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Hi Everyone, and welcome back to episode twenty nine. Of the four eyes active in your podcast, I am a still and today I'm joined by Abbey. Hello, we've also got money today. Hello One. And lastly, we have one day. Yo, cool. So hope you guys have enjoyed the start of two thousand and twenty one. Obviously you're going to be back bring you lays of exciting episodes and content from for his academia to make sure you guys stay tuned. So today's episode. How The Sky to days episode? Guys, I'm just gonna buy that Schlicky spies on drive. Guys, I'm just going to be talking about some topics bace to some recent news announcements. So to start with, you have some Nintendo News. So it was actually announced on the seventh January that in the UK the switch console sold as much as the psfive, pst, xbox series x and S and xbox one combined in two thousand and twenty. So you know a resident number of Nintendo boys. You know. What do you forget this analysis? And is this a surprise or to something else? I want to see. It's surprise. Actually, switch has been doing amazing since its launch. And it continues to do well, I think especially because of the because of, you know, covid and the lockdowns, and we also had animal crossing that came out and coincided in the first lockdown. That really boost the cells as well. I remembered first look down. It was so hard to get us switch for a long while. Even scalpe was with getting switches to sell on. It was crazy. Let the moments which will come back in the stock. It will just get it or sell out like that. So I'm not surprised that those numbers and to be fed to cab a bit as well. Pierce pierced five and xbox series slash its did only really come out at the end of November so and they have their stock issues. At least Nintendo can readily restock, but they are I know they've had the issues restocking they had, especially in the first lock down. But it's impressive, is it is? It is impressive that the s which is continue to sell like this and it's this which has been a runaway successful Nintendo. Animal crossings even the second best selling box game of the year in the UK. Oh, probably few. I think it's be far fee for twenty one be for is Ya, fe for seed, but if you looked at by every individual platforms, animal crossings outside the pierceful fee for twenty one anyway. But yeah, Nintendo, they're going from strength of strengthents, which is not I don't think it's which going to sell so down anytime soon. So He may and I think it will probably end up. It also fast to sell. So the we are. I can very soon. I don't know. Nintendo. We yeah, well, still finer. Was that popular? I think. I'm sure that's like the second vessel in console time or something like. I don't flog. Was First. Sorry, Ild you first. Okay, see, Nintendo. We hit the West like a storm. It see that and we had in our house. We just never used it. We saw a hundred million consoles. What's all this day? That's to production. Yeah, over hundred. surprised. I'm surprised. I would say, still be buying it now. Louise discontinued long time ago. So it's a completely solved. Okay, it's not the second bestselling, but I was in the top ten on the end. But yeah, a second best. Yeah, sorry, my by my buddy at top ten. I've seen. I've seen the others and it's intended Ds some more than and game boy. Yeah, there's still wouldn't be as popular as the...

Oh no, it's definitely what up there, but it's the tenders fired. BESS. Only console any way, such as switch is still going to switches like currently at sixty eight million. Oh, yes, how was we out before got discontinued? We came out about two thousand and six. I think you got this continued in two thousand and eleven. Maybe five years. Was Eleven, maybe two thousand and twelve before the we. You do we was? That completely flopped anyway. so that's what luckily inter the could of food. That flop anyway, because the switch is not done so well. So, yeah, what did it? We gets continue so soon intended don't really have their cycles as long, to be fair. So microsos from Sony. So yeah, they have the weave and then they announced the we which that's a look, that's a story of another day. But that one flopped because of their marketing, ET CETER So. People just was an extension of the Wei. was actually a new console. I like the way you had some good games, but yeah, didn't get enough. What was the difference to we. Is it like switch and switch light, or is it no, no, no, we was actually a new console, wasn't it was like a new generation of Okahd, the Game Pad, everything was completely different to the we. But they I think the name didn't help it and they didn't really promote they promoted a game pad in to the showing that actual console as well. So people just was just an extension of the week. I would have thought so too, even based on the name. Yeah, that's the problem. That's what that was. On the issues with the we, the we use. The marketing was the marketing wasn't great old. Obviously we know that polly probably had all the Nintendo consoles, but how many? How many Tonda consoles of you guys had? Is An intendoy? So intend yeah, how many Nintendo consoles of you guys had? I had the game boy, game boy, Vance, Game Cube, we we switch and you're not part of Nintendo boys. Hold on, wait, wait, probably Internet and you intended boys what Cryso like I do man intendo boy, but my experience is not as very does as these lot were. Like I won't Pay Game Boy, I won't. I don't plaid the addams family. You won't playing pokemon whatever other Games are played on a game boy. The Game Cue not so not the Gamecube. exectly. Four at exectly, for that's when I played James Bond on golden goals in life classic. So did have the Gamecube. I don't know. I didn't play that many games. That would have dod we you. I've liked to play that four different games when I had do we. I don't think I bought any games of spend games that were there. Okay, yeah, you know. I mean Mr Nintendo, where I think I've had I've had every home console apart from the first two. I've had the every home consultart from the first two, which is send the team assistant, superintend I played the superintend I don't my mate had that one to handle. Kid. I had an okay, yeah, my dad my first consols und sixty four. Yeah, when I was like six or seven. But my friend who lived up the road from at the SUPERNINTENDO. My friends never got me that one even I wanted it. But yeah, I've I've had everything. Yeah, I've had every consistance in sixty four and and held about the Game Bay, colored Gameway of Vance, intended DS FREE DS as well. So, yeah, majority of the console. That's I had the game boys all for a bit. Ok, apart if I don't qualify for the intender boys, I haven't really fall in tender consoles. My I'm can I be very honest, from the age of like three till thirteen, I am pretty sure my dad got us every console that was out. I just don't remember them like. I'm pretty I had a game boy. I remember...

...that, the one that see through. The want was like a boy color. Yeah, yeah, color and game way. Answer was a walk something gave colors will see through. Yeah, I had that. We wants that started see if I don't know, I was black and white. I'm pretty sure I played pokemon on that. I think I remember having a black and white. No Black White, but like you know, the the screen that has no color all. That's a recent game boy. Yeah, that was the original game boy. I had that and then we had a Nintendo. We never touched it and I think the only one I actually play on is the switch. That's it. That's really it. That's even my first console that actually put in working before that. I think it will will more of a Sony household like we had all the consoles, but we only ever really paid on the playstation and my PSP. Before switch I was obsessed with my PSP, but Nintendo, to be honest, it looked so like my that would buy us no intendo consoles. And who buy us that, those fake computer things? and to me didn't. I didn't see the difference. I always thought it was just those weird, you know, gimmicky kind of like consoles. I thought playstation was really the only one. I was real and yeah, I didn't. Really I wouldn't say I was an intended person as whole. I do not qualified to be part of a Nintendo words. I don't. I think you will be suited off, I mean if they release another one, if there's a way I can join just off of switch, then yeah, I think so. I put a thousand hours. I mean you're gonna have to submit application for to Polon from that. In terms of ways, could Christ and intend the boy to be a fairy minute and intends to fright the whole of Twos and twenty? Yeah, he have to focus. Only knows. Cut Now I don't know how I write up one thousand five let dollars and must crazy. I don't know how. Only done three hund inside house. Your fruit too. Farm I had ad as an hours. I'm scared my know I said I don't know how, but I really put like fe hundred plus thousand time across. That's probe. That does help, very honest. Yeah, after I saw those numbers, I was at, I need to go and check how many hours up into SPLATUN and I put in seven hundred plus hours and I'm just gonna get in July. Yeah, that's mad. You know my Persicz. That is amazing, because my plate of Perstitute, I got it when it came out, and you know I did. After I check mine, I was at, I can't be the only Sello in this life. Yeah, so I went for all of my friends is its times. I went on yours play. Oh my God, how can you put in seven hundred plus hours on not just one game but multiple games? I love rest of your games were over three hundred hours, although I say of any other game, I think after that it's animal crossing, which I put in like two hundred something hours, and then breath of the wild, I put in two hundred something hours, and then after that it's just twenty thirty fifteen hours that just ran. Yeah, my play times the sickening my pay. How when do you have time? You Point to smash rules. Six hundred. I think I'm putting until I'm not. That was back from when it came out until okay, that's when when it came out as well. A lot of these guys are from when they first came out putting hours, and then I just fall off. So I sunk hours into the completed if I mean it's the tune, I think I'm still got over three and that game. Yeah, I think you more hours of money. Yeah, yeah, maybe, yeah, because I have had this Fortuna, played the hell of it. Then I played this expansion as well when it came out. I know great instention. To be fair, I would have been banging out for tows like to La Gee. Okay, it. Yeah, when you guys start picking up up, I started playing a lot more before that. What I bet he played it. I was if I was putting you a lot more of my Eles of the skyrocket as well from what they are right now. And you got hooked. You got hooked.

That's how it happened. To Stream. It was like see, like I wasn't a big fan of shooting games before that at all. And then I think I've done demo five. I don't know the demo. The demo was out for like two days. I put in ten hours into the demo alone, and then after that I bought immediately. I was I'm not losing this like I need to. I need to keep up my level. And I was actually trash at first. I was about to stop. And you guys are bullying me. Trust me a stoll. But if you got if you joining out, they bully like they actually they actually just what the game. Oh, you're so trash. Get Good. I was. I literally bought the game. You guys had it for two years. The Times I'm I'm not streaming, I'm not putting myself in a predicament. Yeah, I realized that I had the drifting joy cone this whole time. I was at bet okay. All of a sudden I went from seat to a in a day. I was like, so I was a trust drifting joy funds. I've joy cons all sor go ahead, Poa saying I got you. I had to get you to a quins earlier and the during the pandemic or when you drink you managed to get some. I struggled. Yeah, I got them from Glazo usually, and I got them from there, so they came quite quickly. But yeah, I got them. I got my pro controller too, so I usual to play it that a lot. So, yeah, Yeah, control. To be fair, I was struggling in my joy constat work. You like my apporte problems on my switch, like it's just felt. I feel like it's just not score one of the faulty one in the faulty batch. And Baby, I'm like, it's it's just selfset anyway. And my joy content don't work. Your poppy sounds like I is get some new ones. Augustn't have anything. Amazon didn't have anything. Carriesn't have anything else. Like where am I gonna get joy cons and I think it was to as you just said, you just get just a proper controller. I just it's just you'll be it'll be a lot easier to get. So I'm just or here for controllers now because Nintendo. I just want to make money from people. And it said in fulls I was to not buying it because animal crossing destroyed. I played every kind of game on the fucking switch and it was and I'm crossing. That did it for me. The the digging or the terror forming must have just said my my twitches gave bubles that know not goodness. And then I try to look for some I'm pretty sure I found it on shop to it was like seventy pounds to replace. I was like this is disgusting. So I would have bought a pro control, lot pro controller, but I don't play it. Dot Social pointless that. I never, ever, ever played my switchlot. I just can't get into it. And for this lockdown, guys, have you, guys, saw your own streaming or gaming schedules that are going to keep you guys busy while we're locked down until March? Like what your are you guys prioritized games that you know you're going to make time for? Like what is your game mean schedule for or Third UKNOT DOWN? Tell us, or real, I have to completely, or real want to completely by the month. That's that's it. That's my name. Or looks like really good. Good, let's sequel. Yeah, there's no expox for me to get them. I'll be looking out, but they're still sort outs waiting a bit. Are you going to you gonna go get one of soon this is available. Are you gonna get the so the x? X. I'm getting here. So I'm getting the X. Are you gonna get are you going to buy it out right? You're going to do the probably buy out right. You got money. You really can't talk. But I didn't buy it out right. I didn't buy it out right. Let me make one smart choice this time around, and then I don't my capture card was able out right either. Let there's a few things like that. Right up, SMART, no, small, I could. Yeah, the catch a card up. I paid mind in power.

Right, I just got paid the small. Okays, sorry, like I'd buy out right. I don't know those. Yeah, but but but this is done for you. You don't have to pay for everyone. Yeah, that to me. To be honest, I actually prefer buying out right anyway, because if I have to make a mon feel yeah, I'd rather. It's a good option, I say, for those who would prefer to pay it in installments or whatever, and it's great for people still have this option to still get the game stuff. They didn't need me currently. You've actually be Cuz I it's been my backle on playing. Horizons are at dawn. It's been playing through that game having a lot of fun with it. I don't know I didn't play it sooner. So I'm also trying to play for it when event see the Horizon Forbidden West comes out. But yeah, I'm playing for horizons are a dawn and I've been playing double may cry five special edition, and then I've played a bit of the new months on the demo, once on the rise, but that's the game I'm planned to probably playing stream when it comes out. March comes it out in the march, much when you sleep what's on the rise on the switch. So I'm looking forward to that game. But now I'm just trying to clear through horizons are a dawn. I've made a quite a bit of focus on that game and then mccry five and forever games. I stawly spay demonsils actually play food that bit more. I've got back my back Hook is big of games at the moment. Blogs, please go back to the Games. So I've been trying to be luckily I've playing a lot lesser months on the world, so I'm not really been playing that as much. Only when, if you would see a few people want but now I'm just like fame from a backlog here. Now I'm hearing near and if I even tried to attempt to pronounsis near, drum near and drumming and DRUMITA. Is that how you say? I was gonna say something completely different, but probably I figured sound light had be okay. I need to it sounds closer to that anyway. But it's a near, something near. I thought was automotor poor, but I don't know. But the finance on style, I was really interesting again that I was supposed to get that when I first got my psfour last year. But yes, Neil to my I don't know why I said that. We all thinking I was mixing up and mixed mass effects on the drummer. That's why. Yeah, yeah, so, yeah, I'm going to get I think we get that one. That's a good game. Probablay the at myself. Yeah, a lot of people talk about how good the game. You're probably enjoy it because you play you like the bear etta anyway. So I love it's from the same public, is the same weight. PATNUM Games. I did being there. Didn't think I play them. I don't research them. I don't know anything about who makes these games. I yea, so ignotia, it was. I me is yeah, they're the same. They're the same. Developers are being etter. See then, yeah, why? I know it's my kind of game and I want to play all the things be human. I remember when being human first came out, I really really wanted to play it. But I have a consoles play on. But even though it's pretty old and no one really talks about it, I really want to play being human. So that's another game. So there you have it, guys. Those were the games and the backlogs. But three of these guys are going to be getting through for the next couple of weeks, who you can loocked down to make sure you W if you're if they're streaming and serious. This a some support for ISAS academia on twitch. Next topic is a bit of a it's a bit of a weird one because you don't really know what's going on really, but any radio plus put out a summary of the plan's recent announcement about their revised copyright laws that will apply from will now January two thousand and twenty one. So when it says is that people can now face legal charges for downloading illegally uploaded or priated Manga magazines a don't it work, such... anime, film and scripts, providing hyper links to the pirate and media and also operating websites and Apps that upload and distribute the PIRAMATE, pirate and media as well. So I think it's got, you know, I say, the anime community of thing a bit shook, particularly those who, you know, share screenshots of Mangas and things, are also those who review mangay content as well. And I think there was a report actually of someone, I think you just share this Abbey, of someone whose account had been locked because they had distributed some forms of work that will such a subjected to the copyright law. I think it was one of old's, someone from older's team. Yah, so he only not older. It was dragon ball. Yeah, the Dragon Ball Anyway is posted. He's own work. They done for Dragon Ball, and any got any got his account. But but the the copyright law is only meant to be based in Japan. So the company was going to say yeah, the copyright Lord, that that was happily, that was enforced in October, believe, literally has nothing to do what was be happening in the past week and it was just a specific company that, from my understanding, I might be wrong, they got a butt to basically give up, got a copy right, whatever incidents that's happening onto it all. But it's it's that she did it wrong because it's only meant to be for mango panels. It was never meant to be for gifts or videos or screenshots. So the whole thing just looks like a complete mess. And and the court in the copyright Lord that was introduced back in October two thousand and twenty actually has very little to what was happening last week. So that's why it's a mess, because I actually I've just read that actually money, so just and images are exempt from that law. But there's a lot of confusion as well, particularly as a lot of this content is comes from your Japanese creators and it is obviously shad outside of Japan. Just in kind of sense. It's confusious to how you know it. The law only applies in Japan and any end of I mean pause, you hear. You have no day, have no power in other countries. Unless all the countries signed up to the same deal, exactly named law. They can't do anything. So, Manda, Monday is continuing. You know, that's not stop us fun, because stuff for us. But there's internationally, there's a like a basic lawful copyrights. Obviously every individual country can can actually be the all laws if they wanted to you. But there's also the use of this fair use. So literally anybody is able to take pieces of other people and use them full a critique or or analysis or whatever, for what I recommentary for a reason. So this is this very use very slowly. You're allowed to do such things as long as you don't try to clean that work as being yours and as long as you're not using the the whole thing. So yeah, like it's fine, it's all weird. That's so many to account to just get locked out. where? What do we do? Was An actually wrong? Yeah, I imagine you being like it's his own work, and I was like, how's your own work? Getting your part, your own work and because of it, your accounts getting knocked off. I think because it is a little bit messing confusing, I think it may take a while until they actually really risk charity and established how they're going to go about enforcing it correctly and make sure that they're the correct people who aren't responsible for breaking those laws art penalized, as we kind of seen some stories pop up during the week. But it just does raise concerns about, you know, just other kind of content and if in the future that law might apply worldwide. But I don't think it's something it's to be concerned about. It should. I'll try it. They shouldn't even try it. I don't think it's going to be as easy to do it in west of Western world, like America and here. I...

...don't know, it's just I'm just don't feel like people going to listen here unless the consequences are, you know, to ban the B yeah, okay, yeah, because I think one of the consequences in Japan's two years in prison or a two millionion fine. I think I read that somewhere. Five million fashially. Yeah, how much them pounds? That's a good question. Let me just read what it says. So penalties for a pease bags. Wo What might I five? What fuck you bags? Thirty five five, you have to ask you. So sorry for me in Jill. Absolutely take joe over. Thirty five backs. Just give it a loup to be I can work from from Joe's fine. What do you think Joe is difficult, you see what say people have in prison. Are you are your position, you're literally and no one who's giving you a laptop in prison. Oh my God, he's gonna use them a fucking portable. He are to try and connect it a lapt watch prison break. I could do anything to your body with print of the TOTOB vious. Yes, what are you gonna see? One day? You going to see work from home from jail. They're gonna see on our four his account money posting a video on how to make a laptop. Oh my God, let me work from home in prison. Oh, you better ask for follow me five bags. They are moving mad. They are actually moving mad, or five years in Gail, up to five years. I'll get you the five bags. I'll just posting small Manga panels. But I see, I'm pretty sure they said that. If it's just that one panel. No, I didn't see that. Actually, they said what it says also. I don't sure if you've got in front of you, but I've got it here. It so says individuals won't face legal charges for downloading a few frames from Manga or several dozen pages where the Manga is at the focus of the photo doloaded downloading works such as fan fictional parodies. So that's cool. And also, as money stated, exceptions would be made for university copyright and says, so we're for exactem was going to be good. Okay, yeah, well, we we would got a lawyer of him. They can real us, just like yeah, you'll have to do this like a cool we need a layer, Chris is, I told you Christ's and general counsels get back. You need a lawyer of her. This is you, guys, general counsel. So you can read through the legal doctors, because you made one, T and T in funny makation use. This week it was an outside Demon slayer, the Demon, same movie. Sorry, you tinues to dominate the Japanese box office after twelve weeks at number one votes. I've never watched you this layer, so I can't comment. Even if you didn't watch it, come on like something. I just go ahead... how one like like something is not right. The movie could be amazing, but twelve weeks number one, is that the only movie that's sound Japan? Web The kids kid spirit of the way of the yeah, that surprised me. That's I was like spirited away. You're joking. It can't be that good. I don't care what you say, but look good. That's about it. I can't imagine the story being that great it because, yeah, the anyway, the series was just a box apart, I would even say some part, because it was probably just the only good thing that was out, or one of the good things our out that season, and that's probably why I got so much hype us. Just yeah, because what it says here is that it's actually estimate its ear so that actual film has earned so far three hundred and thirty seven million dollars, as you said to parting, spirit of the way, which was now was the top racing film ever in Japan. So when it's saying is that the next milestone for the film could be the record for highest grossing anime film in the world, which is currently held by your name. And I had really, really good things about your name. So I need to watch you. Yes, they need to relax. How is it that good? It can't be as good as spirited away and even your name, like, I don't understand. I really I watch it, but I know that it's not going to impress me that much. That I'll be like yeah, I can put it above your name and spirited away. One thing I did hear, though, I read, which was really sad, is that the Manga car, who we don't know. You know their name, we don't know their gender. They are paid. They got paid very little. No, they are getting pad as much as you. So that the movie. Well, right, billions or millions. So basically, he's already. He's not. Really, he's not really he's caught. The contract kind of shake them. Whatever else is get paid that much K donal us or something. It was really me, I'll be human, you know, like something really, really small. And I was like this is ridiculous. I how, I mean this is the author of deal. Say Yeah, yeah, so the person that created the story. So I was at last, yeah, probably that's mad. This is why you gotta get Oh, just lawyers cut of Oh, just been eaten, Dee, I think I don a cure. I'm sure Creator is eating as well they would. Oh he is. I feel like he's eating good. He's he's definitely, he's definite. Got A mega contract with Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball French I said, no, I can never explore and how that money. But the Dems are, but it's not just a film, like it's broken a lot of records with the mangoes. Well, I think you're like a record of be the first man got to sell x amount of copies for over three volumes. ORS that best best selling men go in the first week or so. Sound crazy, like a lot of crazy mega not one piece of some one of the yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, for years. I want pieces. been reading number one for years and then which are always will be, obviously all time. Yeah, but I think it knocked one piece off the top spot one time. I don't just hey, are we know? Friends. I have read the full Manga. They've completed it and they say it's overwhelming. I mean underwhelming. Sorry, and it's like so, why is it doing so well? What is it? Is it crack that? What did they put? They put in this size? Is there some subliminal message? I'm just not picking up one, like you know, have to know what they sprinkled on it. But it is killing my people because how? How is doing so well? It is very confusing. Enough of what I've watched the anime for the more spot and it's a good animy, but I don't see that much hype around it. I don't know. Maybe what might signed to do with the Times it came out. Maybe just shot off for popularity. That Majesty saw a lot of Manga,...

Michael volumes in a short space of time. I don't know. I don't know what like. I don't know if it's like a thing for sure, by no lately, a lot of things that give a lot of anime popularity is the ships and the fan and you know that the it's demon slayer. One thing it does do it like it make because people like the chance to do the whole shipping thing. And then the all the fan art is really, really good and I feel like who, I don't know, man, you know these widows like shipping all the characters, Prophet SI stop, the other characters in the show. Okay, I don't know their name. Loves a good shit, yellow, the yellow the yellow head guy. Okay, and Nessy Carl. I'm pretty sure I'm no spoilers. Let me just let me just pause there. But yeah, so they shipped them and just other characters, and not even just chipping, but like the all the fan out that comes out, all the fixed that come out. I feel like that really helps a popularity lately, like you know some I would check how anime if I see like we do good fan out of it. So I think that's probably what's boosting its popularity. Like nowadays everything has some someone making some kind of fan out. Before I wouldn't really come across it, like you wouldn't really see fan not like that. But nowadays, like every new big anime that comes out, you just see her that with the JJK. Now jjk find out of Gojo and my hair and well, yeah, so, Sid I think that really helps the popularity nowadays. Okay, guys, I have the list of the top five selling Mangas in Japan of two thousand and twenty. What's a good for? Just topped it doesn't make any sense. Sorry, I'm looklad the numbers. It doesn't make care sense. Okay, first church, I guess who the top five of. You know how because he said Japan, I'm pretty sure, something we don't even know. Yeah, one, one team has to be the kingdom suck on tire tack on site and Demons Player Gujins and Kaysen. Yeah, exactly that. Oh, the only one, random one that we don't really know or F with. So how how correct to away money. Okay, I'll read out to you. So this covers for November eighteen two thousand and nineteen to November, twenty two to pers and twenty. Number five of is Jujutsu Kaizen. That's sold seven point six point seven mill and during that period. And number four is when he didn't mention Haiq. That's sold seven point two million. Then you got one piece of number three, the sword, seven point seven million. Then you have kinder my one piece. Third Day. First Place, we let this viny have kingdom. At eight point two Mile A. number two brought in Demon slayer and number one. Please, someone guess the number. Wait, what was the one before second? So it was. It's a five for six point seven, four, seven point two, three or seven point seven. And second was eight point two thirty, thirteen, thirteen ten over, funy, thirteen million when I have it up, or something like. Okay, as ten as one finished guessing. Yeah, thirteen, eighty two, eighty two, eighty vision, some kind of size. The same open. This is a scheme. I need to do some investigation, because is really is that good. We have friends money laundering. Them and w a Smith are in cahoots. Because what the fuck is going on? Who is actually going one? Like I am puzzled. I'm so puzzled. Why...

...this? I'm in confusion. Eighty two million. Eighty two million. So who they want the money for? Because Eighty two minutes. I don't know. This gues she. So you can carry on Ba bag, yes, and girl play that gave me, please. She's eat off his wife. Let's not like Bro. I need to understand. I want to know, like eighty two. That's Bro I am rattled. It was a big one. You know. Such a mad thing is that. I want to read it, and I'm pretty sure that's what a lot of people have been thinking. Let me just really see what the hype is about. And that's how they got their numbers. That I was at. How could it be that good? And then now people probably allow those a lot of those eighty two millions readers just just think, you know, I'll just people that are curious as well as so good, eighty two bomb Ras class know how well manger cells. So if you to be like what pieces that thirty and then you know the others are like fourteen fifty, I wouldn't been surprised. But the fact that they were in under ten million demons. Demon says more than the second to five combined times to even think about free like newspapers and don't all the other mangers have mentioned have been long running. Why this location hasn't been that okay, but it's your chapters in it, so it's a it has yest's. The one thing I will say that might be pretty wrong in my assumption with this is that the rest of the Mangas is people that I've been reading it for at least a year and they just like they just regular customers as an industry. But I think, I think you only really got popular this year nine, because what the Hell is going on here? I need any answers. I'm actually I'm actually shocked. It really don't know, but JJK getting up there. JDK is actually good. What is joejk about? Is it just? Is it just? I needs to stop, I've got out when I want to start reading this pretty much, and he just fighting. He's got in a soul that that that the thing's Uto. I'd say, yeah, I couldn't even explain to you that would make something that in a way that would make it appeling. You just have to watch it because it as she's a Gonnaruto. Probably not. You know, Nice notice, chus. No Way, okay, okay, I can't do I can't do it. Ruto Cheese. At my age I already did so. And so I feel that a lot of the new anims are a bit darker than the ones earlier that we grew up on. We would have watched here. They have a bit. They've gotten darker now because they know you interested in cheese as much. Huh Is, because just how is animated or the Manga Self in art. It's just I'm for sure the mango self is darker as well. Yeah, but I don't think that that as what Chris said. That a half of through the serious you can just abolish the power system or its a new one. Would work for many other show names. I think it works perfectly for what Georgians out is, especially when every part is focus on somebody else. You can add your elements pretty easily that way. But when you're doing a one piece on our re or bleach, where has to be continuous, bleach should try it. Bitch kind of did. It was awful. Yeah, that's what happens. I think the bleach kind of did it was awful. So its new caus the didn't even destroy it. They just kind of a plashers when beaches are fun, and we're going to see more of that. Mons as when you get when you and then make the final..., it's kind of disporting. I'm still watching. I'm definitely going to watch it. I don't think the work was as bad as I enjoyed. I enjoyed it for the most part. Is it going to skip to like the last arc? Is that what's being animated, or is it going to come? It's all so. It left up at the full bring arc and bring up just before the final art. Yeah, Oh, what's it? Yeah, is only really free hawks in bleach does the full bring and the war you have free ARCS. So society. Of what's still so society. It's sort of SACAS. I guess I'm society. Society was up until eyes and left so society, and then there was another arc after they called for yeah, they called. I would betid bring up. I don't think it's arts. I think the full bringer was the full Bringok, is the one way each go with powers back. Yeah, his powers. I'm talking about eyes and leaving so society. You know, during wheny, okay, okay, but as it's still around. Yeah, that's a bark. So Society at name was a separate arc. Yeah, because he had the whole men in coup where we call the place as well. But yeah, that was it. We're school. But yeah, no, they it was more than I think they spill. I can't remember how many oction to but yeah, so Siey, which is up until eyes and left. Because what's the point? They will do fillers. They won't do for this, you see, it will need some classic bleach. That would because it beach about the sinner. What they would be very, very hard skip the fillers on bleach after went through day as the rulers, the ruse fellers, were absolutely nonsense. Eighty two fillers in brought eighty two episodes of thrillers in a row. There's the most disgustable ship. It was that for the original rule. It's literally St Innet. So you get had a shuper amount of fillers after, you know, after the original, the original Yu or is a period where towards the end is eighty two episodes of eighty something episodes or straight fill up event, the bead, the episode after the finish it, the philli finishes. It's the last episode on the room before the time Scipe. It was a pistic that's all, harber that. Yeah, yeah, but I think, I think, I think that was done because they it was either that or it was just too close to the mango, the animals. Yeah, party class and Manga. Yeah, so's even that. Or they just go on a very, very long break. I remember that. It is. That's the same thing of me and I realized the reading the Manga that, yeah, this was a mad feller. I didn't know what like the thing of Naro, ship art, ship fellows. It was like every two three episodes. It was boring as hell. Beat one story that you can even follow or skin. Yeah, for me, for me personally, I never minded fillers. I just didn't like recap episodes. I really, really hated recap episodes. I remember dragon what episodes used to be like that. It's been in seven minutes recapping the last one and then you got light of an know, thirteen minutes less of a drug and then another three minutes and he's going to happen in all doesn't used to. They used to stretch out, they stretch hot. So many of you know, stretch out some of those episode. I'm the COCO reason that fight that last siple. Like how many episodes? Ten every five minutes, long running. Everyone to do seasons now. I think seasonals the way to go. Yeah, yeah, it's a lot.

It's a lot less pressure on writers and animators and yeah, less like he filler as well. So he knows we might get. We might get one or one or two that probably you probably still get one that may just do a long running but I think a lot of May just do. We have so many different things to watch. I don't think anyone try that because it's just no one's going to be hooked on one anime for that long. Buss to watch it. Insist. I think she's unt have any kids because he's probably if he does, probably just train them, laugh in it and be like right, let's look running some question. I should have no idea, but I've seen that free pictures of alder my life. So the one way you's like imagine, know, there's not a real person, it's not real past it and I imagine he's not and he's just a group of people. That will make a lot of sense. That would make a lot more sense than him being one person. That's true. It I should all these characters or the for shiding you got. Remember that's that teat. That requires one team work kind of life. Yeah, not to be fairy. Yes, it is in the putting, quite a lot work. So that's where it gets a lot of help from. Tell me what conspiracy they're oh, it's not a person. consperience or does an acronym for something. Oh, day, I was doing art and okay, this is this is what. This is what one piece fans do. You know, just everything is a conspiracy to them. Is Not really who he says. He ISS got a Willard Dy. It was okay, we established at the Willardy is fake. Is Actually the Willow pee. You'd have to watch our one these food video bodies. I don't want to know. You do find hilarious. He's dad hole in his chest. Don't hear it. If he's got a will of Oh, maybe you could survive, but the will of all you got turned into a human doughnut man. Somehow a slander will just fit into any of these episodes. But firefist ace, you know, it's game. Chest look like a ring a skiing. It's very young his name is people's goats. My Good An, this was your guy. Oh No, your guy is dead. There goes that, but go fisted. Basically, see your legends die young. You know, wait what they wait? Today, everyone's gonna something. I might as well be memorable or fisting. I'm not standing the dead man Ron. He didn't even beat Brobsh challenge the strongest people in the whole of monkeys. Of course you don't know. Listen, that's his own personal problem. Ace. For other than that, we are you. Doesn't even have a share name. Okay, we don't know. If you didn't,... face is lost. You know, screens of fights like you don't know who. He's won again. Look, he lost the boy, which, well, wish one is strong, but the hell black is really, really strong. So he fights strong guys and gets killed by them. Yeah, so many fishing else yeah, you know, gave you did tease their own seas. Their Goldie Rogers is studying in his great friend. Turn this great. How are you the son of the King of pirates? And then getting chest but mine apports say, is this my son of pirates? Must God, what do you buy? Remember, he was he was in his mother's women for that. How many months Mab was but over cootny to for somebody. Somebody's got free teeth. So I didn't know this is going to be about our episode. I hadn't know you guys gonna come out my favor, that I would come baby, don't get why he's your favorite. Why wouldn't he be? He this is my best. Okay, he's nothing, because he's got long hair and freckles. Okay, that's that's that's a part of it. Listen, it's not about how he looks. Okay, looks like everything. He's okay. So take his books aside. What else is he accomplished? What did he accomplish? It's not just a good character, like care what character to development? If you've watched the reason or if you've read the recent chapters, you'd see why he's a really good character. Now, I've read the recent chapters and I have not seen this. You haven't seen you'd show you up to date. I'm up today. Yeah, and you and all the flashbacks that make you think that he's a good character. Okay, that's fine. Justify someone else. Try tofy another guy. Who Know who the ASS and he said a breaking twins like a little kid, because you could do it. He's so, who's everyone's goat? Then who's everyone's face? He's everyone's Bet Youna, come and criticize our good go on. Who is it? First? They saw what? No, yeah, but you have taste, going, Chris, just perform. Oh the God. Yeah, Zora. Oh wait, why isn't? So we do one piece O me, I'll think. Oh Yeah, this is an episode of one piece boys. So, okay, fine, everyone's going on pizza. IS GOING TO BE ZORRO? Then that's easy. I would change my tas are too. Oh, so he's Gonno, I never said ace was the only one. Zoro tops him, but I still like, no, I don't know. You can have more the one go you can't have all the great time greatest last know, my one is pure casts of all time. Okay, greatists of all time, and my goal is that Dr Wagon punk. Someone's big. Yeah, but it's still getting a snaptop. You don't know who. Who's he getting laptops? He's got a better fight record that ace else. It's because of him. So that Doctor Vega, punk Poney.

Who's your good being? Lad, one piece for the vibes time, then stop reading immediately. I agree with Chriss ors. Or is a goat. So it is a still question for you guys. At one point, at what point did you realize that, okay, this character was my gol episode one is m okay, you know to Fairsor I see you know after the A. was it on the episode one? Hey, no, wait, no, he wasn't. It wasn't. He wasn't an episode to you. We're watching to poof hundred episodes. I didn't know that's away was in one or two. Okay, episode is Lufi and Kobe. When I was rely what episode was naming. Probably sure Freeza. So after Snari and just before Zoro. No, so, so, so, no, so lufy saves Zoro with Koby, then Koby and Zorolenkobe. No leafing in Zoro, leave Colba in the Kobe. copings. No Cold Kobe. And then when it then they end up at something even life gets picked up by the sea go get shopped off at some random island. And then that's what, because I was reading another day and and that's why, and that's why he meets, not Mei if an army end up going to buggy event. She ties up movie event sorrow comes and rescue you, fee because of buggy. Did you see no recap of the whole arm? You see what? I realized that Zora was going actually was after all this stuff with following human comit did. Yeah, that's pain from what you received during the fill of box and always the sudden, like a Badas, just like this, my bloody and everything. He was not before, even when he was selling leafy to fix up. Yeah, because Lucy's gonna go and pullogize to something. He was patting them straight away. told him before that there was an episode where they were in a pub and I think it's when we met black beard just before me. I think there was before they went to Skype A. Yeah, okay, and we're gonna get into a fight and I don't know who didn't want to fight. It it was Lufy didn't want to fight and both both les or didn't fight. Yeah, agreed with Lufy that he didn't want to fight the family. And then Bro getting posted up at the table. Yeah, yeah, they'll just hand holding the blows. But you know, like it was like her. It was like her, like Howard, when shanks came into the pub with when Lucy was there and he got banged up and then he only started fighting back when nufe's life was in danger. I see, you know, I see what money said. I think there's the one where lufy wanted to put polios of garden, Sonny, funny marry, and then Zora just pattern and saying if you go and do that, I ain't my captain. No more about Zoro actually became established. That was right there. Pattern in your captain. Who's your favorite one? Feeling definitely go I hear. I feel like I would say to ferming if I didn't really dislike dress Rosa, that dress Rosen was just mine, dress roster. You think I loved all the characters in Dress Rosa, I just the story was way too long for me. I even loved Rebecca interests, but the story was too long that I that point I was like, Oh, can't be asked, but I did like coffee. I like I think I'm just gonna like pocodil. Yeah, Lucci, I would have said Lucius Poco as yeah,...

I was gonna Focada then I think because you were introduced him so early on that he just faded away after that. But what would you say is you're most underrated arc because a lot of people just like certain arks. I just don't understand why. So I just rose up. She Gus hate in there forever. I don't know. I kind of liked I did like dressers. I did. I don't just was a boy dragged it. Did definitely drink. Is that you guys underrated? The most underrated? What is it is Monday for me now. I don't know. would be underrated for it like? I don't know. I don't think. For me personally, I don't see any one be shoptors underway because I feel, like you know, all of them are rated equally, not equally, as think the rate quite well for Oh, is it okay for me? Gone Good? It's just I see a lot of slander for skype Yer. So I got but and then you guys don't know them, because a lot of people were slandering SCAPI at some point. I think now the people people are like, you know, saying this good, but back then I loved scopy. I would have put scappy my top three post type pre time. Skip that. It was really I really, really enjoyed Scott. Of all the villains that I would like to come back and definitely, I think you definitely will. He has to. He was a very good villain that I'm actually disappointed that it happened so early on because I really enjoyed to. Yeah, and I guess so. But, like, he was one of the and the way he went out as well as well. I loved this Devil for best devils character. It was a villain that I understood here was so interesting because of the fact that Lufi's devil through so simp problem. Yeah, a character to his because a robber man. Yeah, yeah, whereas now, now with Hacky, it wouldn't be the same. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, because of Hacky, now most would be able to like, you know, lamblows on it now, but then there wasn't really there was hockey actually then in that out, but no one. Yea, it was, it was, it was up, it was observations, mantrap people, scopy, they had called it mantra. It was on the observation Ikey that they had really stop her from everything, every little thing about SCAPP. It was really interesting the fact that he was able to control so many people and making him believe that he was. Yeah, we lightning, just like because over the saw everywhere that someone talk bad about him spite of the lightning. Like that's when order became a goal. Is that the end of the art? Yes, yeah, it's when we had youth, you versus good, then when was clearly weaker than him, but because of rubber, you managed to be I thought it was great. Right, it's really good. I think that was really, really good, like, I don't know. For some people like, wow, it's just convenient or just really good. I like some of the gods done that. Say, like remember with Crocodile, when you lose? He was complete, clearly outmatching them the water, and then the W was it? Wait, was it was blood? It was actually like yeah, so that was another way that instead of you should hack. Maybe it made sense. Yeah, how low you could win, because then we probably will fall. That look loud. Your bruts are so overpowered because you cannot touch them at all. Yeah, how was that? How you fighting? Like, how was even thinking? How the hell do you that the smoke, smoke car guy was real? Yeah, yeah, smoke is a bomb now, man, the biggest disappointment in the whole is smokes. But he was my favorite, with my favorite, snavy. He was I really really liked his character. And then what's he done? Like bomb you? WHO's The guy? I was punching him up, a Pand couzard, the guy thatlways had freedom. Is Face Name. I know you're talking about V oh. I know you're...

...talking about who. was also the name as well. Yeah, there's a sick mastery of hockey. V with a spoon on this face right. Yeah, face, Oh, the guy. I got killed by any one of us. Nothing, killed him, all right, v something, I don't know ver. Yeah, the way he punched up smoker so easily. What if looking punched a very easily one? move the smoke of your bomb absolute who? Well, I've been focus. Behold it was in this right hand lady. What about the one that I'm Zoro's childhood friend? She's even better than he is. Like since times my mind beholding els left there looking like a drug addict, that bare man, looking like a smoker. You knows coming and you is someone's gone. It's fun, you know, just be bored to talk about, you know, all the random stuff, games, anime and stuff. But thank you for listening. Guys, you got myself allow up hands only. Tody, guess you have appy as well. The same. Bye Bye, by yes, a son, only a stun in for eyes. We also have money here on the podcast today. Bye Bye, everybody. Give your socials. Too many men onto, too many mon too many money man. Sorry, I had to do it. Closing up more. You know, we have crinkle star that guys remember. Bleachers, not very good socials. We are finally, a still make sure you following for academia everywhere on twitter. Subscribe our Youtube Channel and make sure you're keeping update and all our live twitches that we do twitch dream, sorry, that we run every week, so make sure you're shuting in and also join us on our disco channel. We talk about all things gaming and anime, and we also got recently uploaded our top fours of different topics for two thousand and twenty. So give us a look on Youtube.

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