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Episode 36 · 1 year ago

Wandavision Season 1 Finale || Episode 36


SPOILER ALERT! On this episode, Ponle and Manny are joined by guests for a marvel filled episode, as they review the exciting first season of Wandavision; discussing plenty of interesting theories!

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Guests: Midknight Gaz, Kenobiie

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0:45 - Terminator Anime Netflix Series

3:28 - Shaman King Reboot

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Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of four as academia and myself money and only, and we also have two guests in the and end. Guess all. Yo, so today's I've so we talking about one, the vision and everything marvel and to come from that. But before we begin, we're going to give you, guys, some of the latest part news. First News that comes to our attention is the fact that terminate are is going to have an animated series for them from Netflix, and the person who is working with that is the core rid of the upcoming Batman Film. The Studio Dis creating this terminate of film and I films, Y me Terminator anime series, also worked on ghost in a show and psychopas and such animies like that. So it's exciting news, to be fair, because I wasn't the biggest terminate or fan. I can't light, but I do enjoy. I did you gals in the show and it has a lot of similarities to terminates, Terminal Sor Tomina and the psychopas do your grouple it timony, like I'm looking forward to I'm seeing what they will do as a make us animated series. I I like the time they series. Actually, I've watched in most of the films them. There tell they judgment, they rising machines, even the the last film, which was a thing, a real one. No, that wasn't a lot of question. They but they had another one which came up, which was actually came back in yeah, he came back in actress for Sarah Con in the original. She came back as well. She's she was a lot older and actually, yeah, she's a lot older. She's a lot older than this one. But yeah, they're both, you know, because the vision was like back in the s. But yeah, I watched the even that film and I'm looking forward to its interesting. As you said, you name the student. I'm an to make sure that they've worked on like go, as a said, ghost in the show psycho far. So I think even. I think I'm looking forward to it. Sometimes got a big load, to be fair. So I think they can do a good job. It's got like actually, guys are down and you guys don't really watch anything like that, but would you think you have any interesting watching this? That many of the series He's waving? I'm possibly because, like if depends, when is it? When's it? Drut? Sorry, it doesn't say. I think it just often end the working on it's going to make parts in the works like yeah, I'm possible. I mean I think I'm the something process. We looking for something you need to watch. Yeah, and I guess because it's term in are something worth dabilions who, at least than anything, decide you don't like you don't have to watch him. You Dude, quite stuff. You can enjoy it. So yeah, yeah, so I second piece of news is the reboot of shamming King. I personally haven't watched this enemy all. Read the mango. I just had quite a lot about it. I know that puly only and and have. So if you guys want to speak on it, are you excited about this enemy coming out in the tree? It looks good actually, and I'm looking forward to it because, from what I've read as well, they're going to keep it true to the Manga this time, because with that anime, BA could the anime. They did it. It diverged like Knar near the end the I think, because they want to end the animes shortly. So they diverged it quite a bit away from the mango. The mango was continueing to go on. So a lot happens to the Manga that you didn't see that anime and anime has completely and different ending. has nothing to do with the mango. So with the really boot this is they're going to keep it true to the man. I'm looking forward to it and seeing it all. I'm form probably going to enjoy anyway. So I did enjoy reading the Manga ones. So when I was really years back, I made me go back to it again. So yeah, so were you. I don't han't what ushaw reading over eight years, so I could be forgot about. So now it's one of my most favorite animazing Magus. I don't really divulsion all of that, but I'm that's excited to go back to it. All of that. You know, dunking was great anime and Manga, and you're right. There word differences between both and I can't really remember them, but start remembering some of it, I do. I remember it's a big different it compare. It was... big differences. End is a huge difference. It takes a complete anart turn away from it. So yeah, like I said, it should be good to see all the over it because it was great. It was a great series. I really enjoyed it at the time. No more, UN tim move on to you, our main topic, it being one division of Marvel. But before we begin, just as when you guys to know that, and then the guys that they're like the biggest drinkers. I know. Okay, I'll take it, but my drinking buddies, I guess you could say. So may us. What are you guys drinking? Run up first. Let's go two guys, because what I don't doing right now is a shocker. Yeah, and I did do that. Mad this is he still back in a whole bowl without yeah, from the bottle. ME, are you okay? Is there anything you should talk about? He's upset. I want the business finished. That's in my Babes, okayrole like do you literally love her, or is it just one division as a whole? Both of a yeah, money. I've got some lambs that belay and say no more. And I know what are you drinking? Straight from the bottle? You Know How many? Then about wine and teeth, jammy's, Jemmy, Jemmy Red Woo. Come on, my, come on, man, you know, but belity, let us down, man, would you mean? I'm not drink. I mean to start back at this the next level. Absolutely, to the next level. Would you respect to punch? Of course no, I tried that. Try, let's let's let's get into it. And yes, or what division recently finished and the episode in the finale of the series, like what I saw, of saying that I wasn't really looking forward to one division before and then I saw some of my friends, specifically an in guys, talking about it, like from that episode four or five or previous before that, how good it was and bloody buddy blocks. So I had to get into it just because of that, and it's not something I regretted at all. I really enjoyed it and before this series I didn't really care about wonder over or vision as individuals and, if I'm being honest, this series actually made me care about them and made me look forward to what's going to happen to you when the next and what I what they have planned for so an. Initially, my question is, how did you guys find One the vision and what are some of your favorite plots about the series? With? What do I start? I think I loved it from the GETGO. Actually, it was it was a weird say because I know a lot of people found it was a bit. They found it a bit, maybe don't know the words, weird or they were not undershore because of the first couple of episodes. But you know, that was all part and set. It was setting the scene, laying the foundations for off of that season, for the season. I just wonder maybe we know now. You can see now she's come out, he's seen up, how well she now knows what she is kind of of she knows she's the scarlet which has chaos magic. The series has been I really enjoyed it was like some great stuff from Marvel. there. I'm trying to give it a raight and I probably give us mine out in maybe I'm I'm against you. I'm I'm really enjoyed the whole thing. Like I said, from they're sitting the scene from the grim from the first few episodes, like he saw like at when we found you know, a lot of us knew back of our heartness would and she was reveal and then we saw, for example, it was like hints with her. I think we knew what Agatha all along. So dumb. That's number one respect. I respect that. That's one of the day. He's a few more Commons. House is wait, but your God, I even lost my travel for there. I don't know saying because you had the little hintstruck here and there throughout this, throughout the episodes, like even with gratill say. It's talking about her husband, Ralph. Back in June, was it sick? In some nine? There was a high n sixty two in it.

She mays, yeah, the same day as the ceiling which trials. That was one, because I remember, I think, who was it? LF good friend hide. I think when he started watching his roll, he was bringing up as well, like it was straightly straight and you. And then I was like, I haven't because I've not been reading commiss as much so I used to. You fell off of a lot the law, different characters. So I was looking through, looking at the stuff. I was watching very videos and alcoholtness like the stuff miss some listen, this is the thing that your spot on things like well, didn't mean in trust you. So I do apologize, but I will will and the films and the shows they have you research and a nerd and which is fine, but it had me doing the same thing. So I'm with you on that one. Yeah, he shows there's no such thing as a coincidence. If they say something or the visualize something, it means something. Don't just oh, but that's interesting, oh I have it done that. It is further meaning to it. The only thing that didn't have further meeting, which I actually believe at this point, is a whole quick silver stuff of the h three. Now the GASA sock. How that was it? Those no meaning to it, and they don't because, but it's getting in that this meaning in that none. I'm not purposely doing knowing that we will grab it, but they chose the act on purpose. It by an active honestly treat me, because I was talking multiverse mutants all of the other the thing is with that, though, and that obviously we might get into it more as as the point goes on. But they that did that as a teas are. But I think it also did that to let us know that they obviously we really know movies will combady doing it for my and you the okay, if this isn't the way, there will be another way to excite you that. But in my mind now, the way I see it is, okay, they're not coming in this way, but mutes will be rolled in a number way. So now we need to find out how they're going to introduce mutants. How X men, you're not playing. Yeah, I'm I'm glad that he introduced mutants here or fantastic for anyone else, because it worn't done them justice. These are major franchises. I think. I think I might have taken up. I might have taken away from wonder and her story, because this is the point of this is really about wonder, wonder and vision. You don't want to take away from that, and I think bring it in mutants. Is Why that kind of takes away from their story. Yeah, if focus on one, don't I meet? This was her origin story that we never got, and this is the been, the best origin story all of them. Okay, okay, what what the origin stories that come to mind, you think are again probably not know as good to you, but are really well put together from all win and see here. So not saying novels about there was a doctor strange was great. I love Doctor Strange. I love Doctor Stranger to the great origin storise. But just that with this, because it's based on episodes, they got to explore a lot more and the way they're projected onto our screens in terms of her trauma and everything it will her. It gave us the idea, it told us why wonder is the way she is, where's she did, where she's gone through, and now it's, you know, giving us potential what's going to come with future, which I think is a big part of shaping up what's coming in the mcu. I think it's like an it's an origin story in an unorthodox way. It's not start to finish, and now we're here's more delving into her past to some degree have present and because with the mcu, you guys may disagree, but it's not like constructed timeline of life, like the way we live. Where you're born, you live your sort of dead. There's different pathways in your life. You can be alive and one time and I'm dead. In another you could be you could come back to life, you know, just to get what I'm coming from. So her story doesn't have to be a linear story of start to finish. Yeah, it's got yeah, you get one coming from yeah, yeah, because, yeah, so on. That is that. We got a origin story. Technically, halfway through the story that we know wonder. We've known wonderful at what ten plus is. We were introduced a wonder. We introduce to you a wonder, to eight type of wondering. Then now we got a situation where I life's, let you be, turned out so down and we're going to get a different type of wonder. So, yes, it's an origin story to a character we already knew. It's just now we got a different type of wonder that potentially getting. Well, does I feel like anyways, what this new one? Days that using about old one, the new wonder, the old one, like you said earlier, I didn't pass to care about like that. I didn't care about are the way I do about, let's say I'm an old captain, Manco or now wonder. I love it to bits, same as vision. They create that emotional relationship between the audience on one which that's what's great. Yeah, I think of what you said. Yeah, and see, and I...

...will get into it. As I said before, but before one division, I couldn't see how in a round movie. Now I can, because they now laid the foundations for hard to have a plot and power exactly know story. She could now have our understand alone movie, which is something I'd actually be really excited to watch that was to be the case. Yeah, I would be very excited to watch as well because of the way, like they said, they flushed her really well in one division of Her and vision, as she said, went through her house. She went to was dealing the trauma of losing vision after the events of infinitely or with him vision well, having to kill him, then him to be brought back in a quire finals, the time, crazy, crazy guys, and then finals just kills him again. To the minds of it said, she had to go for all of that. We're going to be seen a lot more, seeing how powerful wonder will become, because wonder house are actually not you, Saul. I guess banels an end game. Imagine this, anyone vision, one division, one der against anels, because because wonder, you know, afterwards US chaos made. That's the magic that can create. And what really Woll we had of Gali. I think she's it's slapping finals just like that. Understand that red or. I think a big part of that is because it's reality stone as well. I think those two are linked, not that she gets a power from the reality stone, but red is represented by reality in one division. All Right, I'm see in general. Okay, be away from what we're just talking about. In regards to finals, obviously that was kind of the final buss of face free, and obviously wonder wasn't as strong as she's going to be. So it only makes sense that the next big evil is going to be much more powerful than finals. Yeah, I think that goes with what they're trying to introduce them to use. You have the internals coming. You've got doctor strange being pivotal part of the mouth a multiverse. You've got thingy, Captain Marvel, just very powerful. You've got photo on nos also showing powerful, but wonder. So you've got all these individuals that are far more powerful then the avengers that we originally had. So they're going to have much powering. Fair. We see four fork a get more powerfuhen you. Yeah, for the JST, we've got all love and thundercoming as well. So this is more about the they go off and, like I said, are going to a ground the scale. We're gonna have multiverse. We're going multiverse. Why? So? We don't know. Was Definitely gonna have another big Bat. I'm not sure what kind of big bad listen that strange film that strange film. I can't wait for that. Man Yet back. Yeah, I love the first one. I think it's one of the best marvel films. There is a time to find as anyway. Yeah, it's suddenly film. I actually loved doctor strange, it's true. So I'm looking for to I'm beautiful. I'm looking forward to the more everse some ever, some madness, is it? Yeah, especially cause aviously, we know, we know Scarlett and want what wonder. SCARLA same us, because I'm somewhat anyway, we know she's going to be a pivotal finger in the film and obviously the post credit scene, which we might talk about Google. Yahvil time, that pretty scene set top a lot of craziness, HMM. And then you have all these rumors about spider man, Toby McGuire coming in, Andrew Garfield to all of them coming multiverse. There's so many different theories, because you even have backhole, the original docock you boy, Jamie Foxx coming back as electro. So it's very interesting on where they're going with all of this model doing something that they Disney or doing something that has never been done before. You know, the closest thing I've seen too, is is power rangers, which is that mid episode where again old power Rangers in the Messin. This is great. This is a you know thinking, gone go ahead, trauma, no, no, you got to go to Ross. But God now it's just I was thinking today in terms of we know this is based off source, sincereal, but they and the free rain and I have done two sort of manipulate and change so story. So it's not they're still providing fan service. But what you're also doing is is not telling the same story to the point where we really know what's going to happen. A. What's the point? If you look at one division, a lot of those based on house event, but then they took parts from vision stories, they took part from everywhere put all together, which I thought was great. And I feel like when it comes to these shows as free layers of audiences, you've got the casual watchers which are happy with what's going on, you've got the people in the middle who we call makes have an idea of comics and you know they follow them. See You when you have the third there, which is the you tubers, I'll tell you that the house number be one more seven reversed the issue one one seven and this is what happens. I felt w shit, that's not me. They Ok to everyone and they do it...

...very, very well, extremely well. Yeah, I agree, and I think most of us here probably around the second year, even though I don't have much experience in regards to comics, having read the many comics, but I do spend quite a lot of time looking up comic related stuff because of the TV shows, and that's one thing that's was so enjoy but one division is often episode. I spend more time researching and watching videos about one division episode that actually watching a one division episode. Yeah, and actually, yeah, and and that's that's one of the great things that are really enjoyed about about this TV series that literally every week you watch the TV show and when you watch the commentary and the analysis and the interview reviews on it and just makes him more enjoyable for me. But you don't need to do that to enjoy it. You can literally just watch the TV series for why it is and have a good time. You know, so interested that money Maney, you know, so interesting. But is that people that aren't big marble fans or marble quotation nerds or whatever? There they I don't know. It's only what I've said. They watch one oversion with no real insight into the mcu, and now what they're doing is going back and watching from start, from Captain Amer car first event. Are they're going to start from that movie and go through the whole thing because, if you will, been walked into, if you like, and bill, it's like a building this community. It's quite fine, exciting the sick them. Yeah, mum found absolutely lovely. So back on also about the where you're gonna say sign on it, I was going to say, you know, I love the way they done it once per week because, yeah, we spoke about this before, but they gave us time to season and talk about with friends and theorized, because if you watch it all in one goal it would be nowhere here is interested. You know, I don't think anyway. Most of the shows are just they doing one the wee can ewis. So it's fine. I like the way they do one the week. There's a lot of people got accustomed to having the whole box set or the whole series released that once. I think. I think, yeah, I learned next fit stars down loot with some things, but I don't think yeah, this the plus. I'm not really seen any of this, any of this, but that's what I'm saying. So before this imbossed, that's all we were used to. Now, because Netflix has been a lot. Wow, it's only before that what we used to once a week. So I was it complains some people saying are they should have been released all out once or why they're making us way. It's actually better like this. It's a great marketing technique as well, because people are talking about it, people are theorizing. It's what people will wait for all we people talking about one division all week long, different theories and everything. I like it better like this. I can discuss with my friends. One example that I used early on the another week ago was a bridget. Bridget would have been great to talk about in between, but they just really saw all at once. I just binged it, watch it here. That was great and I left it and I was it. Yeah, for Real, if we did get one division all I wants, we wouldn't be having discussion now. We would have gone going over it by now. It would have been six weeks old, six, seven, eight weeks old, and we just wouldn't dedicate as much time talk about it because probably spend and and plus is it wouldn't be as enjoyable because you will literally watch the whole thing and you wouldn't even have time to sit and think about all. What did that episode mean? What did this commercial mean? Is this really having a link with a Truma? You wouldn't think that deeply into it because you really have the next episode loaded to watch. It happened to you for us. But yeah, anyways, back to what we're saying earlier about the post credit scene, especially the final one. We've seen in the mountains and then we see wonder end. Scott Scalar Wa Cheuess, you could separate them to that's obviously leading to something with a voice that she is right, he is right, the end most likely being a children in a different in a different universe. It's potentially going to them. What do you guys see happening? What do you guys want to see happen and going forward with the next level series and films? That mountain is very, very interesting, that area she's in, because that is where she essentially grew up or gotten power. That's that's not been confirmed, though I'll be confirmed with fairer. I'll talk about comics. I'm talking about a comic. Oh, so this variety of reasons why that area is important. If it is the area of picking up, it's where she was raised, is where she's been adopted, where she's been left, where she got up powers. But that area is significant to both mutants and to wander, depending on what story you go with. So seeing that was great. Regarding whether going, I feel like the way they cut off. What you heard her children. Is She looks for children? Yeah, especially the student. I think the store of life anyway, because even though she would, they have that. I'm the town mate. We should we used for she never used of powers and stuff. She did make her the kids are real from her sloppy it's she literally made them kids. So I think their life somewhere. You're going to be searching for them. That was about I'm wrong. Sorry, is that gone? HMM, go for Anna correct... If I'm a chaos magic is the rived from like hell, and all of that is chaos working from another. It's from humming with in the comics. Come with the name of the purse. I know you're thinking of quite there and it's got. I was waiting out this morning it's going from my head, but I don't talking about yeah, it's the one. Let me do it. I'm trying to find kids whether that is fun, because it gives literally me I'm trying to face. Yeah, I found the name of the person I came I'm not going to pronounce it. Give it, give it, but I've seen the spelling. It's like see its CHT. Okay, somebody, we heard about this before. Yeah, guys, this goes back to the video you sent me as well. Yeah, that's it. He's the ridge, because I remember, and I think one of those what's the names? Lo, see pun or something, I don't know. See Fun on this. Fine. Yes, this is a weird way of I don't know you're thinking. I think I know why you're thinking. It was a mount, Mount wonder go. Yeah, that's was enough. Yeah, because I think that's some coughing in her. Wonder's little which I think with wonder, one of our old stories is she was born, just born one the more. Yeah, yeah, she's born there and then had the front. got a fraction with power and he, because he's holds that, kills magic and you got a fraction that. She got a fracture that kills magic and then, yeah, it's like this. But you, who were Agnes, is there. There's song. Yeah, because I got a heartness year. She was her ment in. Actually, I think I was, because I'm, like I said, I'm not being reading comments like that much, just being ast mean. I just yeah, so, yeah, she was a mental even looked after her kids, but one that does killer guardians kind of kept wondering check. Yeah, the thing is right. The thing is just off one. The origion along from what we've seen. They talk, feel as though their steps they're set up and go for to be a mentor in anfodox ware again. It's not like she's like she's gone. So I going on. You're right. I was just agree with your agreeing, because he's literally see her when she's got to try. I wish, you know, and there was little. Yet the last Sepild I was trying to take a from memory late, trying to because even I would want the past was soups literally showing wonder. How how did she come rot make this place? How did you use your powers? Basically, yeah, wonders, trauma. The way a therapist would she wait. Who Step my step through a past, exploring it try to find a solution to it. It's she played that Guardian mental aspect, looking after even them, even the even that seeing the battle, seeing the fight scene, whenever I get fires, and she used the ruins and was I all, use rooms on me now, are you blush? You know, it was like it was like she learned. It was like a mental meny in an on off look where then actually learned to use them. I got fish tricks on her, if you like, which is like yeah, yeah, that was a really ob scene actually, any I did it. God, I didn't put the room. I should have watched the second time. Ah, Shit, the room. But the first time it when I've made any clocket until obviously happened the second time, as I are to you had already started when she was missing. Intentionally. Yeah, I feels like, Oh, hit me, hit me, hit me, off topic for a sucking. But both of the acting was super incredible. Yeah, great things might be my favorite episode in the series just based on how great acting was, because it's literally on you dope. She's so sick man, and and what's so great about her is that she had to please so many different type of characters for those series. Obviously she had that Naisynabe rolls and she had the rich road and she had the concerning but whatever rules she was playing, she had to do she had to form that in a convincing way, and she done it so well, so well facial expression, Bush rejection, different types of cadences in her voice for the different roles. He it Bra I think she's so cold and obviously we really knew about it as abolsome, but she really took it to another level of a woman's because she was given a role where he is the most important person. Yeah, and Probatley will be heat. We already know he's just he's cold. It's called the facts. She's just given a range of different emotions that she could dolve into France nine episode and as she done in a great way. It's it's nice to see, but going on, took the audience on a great emotional journey. Laughs. We ult it for her. She done well visualizing them, presenting those emotions. Yeah, I mean, if gone quits and and we keep in t was gonna go back to the original question. Original question where this is going. I think this broken up in a multiverse. The set of foundation of what to expect an mcu moving forward, and this is going to be sort of the beginning or the source material or...

...where we look back on all. I remember this happened one division. We can see this one. Why this happened. Spiderman or something like that, but this is the very beginning. Two things off what you've said. First thing, I love had Disney and it's smart. It's so sicky because obviously we all cinema go is. Most people got in the must watch their things. WHAT DISY have done? I said, okay, we're going to bring you to our Disney plush channel and you, if you really want to honestly, if you really want to understand on a deeper level, you have to come to our Disney class to then reference certain things that then go back to the cinema and watch the next movie, show Doctor Strange, for example. You can go mutch doctor change and enjoy our squape. If you really want to understand doctor strange to you'RE gonna have to go back to Disney class, watch some Scarlett, which maybe what some low key I don't know that. I know there's there's some more. You were stuff in the low key series. Yeah, the probable, but you have to go back to their thing, to to understand what's going on in the in the next phase of the mcu, which is dope. And the second point is just I love the little doctor strange actual projections or reference. Well, we're not reference because it's a skill, it's a thing she can do. But we obviously we saw a strange do that in infinity war, before the battle with finals. We saw him doing that. So that we saw in school. There was it. Was it the million? Was it the meant? I didn't do strangers all, I don't. Don't. I only have one chance for ever. Any done at the beginning of the docs change film when he was reading the books, tranny, understand. Did he do it so long as well, when he Tang? Yeah, yeah, yeah, because he was sleeping by doing actual projections for read. One is do something similar. We you see on all pilot, but she's there reading to beyonce. Yeah, yeah, yeah, she was listening to be he was. This one one was yeah, single, ladies, Oh, right, days, because it projects himself to be such a serious guy. So we see that as a lot of these little bits of human a busneys point. Yeah, why? Yeah, you see a lot of parallels between both of them and how they're learning, and they're learning so rapidly as well, especially when you go into what I said about she's, you know, even for more superior than all, far more powerful than the social supreme. The next film again it's going to be interesting, I thought. Like I said, I just can't wait for the moments. I need that, feel them. How do you turn to doctor strange into one division that's linked to low key? All of these are beings. You know they are. You just need to you need the story. You need them to say that. We just need to because, like we said, the MC have had a great lack for story building. You seen it over the since the first since two thousand and eight, with the first I'm and and. I think, look, I'm and could well came out that year, but mostly will go to I'm AB. Seen since then they've been building and building, they built. Look how manly years this it's spent over ten years building. Well, about ten years building the first three phases. And see there. They say. They say that. They say that that they're like five years ahead. That part of whatever they've got out now, they're ready planned for like the next five years. Yeah, that's very enough. Past. Like I said, it's got ask book, it's got brought us really hooked into the mcu is is. This goes back to what money said the beginning the podcast that even with me when and game finished. I was like, you know, I don't really care for them see you anymore. I don't only care for our space. One of these came out. I was like, you know, I'm into them. See and what's One of vision? You know, I hear you guys are ass like now I get what you mean. I'll still got me off. I knew my CISILINA watched the last I get what you mean, because it was like we've now felt this felt like a Chapsain's close, and so I was gonna Watch it, but I just didn't know. And then with how we've had one division and now it's actually literally peaked it level. What's interest again? Like it's just raised it back up. Now we're looking forward. We Got Falcon and the window soldier coming up soon. Yeah, the next week martial is that segue? was that segue or we know much to combat flip. That's La about? Yeah, we still needs to talk about the other post credit scene. We see the thing that we annoyed me with the audience of large pustle. The audience is when one of thesion first came out. Obviously give us the first two episodes. So a lot of people are this is boring, this is, this is isn't that? How that's me a film, something with explosions. This isn't directed me, like I'm out here. It's any for you write about happen indirect I'm bad for you that. I was one of those people. I was always going to watch it through, but I was just our what if I struggled to understand where it was going? And then I did. I re watch I think, I don't know what's...

...five or six little really watching the first three episodes. Sick. I see what they're doing now. Yeah, saying up the story. So I was like cool, I'll just give away is nothing exciting. But I know didn't give us stuff to be excited for. But it's just crue is it door my curiosity to see where this is going. And at the end of it we revealed how each was. It was it Sitcom style was used on why significant to wonder? I thought I was incredible for I was great. Yeah, for followed the first the episode was a really good foundation. We are with shry charged in a bit of mystery to you. But yeah, but about to you guys point earlier saying that the mcu have planned for wherever the short because they've got the show. The shoulder stuff does happen up to two thousand and twenty three and and they already have plans for five, six years ahead of that, according to King fee. But obviously the next things are coming in the mcu are Falcon and the winter soldier event. Afterwards we got low key. What do you guys expect from those two series or what would you like to see? Low Key, I can't wait, because you are sorry who we say we there was another we didn't actually discussed the other post critic sales on the say as well. Oh don't worry, I've got a seck with for that. Don't work. It's faith. The guys look heart weight because again it's apparently like Lokal dannage different, more Raut spoilers, because this is stuff that's out there looking dannage is all different. What we versus attack called himself and things that he's doing in other uses. Yeah, six, Oh, yes, of course. We saw happen in flip, because this fall from a took which let's fact in it and game. Yeah, it's yeah, MR chief, and I can't wait for it. Economy is whatever weight done with Lukey so sick in that his character up is he us a villain? He's a lovable villain. He tried, he's had some of her had somewhat, somewhat redemn should what can we say? Villains? Anti Hero maybe? Yeah, yeah, yeah, that Richally. He not to be four reachally and didn't get that. They got low key. It made a right absolutely made the best decision, because he suits lucky to a tea. fact, that's it, lucky. So and it's it's a multiverse, because remember when they explained the timeline in en game. So, look, he's not going to go to these different universes or whatever, different times and just ruin things. Him even disappearing and starting new things now creates a new timeline. So that obviously is linked to a multiverse and what them make you. Story's gonna be very interesting where Loki is going. But I love lucky. I think he's my favorite villain in the mcu. Before we carry on, like what it does say about them see their costing has been amazing. Yes, or for leave from so many of the characters. But the characters. I'm trying to think of a cast in that wasn't really good and I can't think for one. No, Mrs for him say change the change one machine, and I think that was right in the end. Now, yeah, well, because he think he wanted too much money. Always been bad. It was, yeah, I think, or something like I wanted too much money, terrence. Yeah, and obvious. Going to change hulk. They change brief ban are. I believe that. Honestly, did. Yeah, this change. They did because the yeah, because the two thousand and eight hulk, I remember the name as the trend to the one in event. And then they change a mark broflow for avengers. Yeah, which I'm happy with. The only thing is they by the acting is touples quick. Oh. Yeah. So so back to you. What we're expecting the future? Obviously, look here, was really excited for because, yes, yes, Falcon. That's you want to see. Anything regards to that, because there's obviously specific thing that's going to be arising for welcome that. I'm sure a lot of people be excited for. Yeah, I think they touched on the origins of the Captain America, if you likes, obviously from what I've read up on and sort of seen on youtube channels and stuff, oh, like Super Serum exearch for yeah, yeah, so they to test it on basically back in the day, but when time this was they said test, use black people's back tests for medicines, serums wherever. And then obviously in the comics you know that there's the black captain America, if you like, and he was the technically the original captain who got tested with this a rum before Steve Evans, l Stevens Ball before Captain America, but testing on just se was just Steve Wager. Sorry. So I'm excited to see that because obviously, I think the son of the Black Captain America appears in fucking in the winter soldier, which links in soft young avengers. So there's always like a link. There's always I get we are always a link. Will probably get you. We may get young avengers eventually, anyway. Yeah, yeah,...

...wicking speed already. They're doing a small productions already. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean we know who has daughters involved at some point. I roll. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got whoks door we got Peter Parker the US, if you going to be he still young. The whole guy. Film is basically him. Film show is him raising Cape Bishops. So yeah, that makes sense. Actually Young avengers. I think the same. Up. You guys are right, but when Falcon, the winnach older, I just like I like to buck his character. Obviously. Yeah, yeah, he was. He was stronger at one point when he was under control of Hydria. That's when he would speak in terms of strength and power, and that's really good time, because Captain American winter soldier. I don't know about you guys, and I'm sure you one last that's the best. That's the bisons. For me, that's the best. That's the best ends usual. For me, I Carl witness of the best. Obvious usual put me in funny one end game, guys, the best. I can't lie. That's my bigger. I think that's my favorite. In the usual kept to the MERCS the soldier. I thought that. Thought that was, for absolutely fantastic. said the filming Falcon and the Winners Soldier in the same style as sort of Captain America in terms of it's like face, like a movie in six episodes. Lots and it's going to be linked to origins of Falcon wrestling with his feelings about being a new captain. Doesn't want it as a not obviously we know that they've got their captain. They want to a point so they can control him. They can't really control Falcon, they can't control Bucky, but if control is new. But they want to pick to be the new capting. So it still links it to mcu. It's still exciting. It may not be one division, because we don't know and that it will be as that will be as engross in terms of how we felt about the characters. Yeah, I still links the walls, the future of them. See, you still link in the wards characters that we know and we like and it's not so fighting that. Who doesn't like factims? Yeah, I agree that. It's just like you said, this was just leading some more low building. So I like I'd like, like I said, I love story building in these things. I like to see the whole thing develop into something huge. So I'm looking forward to the fucking wars the soldier. I'm Clim I'm excited for about as a standalone, but I don't think it's going to have much impact on the mcu as a whole. I think this is going to be a series by itself, similar to lesson what black would always going to be. It's not going to have a major impact on the whole next phase the way one division will, and I'm quite happy about that. I'll say. They may not have the same impact per se, but I don't I can't think of it anything from the mcu which hasn't had some role. Still have some story, but not wonder tie or there won't be anything big big from it. But there will be something that will see in future, but nothing too big. I'm happy. Friend, you just a series on these two in the said money, we wouldn't. Was It me, you and I I discussing it where we were talking about how the originally the timeline wasn't meant to be this wonder. Wasn't it to be first? I'm very sure about it. Was All right my yesterday. Yeah, was meant to be a black widow first. You had a tunnels before this. Yeah, after one of visuals meant to be Dr trained straight away through with covid fuck man. But yeah, but I guess with a change of the I don't know how much the actually changed the TV show? What was it was? WAS THE TV show? That was one of the vision done already before covid hit? Or was it doing covid? I don't know. I don't know how to work. We are arranged and releases on what they think would work. Without revealing too much. I'm pretty sure they were still filming during though, to actually one point there were. They were filming. I'm probably when we were alided up for that first period, filming began again. I'm dying, I can't remember. Don't know. I'm machine. And so I thought, I don't doctor trange just finished, because those wants to be a May release. Well, it's still gone on to be fairer as a mean. What's that? Yeah, it's finishing as media, he said. I don't know, feel right out now. This stopped it. They said it the other day like doctor in film pump. But yeah, so when we're talking about lucky earlier, probably going to have a looking going into all the different timelines. What? What? What's? What would be interesting is if we eventually see like adventures in the different universe or we see all these characters that we seen before in different universe and obviously playing different characters. Is there any specific character that hasn't been brought up in the mcu apart from xellent characters? There you guys are looking forward to, because you can't, you can't see. Can't say x me, that's that's his djamb. I want to see Gamby on a smart guy, but you can't. No, x man many, actually manny man Bladey. Heard you say, no,...

...that's that's what I was gonna say. Ganby then anyway, it's like Gambit. That's my guy. Anyone else other than your typically newer heroes? That, let's say. I'm hot. But really I'm looking forward to seeing maybe when they, like you said, they're gonna probably get fantastic, or eventually I'm looking able to see like civil so for since they've got the rights as well, back from because Fox up the rights as well. You know what? I would like, Miles Morales, but still, but they've taken on for this new spider mand is taken all a lot of miles morons story and this new spider man still quite young and stuff. So be very different thing with miles murs. I think Sony owns the right. Maybe it still do. Yeah, maybe, look how much they make from the game and from the movie. They're not going to give that up to any of the way that, man, just give him this robs good. So that the game in the film rights, the game that it's not the games right. So they have is the film rights. They have that right. Spider could be any still, because that's why it's exclusive to the playstation, because it's Sony. No, that's not what they just make hit that, but I'm pretty sure that it's only they've got the film rights for all. But that's on spider as exclusive to the song playstation. Hey Man, damn well, I think decision about the game for a second and let's get back into this mcu and getting. I wasn't even say the game. The game was made by it was square knick's crystal dynamics. My Disney gave them the rights make the game and that's why it's just it's not. They don't have the they don't have the game rights. I'm pretty sure it's just the film rights anyway. Well, you got anything game really it punish problem. Right. One day, one day Sony own the UNAM and I was not sorry. Just let it go, but I'm right anyway. Google it yourself. Okay, I'll let you believe what he wants. It's okay this and I do because anyways, anyways, anyways, characters, characters. The question characters that we're looking forward to. That was a good question. Makes me think. I can't think of anyone, persone R and I know. Yeah, it's just characters that we know that I'm looking forward to see their story developed. A spider my for example, really excite to see his character developed further and his story, especially where spider man was left terms of that post credit scene, or such a good post credit scene by the way, I'm looking forward to seeing yeah, I've watched it so good. I know I'm bullying, I'm buying, I'm being apologize. It's not even that the film is that the films, his school films and good films are watching. Is when I post credit seemed like just yeah, yeah, serious. So I'm looking with it. Obviously we know Dr Chames. That's really exciting, and obviously the tunnels. I don't know too much about some things like that and I I'm looking forward to see him where they take those things. And the next I was going to be anime. So that's already from now. So yeah, any characters that I don't know of quiet. I don't know much about the tonguel. So I could say that is a story. I'm looking forward to the scene developed, because my knowledge on that isn't as Ross and maybe other people sure. Just to do that question quickly based on what guys just said, mentioning about the post credit scene in spider man, and even don't know having watched it, I know that one of the post present scenes is with nick fury up in space and surrounded by scrolls. He was right. It was very good, very good. But if you're doing work, then at the other one division in the first post credit scene we get Monica and see and she gets told by one of this FBI agents. Were looking at Abi agent saying that a friend of your mother's or boss was a friend of your mothers. If, if again a right want to speak to you. And when she asked it, when she asks where, where is he? R? Where is the person? And she points up there. So my assumption is that the score is obviously working under nick fury and this is where Moneka is being taken to our space to speak to me. Theory and know I we know that need theory has a film coming out right or Buggin serially? Yeah, seriously. Yeah, so is is a series coming out? So obviously, at the end of the word division, both post credit scenes are probably leading up to a different series or a different film, or maybe several different series...

...and several different films that will be coming from the end. What? Because what are you expecting for? Because I don't know much of any fury, apart from the vengeal films, obviously. What do you expect to see from that seriousness coming up? Captain Marvel to? I think that's hinting to USK that she's going to be including Captain Marvel to, which she knows quite obvious. But it's just kind of telling us that there's more to comprom Photon, keep an eye out. That's it. This is more for casual watchers. I think that's what will fall for us and gas to stop. But we knew she was going to be a captain movel too anyway. So I don't think she'll have understand her own film will series, not so early anyways. And next, yeah, a sort of potential with captain marvel to. That's happen space, because remember in Captain Marvel she saysial me up in space as well. I don't think that dialog with the scroll was anything to do with Captain Marvel's character, just because they're lead it up. have up yeah to the film itself or not to her, just because there's nothing some friction to having explored that they revealed in one division. So that's why it is that I think they doded, they dodd they kind of Said, Oh, you know what's kind of really two. AM saying the wrong by the way. It just more seems to me that they they do a lot of that where they do two things. So again it gets you think. They don't tell you they've got beef, they don't tell you that that's pietro from the ex clean multiverse. They allude to it and then you have to they get drinking talking about things, but you're engaged. On my they really do engage your minds. It makes you feel, like you said, we really are not searching furies trying to make hopefully proves right or something. It does engage the mind mom. But the interesting thing is, are we going to see white vision in Captain Marvel film or The multiversal? What? Why would why would he be in the Cuptom of the film? That's US film, but they left quite open on where he's going to be a what he's going to do. Things like that. I've caught imagine. What a vision having much purpose in the I think. I think we able to one. I wouldn't be destructive if EMAPO pop in the you know, the next SORTA strange film somehow. That wouldn't be too much of a shocker. But where do you think he's gone? anyways? No idea, I think so. Maybe go to previous size. Was that souls? Yeah, try, I agree. I agree up on day in terms of the soul searching for sure. What's talking about himself? Or Thailand, traveling, something like that. Don't Miss. And went to Turkey to travel. And if the thing is, though, he he's been selling on a mission, just ano mission, and then he find out he's been basically built a cause chaos and the word neutralized. Brilliants of English language mutual love that word, but just like to neutralize wondering vision. And he finds out that he's actually got a back story on the past and there's more to find out about himself. And obviously I love the way they're that they're Donok. Was Dope Between Vision And why vision that was? That was trying to really the whole pieces and yeah, build. Yeah, really good. Pubny, is it Benny? How do you pronounce your name? Pool, no idea any I don't want to shake the mats a be you asking me how to Pronoun Somebody's name. Would you respect to him as a because he's really, really good? Yeah, he's dialog seems, I'm Bel really good. He does that. He did that with ultron. Yeah, yeah, and he did it with someone else in wonder in the flash fric scenes. Yeah, might done it was preserve its line. That that was amazing. Yeah, you need love, none, I know. That's why. Okay, okay, to be stuck. Don't I think whatever top is, you can come up. Yeah, he's just confusing. Who is because his men? Yeah, got Gongas a question to you guys, is other than the first, other than the whole agraph, revial and Scarla, what was just your favorite parts of the series as a whole? Was this like? For me, the whole phro thing was great because it just got US talking. Yeah, I love that. Is there anything else? I don't much. I take over the boot, but it's anything. Do you guys? Is anything that you guys enjoyed. That wasn't the big revial, if you like. Doesn't make sense episode absolutely because of the way they traveled. They went through her trauna, was with her and they showed us exactly what she's been for, because we knew there was that bombing, she lost their parents and and they showed us. And then we find out she's the probably heads with the start, with the stark start, teck fingers all. Yeah, all those things. That whole exploring her trauma one by one was super. And then we found out why the sitcoms were so important and Whi the displayed a certain way super. I think all of that was amazing.

It answers so many questions, but the way they visualize them projected to us that was. Yeah, you know, I think, I think, I'm looking back now, I think it was just like the things like you saw how the first couple episodes of this different things, like the first of all was set in the S, something like the black and white. Then you see and you see as you go through it got it gets more modern and then you realize after I remember the people doing like little theories. They could like link its, TV shows, etc. Most and then you realize after as he saw an episode eight, it was the stuff that wanted these to love watching the parents he shows. So I'll actually like that as well. What we mean there's to two things, one of them being literally the song. I it was a gophone along because in that, as I said, he's a sound. Is actually like a really, really, really good tune and it stops, its lets, it lets it, it's laps. You're right, and the way you can meet this friending. was like yeah, I really, really really joined us. And another thing was that I was having an argument with his stubborn, an arrogant guy about specific theory on the what division was going back and forth, Arguin, when was so determined that was something that wonder conjured up. I was like, no, it doesn't make sense, because she can't control him. Cap could it off, he could it up whenever for seven heads. But we saw it was out of all the look their voice though, that I said of joy. You don't know Shit. Is that person this chat right now? And that's all. It was absolutely on the food side. Strong I was. I said that vision was projection from Wonders Memories, and you argued me, saying no, he wasn't know he was. I said, I don't recall my guys. Man, is Anne Your name? You didn't show me. To prove me, I'll show you the proof. Don't really money. Is a line on your name. Possibly, man, possibly, Al Ways. Sounds surprised, but I'm not. I'll finally, what I like of it free that that that's when I was at okay, so I don't you guys are by. And the three is when she blasted Monika. Yeah, one of yea name was in that thing. You brought that eggs out. Are Okay? Next week we move. I really enjoyed that. I like that. I like that. I just like also like the whole. I don't know. There was parts of nine where we PITCHESI question, actually not even what I like question. So then, if you as clocks, we have seen one of her three times in terms of our powers. With the first time you shared Blue Eyes. Is that correct? Yeah, yeah, and then the second time, Agatha, that was the purple eyes. I think I was hurt being able to see what a goatherd was doing terms of the whole the ruins purple power, wherever that was ca you know, a goos thing is powerful. That and then the first time she got shot and then energy projected yellow eyes. Is there anything you guys can parize? I don't care that all of these are colors, that infinity stones. So if you look at a bullet shots, that's power stone. That's why powerful. The way. I was yellow again, mindstone, yellows, mine style. Why do you think it's? What did you say? You think it's the infinitely your stories. I think any so colors, because they've all had significance, because if you look at powerpoint, you look at Agnes, that's power. That's powerful and this is a powerful which power you know. But we've want on the flip side. She was reality, reality, stone was rent. If you look at blue, it's my I think there's somehow linked to the infinity stones. Were not directly. It's just more colors. I just don't know how. I I don't agree that for you just complicated things, I think. Yeah, I just I think with obviously we wonder her being read because she's College, which shows always going to be read regardless. So I don't think that's going to do my question more lywards monikers powers because, yeah, so we've Monica. I think the reason why all the colors are different. Is just that's just the waves that he sees. That what she went when you first see are and she's not just me see. She said she's several different colors in different tones. It wasn't just one color. It was just like that. That's that's the color that the wave were singning. When she saw purple, is because she was seeing it was something that was you doing. I got for SPURP of power when she when she got shot. I don't know how it works, but when she was shot, if the power do you figure might be different colors for different types of impact? Yeah, no, no, differently. It's kind of how I think. I think because of I'm not trying. I'm trying to think because of how our powers are.

I know it's doing like seeing all the different energy needs electro magnisism of the electromagnematics spectrum. So maybe someone to do that. Yeah, because I spectrum. Yeah, yeah, it could be can to do I've seen all the different maybe colors of the spectrum. I don't know. Let's form the expection. That's the work of drinkle. Really. That's why I see it going different colors. So going off topical, one thing I really liked. On the original question was the magneto reference, all the direct reference, but just a mixed him where she pointed all the guys to the directors and she was basically saying humans and their guards, who's great. Yeah, that did the team that easy. The funny things, I know even related. It was just giving homage. I know it depends on storyline, the goal with because again they completely reconder. She's not related to Magneto. But again they visit so many different storylines. So this where she's a mutant but then has of lately she's not a Mutant, and then there's some where she's like meals, the one, and somewhere she is in or sometime. I'm the literally reckonder to be no longer a mutant. That's what I hear. What I'm saying, though, but we'll find you a different parts. So they don't all the latest. No, I'm just trying to I'm just trying to explain. So wouldn't be anything that just trying to I'm just saying because I reckonder they may do. We're trying to say they may use reference from different story lines in this. IS THAT WES? Yeah, various. They may be restually been doing for out the whole mg. Yeah, right now. They we can, I think we can confidently say that she's not mutant. We can say that she's not mutant. But what it may be is that she may not be magnet door. What she maybe? We don't know what the Guy We know she's not my name. I don't think she is. She's not full stock, and the thing is we don't know where will it's going to be. We don't know. No, over does. It's not what we're gonna say. We don't know. When this explain why? Because if from the stories they've taken different parts, they've never followed, they can know. It's because, listen to me, honest, because of the mceu. They reckcons wonderfull stop, the wrong mcu. But then there's one of these poling right on. They reckon the comics to come in like a bit more with wonders. Wonder in the mcu. So she's not immune and she's not respond to. I can always change the things that things around regarding towards material. So if we look at so I'm not saying what he usual, she is it. I'm just trying to point out that they pick out different parts. So if you look there's no what I'm just saying, there's nothing to bring up. Magnei was one storyline where they are magne a children, but they were given to someone else. But that's why I'm trying to get to you. They don't ignore. They're not using that at all, as they're trying to say. They've completely recond it. Just don't bother bring it up like Theo, because it's not. They're not going to cohow to be fair. To be fair, what I did. Like the it was more like a we're going to again tease you about stuff you we know, you know, we know, you know that in some story she's his door, so we're going to tease you. The homage to that plot or that that's particularly seemed because you seen magneiter do it. So again we are you pomp on the like. It is on these right, if not completely correct, that she's not easy. That's fine, but they still, you know, they dropped the old teasers of mutants and Magneto and Pho. Their teasing us there, their teasing and getting us to all, going to get us thinking, which is really wish again, which is what they do really, and so you two both have points. They just maybe not connecting. But yeah, you both have been with my quests. If you look that vision stories. They took an old vision story and will spark in everyone back. Oh, happy family things, stuffing vision wanted. This is something that's not part of the main story at all. This is something from the s. So marvel are known to take different parts of the stories and then use that as yeah, they don't know throughout them. See You. Yes, exactly. I don't know. I just really enjoyed one division really good night and again it because there's been such a big break, I guess, between the lost with spider man. Right. Yeah, I think so, spider man, I believe. Is that correct? Well, I'm was before. A man to was before. WAS AFTER INFINITY WAR. We're did and gave an if any were right. Fair enough, my bad. Yeah, an far from home was after then, yes, by them. Far from room was after engaging. And what's really are? No, I'm meant to much after the took my man too, and a manager infinitely will. Yeah, so what come? Yeah, yeah, we've not had anything empty for so, so long. So so had to wait all this time and I but back talking about it again and really, really good acting. Catherine on Super pulsed and it's a superb even though they put back character like Jimmy, who's not a big character... the MC, but then you can see there they're giving him that full that they give him that, they give him that, that Bill Coulson Gay. Yeah, I'll give like some smaller characters a bit. All I love about rule the little magic references from a man. They still visit those things out. Yeah, I would, and you know they be put back. Darty from for and I fought for the four film thing. He's back as well, isn't she? What's the name his girl, the girl he loves? I've got a name that importland. Yeah, whoever. She plays up. How can? I can't be. There's so much that happens. You see a well, okay, round, back fared, but okay, yeah, let's explain it. Hey, I call cool trying back to the episodes of parts I really enjoyed. In fact, I've introduced moniker to us. She's a secret hug me. Good actress, by the when you Tella Paris, and she's amazing actress. Al Anyway. anyways, in many ways this is sorry that I saw some els looking off topic. Some live for lost the six three hug. Yeah, that's again. But yeah, it's Um now they MC don't I think they don't miss with their car selection. By the one thing is going completely off topic by similar superheroes is I don't like what DC is going. I think d see the DC's been a mess for a while. I'm wonder what's this? The snoder I may come out. Well, I'm looking kind of looking forward to that. But in general, I mean how is it? Yeah, yeah, the biggest munch. You know, a coman was great, superman was great. I do still I'm in the Superman. Feel like they rushed it just because at the Superhero Waved Justice League was extremely verses. Sue Fromm wasn't good. I mean they did a bit better. The directors come up because, yeah, right, we said it right there, because they rushed it. So then they had to come up with director's cart. It's not it. They're just trying to get on the money bag and that's the know nothing. Maybe they because I see how marvels been doing, because I remembered, I think marvel wasn't really doing until they ever see you, marvel wasn't really doing one in debt man. My mom wasn't that. That's why you know that I'm Fox at the right stix. Men, cat camecters are being sold, but that's only had their most profitable. Stupid Sony had marvels must most before yea spider man try idea and then then they and then i'mm wasn't really I'm I was like a be listler. Know that he wasn't big. But then they look what they've done now. So Cho's that around marvel? I think they've seen how marvel done and they trying to do I don't know what's the parts of rush. Well, I will say I can't comment on what it seems like DC at the DC of Don because I don't I know less about what they're they're planning structures. been a word else. I won't comment on that. I will comment on in terms of marvel, is that you can see, and I have a question for you guys off directing me. But what we can say is that we can see they are somewhat, somewhat, if not relatively, much better structure of where they're taking characters, when taking plots, what they're taking from original source material into into making an interest stories and make it into films and TV series. Yeah, in structure seems so much, so much better, is right. You see the they don't have that structure. They have directors coming in and out. The flash FROOM STILL HASN'T GOT director at two four years on, there's still no superman sequel. There's still no bad man. You know, film origin for we had now, to be fair, old that. It seems like that's that Batman Film. I have quite a decent hope for that one. Who's the Matt Reeves? Is The larks? I believe that seems to be something that they're but one. Yeah, I'M gonna looking forward to individually. I wish all the film something to do well, but it just has a dcu as a whole. They're doing poorly. Warner bobbers are doing very bad, and a big part of as because they haven't got that head manager. That Kenn think. I haven't got that person again. I didn't fuck you, but but said fake. whoever. PG Funny English, many English things, Magnesian for guys. What's the question? My question right is any criticisms, of criticisms that you have on mcu or of one division within the last couple of years, the months to years? So I don't know what period you want to go from BA gem. Any criticisms or so of like things you didn't enjoy about one division. So in turn on mcu into it. Regards to the mcu, internally, know I...

...loved it all, but as overall cinema, I feel like they have room set up an he like there's a major impact on a lot of other films are Non Superhero coming now? If they don't have a universe with they're not part of something bigger, which is what a lot of directors are complaining about. There's not really a budget for them. People don't want to go out and see them. People don't want a new story, which is part of the reason why there's always remix because they're more guaranteed to sell driving in something new, because people are more inclined to go to superhero stuff. That's not the foot of them. Do you know it's not? It's not because looking at they love it. It's not a criticism. This not something they can help, but it's just that it has changed the way the cinema is and the way we watched the films and various other films. Do you guys. Do you guys feel that you had you don't agreed hero? Definitely, definitely not that. I definitely before new stories. But the thing about the reboots. We've always been getting reboots. Even before marvel. We've had how many superman filums before we had a single mcu film, all the sad review. So we've got a new bad boys coming out. We've got a new moss, that one with Christop, with that child. What rush our but what you rush hour coming out, but in these old things and not this is not you. Like I said, this is yeah, they brought it there the like a die hard. They broke back dial after how many years, like a NAALAH. Yeah, but these are just examples that even new stories. They are exploring new stories because a lot of investors and directors feel like all the money's going towards superhero films. If you look a lot of major films that were released in the last couple of years, they've done quite poorly and it's had stories which like which field. So for a question, by the way, it's not me trying to dig you out. Actually just uncle. Didn't do anywhere near has you know known in film. Would expect to do, and I would had a great story to me, knowing. Fools generally do quite good. No, known em Batman films do quite good. An inception, because not know only had films that the Prestige mentored it. They weren't great, great in the cinema, but it not the it generally is Lindy Batman films, inception. That dungree. I'm not even sure if interstill a degree. I might be wrong about that one, but I'm not criticism. I have one. So sorry, and it's not a big criticism because you could look it in a different way. But all right. So watching one division and I gontago a hot whiz. It is introduced to us. I'm now we're thinking, okay, what does a go for? One right, look at this guy. You know. I was looking for and I said Dun cooking, but Dunkok is the size gross in World War Two film. You know, behind a rule. How is that highest rule in war films? Let me say, how did it do overall? I don't care a rule. I'm talking about cinema in general, not just war films. Yeah, but it's a war film and if an if you don't as so, think of any good warpings that come out. It's not bettering that. Okay, well done. This is even my point. This is like a from another podcast on but where they kind of like, okay, I's got who is I guess I come out now. No, your neighbor, but she actual which brilliant, really good. What does she want? Don't think it depends on how you look at it. So you created two ways. You look at as we find as US wants power, and that kind of apply to real life and people were they just want power. But I don't often as though I kind of agree with the person I said is that I kind of was like, I wish there was more of a motive for what she was doing, if that makes sense. And it's not be criticism, because some people, yeah, they just want to be powerful. We see all the planning. People want to be rich or powerful and they want to be the most important person, which is fine, but I finished that we've heard. They could have. They could have gone into more depth about what her motives were put happed for, but that might be something we see later on in I don't know. I don't know what we might see it later. I think you right, because they're very much focus on how wanting that power. But this slightly touched on a bit more than that when she was when she pulled out the dark hold and she was saying how you're going to bring the enter the world and you don't deserve this power because you can and do this and stuff like that. So I felt that she was also trying to prevent something bigger from happening, but didn't explore it enough. They're very much emphasized that she was trying to take one as powers to be powerful,... first. Sometimes I appreciate the stones I've for me personally, feel like the year enough. They give us the what I guess the origin story. We heard a moment and a family and them seeing that you keep trying to bend the rules. So she seems like a character that the grass is always been up, which should to find out more in do more. So she had the book is shut to learn all these different up a spells just to get about a better understanding of it, which shouldn't have and now she finds this person that's this all pid Ol pie person, has got this my powers. Now she wants that. So even after she even if she did succeed to get one of those powers. I feel like she will just carried on going throught the UNUS. There's certainly some envy there in terms what you's for money, like absolutely, absolutely. It was more like why do you have it and I don't? Type of things, and you didn't have to learn anything and you don't, because she obviously it's a cost her to do us power doing continued have to. She yet perfect what I'm bulling follow will it? That's because remob with the next is being stuffed with having a scalet whish, when the main thing is she can just think of it and do it, and that's what she's shown. She's just does it. Yeah, so youse are so she's see. A lot of the stuff was subconscious. She's done subconsciously. She's done so, yeah, we're gonna probably hecks thousand example of it. HMM. It doesn't mean to use the powers, but she's does it. HMM, exactly. Well, the one thing that never exploded is how to Pietro get his powers where they purely from the mindstone there. But then how do we survive because you just rega Human Littro, don't Huh? It was the necklace for no, yeah, was the necklace. It was a spell. I was a spe yeah, the one that took off. Yeah, yeah, no, no, not that part. Originally, mcup truck. Where did he get his powers from them? It wanted to give it to him because most of the humans are dying from the mindstone. So I appear truly, you know, when he get his power? Fully, I don't really really want into that. Yeah, I definitely haven't done definitely haven't gone into that, but I guess. I guess eventually will see her. Yeah, they were. I hope so. How did only that open? That's quite big thing. Right, all this this movement, I find unless he's unless he somehow comes back and don't know, maybe because see, that guy's dead. So, yeah, man here, don't you when characters died, I wanted to stay that up arnt you. Yeah, anyways, wants to be like Dragon Zy ever cop coming back here. They can defer significant man. I don't know. Yeah, not back widow. Keep black widow there, but bring the more back. The cannon bought back. So now she's not bad. The huge heart is. I know there's a new LE more about. Don't think she stayed. No, but she ran off. So they gone to look for awesome in this universe. Then she, I don't audience felt sure sheet after you know, we found us being the feed sheep. I don't know. She described. Don't know if she troubled back, should run off, and then they're gonna go after that kind of thing. I didn't realize she run off. Okay, fair enough. Yeah, because she helped them. And then that's towards the end. I don't she helped, but I didn't realize she ran off. But first run off. So this I think they're kind of looking for her kind of thing. But Quinn is anyways of his life, even though she kicked him in. You know. Yeah, am sometimes you just love it all. Okay, okay. Anyways, on that note, love this powerful thing. So getting kicking a nuts, but you know, yes, that's when you women to show you love. Manage enough, okay, but it stills. I did. There'sn't it okay to end it on that note? Thank you too, specially, and and guests for journey. That's fun. Thank you me. Yeah, for sure. Thank you, guys. Thank you guys. It was a lot of fun today. Obviously think you fine, and and so you guys saying many we sign. We did we run in this back for Falcon Yeah, yeah, fucking we soldier. Wrap Up. Hundred, ten percent comes that you guys want to give out any of your socials or you good all and doesn't shore and doesn't social. So I don't. I don't get cook for some of his opinions socials. If you find my socials, they do not remembers whim or anyone on this pocile. Yes, I don't know socialcause, because if the findal your school sials, the boy questionable, and yeah, you probably, they find the socials. It made finish. He has some questionable tweets. What? What a certainty as a ratio for one thousand five hundred teet something like whenever you feel bored and getting more. Hundred said after this, BA and I have to get cook to... But Yeah, sorry, many thank everybody for listening. Obviously join our just school, if you can join our all follow us up to us is my us on Youtube, follow us on Instagram, and the rest of US socials and we also have a twitch where we seen three to five times a week, different games all and all different consoles. But yeah, this has been money for them for as I could deem you and thank you already for listen.

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