. I bought it and I was still writing my dissertations. I was like this is going to be my reward when I finally submit this, so soon as I submit my dissertation. I played it obsessively for like ninety hours straight, and then I'm like, I think, I'm like the I'm in, I'm two chapters. I'm on the penultimate chapter before finishing it now. So, Oh, I don't have to be over yet. So I just stopped playing. And that was about six months ago, one of six months ago, because six months ago I was like the beginning of lockdown. I think you're yeah, yeah, I think I've been last year the last time I played that game. I know, I know exactly what you mean by not wanted again. I've done that so many times. Usually did it anyway. Yeah, I'm still watching their head or from last season. Yeah, I did that with Samurai Semphu. I've got to the final episode. Oh, and I chose not to watch it for two years. That was me. And if I started in year ten and they finished until I got to uni, oh well, yeah, I don't want to finish it. I don't know why. This. Yeah, I hear that, that one. Yeah, well, I've been playing splitting. Obviously I've been playing a bit of Super Mario Sixty four as well. Yeah, like you guys said, it's exactly how I remember it, but I think I kind of forgot just how expensive the game is because obviously setting his piece of speeches castle and you have the boards instead of paintings. But I forgot just how many things come up as you collect more power stars. It's true, as it's my memory. Until I got like twelve power stars and realize, Oh yeah, this I'm thinking wet. I remember like getting attacked by the possess piano. I was like how far into the game is that? Like I just kind of remembered all these things afterwards. So, yeah, I've been having fun make job in my memory, and that's good. Be as well, cause we played that bit as well. Actually, I think up some fair body like we've thought a bit of Bob Battlefield, from thoughtless, as you saying, gradually through and I remember it. I know how to do with people to get out of bed, CAPOIC sters. Just good. It's a good one of nostalgia that's here. Yeah, yeah, because you remember a lot, but you also forget quite a bit. So yeah, yeah, what else have I been playing? So I've been played percent of five. Very early I was I'm still in flipping coming see those colors. It's the worst. Furnace is even more. But sure this time around, I think because I've done it already. Yeah, for whatever reason I'm just like stuck in this bit. I'm like wait, have have I forgot anywhere to go? So I'm just gonna get a young walkthrough it's and get get on with it through Venience so I could get on with the rest of the game, because after came literally kind of Che this Palos is kind of like it's kind of like a tutorial bit of the game. So when you get on with that, the game really starts in earnest. So I'll just want to sorry, I can finish this pace. YEA, if you're right exactly. It was the same with me. I've been a play. It's just once you get through that Pallet, then this dead it starts. Yeah, it sucks really ex up. Yeah, I really want to hurry up and get into the third and mess you guys talking about that. That is the best place in the game, the best beam and the best poss's. Okay, yeah, because as so much as I love person and magative person, the games like the dungeons and every really been a final, like something I enjoyed playing. But you guys keep piping up. So I just want to see what it's about. Yeah, sorry, I just love that. But the first semester players have just loved it. Amazing. I just love the all the themes, the music, everything. So the whole sitting and then when you realize who the fuck the possible? He was such a great villain. This isn't but I'm not gonna say no more because I don't will it. Carry on a her up and get anyway there. Yeah, yeah, what look, I think they ignore to take your time. I take your time. I keep falling for it. So before we get into the main topic as well, we just want to catch up on some of the news that's been going around the past week. So the first item. We've got a bunch of stuff, but I think just to get decided away. I'm sure everyone has seen the kafuffle with Alex Hutchinson's stay. Just feeling. Alex Hutchinson the creative director of Google stage and made a very controversial tweet. Actually put it up, so I don't like paraphrase. He said streamers worried about getting their content called because they use music they did it pay for, should be more worried by the fact that the streaming games they did it pay for as well. It's all gone as soon as publishers decide to enforce it. Now he got ratioed. Yes, currently sitting out four into retreats and over fivezero quote tweets. He's just getting cooked, basically. And then he doubled down, saying the real truth is the streamer should be paying the developers and...

...publishers of the Games they stream. They should be buying a license like any real business and pay for the content. Day eats. Yea. But Man, I don't know what problem is. I don't know he's it just sounds like, Hey, I think it's crack. Yeah, I think it's CIS. Colleagues think is cracker as well, because they did. They listened. Stay, I'm stayes distance of self as well. Even got a few comments actually from people stadia even for one, a spokesperson to be even said the reason's tweets by Alex Hutchinson do not reflect those of Stadia. I'm say that you or Google, and I'm Google's global head of gaming for Youtube. Rhyme more even sweed. We believe the that publishers and creates have a wonderbolt symbiotic relationship that has allowed a thriving ecosistance and created one that has mutually benefited everyone. Youtube is focus on creating raddy for creators, publishers and uses. All ships rise when we work together. So, yeah, they basically this is himself, Alex's comments and which I and basic contribute. Yeah, they did not want they don't want that. Supp they were still in the office. They would not town his door, like gentle minute, Alex. just yeah, and then there what how he thought that was going to go down on twitter, where all the creators are? But okay, it was that that you actually doubled down as well. He was doubling down on this comments as well with you after you tweet that. Yeah, strange. Like once like to says, it must be crack. It literally was crrect. I was trying to see how one gainstre wasn't before, but now I can act like I was. I was going to, and it's like, Oh, you know these people well and just say that's why I'm not getting it. But I wouldn't get it. I can't like when there's Microsoft the next time of the B Horizon, my mother bobble studio, there's xbox at home. Yes, clouds is already must have composition. Who is even come out stage? You're paid basically sixty fol or sixty pounds where else to read just for a rent. Ba I this. Yeah, they just never really been I don't think they implements it well anyway. Yeah, I'm so interested in that and I don't feel who any time soon. I was trying to see it from its point of view as like a publisher, because there's like a similar kind of debate amongst authors and like libraries, like Oh, if you if you don't buy the book and you just rent it a just check out at the library, it means that less money is going to them, so you're trying to like boycott libraries. That was very strange as well. But even then you could just kind of see it from an author point of view. But if they're just if they're not well informed, they might feel like they're losing money that way, not knowing that like be still buy the books, you still get roalty's Blah Blah. I should see it from his point of view in that case. But it makes even less sense in this context because it's like these streamers, they've already bought the game. Why should they? They given the companies free advertising very round. Yeah, streamers like it's free advertising for them, it's true. And know also thing about that as well. So He's basically saying we paid them and it's gonna go anyway to the higher ups anyway. The money's going their higher pockets anyway, not even to the developers as much. Exactly the higher up. So and they really got to get enough money anyway from a lot of these somethings, with doing Michael Chase acts, etc. Almost money. Do you want it? It's not going to developers. He's try like he's a he's advocating for you know, the etc. Above so and then fraction of that money. So I don't know what. I can't lie. Yeah, I'd do. He's comments. He's just not okay. That's all. Yeah, I think. I think. I think he's got touch. For some who works in the industry doesn't make sense. Yeah, exactly that. He's exactly that. But yeah, so, yeah, I think everyone's Animi isn't that, apart from Alex Hutchinson himself, say? Next piece of news which would suddenly, I think, should be a joy to everyone who's dealt with joy cons. Nintended to permanently reduce the price of joy cons. I didn't read the whole things. I don't know by how much, but I think it's just like I'm not sure ways the UK per how much would they for the UK? Because slightly, I know that's the two. I think they do eat even have single joke ones here yet, because I think that the arm single. I think so, sure, but because that's what the price I just said, fuck, I'll get my pre controler. It's not worth it. Yeah, because I think that when I read the article, it was going off to Ukum newest prices for a single one. So a single one was like forty and fifty and it was red hell, yeah, fifty one for one one joke on. Yet fifty one joy one on. Yeah, yeah, it was. They reduced enough. It's not forty. My jokes are decoration in my bookshelf, by the way, to make myself like a Gamer, because I think I...

...did replace him. I could be bothered I just got my pro controller. Oh, they don't work at all. I flung one in frustration, joins beteen, and then the other one. I drifting like my they useless. How did you get for straight place for two me, you've ever done seven on an overachiever, Chris, you look place between anymore idea. How would you do if anyone watching has been stuck in overachiever for a prolonged amount of time with people who didn't have to play the game, who are keeping you that one step away, thinking every high perblic? Okay, fling the Gonnael, I just throw on my lap. And these are so flimsy. The why a back stated. I think I did fling my I think I actually have fun of complaints, but that was did the optopop expansion, because that's how that's that's understandable. I didn't know that. expension is hard as hell and I got frustrated one live remember of level I got for strayed on the one way to keep to guard one thing from getting completely slide from the otter legs, and these guys, they brunked up the sea feet. Stupid, stupid, extra hard. That's the press not that level caused me. That made me think by joke on our remember because I was getting so angry. I got so hungry two minutes from the find the stupid list of them. I'll even get TTSD from remembering regular story made due me too much stuff you do regularly foreign stuff, for in controllers, to something that you regularly like, for by watching play card. I'd be so horrified. I don't question you about it, thought, because I'm a good mate. You know what? In real life? Yeah, no, I'll get frustrated playing loads of different games nicely fee for, I think. For the most part, I don't think controllers. I'm not one of those guys. I feel it's too expensive to replace, so I just think flam controls. A couple of times smash boys as well as the US, and I know people who like regularly smash controls. Yeah, I mean, we're all for that. I mean, im wasn't you just like I'm not good. I died again, like I'm I'm tired and I just flung it on my bed and just that's gentle impact. Cause enough to think. My controls are drifting already because of like as came back for the world and animal crossing. I was Terri for me. My controls weren't working correctly. Yeah, joy calls. They have the tourists full doing. Yeah, that are we. I've got you join ones anyway. I did end up during the star lot. Don't getting you joy coins, but I just got tired of my ones. Yeah, it's too much. My psfour m PSF PADS are drifted. Really go stick. Yeah, I think one of my peaceful puts that happened to it was more so the lastick, for I think my persful patters most of the the deep at stop working. One of them just randomly stop stopped working. So yeah, and I'm getting new pad as well. That was as Togo. I mean, this news doesn't affect me. I got my Proso joling now and I played doctor ninety percent in the time. So I'm okay whether the pass goes down or not. I'm the complete opposite. A lot of people do the opposite. Didn't play doctor at all. I know people who've haven't played doctor once since they got it. Yeah, I know people never even set set out. Yeah, never less. Well, yeah, that's the first time I played night to the time Bot as well. To be honest, when I'm at home I'm moti being dots. Only when I'm out I start play. I got yeah, as you can see here. Yeah, yeah, if I take out my house, then I will play on doctor. That's it. I think. The reason I played, the reason I played on doctors because my old money only had one hat in my port and switching it to play. I didn't give you that assuition. It was just long since you don't just do it by and don't or don't humbolt. Sorry, it was just easy. That way makes sense. Next piece of news is pit playstation five. Third Party companies already selling custom face plates. So play plate station five is a name. The company is selling unofficial persfive face places and they will allow you to change your white piers five to either Tay Red Chromatic in the Gay Blue Jungle camera or limited edition kind of like design as well. is any one and the customize not yet. Grand New PSIVE, no third party. Wait and see. Eventually I'll if they're, like clum too short. I'm on the fence of these ones because this since is a bit early, I'm going to wait and see a little bit until like more come out and then more maybe the see if so many does efficient ones, etc.

They're not. Probably, maybe, but I thought I will get around the bag to change that, because it as they said, it seems that they can be customized. Yeah, they're forging to get rid of that white ones. I come more certain I'll and more comfortable doing that will because, like I said, I can't lie. PFISTER books up. I'm a find of this the s I feel like I'm still not comprehending just how big it is, even though I'm seeing as comparisons. It's a big way he is here. So this just like a big bitch, like big tongus. Exactly EC thick? Does anyone in the dimensions and how tall is? How tall is it? There was the dimension before, but I remember the bottles off my head. I've seen them clean over sins for yeah, like, well, I know it's compared to the xbox. I'm series x. It stands a lot taller than it like a good third tooler than it sucks nice. It's just like, yeah, I like this. I liked it for see simple. I like it's a simplist simplicity. I don't know. So you just wanted to want its extra tone, even it's how you give a console sleeves. It just as at a very, very, very large follows. Okay, more, it doesn't like such a I'm sorry, I'll see means that. That's the first one I saw. It killed none, nothing stopped. Got Love the Internet. You can make up me more of anything. Work Quick as well. They will. Quick, efficiency, efficiency. Yeah. Next piece of news is to k under fire for adding unscippable in game. ADDS to the fourth price NBA for price and be a K twenty one. A month after release, there's an update to this article. Says took suggest a person was a mistake from the CISTIS. They are live. They knew they'll do it. They wanted to get away with it, joy to hit the back any means possible, any little thing they can drop for Christ game. That's so cheeky. It's absolutely Tek. Yeah, absolute cheaky for that. It's the thing as well. Would they would have done it? You know, when they came to the next Gen with the faster loaded times, it would have made loaded times longer, just as for yets as well. So they absolutely taking them fully taking the mick. you pain that much money for a triple a full price game and you're still trying to make more money. You've already got micro transactions in the game. Yeah, these Lett or whatever, Lat proper canons in the game, and yet you also want to put these on skippy. That's it's just it, just truck. Yeah, they're taking from it. Let's I'm not other really played to fail like that. Mom Me, I'll be fuming the doors because I'm trying to. I paid this much money for breeding products that wanted to enjoy, and now you're trying to force more things on to me. I can't even skip adds. It's me if the adds are in there. It was bad enough. The fact that they were on skipper boys just stinks. Yeah, it's terrible. Even they should have a kindle model where you pay more for the free version but you pay less for you a free version. They are cursion. Sorry, yeah, they were going down that that rate and that root. It's you know what's makes it as well, because they would the game come out. Came Out September, didn't it? So they waited over mom just a now come of B this in. Oh yeah, it's like yeah, well, and straight away it was just the suck it in. So people saying that they waited for what the reviews to come out and many are okay, which kind of makes sense. They're honestly, it's sick. Now, yeah, it's a joke because us, as remember, I said, they even said they're one of the first to say that the price of the Games would be more expensive than you, Jena, as well, you ten pound more expensive, this and that. Then they've done this as well. Would you? Would you pay ten pounds more for no ads by the game, let's say it was a wonderful wall games. Oh yeah, I after pay the extra. Sorry, I'm even like, I'm on my knees, almost a premium because these double ads are having me. So I think this would be a convenience. I would think. I'll do I will pay, but I'll be furious. Youtube ads are insanity, ridiculous. Five minutes over, five minutes every five second. You see that. Two adds and Profo just like. Lord, have MES in my life, least video of people interrupted. I turned off my eye block once and I didn't realize that's what you you choats. It was incessant, like I'm watching a ten minute video and I've heard about ten minutes of her ads. It was ridiculous. Yeah, I'm the thing is I've got bad block on my laptop, so do I mind of what, then, is what? I'm watching my psfour from my phone. There's no po the I it's my mind feels like he's gonna go.

He's gonna get hot because I just see and then I don't come up black. We just see. You will see the wood. I'm picking hard. No, I'd coming up in the futures, the relevant as well as like whatever's just it's just frustrated the scene, all these ads. But if the gaves it the go down that route, I mean how I'll pay, but I'm absolutely they make a lot enough money as it is as well. These to play these to play big businesses. They make so much money as it is. They got much of the people much and Michael to Dux as wells, etc. Were all how much would you want to do in it? Does need more money in the day? Yeah, it's just business in it. That's how they got bigging in films and medic probably don't say talking about loopox. Also remembered Canaday Canada. There's a lawsuit against EA in Canada as well. Now, good, okay. What was it? Belgium? The last one was in all Calori was one in Belgium. There wasn't about Belgian band Benger Boat. I bade about it and Belgium, but it was Colorfunia that the class action will see you against EA and Canada this thing this week. I've see they've got a class action. You can see see boxes and suit formality it. So, yeah, so it's not going to go away for you anyway. It's still I did pullet boxes, stea. Yeah, I hope someone takes him to cook before this like add stuff. Yes, it committed. It's just nit that in the bad day. Hey, one more, one more piece of us. Just go to the topic, which made me laugh as well is the little smash. But they know Steve's me. Let me even got that. Didn't take long, did it? Yeah, I didn't take long, I think, even because feel Spencer got interviewed about it. Actually, someone asked him. I've maybe seen this like seeze meat forever, because you can see the Steve speaks to screen off these shoes for me and it looks like yeah, it does. The picture does look a bit mad when you look at it. Let me just hanging with that. This just a position of it, and then feel Spencer even said that that will get fixed soon and then you know fixed. So we can just people just saying Steve's NEAT got nerved. The means. I've known that. There's plenty of names with that, but it was it was I caught live, but yeah, it turned out a quickly, I guess. So that's very scary. Speaking of scary stuff, then me, the main topic of our discussion is horror games. So I just wanted to start this off by saying that I was like trying to like rack my brain for that, my memories, and I've real realized I've actually never played a her video game with my own two hands. I've watched other time. So that's so. That's so. I know it's so surprising, but like I don't really think. Okay, guys, I don't read books, I didn't play games. I'm this is for jar here, for the VI. I don't watch anime, like sure, what are we doing here? But having said that, I do have favorite horror games because I've watched other people say and I do not experience. I don't buy her games myself because it's a waste of everyone's time and my own money, because I know the book it because I'm a scary cat. I'm a coward, but I do. One of the Games, favorite Horror Games is the original signent Heil, the first one on the playstation. That proved it with pairmid. Yeah, but the Polygon Graphics. That was terrifying. Maybe graphics are scary, so maybe also because of the graphics as well. Is like you have to use your imagination of it and that makes it even scarier. It's like how the titans that look like humans are the scariest than yeah, the ones a lot of monsters don't scary. Well else. And Conny Valley, yes, that's it. Well, still, I like the evil within. I think I've heard of that. I mean, obviously ever heard of it. But yeah, I've seen this. I haven't actually played it. I watched the Red Brad play that and you, Chube, I didn't. I even know when the sequel came out, but there was a sequel average of that out, but I did like that one. There was also, I think, the first one that got popularized due to like let's players on Youtube and Nesia, a machine for pigs. That was scary, that one, and I just this one. No, Druckman doesn't describe the last of us as horror, but I think it's scary as shit. said to me that's a horror. He took loss of us as all. He describes his action adventure survival. Yes, horror. You Go. Then people are zombies. Are they love? Awesome. I didn't...

...realize there was a debate every I just like yes, Bible horror, but apparently know Jockman himself says it's not a horror game and also fans are like, yeah, just because the zombies doesn't mean it's a horror. It's like an action adventure. But in my mind it's a horror. So yeah, I yeah, the first last, the last of us, the first one. That's it. Yeah, I think that's another discussion that will have to go. That's a good that's the Games are are scary, but not really cost his horrors. Games of ZOMBIES ARE HORROR Games. But yes, so that's my pick. Going to do what everyone else is like. Favorite Horrid Games are? Who? Because I'm but I think I did watch a lot of fresne evil with free I, for I think my friend had wasn't even for like him on the Game Cube. Never watched or played Rosie for Um. We him it was always written, which was an evil game, came out. Resident even zero, you know. I know zero came out and for another rising came on before. They didn't, I know, didn't do well in the game because the gains, you didn'tselves super well zero, and there was another's like another one. HMM, I don't know if resident evil three was out with nosis was on game cube. I don't know who ever got our release. I don't know, I'm not too sure. But yeah, Reasin Evil Free, I think that's quite like on the game nemesis, what a guy he was. Boy, Mr to miss known. What's his name? Mr Mr too, was it in the previous one? or Mr What's the name? Max Mixed Rex? Oh my gosh, Mr Eg, Mr t, yeah, I can't. Yeah, Mr Nemesis, mistakes or stories. But Silently Hill Games as well, they quiet it signed and I just remember some. I just remember some my clinic like characters in these Games. Like I said, pyramid head in silent Heil. You have nemesis in this evil free even. What I'm I'm trying to think before as well, was it? What was the on for? What was the one? We had that selling man silom, and the kind of enemy, you know, the one in the which which wasn't even games like remind open for I think it was for wasn't it taste to sell him under that thing was scary as hell, but I'm ruin then. That thing was scary as hell, but basin evil they've always been. They've got a good collection of games for Evil Games. I'm trying to fit man hund which you did you say that? Did you? Did you play that? Forts the friend play it? Okay, I didn't replay myself and my dad go it. I don't because I didn't get bunty for a bit. Man, I too. Did you have? I don't know, but not to got banned it just because it was graphic or what? Yeah, someone, the violence was team just too excessive. Yeah, I think it did eventually get released here. Yeah, they have really toned down violence and told down to the Games, not how it wasn't intended to be. Yeah, they have a sense a lot to get release it. So, yeah, it was really graphic, though. It was very graphic. Basically, I think the government had a problem with how you were. You are rewarded for causing as much harm nation as possible. Yeah, right, that's it, which is funny because I remember I played them. I don't know if you guys remember it. Mad Weel. Yes, I love manue. I love actually I love about the word. That was fun. But Mad world and we had a very similar kind of yea point system. Yeah, it did, because it was like a game. It was a game show, basically. Yeah, yeah, Ye, always, I think with yettum cause, as much violence etc. As possible. That he took on. Yeah, that's that. You took on. I say the possibles Culor, like someone else, is like another bill in the game. See, wherever else? My Yeah, you had fict, as much violence, etc. As possible. Yeah, it but I don't know if you remember it. To it's because I remember. Did have ads, but it was as black and white. Yeah, it was. And in the blood, the blood was read. It was quite and that's that does sound for many of the Star you're compared to, like simns city. Would you who made the game? I'm sure say your saga, but the actual developers developed another game that was quite similar. I don't know. Think of think of the wor think of it is think of like gears of war character models. I was put the Games that the fanning yeah, big black, you know, gears of war character models, but the game is completely black and white. It's on the way and you're dare to cut people up into...

...pieces, put people on stakes, thrown into trains. I still got to actually doing yeah, the sort of weapons used, like a chain saw coming up your just pick up anything, you just pick up anything o them baseball by whack people. I don't know if I consider that a horror game. I don't think it was. Again, there's this yeah, see sway, these themes like over that. Yes, yes, game, but it's yeah, that's the thing, because there's violence and then this horror. Yeah, would have always been horror because if he's because in that that would mean deems a horror game. Yeah, even hell, yeah, yeah, I mean there was a time when games were considered for if they had those kind of scary elements. The advancement of gaming with him now differentiate between the two quite well. Everything's been divertified. What about slender man? Did anyone ever play? But I actually did play that one. Say I'm a kappa. I played it for a very short while. I my friend was with me. Was Not played it by myself. Okay, she's like Oh yeah, let's make it even more like immersive. Yes, have the lights, as of why? But yeah, we did the lights on my laptop place, and she records you as well. That was a thing that then she did. She was just discares me. She lasted longer than I did, but I barely can't as an experience because I was just like no, I'm tapping out. I think. I think I have a fragile heart. Lakes, I like you guys. I think I've actually played quite a few horror games. You just realizing now how many? You Fade your look horror game, next book, because please, yeah, and then. But really it is I don't I'm not the biggest fan of horror anyway. Like the genre. I tend to be a biggest fan, but I think we're back in the day. You just kind of play whatever was around. It's not like I'd buy these Games, all these games I don't still want, but my went to a friend's house or burned it something. But my favorite horror game will probably be resident evil for and I know there's like massive debates because people consider it one of the least scary residue evils as that when they went they changed its yeah, they change the kind of change the direction. Oh, Chris, by the way, they come on the game cupers and before I just looked up. Yeah, I did. Oh, I did. Yeah, came up. Thank you. I think it did come on a give you first and then they made release, is it? Yeah, it was a really releasing the Gamecube. Oh and I completely forgot about that. I knew it came out on the way and I knew it came up the PSFOUR afterwards. A completely for what. I came up the game key. Yeah, came out. The game makes sense. It's been remasters so many times. If for what we're starting? Yeah, but basically, Oh, yeah, that was a really good game. That was my first proper resident evil game. I played that one first and I went back to play the other ones, even though I played back resident evil one on the playstation when I was younger. But yeah, it was just really be good. It felt like there was a lot of action elements, but you still had that kind of horror feel, even though I remember the way there's I don't even if you call them zombies because they just have that humans. I think this was the first game where the zombies just look like regular villagers and that that was a bit creeping the self. It wasn't a scary so you went in really dark places like you were in a the resident once is residing, wants two, three, and wasn't that feeling of Chaustrophobia, because there was a lot of open spaces. But I feel like the mechanics were really, really good and it got some quite where. It's like you alost forget it's a horror game and even had the had the quick time events and everything. Yeah, that's one. The other one that I don't really have people talk about I remember getting a lot of praise at the time it came out was a house in the dead overkill. On the week, I know that game got like got like a Guinness World Record for the most, I think was the most swear words in the game. Yeah, the most swear words in the game on the we has that overkill. It was really fun. There's really fun. It was my first because it was a kind of like a real shooter. It was a real shooter, but it was really fun. I remember finishing it in like a day, but I'm thinking about this was quite interesting and it's not like the other house of the dead where it's just really Erie and part of the fears of graphics. I know you problem. I don't know if you played them in the arcades, but I remember seeing resident house of the dead, the first one, and it just used to creep me out because...

...the graphics was so bad. It really, really creep again. Yeah, and then the other really good one I probably said, comes to mind is left for dead. Yeah, left for leather is really really I left with it us some scary, isn't that? Which? Yeah, yeah, that which it was hard to kill, something that was possible to kill. Yeah, I remember. I remember playing it, for I seen left with it from the first time, killing all the zombies and whatnot, and you just see some which and I'm playing someone and it was like leave her alone. been killing everyone, so leave her alone. You shoot out her. Yeah, and she screams and it's like everything freezes as you just runs at you. She's so hard to kill and I'm thinking, what the hell have I done? I'm a pan panicking about yeah, I think those three are probably my face over it. Played. Played a couple others I probably come to mind, but those ones where like games up I actually enjoyed them for the games they were. And not just because they caused some cheap thrills and what. As you were talking, I just remembered actually some there's one more recent by an ind by an indie developer, and there's one called clock tower. Clock Tower, very old one, and I just remembered her how scary that was, even just the song, just watching, because the main character that you have to control is so useless and the scenarios you're putting are so terrifying. Is the kind of thing where anything she has like a heart rate meter kind of thing on the bottom of the screen, and anything that's like distressing to see, anything that jumps out of her just like raises demeter. So if she comes to like an event where is like essentially like a mini boss kind of captain, she has to start running. If you've raised a heart rate too much, like can't run without like stumbling or tripping in the mix, even harder to escape or serious. So this kind of things. Yeah, just that gun, that game, the fact that she can't fight, she can barely run, like you card do nothing and your indie situations and you have to just survive. I think that's she's the essence of a horror game. It's like, imagine if I was in the situation, just how used this I would be. That's what me just so scary, like she could do nothing to save herself. You can just try and run or try and hide, because you can't run. And there's also it's a game. I don't know if you would have heard of it. It's by an independent developer. I think he's just a one man show. Basically it's called fit. It's called faith says, this horror game. He's developing a trilogy and it's basically it's sit in s kind of midwest us. I don't know if you remember the whole like satanic panic that was going on in the US around that time, which which which yes, a hoax and all rubbish. Yeah, so that's around the time where they said Dungeons and dragons is turning children to satanism and all that shit for that whole period. Yeah, during that whole period. So it's set in that kind of time period and the main characters a priest. His name is John, and it's this whole thing where he had to deliver this exorcism two years prior to the game. First game started and it completely was a complete failure. The God does possessed and not nathering her whole family and he had to like flee for his life and then he's been haunted by nightmares ever since. So he goes back behind the back. He hasn't been like approved to go by the Battican or anything. He's just gone rogue. Basically says he yes, finished where he started. He gets back to the house where happened to finish off the exorcism basically, and then the second game kind of builds on from that. Even if you get yet the bid end from the first game, the second end, the second game builds on from that and things just get take a turn from the worst and it gets even deeper, because you didn't know whether what he's experience in is actually real and he is being like haunted by demons and they're like chasing him, or if he's just lost his mind and everything's as nation and the hope. The graphics, as well as very is like a bit graphics like on the Atari, so very simple, and here in their is like rotoscope animations. HMM, seeing this, he basically is like anemy. Would like the characters and stuff and he like draws over it, but yeah, the music is very simple, as all the graphics are very simple, but I think just the themes of it is very, very creepy and it's he just really effective at creating the kind of tension atmosphere. So yeah, think you should check it out if you have time. It's a very good series. What you just said actually reminds me of five nights at Freddy's. Hmm, I did watch that one too. Yeah, I didn't play. I watched a bit of that, but I remember there's a loads of segments where it's like kind of like a terre graphics and it's not scary in itself, but I watched a lot of game theory episodes. This was years back. I know it's probably done. He made like twenty videos and five nights of realise a under that. Yeah, but they're still going some of these videos.

But I remember the time when learning about the story, how was meant to represent a real life situation, how everyone was just really dark. When we find out who either real well, up until that part of the game we find out who the real like murderer is. Why these things, why these animatronics are bugging out and it was pretty creepy. But that needed to be explained before it became scary. I don't think it would have been as scary without, you know, these youtubers. was doing the research and doing the background or yeah, I think that's why a faith was so effective because, regardless of each other, when is true, whether he's being targeted by demons or he's lost his mind, either scenario is very scary. So yeah, it's terrifying. And the fact that be able to create that kind of atmosphere is that he's a designer, he's a programmer, he's everything. Like it was really cool. And when we're talking about like what was the game you mentioned that we went, sure think the last of us, and also the was it the madhouse? Mad World? Mad World. Yeah, so, like I was going to Wikipedia just to jog my memory like what like the best selling like horror games and stuff, and and they can't describe just like a basic definition of horror vidure games as games with horror fiction elements. So I'm thinking if you go by that, then games that feature like demons and monsters and how and zombies would be classified as horror games. But as people who play these games, you know that there's a distinction to be made. Like I would consider the last of us as a horror game, but I can see why people would not, and I feel game like this. There's other games you talked about just now. They're like Hackn Stash Games and they got like scary elements, but that in itself doesn't make them for a game. So I'm just wondering, like you know, very joy distinction, I think, because a lot of these games are very multe multipactive. There's lots of different themes and topics and even gameplay elements. Yeah, in these Games, and what we try and do as games is try and separate them by maybe what we consider the most important element, for the most prevalent element in the game. So, for example, if I'm playing devil may cry, HMM, game is based all around demons. Or say devil mccarre BAYONETTA is based around demons, as an angels. Yeah, humans and angels and all sorts of Esoteric symbolism throughout the game. The storyline is what Dante is, the son of Satan and all sorts. But we know that action is what takes the front, the front role in that game, and so we consider it we consider a hack and slash more than we consider it a horror game. You wouldn't really consider the WALS got the correcture. Dante's Dad's name, but it's cold. What stunties a name against a spot of ODA? Yes, but SPOTT. It's Spoder, spot spot. Yeah, that was it. My sated. WHO's away? WHO's his mom? We don't know. Is Bob? It's just a reboot gaseleep, she's all right, I'm sure. I'm sure. Yeah, he's not a human. Yes, MOM's a human emotion. I think the WHO is until his dad and who's done to tell? Remember to read rem the DMC reboot one pads his mom as an angel, but I think, feel like I'm just thinking about Al Kod yes, fine, father with a D yes, a mighty demon sworsing. He's known as the legendary dark night. So yes, it's a half demon anyway, both him dunting is to mother. Yeah, but I think the reboot one, DNS, is basically he's basically saying literally, I looked at his team. That's every depiction of Satan. Yeah, in media, but yeah, but not get what you need, because it's the demo price series and up being a series of basically I can games, but they do have a lot of depictions that you could say that a lead to the Tolis, etceter the demon demons, etc. But, as you said, a lot of games are multiversted. So there's one game I'm thinking of. It's current en. I don't think it's petunitly good, but it was. Is it really really like? This is horror? It's really really like dark. I think you're you're in hell. Well, on poetry, trying to get to somewhere else. Or I can't remember what game it was. It's AWESOMELIAR. Don It Mitch Console. I think it's on Psfour, probably on the school as well, but it's cool, funny, thin, because what it's got a single name for its title, but it's tired. The name of the game...

...was a single word, but it's really fat. People just dying around you like screams. Are you're in Hell? It's called I feel like I'm going to remember. I was trying to find it anyway interesting exactly. I think. I think, I just, I just, I just Google game that the escape and hell. When it came over, agony to came out to you. Yeah, I think that's it. Yeah, it's agony. Never heard a second yet. Look at look at that, look at the cover. Yeah, but they controls one of the one of the martyrs. That basically tells you what you need to know. Yeah, you're tossing me in the Red God this in the nefferences, dear me. Yeah, I think that's a curiously, is that baffle? That what the heck? Yeah, when you get to church and things keep your different. Yeah, I was interesting discussion about like the beans and devil may cry makes far than everything. Always he basically like Satan. Everything but named and their mother, who was named Eva. They really go much into her like background anything. She's just a mother. But there's a bit here, a by the etymology in on the Wikipedia it says her name is basically just an oltmate spelling of Eve. was, you know, scripture was tempted by the devil. Yeah, so first it's just quite did you know? So? Yeah, yeah, a little bit trip you guys. That's interestingly, I'm even think of game that you kind of mixed together, even the Applore, the upload, the the other series, that it was not horror, but it has a lot of feel played it. It's not really, I would cool it horror. It's not really. It's just there's an RPG what kind of like. It's more awesome, Mieric, symmetric, symmetrictric. That was it? The Angle, who angle? I can't remember what kind of URPG's cooling, but that's the first and foremost than IPG. Yeah, its first and foremost. It just has a lot of themes around hell, exception deep, the demons. I mean the game is called the ablow. Yeah, he got it from there. Thee blood, one of the demons. Yeah, but yeah, it's there is a lot of games that you trying to think some making some horror ends and not a horror ex to say, yeah, I'm trying to think, like, if I think about the Games I've played that, do you have all these elements? KNOWS, I've actually like I found scary. I think the main point is, is there enough tension in the game that as you're playing, that creates that kind of sense of fear as your playing? Because even though the last of us isn't like officially classified as a fiber horror, I can see why people say it is, because there's parts in that game that are very tense. Yeah, but you actually scared like fin they so it yeah, I think, I think that trumps it for me in my light. Classify something as a horror game or not. deliveout you guys. Yeah, I agree. Yeah, I agree with even the same intention them. Reminds me of when I was a kid. Taste something to see, where sixty four I gave you that kind of tension. Now we're getting into another discussions in games that I definitely not hard any horror elements at all. And the well, in a curing out of time will scariestly going down the wall, going down the well, in the well, dead hand at the end the whole well. Yeah, the whole way. The temple that shed, the temple. Oh my gosh, that's a horrid yourself. That's when I let my cousin player. Sorry. So this other temple is a horror in itself. The on, the REDEADS, the flipping hands, as you said. Well, masters are the worst. Oh my God, we're gonna Stream this, stream, let's go, let's go. I'll do it young I hope you guys out, but I'll pass it back when you get to the forest temple or when you get to spirit a temple or where you gets temple. The musical temple is music at the beginning before the more them hounds called again, the wolves a home on else, folse, fols. Yeah, yeah, they music when you into the first and peters like it's got that sort that way of music. And then the hounds coming right at the beginning. The willfos to come right at the beginning before we enter it, just like that. Yeah, I remember very the first put that music was creaky. Yeah, and then you had the laughing in the witches. Yes, no, it's the laughing, laughing for me, baby. Still these slay these dodgers. As a kid, oh my words, I don't know how I played. You know what, you know, what a delay to play my daylight, the windows wide open. I'm seeing MOM's dare.

I used to player. I used to play a time my cousin's right and it was all good. Things took a lot longer back then. Just went as good as games and we'll get done. And there's no walk throughs yet to yet to get it from magazines or something. Yeah, but I remember the first time I went into high will field. It's like, Oh wow, this is amazing massive. I so here you go. There's some rights. And then it became in the music starts changing and it's fine. That time. Everyone's all braby and hear that that bloody sound. And then also was coming out of the ground. Yeah, was still force suffers, so soft, Ye, into the skeletons. Yeah, whatever you think. You Hell, what the Hell? I was like, no, not playing. This is an adult playing offering of time. I was like, if it's light time, hard, I'm gonna wait. You Care, you just say this time. The first time I saw I was shook. I went back to Kooky forest and I didn't come back out. I didn't come back out. I didn't come back out. Stay there for a time the way till day to save it. So from good, I'm good, I'm good, I'm all right. You're doing that. It gotta go far away here. What was your reaction the first time you saw a Redad in windmaker in the way? Why? I think that's the worst design for your ready day. Very kind of like humans, and it's not just like look like shapeless husks that actually look like has the sound problematic, but they kind of look like Massi warriors with like the I'm get into that, because whatever, but make some like so scary. Yeah, the leg of their mouths is just as well, and the way the screech holds you. Yeah, yeah, yes, yes, yes, yes, scream is a SA bad. We terrible. Did we have we dads in the breath of the world? No, I think that for that, because I don't have pete. That came if we had war masters and film masters. And, to be fair, guard is a pretty dumb scary. The guys are terrifying. Yeah, God is. Yeah, at a stop before record is a terrified, because you hit that music and then you know it's long. Yeah, the piano, you the feelow go, you like right free. were't free that? Yes, yes, what gets me he is from how far they chase you from and how far they can see. Never, why don't you see so far? It's like how you see me. Even the ones that are can't even like chase you. The the stay Sny, the kind of the inactive, slightly inactive ones. They can sap you from like the other end of the field. I don't understand that. Piello gives you PTSD. Whenever you hear that, think he's going to just like, Nope, I'm out of it. LINELS, lionels are scary, but that God is wor smile. On the same level. On the same level, man, on the same level at all. I'm saying this now, but when I go to play master, but they get a buck of line with the great fluffs open, with the yet the big kind. That all that? I'll take my moods. Yeah, I'm so involved because you know what, say, I'm trying to read. Oh No, more, go on down, say. I'm just interested to see PUNL like play master made, because the reggetar standard game was a really like a work out for me and my brain. So when they see someone who knows how to pay the possible, so much worse, because that fun. We've enemies. recated help as well, but you don't attack and go. Yeah, YOU'RE gonna see a lot of game over when I play blood moon is one of that was the first time I got blogged me. I said, what the fuck happened up? I did something. I was meant to you right. What? What now? Yeah, I think like well, I'm see. I was like, I'll see to get to the nose. Look at this. Why is it? Why isn't read like that? Then I'm seeing all these dark red parks coming around them, like it's don't and then it was that thing left, mean is rising. It's so this voice actress and better the world. I had to look her up because I was so annoyed. Picture she summset. She's Canadian. You could find you could find one British actress from the himn counting sative voice, Princess Zada,...

...her access terriff, terrible. Yeah, we see a lot of games. Do you have a bill? You know, give you that at that since of horror, as discussed here, is the bit as well. But I just can say she because I can. I like more because I didn't. Yeh, may game still sections and games that are hard and every place. The worst jump scared you've ever had in the game. Oh, I remember one of them as a kid. Body of this that this is funny because it's one bout Jo Kazoo. As a kids. Did you ever, anyone ever play by Dake Kazoo? Yeah, you remember clan because Cavin Chris meddows monster that came out of the wall. Yes, yes, the first time one. I heard that bit. I heard that, you know, that grounding noise. Then what came out me, I ask? Screamed. A screamed as a kid. Game was surprisingly creepy at times. Now I was. It had some creepy no, very a lot of creepy stuff, amit? Like there was some even some things like Gobi's valley. We had that Labyrin. We did make out the laborrit from time. You had spikes come down when you kill you. It's the kids game. This is the kids getting. You'll get killed by spikes. It gives your first person viewing. The spikes come down on see you. You remember the thing about I'm your game being deneated? Yeah, wait, act that. Yeah, yeah, that's mud. Yeah, she happened. He had to cheat too many times of the League game. Yeah, you get warned. Yeah, and then if you don't listen to continue us a game and they follow through with it. Is actually made you going to the Games completely raised. But yeah, something that gave even as a lot of screepy stuff. As Chris said, even the game over screen was quite creepy because you see, you see, that was all about runtil the trying to steal your sister's looks. Then she came the game of but she does in your sister conducts. As I saw some protests there. Yeah, some scary protestue there, which is a bit yeah, even though, speaking it's just things that all that kind of like calm to you as a kid and you look back on it as an adult like that was it all right? Yeah, game, that's probably what was that? Fruit Plass? Seven pass okay, maybe probably seven. About you tubes, which I was scared if you had. I'm trying to think. I think a lot of things that creep me out on say, like jump scares things. It's just like it's the suspense of it that's scary to me. But just like if we're talking about like games, you pay his kids, they're they're possessed. Piano in my in my resist before because when you go up to it, nothing happens initially and then, just out of no way, the piano has teeth, yes, hiking you out the room, like what was the reason? Yeah, and it's loud. You know, those what the reasons why? I just use I let my friend, who's mentioned for me, because I hate look. That was what that was the sole reason that I didn't look like going. WHO's mansion that would be mentioned? Now I'm stuck. I'm not gonna be again. That brue mansion. Is that when you go down in the beat the tea comming attack. Yet I didn't want to touch that live that and that and jolly were debate with the just in kind of that yours like a Hanna. That's yes, yeah, I was like I'm not gonna get all these stars here. I'm the once I let my friend you didn't start, because we know at the type the kid even that's you know fully the hole was even skirt out. I don't know why skinned at the dinosaur. You know, what's the name of that level metal? Something I can't win, but you know, we go to that that pool of metal to go to the level of that one. You know, you got that that that nest. You kind of dinosaur did in the whole the little lock nest wants to type face. Yeah, told me that if you grand probably enough will eat you. So I didn't want to go. I didn't want to do that level you, but I think my cousin's always aund similar, like yeah, yeah, yeah, someone told me that. I just didn't want to go near that. Meaning what did it level with that part, because I thought about GRANDPA eat me and I that and the fish is one tiny, tiny giant island, or it was called I don't remember the level names, you know, I just remember the features. But in the very island, the fish that each of the okay, my might that things solow me whole. I did want to go into swimming the water again. This was an optional dungeon and Whin you wake up. But did you guys played the pirate ship? Yes, sure, the part shute and like the whole thing is kind of like creepy anyway, because don't know what's going to happen, like because you just kind of you have to find for I didn't know what part what, like point in the game you can complete it, but I think, I feel like it has to be like towards the end. It has to be a certain part amount and you can actually see the parish ship. Then you can actually talk into the pariship and like, you know, get the extra stuff. And there's a bit the whole thing is kind of scary. There's a bit right the end we like okay, you're done, you ready to go back and like okay, finely, finally done, and then for no reason at all,...'s just like wild cackling, like really loud and like kind of like jumps in the game and freezes and then just does the transition to NEX scene and you're backing a bit, but for no reason it just wort to give you one more heart attack before you're done, and that freaked me out. Weird as hell. Like. Yeah, just for the reason. Is that anybody? Afterwards, it just dump scared and then you're back on your boat. Yeah, I think my one has been my jump scare. I can remember most funly. Was funly. You know, yes, bioshock and I played bioshop by shock is a bit creepy anyway, but there's a lot of creepy elements to it, but I wouldn't really consider it a horror right. So there's an area you go to in the game. It looks like a there's a dentist chair, right, scary already. You're going around, you're picking up I and you're doing stuff and then, I think, on a dentist share you just see like, I can't remember, I think you might see bones or limbs and something. So see that. You you look at the dentist shareses like, how is this? Yes, look here, you turn around, the dentist is standing right in front of you. I literally I'm about drop my expox resist controller. You know, you saw your you goes in the menu, scream and then what the hell? It's things like that. Is why I feel it if I buy a her a game like I just be wasting my money, because I know what's something like that happens. I'm like right, that's right, that's that's me, done honestly and in the peace between right, and be done with it. The other thing, call of duty. Really looked. Oh Yeah, I heard about twenty. Not even the Zombie Moon. I really essentially in in celebration of Halloween. Or see the clip? Yeah, I think I'm going about to say. You look this up. So you open a loop box. I was loviems you're playing wars on your new vibe g guy items as quickly as possible so you can get money and whatever. Pick up I and you get the craziest jump scare for no reason, just opening a box. Just just usue bit. You'll see it. There's present I group for Halloween. I'll see that. I put one a very face cover. Yeah, I think I'm gonna ch this all it's all sorts. is All different ones, but it's just the problem with it is that you can't antipipate here. You can't. It's you can just happen random. You know, as they were programming in that in, they're like here're gonna get them with this one. Honestly, that's why, that's why we need to stream called the g just honestly, just for that. You know, you don't know what it's going to happen. You know if it's gonna Happen, but when it does happen is three as well. That was very scary. So there is, because it was very scary as scary, but I think it every's elder I've played this world for yeah. Yeah, I think the absence of proper, like structured dungeons kind of eliminated. Yeah, and they got rid of a lot of the scarier enemies. They aren't there. If, if Beth the rod had three DADS, I know they'll be terrifying. Yeah, they would be terrified. Looking at the trailer for the sequel, looks that they might find realizing, I think the traitor to. I think they're gonna bring back like really we did. I will be surprised. I think the red that's a coming back. Look like that. Then yeah, we move, I guess. Look, look, terrifying. So are a games you guys have to be playing this week at me. I will watch y'all. Wants the horrid the sidelines side. I will watch you guys stream called we need to play. Left for it. We did play after a day. If I'm playing with friends, I can play horror. I really wish was on playstation same we should have got that Friday thirteenth game. It was free. Position Plus is free. Is it still free? I don't know. It was a couple months back. Was Free. But yeah, any multiplayer horror games, I yeah, okay, and hack it. This has been a great conversation, guys. It's been us. So when we dropped the episodes at us into our LASTON which Horror Games you've been playing? Let us know how badly you are judging polly and I for being scared of a Games that weren't scary. Well, I guess stuff. So I've been toward. I've been joined by Po lay and Chris. We are for his academia. Follow us on twitch. We just made affiliate, so expect a lot more consistent content here on our se basic a clip of me, dude, the most stupid doll. Sever was...

...a good oh yeah, we have a clip sage of the exact moment. We realize you reached affiliate it was or something. But yeah, follow us in twitch. We stream four times a week. You Stream Horror Games, you dream stream in tender games multiplayer. We do like a variety stream of Mondays and very soon people an eye out for any live events. We just want to do more like life podcast recordings and interact with the fans more and all that good stuff. And I'll be during the discord. I think the Lak tree and yeah, that's been us by but guys,.

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