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Episode 55 · 2 months ago

K-pop - Celebrating The Return of NTC || Episode 55


Tudz, Abi and special guests Toni discuss and watch Tudz react to music from NTC in an attempt to convince her to join them in their K-pop fandom. 

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Hello and welcomed back to anotherepisode of the four as Academ your podcast through during the day bymyself, tods Abbe and a very special guest, Tony Higher One. So if anyone recognizes attorneys byvoice or by face, you could probably guess what the topic of this epode isgoing to be yeah ca pop, but before we get intothat, we have a few news pieces to run through. So I did some. I did some curating here for somethingwe could all talk about because and then no one here gives a shit aboutlike epic and fortnight and like a fuck, what Vigo game companies are doing, alike: okay, it's going to like more fun stuff. So I kind of come with thisalready in the previous episode but tones here, so you have to cover itagain. One piece live action. Thought I want to be happy on etired, but like live actions, havenever really been that good, I'm watching anything on piece so alsofort, and the fact that this is a black man doing it who's an actual one piecefan, I'm dumb, I'm down I'll check out yeah. It has me nervous because, likeyeah, Oh yeah, a black guys writing it he's like a genuine fan, but is like weknew like the track. The card for live action movies so like exactly ifthere's like flops and in the like, but racist is to come, is o to be nice. You can't we can't.You can't satisfy all these nerds like that ways. HersWay someone is going to say something is with. Someone is going to saysomething ways like even the cowboy people live action teasers that we'veseen have looked. Okay, there's literally nothing wrong with them, likeyou know, but obviously they let know this person doesn't look like this.They don't have the waste and the hip portions that are required for thischaracter. So I'm just like okay rolls eyes like it's, not that serious. Idon't want it to be that specific as Ang as Zora's good looking and as longas everyone is okay, like I'm fine, like the story is more important but yeah T. that's it I'm not I'm notthat do you know what I've been doing enjoyed his in a strong term, but I'vewatched definite the Netflix we make. No, I don't hate it. I didn't hate it.I feel like what's important, is when you're watching live actions. You needto watch it as if it is a new experience, rather than comparing it towhatever source me to e. They use over it's the Manga or the animate, as myopinion. Anyway, that's how I usually view it is. I just watch as if to sayis a completely new show. I've actually thought have a good trap record, but,like I I'm going in there open mind and I, like I'm, not going to completelypash this one piece like like. I Shul got to go in there. What is saying- andif I like it, I like it. If I don't look, I had the exact a reaction tolike action. Each I was like come on man. I'm only watch it for me or youknow so, and it ends up being amazing. So I was like well to meet. Personally,I thought was amazing. One because it had one of my favorite Japanese actives,like as her you go yeah. Let's just see how it goes. Shall I yeah, I think,it'll be a fun time. I think that's what's Mer, Putin will be a fun. I wasa Americaines one. Yeah yeah move it on. So I actually don't knowhow much we could say about this, but I conebearers CB COM, official twitter,account tweeted out that DC's first web tune that man, the Wayne FamilyAdventures, puts Bruce Ray in to the test, as he joggles being the darknight and the father to imagine for the vigilante children. So I just wot. Thiswas interesting because we obviously all like we live on Web Tine on thatAPP we with a bunch of stuff and I've never really known where to start withlike American comic book. So I just never bothered I just like pickingshoes when I like what staff for me stuff. So I thought this might be agood to way for me to like commit to a comic book story, because Ye Mo so yeah. What do you guys think? I agreelike? I know is taking a past, I sune, like e Ave, to say o wet cheapthere, but, like I think I would give it a try if, in that former, I feel like it's easier.Like you said, I don't know where to start with any comic books. I don'treally like. I don't know how the way come books look. That is not my stylelike. I know, there's lows of different styles and those are different art, butI think it's just the way you know how like mangoes, as is a whole medium byyourself, even though l man Garsis do different art. I feel like that, for meis like comic books. Is that way like? I don't han't get into it, so I feel,like maybe I'll, check out if it's in a web tone as election, so yeah, I say I'll check out as well, but youknow my backlog in it. So so oh yeah, I say that I'll be checking out sometimein the next decade. So, but you tell you m partial to anycomment books do just that. We've Shit... American comic book for Wiston, like is there's a so much like I getoverwhelmed because I think about. I constantly think about like wanting tostart like certain comics, and then I just remember like I know you see likeyou'll see you see like Batman issue like five hundred and it's like, butit's like different Tis like different bits. For you know I mean it's justlike: Where do I start like? I get really over a it's just so a Wetton tome self break. So it's just it's simple. It's right! It's right fun of you. Imean like estans. You know like there's, no like different, don't on a time one but likethere's, no different sort of like Outa universes yeah exactly, but we webinars,even three. You know but yeah. I always say tomyself now I'm going to pick up like more DC comic Fundin. I don't do it. IIII I go over one, so I think I tune it. A good idea, yeah cool! Next, an getthe next few pieces of news. I tried to like curate this to present company, soI just put Kop in Google let CAPE OP and the switch tothe news tab and I just picked recent stuff that looked interesting. So thefirst at's cool is by ABC News and says Vas, two thousand and twenty one seeBlack Pink and bets go head to head as the K pop category returns. So I wasn't, I don't really watch a warshows. I don't know if you is a you ti on watch a show, so I didn't realizethat K pop was a category in and it wasn't for on time, but anyway, comingback and says this is the third year of the Mais dedicated to c pop moon person.The six groups of I or the prize are Black Pink and then suiting the Gomezin brackets. Oh, maybe their SOT has their song withSelina okay bets butter, so the Bat Pinks, the song by black, pink or isice cream. On the prime, you got G, I do Dundandy, okay, monstereggs, a gambler, seventeen ready to love, okay and twice alcohol, three: okay, the fact that I just know thenames of the group for like one or two of the songs, I've actually heard, butthat's a that's a pretty- that all heavy. Her is like the all, reallyreally big Cape up groups in career. I'm surprised that a lot of them haveactually made a mark in the Western media. Now a new black pin canobviously bets have been pretty big here. Twice have been pretty big aswell here. Obviously, in C in careers,they've been big. Seventeen, I think. Maybe it's just I'm just new toseventeen, but I've never really heard of them in the West before, like I've,always seen tts twice, who, as I've, seen tits twice and blackpink, but seventeen. I haven't really seen much talk of on like before I wasin to Cape of so just in general right. It also isn't that G. I do as well. I'msurprised about that. I didn't I didn't e know about them until very veryrecently, but in one T X, I've heard of thembefore as well. So I'm excited that they're really they're all reallyreally good groups. I haven't checked all of them out, but I'm excited I fullup. o Bs or Black Pink might win the because if it's an American a war showthey might win yeah. That's my opinion about you, Tony Site. As the expertyeah, I don't really pay attention to a war shows clothing, the red, so I but he said that all quite popular fop,but I don't know much about Dido. Seventeen like I've got some of of likefor my followers on pot like the their fans of the, and you know I mean I'm abig fan of Wat to at so I'm really happy to see them likenominated for an award for Gambler, because gamble was really good. So Iyou I'm going to introduce to go some of the people to know yeah. That's whyI'm trying not to watch them that you can infuse me to them so that I nocheck out. First, a name one home one yeah yeah is that the fitone on Kay I've check I've checked out and my God it's actually obscene how he looks likeit doesn't even make sense like a check o yeah, amazing yeah, you can SI. You know whathis voice didn't match his face to me. I thought he was like a rap ot orsomeone like an Edgy Grundy Wis, but he's such a he hassuch a sweet sweetlike like way so his voice is very...

...denial. Nice I was like this does nomuch the way you look Boro what's going on here. That's my opinion near butyeah do you know a neatly. I've been I've been trying tolike hold back on one sex so that you can introduce me to a properly becauseI know you're a big fan of them, but back to the the amazing stuff like asmuch as I'm happy that they're getting exposure here. I just hope they don'ttry to make songs to cater to the Western world as much like. Obviously Idon't listen to ts that much. I've lived it to be before I go into Cape O,properly, pts, obviously the ones I've heard the most from, and I did havesome of their songs on my on my playlist, but all the songs I've had oftheirs. We all like older songs that were like all in Korean or likewhatever, but and they start making more songs of butter and dynamite andstuff like that, and then I was like these are bobs, but I prefer, if youguys, stick to like more of the sound that you guys had before that thatBlack Swan is a really good song so stuff like that. I feel like a betterbe for them, but then, when they start to kate to like the Western world, thestart featuring western artists decide o like okay, it just doesn't hit asmuch for me like yeah, that's my opinion. I hope they do get continuedgetting exposure and awards here, but just don't cater to us either justcontinue making what you like, don't care about. What we like do, what youdo you. This is my opinion on it. I feel like it's an industry. The endof the day is so, I feel like the more popular they get in the West, the war,the my rose, that was an influence on wotte but yeah. I think it's good thatyou know the cost over and is like keep up with, like, I don't say, may dream,because I feel like that's. That reflects how much of a bubble we canget our SOSIA yeah, but definitely put they have they're making a mark in thewestern music scene. Yes, final piece of news: This was, I think,the third result when the googled Cape op in the News Tab Turkish gone. Kauris government sees kape up as athreat, so this was published on the ten post, often bar so like two daysago. Turkey's Capot thank community is very active, but for religiousconservatives, the soft area music has a bad influence on youth. Is it aboutto be censored? Does a new hash tag happening on Turkish to are in responseto like, I guess, people in government and stuff being a really like? You know concerned about the influence of caupon the youth in their country, and so they responded to the Hashtag sayingHash to K pop should not be banned. So young people in Turkey are part of theglobal thank Uity where the lank twelve in terms of the number of Capo tweetsposted worldwide wow, that's pretty high yeah one hash tack in particularis trending kapup yeah, I'm not going to butcher the language for no Turkishviewers, but it translates to Hash. TICAO should not be banned, so that washappening in Turkey amongst the fank community. That's wild! You know what Ifeel like it's mad, that they say that it has a bad influence on them, becauseif we're going to talk about music right and in the industry in generaland like what they portray at least from what I've seen kapup idols aresupposed to have a very good, more rules very good like they need to be. They need to have acertain way of living. They literally can't have amark on their past or they're out. That is that serious of cast smoke theycan't they can't have multiple partners. They can't they some of them can't even they knowthat they can't, but it is found a pan or they get judged for it. So it's likefor Cape Up idols of all music genres to be the ones aretargeted like it's a bit weird unless, unless it's like, they also censorWestern music that Nickem age caldy vis offer that, if that's also the case,then I think it's more of a religious standpoint in like music in generalyeah, rather than just the cope of idols themselves, so that I canunderstand because there's a Mishima know like music, isn't is forbidden interms of like most music genres, so yeah. If it's that kind of thingwhere all music is banned in fair enough, but if it's just capot it's abit mad their targeting keep opping particularjust red through the article a bit more so apparently there's a really popular progamme like daily, like publication in Turkey, where they posted something was a pick.The paper persaid Muslim children are exposed to a bombardment of music andseries called Kapup, especially children, who are neglected by theirparents. Listen to this music to a listen to this music to Ford feeling,lonely divisas experts to see the main...

...problem with Cape up bands is that theyportray gender neutrality so reading a skimming a bit further. They have issuethe fact that the men look really manicured and the men are prettybasically and they feel like it's unnatural and God wouldn't want this,and so we to tect our children so that on your sons patting theirnails, so they just have it right when they have people like can bignamimusic and that the west make music way more. You know sexual like and theywouldn't sense. They weren't they're, not censoring that but they're justtalking tin cap O, because the men are pretty then that's mad. That's why theyshould write for that, like the as genuinely speaking, if we're going totalk about like a celebrity lifestyles right in Korea,you can't do anything like that. We can do here in the West and get away withit. Like they will got o you before anyone else here, does it like, ifanything were more liberal, were more like oh they're, going to get cancelledjust for this like just having a cigarette, but I over there yeah theywill like. They will counsel you over stuff like that. So it's like theirlifestyle is definitely more in line with like what not like what Muslimpeople do. Of course not, but like just if we're going to talk about moreconservative lifestyle, Cape up slabs will probably leave that life more thanthe West. The Western celebrity artist would. Ah So it's they're, justhyponoia yeah, it's just the optics of it. That seems to be the problem,because I think there's someone think someone who was like respondingcritically to the article saying that the fact that the mill sing is use makea pain eels die, their hair and wear polite contact. Lances for theperformances is part of like dimes, a culture. It's not unusual, Bottesini orvoges se as an issue. Is He as an agenda? Basically, so that's what Iuses from it is: Don't want them mentemque by painted nails and makeup.Okay, okay, to make sense to me now. I was like why cap up things and then Irealized. Oh, that's why okay yeah they're just they're just tootor andthey're all and the ignorant, so I hope they do it because that's ridiculous! Imagine not listening to a whole general music because they don't like the waythe men look. That's my mad! That's mad wild like and you know what, though Iactually do for that, because when the government says they're going to do soand then were most likely going to do it so they're going to have to start doingshit in legally now, which is sad but yeah. I pray for you guys, so you guys getthrough it by it. Maybe I don't know I'm not inciting violence by the way,but you say right, maybe like it's something that cool, often activity, I mean, if your friendship kind of iswhich am I taking you, God o the people in their government, the No, no feteFrench government. You know what kills me I sate today I said Yeah they sawsomeone, I'm a Bogett Punch, you, the police officer, then going to buycheese. That's just how normal is right. Do you icune er, so you can could nevernever were just likes that were actually bomb socks. I hate how much webump othering, I'm actually so ashamed like anyways, let's, let's get into theCape pop before I get angry an turn you regretting this. Yet I every day like this, this is our justdisconnect from the world. I just turned cap up on and it just like makeseverything Bel. So it see if we can get you into it. Let me introduce what you're going tolisten to unless you're done you done with the yes yeah. That's it that's end of the newsso we'll get into the next part of this episode. Okay, pop over to B Antony I'mpassive from now one it part of this segment is to reacting to k pop or morespecifically, of Avem and Tony's favorite group, which is Ct. I recentlygot into them they're. The only group I ope listen to and that's another thingwith Kapup- is that a lot of people actually listen to one group. You dohave the multi stands and listen to multiple groups, but like a lot of them,usually just stick to one group and everything about that group and for meright now, that's Ct. Tony was your main group, so my main groups areentfloh pretty new to CP. I side listen to them last year, so I'm pretty muchjust in the same, but as you like, I'm like there's so much more about themlike I could know, you know I mean, but my first come back was kick it and Icouldn't. I cannot think of a Bettera... to like be integers. I it's alitle, my place in the fandor. Forget your introduction to nt or like silingyour place in the fund of a entity. Kick it introduced me to keep up andsolidified it for me, like that. Was the I've heard cop songs before that,but like not anything like kick it, that was it for me. That was, I waslike once I got into kick once I discovered kick it. That's when, likethe world of Cape Up opened to me- and I was like okay- well, I'm actuallyinto this now- I want to know what else they have. I Like I've liked. I haveloved almost every single video they've put out and on top of that they're youknow what before like. Let me not like I was. I was definitely the type ofperson that was very skeptical towards cable. I was like what is it about kpop that people enjoy so much like? Are you guys insane, like? I only have mysister to go by and she's got a very good vet because she gets obsessed withthin quickly right. Sorry, I'm trying to pull you out, but like she, she wasbefore this was one direction before that was just in beaver. So I wasn'tsurprised I was like Oh okay, you're, just it's just you right and then Istarted seeing Kapup stands on twit and I was like maybe they're, just kidsthat are like you know that don't have anything better to do, and so I wasvery judgmental and then big twenty six year old, I startedwatching cockit and then I was like wait hold on. He go the next video.Then I go next video and I'm enjoyed the music videos by itself right. Themusic is always cinematic. I A cinematic experience at the videos ofreally really good qualee high production value, but then I startedwatching like some of the behind the scenes and in some of the like frogs-and I was like wait so this is what's like addictive. It's like you get tolearn. If you enjoy their personalities, you get to see them through out there awhole day and that different them doing different challenges, and it's likeit's really really addictive, but I can't even explain it unless you getinto yourself. It is isn't just a genre. So, like it's lit, your whole lifestylelike was to get to Kape off it's it's a whole lifestyle. You know like you, youwatch all their content, not just the music but every content that they putout. So I've stopped, judging because now, I'm part but yeah. That TT is that my main groupI've checked out others like EXO shot. I know I haven't checked out shiny exe S, my babies, I love them so much thatcome back as coming as on is at the one. The Pink Hare is Eneka. I like I tolike as a even what's his name Song, but o God that they are. They are they'remy fames and they're, my babies, I if they had more content out, I wouldput them as high as nt, because CC's been around for Long Gad, there's moremembers, so there's more content. It's easy to kind of like get lost in the NT,while this literally a hot. This so to introduce CT is twenty three members inone group and I really sorry honestly. I thought I would never learntheir names, but by day too, I knew everyone. What it's actually so easy that I so thatyou get over em is a literally at one piece. You say you see one hut now onJeff, not you comparing the scrutin no seriously like everyone getsintimidated by one piece and like how there's nine hundred episodes, but inno time you're binging through it. And then it's like you know. You learneverything by force. You have to introduce one piece into every topic.It does like money this of course, but with CT, there'stwenty three members and they're broken into different sub units. So there's tone to seven. I think there's a original group so t actually not Tellai.I don't know about any original groups. I just know that T nt, seven have ninenumber nine members comment and then you have CT dream: they're, theyoungest members so they're like they're like the under twenty one ortwenty one year olds, then there's Wavy, I think that'sTony's favorite obeie, I'm assuming I'm assuming they're the Chineseinternational members and I say internationalcompared to Korea. So there's an then there's the final sub unit and CT,which is just a mixture of all three of the all twenty three members. So an eventry. It does names. How do you inteet is? So I don't know I don't knowso. The court ct is like the band and all the subbest cooed tt like yeah, soit and then no one, seven as dreamers to you and then wave so waves. What wasmaybe the COMBERES, I don't know they're the ones that l like, I thinkthey debuted in China and they're like the Chinese international members, sothey cater more towards the train they're trying to break into like theChinese music industry. So they use those members who are like Chinese HongKong tie to kind of do that and then the rest of them.

There are other international membersinside the main sub groups as well. So yeah you, that's that's as much asyou're, probably going to understand with I actually me meet in them. You'vewatched kick it and kick. It is tt one, seven so t on to seven dream and wavedeath, fixed groups and C to use a mixture of those people. Twenty threemembers for different songs. If that makes sense just as much as I cansimplify it. If we got you actually watching their content, but you'vealready watched onty, seven Cicer, how did you find it? Did you like it? Is Ireally liked it? I mean I made a drink before it's not really a jet, becauseit's like facts for me that how like the Cape upson I enjoyed the most in the past, I've always been the ones with is likethey sprinkle, O that that blackly black lake influent into it, theyappropriated the hell or that shit, but it slops. I was just saying how yeahyeah are, but at that Sov flip was, but I man that's how yeah yeah, I sure, like. Obviously, I'm notsurprised to hear the black producer that works, an kick it, but kickydoesn't sound like there's other yeah. Does it sound like Oh yeah? They justripe this straight from they be watching. They were back into thearchives they found. Some TV based visite t did sound like that. Yeah it'sto a te pay poppy, but also like a like something. You can like that slapSeikai like that they they can. I lucky that you, the culture that they cultureappropriate them one slaps so hard right, but also like the one with the black music right and and then theykind of make it into their own. I like that too, like the way they interpretlike R and B and the way they interpret like rap as well. I really really enjoyit because you could tell through their art that they actually appreciate it.Yes, I understand they're, probably not as educated as they should be to take.I take your red for it. Sekhet right, like you, know, Madentinto that music doesn't seem like they're taking the Piss with it. If youknow what I mean it doesn't seem like they're, you know yeah, but we'll letyou judge for yourself. So I've subject me in Tony. So estedyou listen to Lotaka and S, love by Ct. You and we'll see we'll see. If there'sanother one we don listen to, but those are the Blackett Black S, I don'tpeople to co, consint ever other, both very strong songs, Itis pehaveintroduction, I love talk, is by Wad. Not Try. T is love. What do youthink Tony? No, his love or love talk. First, I y love is more it pop lolie love toone I loten. The name is screaming already one thing about wavy. Is that Maudonkill me N. fifty nine many views is that kind of like typical. That's thethat's, not even the high okay etuden like okay. Let me know when you guysare here: okay, I'm ready. Okay, so just just soyou know you can talk frout, the reaction, if you want, let's keep it toa minimum, but I would like to see your genuine reactions to also okay. BETITmight help us cover up the DMCA whatever, but okay people. This the course is be Tuck in my head.By the way. Just I'm glad e the course is the bestpart the rest is like I can take. You onlybe wow what, but you know what I first listen to love toa a first isn't love talk. I was like what is it? What did you see my face? I like whatis the meaning of this, like the PO lapster yeah? Now it really does, butthen I listen back to it again. Oh, my God, like I'm addicted like the thingis Loftak, is one of those songs that the second time actually tegens a lotof the antt songs. The second time round was the best time for me, likethe only songs I ave, proper qoonta immediately was cat, make a wish and is love and a couple other songs, butmost of them, after only the second ISS that I actually feel like called out.This is really good, especially a lot of the wavy songs. It got first it'sdifferent, but then yeah that they slap but yeah that was love to. I think Ithink my mistake was that I had well. I... was on bid for the lyrics came up. Ithink if I just watched it without paying to see a lot of Joan Janis whowas in that song. So what are you saying right now? I was like what areyou? What who wrote these things wot these poor boys? They know what they'resaying it's like Mas Michelson just reading the script and he doesn't knowwhat he should decide to raiment. I sat making up some of these lyricslike make it l make what a a I N T I n one or t like what are you doing? Youwant a baby so in wave you know, Lucas he's any onethat recognized he's in he's, anyone that could back up the stuff he wassaying these of the mad is sex of to I'm. So sorry, he she has six eaped thesee. What I say I have ten okay, now ten, a ten with the college contacts. Yes, Ithink all of them had colored contest some point: that's that's how theTuckes government isn't set it Isoro make work up. ITALY HAVE THE GODLESS FAM! Oh, my daysget hot, but you use to have ten e he's all the kindof contact and the short black hair young Yang was the one I said make acat. First of all, young gang is always the one coming up with the madness inthe songs he's always the one saying the the most rively sexual things andhe's the youngest in the G. I think any he was. I just have words of the group.I don't know why they keep making him say, make it clap or start makinggestures towards. I think it is, is this experience I think it is, is to alot of wig and then man he has like a playlist for a biggit, a Hoodie becauseyou're not coming up with this by yourself. No Way. Sorry there's also con he's the leader of thegroup. If I'm not mistaken, you have win, win and Tendra me and my baby and Hendry isn't: that'sit a is anyone childen Dougah he's the singer, so Shalan and corn and ten arethe vocals in the group they're, the ones that you could pretty much hetthroughout the whole song like in the background in the chorus, and then therappers are Lucas, young, young and Hendry. Sothat's who we have to and win win as well. I think yeah, women. Yes, that'sthat's way. Ve Love Talk so they're the subiect, the that they're, theinternational sash Chinese sub in it that are tryingto cater more towards other countries in Asia, so yeah. Next we have CT US love. This is more of a ORB, a hip, hop kind of like back inthe day five. I love it. I'm sorry, but I'll be the top of that I a black song.They have. I love it like. This is a most culturally appropriated song. Thisis the most problematic fries episode today. Please do not drag me. I Love Act. I'mnot trying to listen. Kapp don't come for me. Black people don't come cap ofthe conference enjoying I love them. I'm also self aware that theredefinitely taking shit from black artist, but I love them all the same.Like don't drag me. Okay, is it's giving noyesternight you people, I will lock. My twitter count imagines me esthetes I'll,just know you don't exist to me. So don't come for me. I appreciate this.You all the same, so yeah they're going to cut a be saying: Yes, theyappropriated, but it slaps with that mean of the guy saying now. Yes, therewas some savory, but there's always a but okay in me to letme so that I can hear reactions Onlyi'm liable toRaffle Long. So why am I scared now,... the fuck, you came out sayingmaybe this this is the most backtick son and I'm looking at a boys blaowin say is the black right, but at the belike sound more from like thingsthat you would hear back in the day, two thousand and early to and early S,so not because they look black or becausethe isis, a pig or I understand is in please I'm on me. I was to figure out what that wasformer from past gobassie. Don't this ship make an Nigga on it? It took me too long, that'sembarrassing! What an interesting is tell have likethese are bobs right. So having the whole thing be like a Kishlik cinematicdat sequences to be expected right, but they'll make all these songs about likelove and Romance, but they got a Britches in the visit I jes, becausethe society will not allow it. It's like is something's missing. Here islike where's, where the bitch is that the Lord am I wrong for me, a Interestin kind of doesn't mind that,like I actually don't mind that there is a dothn't always have story lie, inmy opinion, it's mostly just like the visuals, then the dark sequence andthen that's kind of it so having women there I mean there are some songs likethat. Limoges twisted Maso, mainly like solo artists, will have a lot interestin their songs. If they're proper trying to tell a story through theirsongs, they all have a love of interest, but a lot of them, usually the focuseson them and not the love interest light. I'm probably thinking like a stupidWestern on year are the women but yeah. I'm probably for that. If you know whatI mean about black and didn't you just mean like the samples Ye Tis likepopular popular R, mb stuff, like an even like yeah, like you know, when you're, when yougrow up listening to black music and stuff, you have to seek that stuff outlike there's some artist top or like big in a view, but in the mainstreamthey're not considered big. So I I would feel like this kind of conceptfor, like the song is taking from that is taking from the other popular music.From like that time, and like the Har like rboten of lie intersection, youknow so I get detinet the vibes, then it not to pose evasit called me. Sowhen did you, what was the foot was? Is Behind that no in a negative way, justlike that was interesting. That's an interesting choice to this son was no sparing it but yeah. What's the Third Song is lovekilling me? They said so this I was watching the ride like what is thishoney? I see one thing, but ints they're veryexperimental, their music. My opinion, like I, don't see many songs like theirs in other Rolie. Theyhave not just because of this, but because of their other sounds as well.They're very neo, grunge techno, like especially one t seven, so you haven'theard any of those songs like that. I think a lot of people refer to them asnoise music, where they have a lot of like loud instruments in the back andthe like a lot of shouting. So this is more of the the the different side, but if you do want to check out more ofthat noise music, I do have suggestions, but I don't know what you do. If youwant to watch more visually pleasing song, there's make a wish. I don't know what we Gonta Watch, O t e w yeah so make awish. All right bet make a wish. I don't know if you've ever watched thatI did suggest it to before, but I don't know if you've watched it before somake worse should be next to an T. you, okay, let me just say, institute you.This was the group where they have different members from the twenty threemembers: It's not fixed group, so you had. There was ten in there from Wadythat you saw he's the one with the French there was mark. There was hairthan which is my baby. There was win win young Yan, who are also in Wavy Geno in that's it, Oh, no and then sungthan who was rapping in the middle, so yeah that was, that was tu and thosemembers, okay. That were going to go to make a wish. So this is the have youheard the English version Torney Baby, we young insane, who wrote that at no seriously. I don't know who writethese things, but I, like my donut, so jam in the middle. No honestly, that's the English versionshocked the fuck out me. I was creasing.

I was on the hell o rot to wrote. This wrote this. I don't know what like theybe giving these kids, why they do English version, whatever they do inhis version of their songs. Just now it's a fucking song like it's a it's, ait's a sex song like you, reading the Omens, but there's alot of Indonesian goals here. The first time I heard like the English in ofmake a wish, like my eyebrows, were so high. I was dthis. Why would they make men say this?He d say this. I who I'm ninety percent sure they don't knowwhat they're saying the only person o does know is Ja. That's it is the onlyeasy, only one that knows that a sex is so yeah we're, not gonna. Let youwatching this version, O you probably can sell cap o take all together. Likeis definitely a man, I'm still reeling from Makee Clap, oh no! Coming up coming out of themouth of a ban, but okay, I'm not trying to infantilizedthem by the way before anyone comes for me right, they are in the early S, most of themmidterm. The youngest is nineteen, but like most of them are like two thousandand twenty twenty one. Twenty twenty three up until twenty five e see I'mjust thinking because I age- I don't know if it's this is like me, listening to fake news, but likethey're not allowed to like date and stuff publicly when in these groups, Ifeel like that's more of a there's, more newance to it, like yeah they'renot allowed to date in terms of like it's not on it allows in this band,it's more so round a pond on the image it they definitely one thing that theydo. Is they sell this boyfriend girlfriend image right? Okay? So if youget with someone they're just going to jeopardize their own kind of likepopularity, so it's just something that they just don't do because of that fortheir own sake. They don't do it to be some companies like they will give thema day and ban that they'll be like when they start off the being like. Oh yeah,there's a three year dat in van you know I mean, and then after that, whenthey for come on now they wouldn't become established and what not, thenthey become a bit more lenient, but then some of the artists like that havediver. They ever stay like like secretly. You know I mean care, Idon't want the whole business peor the world or they just continue that no dayand bans they can focus like on their job and themself Blah Blah Blah men butlike it can get. There's like a bit of a gray area. It can get like really.Some people are like. I don't want my favor to date, but they still peupliersother people that are like you know. I want my favor to find love. I want them.What was the love? I got to do a music being I like the T, two sets of people. Youknow I mean there's still people out there that I just like. I don't want myfavorite date, which I'm just like where we go, and then you know, there'speople that do they want those things to find love and be, like you know, ayoung I'm getting married and what not, but at the same time it's a risk whenyou're idle. This is a risk or gonna have to take as long as you're, not aslong as you're, not like a shitty person, and then you know like I'm not going to namenames but as on you, just not shaty personal you just you just just takeyou just take someone and to live yeah just be on Mi that oneperson yeah it really is. It depends like some ofthem. Some people depends on the image that they portrayed from the beginningas well. If they're like they give off that player Vibe a lot of people won'tbe surprised. We think about that really innocent, that they do haveconcepts that they do portray on purpose. I I think they're, given it atthe beginning of the debut or you'll to you, the best O, so they have to betraythat throughout their career and then I obviously the older they get, theharder is going to be for them to do to put off certain concepts. So it justdepends. It really depends on this. It depends on individually like if, if the choice inat the end of a day, I love of them to choose not to just so they don't risktheir popularity kind of all. They do it secretly, so they don't jeopardizetheir career. A lot of people who are like that grow up with certain bands,like instance, like I grew up like with shiny. You know when you, when you'rebasic the same agen these idols like when they come up it like they were tocome out and feel like. Oh yeah, I I have a I've. Had this girlfriend andwe're going to get married, I'm here cropping like we belie for you to my I peoplei, don't want say like it. Idon't want say it's a childish...

...mentality, because I e I'm pret surehas a lot I do out there. I, like, I, don't want my face to date, but whenyou grow up with a certain band and you book- and You are approaching yourthirties with that band and then you see that they have like someone tospend the rest of their life with you kind of feel a bit happy for them,because I mean to be like a exactly you're. Just like Oh cool, that's nice!For them. You know I mean congrats. I hope you never happy happy life, younot mean, but there is a large group of people like I said who do not share thefeelings and one thing on the bottle too deep intoit, and I can't exactly criticize any fandom when I don't really look atWestern plan Esar, so it will be Hypopheta forme to look too deeply into the way capot finders move. When you knowpeople here move weird about certain things as well, so they should leavethat that, but to make a wish, is another mctormackYouTube which one t'allay can just ok it there. Next toit is the first suggestion that comes up. Okay bet on get stuck in your head. When i sayyou know what i don't know if you ever experiences before, but have you everlike? Had a song fuck your head for so long rod that you actually get tired ofthat? You raise it in your mind here, a i hear it anymore like that would meana watlin being like. Let me i told of the captions before i rind experience. I myself. This is alot of moses in this song as well after to not come out for me when it turns- and ibindanes i saying yeah. So this is, i just don't know so this is mtuma looks different, so this is again not not fixed group.So the members at your seeing on in the group, together or in a sub unittogether, they're just a bunch of random members in one song, so theydecided to get all the visual members right. Let me not like they're allreally good looking or, in my opinion, right. Obviously this is because i'm astand. You can say that, but honestly, in my opinion to you of there's twentythee members, so of course it's going to be more good, looking members, butthey maes a mathematician everyone they do have like. I mean the odd the odorwith them, but like the fact that out of like twenty three members at leastfifteen of them are like high etalon, like a top tea. The rest of them are good. Looking aselements of you guys that you start do have a bit like members, you can stilllove them, but like what i'm saying is the ve cad by abbe did not reflect the nente. Do you know a lot of them aregood. Looking. There are not good looking members inother groups as well, i'm not get twisted and almost saying that theyhave the best. Looking members i'm just saying like in general, the fact theyhave so many good looking people like in one group is mad like they reallythey did this on purpose. So in this song is particular though they had thathe have the looking members right and the goodvocalist as well. So that's all i'm trying to say that they're really good.Looking that's my opinion. That was what shocked me mo more than anything,i don't even pay attention to some. First i watched it. I said how the fuckare they also good, looking like what the hell is this, so that was myopinion when i first heard it so, let's, let's, let's see how you fail with thissong good, i'm going to be myself, i'm going to meet myself professing alongso tony. He do the same, not the sweet coat! Yes, oaths, one! So far like i'm einheitthis one right here, i think let up the sun tis! Oh, i was gonna say here, mates someone,but i detention his name on the what happened to the don in the buckethad he said one line and he went okay, see bouton. This core is before i met sani'm, going to watch this again andtake screen shots, yeah o it and add it... my pinterest boat, i'm going to goon a sauce like okay. I need this. I need this an if i look at the creditsome i dont se an african american producer and the credit for i they ask you why i bringing this up now,but i remember seeing it tweet of cape ab artist. I don't know what their namewas, but they were definitely is doing something over an afro beat beat andthe weas a here we go the next level i got reprobation the coming for thattopics or an to go. A is r man. I sall, listen they're, just taking it some drake init, and that was ridiculous. How many? How many gons can we work? I like that one. I did like that i'll say every time like rail like alittle something on the track like because i've never had a song in mylife, be stuck in my head. The way the fine work right like i'll, actuallygetting so annoyed like i was trying to listen to other music to get rid of thesong and it was not budge. A ni was thinking. I i the mind. Control isworking the that video left me so speech tess. Wheni first watched it. I was like the visual took me and took me out likecompletely because i'm not used to such a cinematic like so much so much detailsuch hypoctoma in music videos not any more anyway. Like i don't want. I havewatched music videos in years for any songan. I usually listen to westernmusic right, so, like usato, american e ave watch mes videos in so long andthen i watch this and i'm like wow like how is everyone so good? Looking howall the outfits so amazing, like everything, looks so good. The dotsequence is amazing, like you can totally put so much effort in detailinto it. So yeah before i even got to like a digestor song, the visuals andthis musica took me away and then as well. I like the song. I like the song.I will reserve my comments on the whole statement of about everyone being goodlooking, but i enjoyed the song. I love the outfits. I like the beat. If i was listen. The way peon waslooking in this mute. Vigo yeah. If i was a ta like i love to on you, but idon't have. I don't have the cholesterol to be a stand like. Oh no,we are closed to thirty than twenty. We can not be going that the way he be looking all the time like.I can't do it like. I can i'll go in san arthstone. Literally all the biases ofi had chin, obviously they're beautiful as well, but like they're, more likethe they don't. The visuals are the main focus. Is there it's thepersonality that they're funny? So, that's why i i don't have the heart tobe stunning, taon and even lucas. Now, like a heart like my heart, cock handlethem like a tobe. It took me a what to even know who tim was because in everyfucking visibly looks different in every music video. He is so differentlike that. As soon as he changes his head color, it's completely different.You can ahim and utah, for i can put off the most different looks was lucas. The one you lot was sayingis a horror, a i lowed to say that the editor is. Will it out if it's not okay,to say that i the one that t? But i agree so you say if he comes out with a goden people would be too surprised. Okay would pay him. Okay would hate him, but yeah, okay, he looks like he gets the all right. Ido cokaynes quiet, i'm, you know o fan war like so i'mjust gonna. Do you? Could you imagine it like heyif the pro? If the premo for this vigor goes out- and i see one stand accountin a flies mission- they need the footage we we ll call rush. Thisepisode back for our own amusement. It's not going elfis over party tiesover point.

I even know that we're training in capbecause none of us are in it like that and he so many black we o keep up sand,so they can use extra vim to get us. What were you saying about? Go to apropation, bitch, o more than anything i'll, be scared ofthe black cap? No because they the ones the rest of them. You was gonna hit meif a back omen comes to and told me, i'm going to gonatas your ed text. Justsorry and i'm so sorry, you right, i'm sorry, you're, absolutely right, but toold to be five sami's yeah. That was to you. You have alisten to t dream. I don't know what entitatem song listen to. I would suggest i would to just wen, but that's just me, that's like myone of my favorite one. I love wear, but i feel like for first time: listen.The firefoot like we eeyah, that's us as some that ayont hos dream hot sauce.I would, i would say, listen to that. Do you know what i'm not going like.I've been like flacking like with i only listen, thehot source like a couple o weeks ago, or something i only listen to lolo liketwo days ago so is a cute song is cute. Is a kit horse sauce? I love it personally, buti feel like it's in a quiet taste again like a lot of the things with tt arevery like thee. They have a different type of sound they're, not like you notwhile you know that the catch you kape up, songs that you'd usually hear soit's like for me. I love it like. That's. Probably. The only reason whyi'm even in this fandom is that i love the experimental music when i tore not afraid to like experimentlike you know how i want. You know how certain bands move in capo like butlike in we. You know how to have a certain sound so like, even if youdon't know w the band or the person you would hear them on the radio and you'llbe limosin. Think t have a sound because they're so experimental, likethey're, not afraid to like try out something different. You know i mean soand they have and they have the range to do different things as well. Theycould do the proper, just vocals, ballads and stuff like that, and thenthey can do the wraps and they can do like the experimental mixing k pop rb.They can touch a lot of different jemas. Well, that's why i enjoy them. So youcan. You can try and i very best a so i mean. There's lots litright now. What, as you can see the song that suggested that misfit? I lovethat because it's straight up rap that it's like a ciphar like all of them arejust rapping going back to back appin and i really really enjoy it. So it'slike you have that and then you have the one next to it, which is ct dream de jazus and they're. Justsinging and it's all of them just singing, so it's like you can do it notbut like miss, it was given me like beasty boys in the a i n n lie: love, i'm sorry, but i really like it. The like everyone like in a cage like findit with a microcoat going at a sound different. All of them have theirown flow. So i really yeah act when they got joy. Onthe i be o whoyour favorite members from each of you live. You don't have to include you,but you the changes all the time. I'm sorry! Idon't know how cape bias is what, but i have more than one thing like i can'tdo want. I try to think of what to you get in to the most, but i don't know,there's the cifer, then there's a singing one and there's a guy to playi'm so i a at or the means. I you see me to second gunvidcast, my bag, i'm sad for i'm excited to beintroduced. It i don't know. If i don't know, i is going to join us off tedesco.Je is what is probably most most familiar with anyway, because that'sthis big, bang and stuff, like that, so actually a big un stid general s. This is entity, dream they're, thebabies of the group or the youngest members that were twenty one under theones. Is nineteen o they're, my favorite ob bein it? I love them somuch. They like my children, like i've, adopted them so yeah, that's this is hot, so so thatone of the most recent things cool get...

...into that. I'm going to meet myself on mexico or to pico slap. I'm sorry, theone in the aqua blazer combo has a lot of stage presence but you're having a lot of fun. I lovethat for you yeah i wake in fit. There's a few dogs like i'm followingthe chorography, i'm singing my lines, that's it that's it or would you want?For me, almotht was quite genius. To be honest,i was like i don't know if this is like a logitian off the do. What some like,i can't remember. I haven't seen it. I haven't seen in your life. I've seen apicture of in the i should be finding on boxing to watch the i and then maybe o, that's the that's the laststage of whatever this is for amy. Now going back after that, i i do our home anyway, i practise notpracticing, that's where they actually a but yeah that was so dream. Those werethe youngest members again experimental like they do have different sounds.This is just the most not their most recent, but one of the most recentsongs. It's a very even now what to describe the sound as wop, but then also salsa and some othershit mixte. I don't know, but it sounded good i've seen the beats itstop several times. I wasn't feeling what they did in the breakdown by real,like ding rest of the song outside a yeah, especially the cows, really cool.I think and then like the way i kind of plattered as well was, for. I was sure where i was go when i saw itehoma wish is on my favorite and love talk was is still affecting me ina way. I can't really article my feelings right now. I take me if youtake me. A few listens to figure out how i, how i feel about that song and iis a video and you listen to it with owt the lyric, even dances, becausei've ready seen it so now, i'm like, but but make a wish a visors ten recurs,ten that buck the guy. The back. I had those there for one line, ten, the icy but yeah. I really like to makea wish- and i like this one too and like make wishes a bo nights. Love.I don't know, i don't know why i thought offended. I didn't no! I no forthe non for the way you think i just was for me did give, but it speci thinkit's a music, i think is he must d i did like. I do like the song. I do like the song. I didn't. Let methe video but make away song big loved it so, for i should have let you reactto regular instead of any of her song, but as i that's t one to seven zneer this, like last night that beforei got into the case, so basically is but i goin to entity last year yeahbefore i go into nd, i actually e of them so yeah. I actually knew of them, but ididn't know any of the member to actually o you new johnny, but i didn'tknow any the member, but basically dell, the time to where ct were going aroundplaces and doing this thing called regular har. I don't know why he odit,but i remember this one scene, but they went into a coffee shop, but i think itwas it was. It was johnny, jan and her chin. They won to a coffee shop and this poor,like foresto, was just like. Oh, she was like oh what size do go drink o o.We like regular as my first exposure to like tt like hebeliever, can imagine i don't know how you goingthrough it, because i was so rettle they're funny they hilarious, so so this is the same people that madekick it the exact same members except.

I think this in this video woman is init. This is before when we left a group, so so yeah the same people and kick it arein this, and this is the earlier video. This isthe english version of this song by the way, their career version, i'm a bigfan of i like the chinese version by wave. I love that, but but the englishversion is a better version. It's one of the most popular songs, the songthat everyone probably probably recognizes, tt, four, so yeah, let's,let's get into it! It's getting to it! O dyou know this is giving willord tono intestine their life. Come speaking, aileen for hacon english to com that hosis fire that the tea choles. This is my favorite medea. So far,though collie i'm so i'm so comftable want o they say eitherwi sorry, you know that there's a songthat was in popular when we in cool don do to where's that from a consistat could isreally bad examples, i'm so bad a like comedian. I really don't know likeyou're gonna, have i'm going to remember like three m wednesday, and itbe so wait that they get this. But that's g like let let listest was fun. It's a cute. We here we might as wellshow to shop and dance. Oh, no! Please don't! We don't want us to leave completely i'm rustem early on the fence becauseof some witness this evening, but i is to these bobs and then i'll go andlisten to kanemoto, like any n, just saying anything how i get worse, what's the song close son of line this watch it now what is socalled the music by a isinene? Now i i i it's not it's not that i line scares me he's just to what is he whenever, whenever i watch anything ofhis the cringe levels already on maxim i another. I know what food was hedoesn't take talk. I can't fuck with this guy any. Let's go fucking very, very good, but he was the main guy he's understanding his own song to oldcolao. I was annoyed about that. I was like you could have done anythinganyone and they had to be jason drule. I was so close to never listen to this. The lines are so silly, but it's lesscringe en he says at the went. Jeconiah go put it down at at you know. Dost own is i do that, so this segment was a choice, is still doing. What is this? My on my guy wearing me he's like i don't know what this is. Wejust do. Ation tation that expands the fit. Is thatthis guy is, you know, jamaican patient if he took himself back his peoplegiving congo just at please to make sense to me, i, on a chance to cool whatever sowhere in europe...

...e e s coming through is mention a fight.The cap up gas going to mentions i'm not fighting, i'm sorry, sis, i'm sosorry, you are a hundred percent right. Come jamaica, india, london, the hoang just london, if you appear, i get to get gas just line in one somewhere, just ni enjoyed that i,if you guys never almost, did it watch that actually was expecting it toreally be cringe. It was nice me like it or, for i wonder, i've messed up forhis recommendations. I've been watching on his me. I wait on his videos in theis a cow i was wondering. I was wondering why i was taking nowork coming up in the search resorts. I don't what she's chino a mon o. I getspoiled it's for his account than just a lit this fire when theysaid my asian goes. My asian heartwork flying at the window jamaican goes wantto blow it down. My asian goes when the working out hits different. When marksays my asian goes when we work it out, i'm asian crying face crying face. Ithink it's not a very young in the comeback and san cabs on dope or caps and the all of us, please to i see torealise taste before he see my commendo god. Michaeljackson, inspiration love heart. Let me get on this now, i'm a not you guys start to saveme just to christie. That was a lot of fun. Well, that was ct. You know what like,i feel like teeny, because if you're already against that of you you're notin to keep up in general, it's very hard to for mt tv, your first, i justhave really weird taste. I guess i was like this t is definitely in a quiettaste. It's not like i've heard k pop songs before and they sound differentto me to other cap of songs that i thought, if anything exol havebeen an easier group to be introduced to because they have a lot of varietyas well, but their songs are very like a type of songs that you would hearwhen you think of kapup. Is that exo songs and yeah? I would have. I would say nexttime. Maybe i would see some some expensive yeah if you can like i'm,giving you extra work here. But if you can like give me songs. Okay to theseare songs because you like kick it and make a wish. You will like piece songs as well. This were my l yeah, there's losthere's no e f. I don't know if you into ran like this, the ballads kind ofwhat they sing to the last like korean august, like c poprather balada. I genuinely liked was where don't ye? What happens? That was what nice for you abbe wait. This is the second and tony'sgoing to do a second gen segment today. Now i just want to show her to buy unlessyou think it huldah segment, yeah, i or appius is don condoles old, i'm tucking ways i likethis is my backbone heard a song from him in guys, i i there's wedding, dress in this, and heand there's also what you call it: what's the one by rain, but he'sdancing with a shelf on the roof latasha and his body rolling. What'sthe song called, i want to say ranis m, bringing ustetedieu m e, because i was a listen to what he was saying to be honest. Fuckoh was a good love song. I think itwas quite love some, but divisions on... i took pesita happened me a fish me love to see it. This is it lipsius going to kill me yeah? Is this one? This version he's got his clothes on,so it's not going to hit the same but clown and to even just in yes, this fucking afit an singin. I was bolting this out, anyou attends, i'm giving you that slip it to ne gon. Take us down memory laneproperly in next segment e. Why aren't they iota off their shoes?The power need to missionaries is the sameproblem. Modern day m has as well bo back something men look in the box wehad when men were simps the bops we had even american, u k, b and korean bybring back the simps go. Bob everybody was like. I haven't, got any feelings:fuck bitches oat. My watch now bring back men who cheated on their goals,and i m going to beg her back in the rain yeah. I thisleton us has too many views. Thismust be a real play. That doesn't any sense at me to man to pounha's. He look likenow. He was an in exactly the same. I was anindees with name harris. I love that. I love that he costing yeah listen. You look exactly the thinglike this music that man has not like aged it, avay,whatever, whatever, whatever he's a the same thing. In the same thing, theiraqi i like whatever, where familie yeah i'd, be take us out of here. Thishas been fun. We so you've been giving us so much melae. I give you a break a the jesus name. I'm not pray, i thatfor a space i can't fight. I cannot fight, i will fight anyone on displanet, but i will fight the cape up. Girls, i'm sorry, i'll fight anybody. Iwill fight them. Please you win. If you're angry by overside, you win. Okay,i apologize. I all of us, tnever years old, were to tothe shit like we're appreciating music as it is, but two were not we're, notyoung enough. To kind of. I have the same appreciation that i love the onergenerations. Do i'm just getting to c pop toley's binning, ca pop so and heveletius? They know me nae fenley, i've, dabbled and butfor the most part i've been, i guess a bit judgmental so the tie but too deep,but i've had like the box side dabbled in the you know that well, this hasbeen tods reacting to ct and other kapup songs in general and as tryingour best to introduce her to it, you might come back. She might not i'll beback. This was fun and i'll be i'll, be definitely be here for it second genewinter. He does it because i actually have that was my introduction to capepop. The new age stuff is where i haven't really been dabbling in it, buta second gen that was my bag, so probably not neepers tony, but i wasknowledgeable at least yeah and as much as i have been listening to more of thenew gen, i don't know much of the older gen. I've heard some songs playing,maybe like in the back sometimes but yeah. I don't know a lot of the secondgenesis like that. I've just seen so next time we'll be reacting to somesecond gentils. If, if we were not cancelled by then we'll just have to see how this videogoes, we is there anything was, if anything sounded offensive. We were nottrying to be. This is just all honest opinions on certain things and ourhonest reactions were like this with everything please check how othervideos to seeo how we talk, cues...

...digging just say. Thank you forwatching es anything. Is we to cut out withoutdisgust rito. Thank you for watching. Well, we got o o n meninges tuned, wait other videos,but gonna. Try me out to second an time, maybe we'll bring in one of the boys aswell. We'll see, then you be most willing either manual curs any money.My money money is going, the rest of them a just suthink you guys and we'll checkout our discord and twitter and instant other socials were for i academ oneverything but yeah. I think that's, that's that'swhat is usually says when yeah is so yeah thanks to that, take so much guysfor watching and listening. We have been tods abby and very special guests.Tony, thank you so much for coming to ony. I hope you get regreet presence isvery much appreciated. I hope you haven't been scared. You come back toschool last on second june. I'm looking forward to that. So i think s this video something likeso it shows that it's a series, so we can commit to a so yeah reaction, yeah but yeah. If you made itto this one, i go or the episode. Thank you so much. First of all, and also letus know your thoughts at us on twitter, at for as academia used to hash tag,hash tag for ice pod and we'll see you next time. I guys.

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