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Episode 14 · 1 year ago

All is Fair in Love & Console Wars || Episode 14


On today's episode the cast talk about Sony's recent Playstation Showcase which FINALLY revealed the price and release date of the PS5, as well as other gaming releases. As per, it wouldn't be a 4 Eyes Academia gaming episode without some Nintendo chat.

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Hello and welcome to another episode offor is academia. Today we joined by money. Hello, hello, hello, Pole, Yo Abbey and myself, Chris. So I look's been happening. Obviously the biggest news is the playstation information reveal, as we can callit. We now know the price and release date and we pretty much knowat the moment what's going to be coming out when it launches on November thenine, November the nineteen. Would you guys think about? First of all, I think it's good that they match the price match with Microsoft, causeI always you microsocome on the cart with their main one, because Sony couldn'tMikes of our lot more money in the bank and a lot more the waytoo. I'm happy that Sony kind of match the same price plust. Ithink the way they've done the digital one is quite good as well. Theyprice it like a whole ninety pounds cheaper and the only difference is that thisdrive, that's it. It's is the same specs, exactly, same memories, everything. It's just this drive. So in a way that's kind ofundercard of the series x. So that's a good option for a lot ofother people's weather still get everything the same. It is just digital downloads, whicha lot of people don't mind these days. As we know, alot more cells these days are going digital. Yeah, yeah, I'm funny happythat we got a price for it finally, so now know exactly howmuch I need to save up to you to pay for its back to policewhere we've got the digit download. I don't think I'll ever get it.Allow console only. Just what a simple fact up on return games when I'mdone with them. You know what actually about that? I know steam haskind of like a refund policy on certain games. I'm sure we've more gamesbeing pushed to be in digital digital. I think eventually something like that hasto happen for the playstation and Xbox as well, because any any cell,should be at least refundable to extern it's to a certain extent, especially ifit's not of the nature intended. So if it's not what you thought itwas. For example, and a lot of people bought control on on allsorts of platforms and all platform are control. They had the messed in day andit was a way. Yeah, because I remember how I was hearingabout that store recently. Yeah, and a partner upon launch. Yeah,it was a complete messils all sorts of bugs issues and if you buy agame for let's say, seventy pounds and it's buggy and it's not working correctlyany crashes, surely should be able to get my back. I'm sure theremust be a way to to apply for refunds with Games. I don't actuallylooked into it myself. I do a lot of who have their refund policies, I think. So he does have a reform policy as well digitals aswell. I can't remember exactly what this stays, but I think I've actuallya lot of them. Will have to come a book. More further refundpolicy, especially with digital, be in the way because more, since thefriends must has said, it's more so going to do with these days.Yeah, but the definitely haven't even policy. My thing is more of that.If fit spend sixty pounds on the game and then I'm done with itafter three months and I the one to be more I can go down tosee x and an exchange for credit for like twenty pounds. Better all usedthat twenty pounds to get another game. But if I do it digitally,I digit download, I can never recoup any of the money back. Butno, everything, there's anything wrong with the game, but I'm never goingto play again. So why is just sitting there in my room? Soinstead of me having a place to get some money back for us, Ican get next game. I wouldn't be allowed to do that with digital downloads. Yeah, that's a fair point. That's of her point. I guessit depends on the card of game. I know lot people like having alibrary that's accessible to him. I'm one of those people. However, Istill prefer to have physical discs. I prefer things. When I buy things, I prefer them to be yeah, just physical. In a sense,I like everything about gaming. Box are and I have in physical copies.I like being able to having the option to sell games when I don't wantthem anymore. Not that I do it often, but have an option.There's always something positive for me. But based on that, are you guysplanning to get the digital or the disc...

...version, and are you going tobuy at launch? I'm getting a launch and I'm getting the standard because Ilike the option. As you said, the same thing as you said.I liked having the option, whether it's like having digital or or having tobu buy the disk and have the physical, physical collection in my house as well. So I like the option. So I'm going straight for the standardpsful. Yes, fine, story. If yes, I've even and Iwill be getting launch day. I got my PS. What launch day Iwant with the same the PS five mm. Yeah, so we have definitely toget a standard one, similar to see the reasons what polly said,just to have more an option. And but even I did, I thinkI did pre order one, but feel like I have po wouldn't want toget called cofformation anymore. But the way the whole situation was handled was abit of a mess because, remember, it was annoucing Wednesday, people tellingme our Amazon not going to have stock on Friday. I'm waking up atnine o'clock on on Thursday morning and people telling me it's all out in inAugust and Amazon, I was a bit rightward. Event to be that quitea while just to find another, one event, another another, another companyput up what more stock. See at the whole experiences a bit of amess. Reps to me getting my puled sor I go for I'M NOT gonnaget a launch but I'm going to get the desk one, seem as youguys. But yeah, I never usually get anything. I've know, noneof the consols that by I ever buy at launch. So, yeah,when do you plan to get it? When I actually feel the need?I don't know. It's just going to come to me one day like Iwant it, and then I'll get it, but definitely not now. I meanI just got my peers four this year, so I'm not gonna I'mnot gonna get the best five. I don't think any time this year fairenough. Have you guys all pre ordered? I have. I've pre ordered.I think Youtube both pre ordered, haven't you? Yeah, I've gotI've got two, three orders actually because money back, because I was wayI was waiting to see you. We went shocked. He was gonna dothe because I had origin the interest back in Juma shop to pys five.And then when they the field has been alive. I was trying to see, because they give me the up to change the field. That yet soand when people say all these fields are going left, right and center,and as someone said about Amazon, points and to Amazon. I could Imanage to get one easily when Amazon to free of this was as well.And then it's up to allow me. So I've got supeels bombed. Ithink I'm beautiful one of maybe yeah, they want it, so they canthen just I've loved food of for them. They can have anyway. So,yeah, but we do need to discussing the free order house. Soand you handle the pre orders because, oh my mind, they made amess of it and my word. Well, we heard rumors of limited supply inmanufacture May, about a week and a half ago, two weeks ago, and Sony came out with a statement saying that it wouldn't affect this supplyof the console at lunch, which I was very skeptical about, because hearingthat, I think ten million units were commissioned for the PSFOUR at launch,and even that notch just. I mean it wasn't easy to get a PSFOURat a time. And knowing that they the demand is only going to begreater because, as I been as we know, the games industry has gottenbigger. Is Now more consumers. Knowing that there was only only eleven,I think eleven million units ready for launch. That was always ringing along bills inmy head. But to see the way it actually happened and what andthe execution of the launch. Boy, Amazon ran out in probably about twentyminutes. Most website's in the UK were just crashing. Shot to curries.Ourgoss didn't. It didn't go live till four am and then it's sold outvery quickly. All sorts. You couldn't. It wasn't easy to pre order apsive and I don't know what's going to happen on launch day, whetherthey're going to have some allocation for people to walk in and buy some,but it seems a bit it seems a...

...bit weird at the moment. Ifeel like they have to just stick to preorders, especially because we're in apandemic. You don't want people congregating video game stores and electronic stores just tryingto get a PSFOUR, because I couldn't. I could see it happening, butwho knows? Yeah, I think with the pre orders lass const youdid say they will seeming to come out of the even would happen enough tofind, you know, it's that they sit safe. People would have enoughtime to learn. The fielders will be, you know, going live exce andthey sit after he didn s the price and stuff you see, Iknow black in America, excepter like warm up place. It just met thepills went live like that. People had no motification whatever. When the fuelsbe live and it's just been the best since. So yeah, suddenly kindof did myself with that part. But yeah, with the and quickly todiscuss as world the how we found the PSFY showcase. How did you guysfind them? I wasn't that long, yeah, but I'd have watched it. It was too long. It could have all just been a thread,one to our I'm trying to think of something I saw that I was reallyentertained by. Demon cels look good. was there anything else made John?I should find them. Didn't really care for that, to be honest.Well, about final fantasy. Here's the thing about final fantasy. Here's thething number one. You know you don't know where it's going to come out. Could be five years from now, could be ten years from now,for we know it could be the psseven when it releases. See, isit's just bad. Secondly, they just usually quite underwhelming. I think eversince about ten to most of the Finn Fantasy Games of just not been thatimpressive to me, and especially when you take into account the amount of timeyou wait for the games to come out, it's just like is it really worthit? But I don't know. I'd get it if it comes outmost early, but it might be a case of what happened with Finn ofFantasy Fifteen, where I've would it, played it for a couple hours andjust kind of got bored abouts about the third act or whatever it's called.Yeah, you didn't really even. Yeah, you didn't. Real life fifty did. I do want to go back to it. I do want togo back to it because I think the main thing that stopping me from playingit is because I've got it on my xbox one and I never play xxone really. But why? I will see. So what games you guyslooking forward to playing the most? On appears fan me, I like.I like spider man back on the piers, so I'm looking forward to spot themas Morelos. I'm looking really looking forward to that game and I'm gettingthat launch. So thought the showcases as well. I wasn't really unaway suchas only a few games already liked like by the man by fancy sixteen,look good, but we don't know what that's coming out. Yeah, I'mtrying to think. Well again, demonsaurs look good. Then make cry fivespecial edition. Of probably we get that actually as well. I've got definitelycry actually five as well. That's star playing, but I've got I'm tryingto go from my back home game, so I'll start playing that. Soprobabould get special edition as well. Games. That's the thing. I don't reallycare for a huge amount of exclusives when it comes to Sony, butI usually I get most manly because of games I play with friends and stuffas well. So, yeah, I said, it's really spider man demonsaws. Up We go as well. Writing. Actually, I like that. Lookgood man over. That's not my launch. That should be coming outsome time. But in the launch window did they announce a got a wallgame or was that just ye, not an I's going to war. Halflaugh. I get. Yeah, that's not going to be out any time soon, but I can't wait for that anyway. I love going to walk the lastone. That's that's that's one thing I need to do. I needto replay that game. I think that was my first batlum or. MyPiers, who were actually first give up playland. Got A boy. Yeah, I actually I bank that. I gave my got a hundred percent oureverything. I think I collected everything in that game that you can collect.But yeah, I'm definitely looking for the next good of all game. Butyeah, I mean that's Kay. There is some games, but launchwise,a dope. The much I'm to first of all, and the launch window. Far from spider moment, Steve,... have them saws. I genuinelydon't know what I'm going to be getting launch. No idea. I thinkif Demon sels launch's at with the prey station five, I'll probably get it. I'll probably get it. I'm sure card of duty is going to bethere. Oh yes, called clods. So I'll most likely be getting theI'm not sure where I'll be getting the upgrade pack. Will just get thepsfive version. Well, Saber punk Super Fun. I'm already I was alreadygetting that for Persfour and launch. I played up appears five. Is itcoming at the same time? Or another psfive version not coming out to somethingto some time twenty and twenty one. So if you get the psful versionor xbooks one version, that you'll be able to upgrade for free to thoseto the next gym versions. They'll do a free update for them. Operatesthe next Gen version, but I'll be sometime in two thousand and twenty onevoice. Okay, yeah, Oh, yeah, got a wall coming outin twenty and twenty one mom staate has went. Anyone. What did youguys think of the Harry put a game in the whole Harry Potter fiasco?I was excited when I first saw it, but then obviously finding out that Kakrounding will get paid, we'll get paid for it. I don't know, I don't can you briefly outline the the JK rowling issue? Really,I haven't been playing attention, but I just know that she's gonna get royaltiesfor it. Some people are saying that. What is it she's done? Oh, she's just transphobic, like I think she made she wrote a bookabout assist smell that dressed up as a woman and was a serial killer.I have food and yeah, she's been making transphobic comments for years now.I don't know where it's coming from. I don't know what sparing her todo it, but she's been doing it for years. That unprovoked, that, for no reason she would just wake up in the morning and just tosome some timesphobic. Really Ya know that recently she's I can't remember the comments, but she's has done a few comments recently that came on the scrutiny andthat's weird that, since stemmings from a lot of it. But yeah,so that there's this this whole thing that about game. They did come out, one of brothers did come out and say that she's not directly involved butjust to still get money. They released they did release a statement regarding it. So, wow, I've just seen I've just seen one of the sweets. Yeah, she's quite a few things and to do, even with jakedaround and in general, like I just think she panders too much. What'sto fish your panders? Yeah, it's true. Like she'll change the charactersto fit whatever you know everyone saying. I think she made her great acridas game. How good than yeah, having no great, not how greatDumbledore, Dumbledore on, yeah, and other things. I can't remember howlie, but yeah, she does found that a lot. Yeah, andand I never felt the genuine to be mchana for the sake of whatever weavethe social media was going with. She just jumped in all of it.One of the thing fingering so order this stuff isn't it's not surprising to you. She doesn't really seem like a good person to be well so. Butyeah, they're transport all it stops. To be doing it for quite awhile and it's, like Aby said, it's been so random, so likesomething's happening actually just being an opinion about a specific topic to just come out. It is something transferbent COM pep. That completely random. And obviously,with the new book I think you put this is putting out, it justit just another thing that that people. It made people remember just how badshe wasn't worst with it. So yeah, it's just another reason for people toremember the DISLIGO. That be safe. From what I saw the game,from what I knew the game, it did look quite good. Iremember hearing about a massive of Harry Potter RPG being developed many, many yearsago, must have been about four years at least now, and I thinkthis game has been in development of quite some time. So I'm interested tosee how far they've gotten with it. I know it's it has planned theirplans for it to be extremely large and have a very, very big userbase and use the ecosystem. So be interesting to see how it how itperforms when he eventually comes out. Aside from, you know, the thewhole controversy of JK Rowling looks really good. If you guys, ever played aHarry Potter game? I have.

I have. I played. Iplayed a very long time. I've got played a Harry Potter game on theGame Way Parts. I can't remember which, and it was I think it waschamber of secrets. Yeah, I remember. All I remember from theHarp Potter game is playing quiditch and that's it. That's all I did wasplay the Quidit Marc coulditch much there was it. Was it a Harry puta game that was just quidditch? I don't know if it was just puiditch. I think it. It might have been, but I do remember theother things to do. But all I did was play those matches. Itwas really fun. Her line. I'm surprised it hasn't. They haven't madelike a couldn't any credit oney or actually made like a Harry Potter Amember whereyou make your own wizard, learn your skills and you know all sorts.Take good central yeah, anything. Yeah, there was a bullish game and it'sgoing. I put a village World Cup. Oh Yeah, yeah,last times familiar. What console was it on? was on position to Gameboy, votes, Gamecube and xbox. HMM, yeah, so, so good times. It was about y sports. Yeah, yeah, yeah, thatrings about. Arryings about. Do you, any of you guys, have plansto get an Xbox, series x or series S at any point?Yes, in this console cycle? Yeah, yeah, we're which one do youplan on getting US played to get it s the cheaper one days.Yeah, I'm willing to spend a nine hundred pounds together to console set.Seven hundred pounds is it's justifiable to meet together. But you're prying to getthis. Yeah, I've been in two minds over to get the s ofthe X. Yeah, the Yes, I know. I'm just because I'vebeen in a bit between. Where by do I really care about the extrapower the Games on the x? I don't mind it, because that I'mguest to us some, you know, decent specs. It may not compareto the eggs, but that's two hundred and fifty pound price point. It'sactually it's still a bargain. So I just I think I'm going to beimagined towards. Yes, to be honest, HMM, maybe I sound like agaming Nuba, but like, what appeal does it Xbox have over Sonythat people would is it the Games? Is it that? I know thedifference between people buying Nintendo consoles and, you know, Sony. But thenif you have as if you have a PS wherever, PAS four, psfive, then what are you going to do on Xpo? So you can't doin the PS five? You're just going to have a different assortment of games, in my opinion. Fair enough. You Are you? Yeah, sopart of it is the game. So you'll have obviously you have your multiplatform games, the Games that come out on the psfive and yes, whatseries XS? And then on PC, then you have your fringe titles.You can play PC games on xbox. Look quite but essentially, obviously,as you know, Microsoft owns xbox. So a lot of games, alot of a lot of xbox games, speech especially yes, box exclusive titles, can be paid on PC. I'm not sure these that way it works, is it? Forrough? It might be for x cloud. Essentially youcan stream a lot of those games on to PC and also eventually you'll beable to do and tell a blitz as well. Yes, I've got thetablets. I think the table I think x clouds just launched over the pastweek. So you should be able to play a lot of your xbox onegames on to a stream it onto a system that's less powerful so that itworks well for certain games like a RPG's turn based URPG's games, where they'renot too depending on response time. So you're not really going to play yourcool of ges or your fighting games, but a lot of other games willfit quite well into onto streaming. And then, on top of that,you obviously have your it's a games of gold, or was it they callit? Now you have a Yup, access to a library of a lotof games. So game possible, game pass. Yeah, Games are gold, and the use of the library as well. So if you're the kindof person WHO's trying to get through quite...

...a lot of games, just experienceall sorts of different games you haven't played before, then having an xbox isn'ta bad idea, especially considering you have what was this of the there canreally exact number. Must be close to two hundred games. Oh Wow,you have access to maybe more. But yeah, you'll have access to playany one of those games and it's just it's just a slightly different experience fromwhat you've get on playstation. The whole the whole ecosystem is different, thecontrols are different, you'll be playing with different people for the most part whenthere's no cross play. Yeah, but it's all dependent on how much youget. To be honest, I wouldn't. I wouldn't say everyone should do that. I wouldn't actually recommend most people buy both consoles. But if youhave the resources to and you're interested in playing any title that may come out, because obviously if you have a PSFOUR and the next whatx one, you'regoing to cover all your basis, then I'd say yeah, go for it. Yeah, I'm not gonna but think so. Well, yeah, that'sreally with ads. Yeah, there's now just the Princa see who do thata wise disconsole generation. So you're really going to go hard with the exclusives. To be honest, I think. I think marks as said even thatthey don't need exclusives like that. A finger the cotter who came out inthe comment, because you know, they haven't got like Halo into the commingout launch if they're just trying to sell, you know, I'll being fast thingas well. So it'll be interest snow to see. Now the generationdoes I think a lot of people get place. They should do so aswell. CONSTOLE loyalty, since, yeah, yeah, I think consol loytery,loyal free is the biggest thing. Just being used to play station ecosystem, which the majority of people I know are, just makes it a nobrainer to cat a pay station five over an xbox series X. I thinkthere's a lot of people who are more adventurous, a lot of people youplay single player, a lot of people who just care about raw horsepower ofa console. Those guys may straight towards an xbox series X, but forthe most part I feel like people just stick to where they used to.Did you ask, think for the control? Oh, by far and away,the Sony the playstation for this this generation are an away. Yeah,yeah, so they did definitely want this gold macsoft messed up back for fromthat three and two, thousand and thirteen. Yeah, they set themselves. That'shits home for them for this. But this console generation, then willwe say that Microsoft of volume one it when they released a hundred sixty versusappers three. Yeah, YEA, they did. They definitely did, becausehe made so many messed up themselves then with the price foot of the peers. Three. Yeah, because yet, yeah, we gets free for thesick, because they had the twenty Gig in the sixty game version right then, the twenty Gig. The even have Wi fi? The sixty get?Did the sixty gigs life three in the years, like over six hundred,about six hundred dollars? I don't. I don't. Even in the sixtyeight did? They didn't have Wi fi, not the sixty yet did. Itwas just twenty. Yet I didn't. Yeah, it's twenty. Good.I didn't know. I don't think even one had Wifi. Pretty surethe sixty kick did, because I remember I was watching up the garden it. No, no, it didn't, it didn't. I've actually got asixty GIG and you had to get, I had to get a wireless connector. I've actually got it connected to my sixty year one. I could seeit right here. Yeah, I think it was one of the xbox inneat. No, I'm even looking now. I'm reading them up now because,yes, I've seen here it was only the twenty had the fleet,but the sixty did have wi fi. I'm moving read. I've literally gotmine in front of but I had I had to get a I had toget a Wi fi connector to it goes in the back. However, paidright to a quid for l four. We got sort because a lot ofsaids. I've seen here saying the piers three did. Yeah, I'm readingin it says all versions of the PS three, except the twenty gig havetaught in wireless. Yeah, oh, sorry, it's all right. PSTHREE, I'm talking about the Somebody Tho hundred and sixty. Sir. Yeah,I was going about that. When you know, because the same feels ussix for six time. Yeah, ex or sixty one. Back then theycame out earlier. was cheaper as well, and soon he had to delay,sad in Europe as well. came out in two thousands. Ever.Wait, I'm actually astounded. So what?...

The twenty kid didn't have wi fire? Nope, that's crazy, but then again the XBOX. The xboxdidn't have wi fi. Okay, they even had it. Didn't have wifi at all. You had to buy a connector for both, but bothconsoles, but the girl thing was it was still cheaper. Yeah, yeah, yeah, not Che I think I got my I got my pairthor morefor my birthday. I've got it with cool gi at the time. Yeah, we just see. It was the sea of how it goes anyway withthis console generation. Yeah, have you guys gone back to playing playing anyof your old consoles in like the past year? No, I haven't funenough. Number of playstation too, like a four years ago. So Ican play a longer than that, a fast six, seven years. Itwas a little rubber. So I can play on Christmas from my brothers.Never happened. HMM, you're seeing them. I room think of it. MMM, I'm sure I have a xbox hundred and sixty somewhere, but Ithink I don't think anyone in my house has played it more than once.So she's been collecting dust since she caught you. See, that's that's onething I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make it easier to play myolder consoles. So I the consoles I really want to play on my wiibecause obviously my weak covers a lot of ground with playing game games as wellas we games and then I'm trying to trying to get in the hang ofplay my three hundred and sixty. I've got quite a few games on therethat I'd like to finish. I think I salt about in the last partthe one I really want to play as and dark siders, outsiders to orjust two or three one of them, but we want to play that.There's a there's there's another game, but there's IT. There's a few gamesI want to play on all the consoles and funny like. The funny thingis with the release of Super Mario freely or starts, part of me buyingthat is laziness, because I have these games. I own my sixty four, Super Mario Sunshine and Supermaro Galaxy, but setting up my wii to playit it's just bit of a hassle and I just rather have it here ona next Gen or not next year, a current Gen console to make iteasier to play. So just Adda into your backlog. I mean, I'vefinished these games, so I would hey, you can't really got that backlog?Yeah, yeah, actually finishes one. I never go a hundred percented.I don't hundred percent to any of them, but I've at least completelythe main stories of it. Maybe Not Sun track, but Mario Galaxy.Definitely finished that and see my sixty four probably probably finished out about three timeson three wow, two different systems. I want to play the older ZeldaGames, but I don't know what to start. I are we or aDS to play them or you see, the thing is, I was gonnaI've been looking for a DS. HMM, I've actually been looking for a DSon on Ebay, but I'm finding it really hard to get a decentprice, a price that doesn't feel like it's very expensive. What do youthink is worth it? Because, I mean, I've never I've had aguest in my house. I've never passed about one. I think about thirtyfive would my God. Yes, I've seing a one hundred hundred and fiftyso for DS. Not Not Free Dys, but just a standard D s light. I want to ds like because I've got a lot of D SGames I want to play. I could get free dys, but I'm notreally planning on playing three DS Games. What was the what was these oldergame that came out on three YS? Again? Was it a link betweenworlds or yeah, live between worlds. Has that been rereleased? Link betweensis the one that's you know, that was basically a kind of sick I'llsingle to the links of the past. But yeah, it's just, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the that's the one game. That's the onegame I want to play on through the ES. Well, I just don'twant to freely sups annoying. I played all the Ds, the well,the Games. So I played phantom, our glass spirit tracks been those arethe only two. I think. The one I really want to play ismatuer's masque. Yeah, that's my favorite job las one. I feel likewe don't know. We don't have a way to play that current Gen.Do we know? We do, knowing that it's a free ads. Yeah, yes, yeah, I'm offering the...

...time. I'm draws mask both.Oh, yeah, I'm not currently released on the free Ds. Well,Damn, my fair, I'm I did Fred. I think. I thinkthat's what this also a good, good time to point out that the freeds production has been halted. And Yeah, it's no production nudes. It's continuedthat. They had a good run, though had didn't do is it didn'tdo as good as a ds, but still did really well. Ithink it's all about seventy million units the whole ste Redius but family. Sothat's a very good stock. That's what about. It also be ones.It's not bad at all, not bet at all. The DS amongst cango punt catalog. What handheld catalog? I always say both and held andand consols. My personal ranking of Nintendo Consoles, I think I've got thesupernintendo first. Yeah, I've got the superintender first. Then I've got thedon't know, it's sixful's for gay cube is really close. Think. Ithink the gang you may just edge it because of the fact that the NSIXTYfour didn't have that many games. It didn't have that many games on thesystem in the you know, difficult cause I'm thinking about the switches. Wereon the switches really from when it first came out. I did come outhard, you know, it had. They had already, you know,made my married at the all the Games of the first year. So theprefects the launched oyle with this. This is a tough one, you know, but the SDS needs to be up there as well, I think.I think it's really hard. It's really hard. I think I'd have tojust split him to handheld and console, because, yeah, stuff to doit like that. Yeah, that's the same. And if I was torate the Free Lys, I'd probably say first and foremost. I think Ihave the about the math. The DS is number one. You know,hand old. You know. Oh, yeah, I think so. Ithink so. I think I've got go DS, Gba, Gba. Yeah, then I might go game boy. I might say game boy. Thenthe free Ds. I think I may have them. I think I'll gamewing through this. Yeah, we are right now. You'd put game bylost its. So I don't think I could put the game boy last.I think I'm thinking about it. I thought. Know, I think Ithink I have to put I think I have to do DS, Gba,game boy. It's Ds and then game with color. You know, Ithink upper game boy and Gameboy colors together, just because I get you mean,though. Yeah, because because you know it is the reason I separatedthem's because they had separate games. You couldn't play. Yes, you're gonnaplay. You couldn't play a game with Color Games on the game boy.Could you know? I couldn't. You're right, you could. Couldn't.Like. Yeah, so you can put there. So You d you canwith that way. HMM, that's that's the feel. I don't know whatthe free eds lost. It's just tough because for me it's like, Imean I didn't have a free Ds. I'm a bit bias, but interms of the Games that were released on it, I mean I did playthe Free Ds, I play the original one. In terms of the Gamesthat were released on it, I can't compare them to like, you know, your Pokmon's, your Tetris, your Kurby. Don't know, man,I don't know. In terms of in terms of the magnitude of the consoles, I think I have to go game boy first. Yeah, but interms of playing games it might be slightly different. Okay, fairly, Idon't console was would you have? I think God. Oh, yeah,I think again, supernintendo first. I have four first made amazing console.Like yeah, yeah, I think has. I think it has one of thebest libraries in terms of quality out of all consoles. But having seepinginto the first, then I probably say the Gamecube, even though people tryto say was a flop. Then I'd go in sixty four. No,no, you know what, you know what? Okay, I don't knowwhere to put the Wi Wei's really hard one. Yeah, because we don'tknow if I don't really do this.

Yeah, it's difficult, but Idon't know why. I'm I can't laugh. Find it hard. You guys soundlike when you ask the parent to bit the furmitter that, but thisis actually pretty much pretty much man. Yeah, that's pretty much that,man, you guys. Have you guys been? I was going to askquickly if you guys been playing any game recently. It's quite quite interesting.Not Really. I think I recently started playing Tq to one will just cameout okay, which is probably probably definitely better than the last one. I'mso for it's you. We've done so my career mode always have a differentstory line every year. In this year that the storyline. We started highschool and then, depending how well you play in high school, you goto certain college and I well you do in college will depend on how goodyou are drafted into the NBA, which I'm I think is really good tobe flect through life a lot more than with the other story lines did.But I like the mechanics of it, especially when you when you want totry to shoot a contested shot. It's a lot. It's a lot morerealistic than that. It was the last one. So, yeah, that'sthat's the only game I've really been playing as I've lived the Po we basicallyfair. I need I need to you get. I need to get anotheradventure game, because I've not even eventual game, just a a single playergame, because I haven't played on since uncharted, for which the last ofus you stream from the last of us. Well, I did stop playing thelast of us, the original one, and I tell you where I stopped. But I think I might start again. Yeah, definitely need to. The first one's really good. I haven't finished a second one yet.Yeah, Howd you give up? It's hard, so hard to get through. But yeah, and I haven't really been playing anything other than scatoon.I started playing street fire for a bit. So what you hide it from me, Rush Bron, I can't believe you guys. Yeah, well,I do smash buns and, let's say, I don't know, like I don'teven know how to jump for a bit, like I didn't know youjust press up. I usually press x to jump. So, yeah,I was just really confusing. So I just smash bunds and wells call ofduty a little bit and yeah, that's a nothing really interesting. Well,I've been playing. I think the only news thing I've been playing is,I think, nothing really. I've really I'm really played anything this week.I think I thought this week I've just been trying to get out to scratchwith the playstation news and kind of realize what I'm doing. I bought abought Super Mario freely all stars yesterday, so I'll probably be playing that today, God knows. Yeah, I haven't been playing anything to bellness, butI think over the next coming weeks, especially with the launch of the psfive, it's making me want to clear out a lot of this generations games.So I think the first game I want to finish I want to finish bloodborne. I still haven't managed to finish it yet. So I want to finishblubborn and I want to play the last of us as well as well aboutit thus free and you're going to play that games ugly tail. I'm gonnaget blood born now. I want to just it's just so ugly, sougly. It's such an ugly game, like pretty your carrotar that was sogood. So ugly. It reminds me of when I first played elder school, Elder Scrolls for oblivion, the character more. I mean, I knowit's meant to be one of the best games ever, pioneering open world RPGgames, but it's just so ugly. Yes, been so ugly and andthere's no representation for black people at all. We just look like someone's chuck somemuck whatever us. It just doesn't look nice at time. That birds. Yeah, really ugly, really really had on the game very grayish.I mean, I gets it's hard. I guess it's quite interesting in termsof the five mechanics. Yeah, but...'s just so hard to look at. I don't think I'm going to finish that one. But we'll get goldborn. Yeah, Blobom was free, but I mean it's going to befree in a psfive when you've injured. Yeah, Bubba was filmed. Oh, yeah, it was free back on play. soation. Plus, I'mnot played. I've got it downloads. I've got loads of games I madethat lot played asn't yet. I'll started playing. I've been meaning too forthe longest. While horizons are doing not start playing that M I'm having alot of fun of it. At the moment, right now. I've alsogot three D Mary for your stars as well. I started with marge sixtyfour. That was my first stuff enough. Actually, marry six was probably myfirst game of ever owned actually. So, yeah, it's nice toplay that again. It was because I six alms was my first console.My Dad got that with marry sixty four for me. So, yeah,the first game I've actually owned. HMM. So it's nice to stop playing atall over again. I've only got like one started so farther and nowI actually probably the game even. I got one hundred and twenty stars.Last time it was a couple of guys I didn't want to go through alook. Let more fun, because I was scared of the deal as akid. Yeah, yeah, I remember. I remember it very, very clearly. Yeah, that really is a scave me as a kid. Ohmy word, Halloween's next one for you guys. Try to play anything scary. You know what, that's probably probably resident evil, probably as an evilto remake, because I haven't got around the plane that yet, but ifI can, if I can probably grab it for a decent price, thenI'll probably stream it. Okay, yeah, I'll probably streaming it, but we'llsee. We'll see. I think, other than that, bull boards prettyscary and it's right in so right. Yeah, yeah, we'll see.I think I've been trying to get my hands on resident evil, butI just want to justify by finishing some of the Games already owned first.So yeah, I think I want to get resident evil. The one,was it? The one that was on the PSFIVE launch? Look Interesting village. Yeah, there's an evil eights essentially. Yeah, that looks good. Guys, be reason people when you go. I played the first one with mycousin and then, finally enough, I had had a friend who Iused to get to used to live now like a CX, one of thosestores. I can't remember what was called at the time. Electronic Boutique,to remember. I don't know if you guys remember that, but yeah,it was called an electronic boutique. It was Oh, yes, I remember, that's it. I remember. The other one, was it view games? It was game station. This is crazy because it was game station beforegame station went out of business, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, and thengame station when out of business and then it was electronic boutique and then,yeah, yeah, and then it became game. I think the one.Yeah, because I remember had all three year if I can use you knowthat's so mad that they used to be your store. Could Game Station andEaster kind of like go toe to toe with like gaming and the and therest of the other small game stores. But yeah, I had a friendwho lived near there and he bought me resident evil zero on game cy pieceby me Games. He's giving some change and get me some games from thefrom the trading shop, and he just kind of just told me what's there. Obviously we didn't have access to phones like that at the time. Ithink it was. I mean I had a phone, but we didn't alwayshave credit and stuff. It was like twozero and three four. So hewould get these games for me and I'd even like them. Sometimes I'm sayingno, I don't want to take it back, get me something else,and he put me once resident evil zero. H Yeah, was resident evil zero. Now this game was meant to be really, really good. Ilooked at the box. Are and escape me so much I didn't even attemptto play it. I just told him to take it back from the box, art from the box. Yeah, wow, I was like yeah,you know, I can't. I cannot do this to myself. Cannot dothis to myself. Just told him, you know what, may just takeit back. No playing this. I caught a lot of the horror gamesI've earned. This is the youngest I've the I've know residive was a greatseries of ever played the goots and evil... because I just don't like horror. See Horror Films. It's the same horror games. I don't like them, but I want either even the have my big Gates Watch and listen tothe Hor yeah, I don't know. People see it on that CHR.That's just happ people I like to take to horror movies. Hello, hello, hello, it. Have you guys been watching anything recently? It's entertaining. Yes, actually so. This would be absolute disgusting. Was a hero? No, Sora. It's our sport. Telling me all about boss, whichis really good and explains the game of Oscool a lot better than their, for example, courcord a basket did. It has such a focus on ontactics and different positions and what you meant to do in that position andand and it has a proper dat down into that. Then just being actionwhich is very, very today, and I feel like if you don't watchwhat score no much about ask wall you learn quite a lot exactly how feltwere to watch pace of a diamond, because I couldn't care less about thesewall but when I watched that the enemy, it may be a bit more interestedinto it because it gave me a better understanding of the game, givingall these different techniques, all these different type of please, which is itjust makes it a lot more interesting for it than just for it just tobe action. But yeah, it's a really good anemy and I highly,highly recommend it to people. I haven't been watching anime, but I thinkI'm going to start the JJK when it comes out. I think the animalscoming out. I think you see already out. I don't know even episodeone is out or it's coming out next week. But what were you gers? I haven't really been watching that much anime. I've been I know theboys has come out again recently. Oh Yeah, have you been watching thison Netflix? Yeah, I forgot on the third episode. I've heard itgets it's getting pretty good later on, but I'm on the third episode andonline knows fucks. On Front please. I'm not there yet. Let's notrude. Yeah, that's but, but, yeah, I just got, Ijust gotten to the part where they've just killed that Dolphin. Bout feelstore for deep. But I also don't like you. Just uncomfortable character towatch. Forget that guy by these perfect something easy. Yeah, he isvery uncomfortable character to watch. Like he pisses me off every time he comedown screen. MMM, who's your favorite characters from the boys? I don'thave a favorite character. Yes, I don't like everyone a little bit.Yeah, that's true. The think they're all right, but there's nothing aboutthem that actually makes me lack them like that. And I like it up. But to be fair, yeah, there's about to have a finished youto everything will go. Yeah, there's not a single character who could diethat show that I'd feel bad. Yeah, Oh, yeah, that's true.Actually, that is very, very true. Not a single one.Well, you get got tomorrow, I'll be fine. Yeah, big munting, so annoyed. Oh, Chemico, I would feel bad. I likeher, but I wouldn't really be that bothered. Not Be French she mightbe. Oh Yeah, French, She French movie. I love friends.If he's gone tomorrow, it's hot less. HMM, but these are still onewatching. I'll be watching the boys. I'm enjoying the season two. Ithink that's I've been watching a huge my things. Apart from that,I've not been much. I'm not watching anime along as actually of not watcha lot of anime recently, but may watch when Sharman King comes out.I may watched a game because I'm hoping I think I've read that they're goingto actually follow the Manga this time, so hopefully we won't get that weirdending that we had an anime compared to how the Manga was going. SoI'm looking forward to I'M gonna look forward to watching that. I may startwatching one piece. Actually, I know they've been doing it one or becauseI may just watch from from back, because I know a lot of it'sbeen anime quite good and animated, and I'll probably watched the final seasons ofattack on tired as well. One stuff out. When is that coming out? Coming does the least dates I know. Is it going to be an autumnand my season? Okay, yeah, so, yeah, I'm going towat start forward to that actually seeing how it hits everything and all theanime watches that don't worry the Manga.

Looking what to see in their mindsbeing spun about the Manga and likes make me want to read it. Ithink I'm going to wait. You've got this one. Might Wi wait.We have prepare for your mind to be stopped. Fun Ready? Yeah,I think black, I said mostly, I think that there's always fun.With me, I read mange a lot more than I really watched, havingmade these deep days, to be honest, because it's easier for me to digestas looking phone or subly, wouldn't more than read a few minutes foryeah, Hmm, let's be nice. You guys. Find on watching anythingthis week? Nothing new. I'm looking forward to next month with the newenemy season popping up, but I didn't do nothing. Knew that. Yeah, often, what's some remaction? Yeah, I think. I think I'm goingto be watching our zero. There's a lot of hype around it comingout, for me especially, but I didn't. I I almost forgot itcame out. Yeah's IT come out already? Always it pretty sure it's coming.I came out July, I'm sure. Oh, yeah, damn, I'mnot watching. Yeah, I came out in July, but I haven'treally heard many people talking about it, but I'm going to give it ago myself. I did really like the first season, so it's only fairthat I watched the second one and let me off as well. So,yeah, I'm hoping to finishing this week. If it's if it's completely nice,I'll double check. I'm going to start watching it and this week canget back more reportings. For the next part. I don't know what I'mgoing to be watching this news. Probably a love epis the boys, butnot too sure, but maybe I may start. Should maybe looking to stopwatching my anime again, so I may come to you guys suggestions. Isee there's. Well, I should really watch it. Suck, we haven'tseen. Yeah, WHO's name? And Shame, probably seeing full metal alchemist. Yeah, not brain, I know, shocking. Not even someone. Yeah, probably is the one I'm going to watch. I'm going to actually, I think what I do is they I'll start that this week and Flix. That's where I would be watching. It is even better. She doesn'twatch it. Yeah, I'll give up watch on Netflix then. Yeah,the one, guys, I've only eat down. I'm going to and thenI'll know my ncy be restored to so yeah, I'll give out what's really, really cool. Well, I guess that's it for today's pot or says. Send us any questions or suggestion. And for Games, Anime TV showsthat we should watch your cover. Terms of socials, polage, when Igive your socials, Yep, my socials. All our punds on twitter and painsunder school on Instagram. Many too many men on twitter and on twitch. Abbey, I'll be on the score melon on twitter and I be onthe score murmur on twitch. Switch. Yeah, I've got switch as well. Sorry, pond on the school on twitch. Hey, Yay, LeSon, start streaming. I've got my caps card with the see me onleast get good at smash again. So that's the first thing. Is Notgood to the mounts. Sun't like talk to me. So many people moneyspeak up, so I need to at least final will be my birth dictum, what's this? Face screwing. And Yeah, Creek Star on everything cranksto one on twitch now should be streaming something very soon, hopefully. AndYeah, I will be all. Oh, and followed for eyes academic. Followfor eyes academia. retweet our tweets as well. Install. Yeah,cool, yeah, see you guys. A BIT I.

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